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  1. Us Canadians have it much harder when comes to finding good lump. The Blue Bag Royal Oak is nothing like the red bag Royal Oak in the US. Generally for afordable lump we have to choose between Maple Leaf and Basques. We also have Cowboy available too but the quality of the bags I found were lackluster. (Too much un-carbonized wood and small bits). Basques is by far the most consistent lump you can find in Lowes stores. Cowboy would not be bad if it was cheaper.
  2. I remember that for the next order. I was looking for a longer stone anyway for cooking 15 inch loaves of bread; It looks like I can scratch that one off my list now:-)
  3. Thanks John. I think it already shipped. Shipping to Canada is a pretty penny. I looked all over the site but could not find a round one. I may be stuck with it for bread baking on the main grid or for a pellet cooker where I know it will fit. I guess I can order a 2nd one for round one Pizza cooking. Where do you find the round Baking Steels?
  4. I just ordered the 16x14 rectangular Baking Steel after reading John's review. Do you have to cut the Baking Steel down for the Big Joe to get it high enough into the dome for the toppings to cook? http://bakingsteel.com/shop/baking-steel/
  5. The big thing I would like to see is Hi-Que and BBQ Guru make versions for the XL Egg and Big Joe. I was thinking about switching up the Big Joe to 2 x Smokey Joe Grates but I'm little curious as to whether the Weber Charcoal grates will hold up to 900 or 1000 F heat.
  6. Primo just released Cast Iron grates for the XL last year for people to sear. As far Porcelain is concerned it really come down to how well they are manufactured. Some are more durable than others. Many people see the word Porcelain and may assume a lower quality because of bad experinces on cheaper gassers. (Perception) - Other factors are BGE dropping Porcelain in favor of Stainless grates. - Primo is the last of well know Kamado Manufactures using Porcelain grates.
  7. I think it would be a good idea. I'm rather puzzled why Primo has not started making stainless grids them sleeves. They added cast iron sear grates to their line-up last year so they don't really need the Porcelain grates anymore. Have you tried contacting Primo to make Stainless grates for their XL oval? A lot of people have had bad experiences with porcielan grates.
  8. Hi Woody, Check you gaskets for any leaks and make sure all of your hardware is tight. Things get bumped about in shipping so they can become loose overtime. Do a dollar (5 bucks if your in Canada since Loonies and Toonies are not recommended for gasket testing) bill test by placing a dollar on the gasket with the lid closed. You're trying to see if you can pull the dollar bill or paper out easily to find out if there's any leaks in your gasket. A gasket leak will make it hard to break 600 F in your Joe.
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