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  1. On my second bag of Canadian Tire Master Chef Lump. (AKA Higher quality Red Bag RO in disguise.) I can render a better opinion. So far all is good. There’s no off-putting smells, it burns cleaning and the size consistency is better than the the two maple wood brands, Maple Leaf and Basques. With the exception Basques has more larger pieces in some bags. The quality has been good. The ash production is surprising lower than the Blue Bag RO. The quality is not as good as KJ Big Block or Fogo. At 13 dollars less per a bag, you can’t complain either. It’s doing a great job for those 300 F - 500 F cooks. I would never trust it for low and slow cooks.
  2. I decided to up my Smash Burger game with some serious gourmet topping that would knock the socks off any diehard foodie. Who ever said making the world’s best burger was easy? It’s 3 hours of prep work and and a very serious commitment. You have to be fast on your feet. It requires changing set-up’s on your grill on the fly. These burgers were other worldly. I set up the grill with a 9 lb Matfer Bourgeat black steel Paella pan. I slow cooked the maple bacon to perfection. I used the left over bacon grease to caramelize the sweet onions. I used a pair of welding gloves to switch up the backing Stone & black steel plan over to a Soapstone for the smash burgers. When the soap stone hits 400 F, I toss on the burgers and sear them until both sides have a golden brown crust. I made a 8 herb butter reduction to glaze the buns with fresh sage, cilantro, lemon grass, grated lemon rind, 3 minced garlic gloves, basil, oregano and parsley. I also made some fresh Tzatziki for dressing and minced purple garbage and thinly sliced Romano Tomatoes. I melted a mountain of blue cheese on the burgers to put everything over the top. I made a better than restaurant grade maple lemon vinaigrette dressing to top a zesty Apple Pecan Spinach salad. This was a phenomenal burger with tons of flavour. You only wish the restaurants could make a burger this good. Most restaurants don’t use charcoal and they don’t use Soapstone for that prefect burger crust. You want a meal this good, ya gotta come over for dinner.
  3. It’s middle of the road quality wise. It burns clean enough to use it for cooks in the 300 F to 500 F range.
  4. Here’s some pics of the Master Chef Lump burning away. As you can see, it is rebadged Red Bag RO.
  5. I tired 3 new bags of the Canadian Tire Master Chef brand lump this week. Overall the result is improved over past batches of their lump. They switched to using a higher grade of RO from the smashed-up Maple Leaf lump used in previous years. The RO being used in the Master Chef lump is a superior grade of RO when compared to the Blue Bag RO you see in stores. Master Chef Lump is actually rebadged Red Bag RO from the US. The pieces are much darker and better carbonized. There’s no black smoke. You have a much more consistent clean burn than the nasty black smoke that comes from the Blue Bag RO. Most of the pieces are medium fist sized pieces. There’s not as many chips and dust as the Basques and Maple Leaf Lumps. It not as nice as Basques Maple Lump with it’s sweet smell. I won’t tell you it’s the greatest thing since slice bread. It’s not. The 2019 Master Chef Lump is a decent, get the job done Lump. It’s the first time Canadian have had access to the better quality RO without having to drop a pretty penny for BGE Lump. It’s consistent, it burns cleanly and has a much nicer smell than Blue Bag RO. The bag does make use of hardwood floor cut offs. There’s lot of straight edges on pieces. I guess you can say your being green by using lumber mill scrap. That’ll keep the millennials happy.
  6. Nope. Think you have to order them as a service part.
  7. People with Quartz countertops can’t use bleach or acids like vinegar. You’re usually stuck with speciality Quartz cleaners for disinfecting Quartz Countertops.
  8. The quality of Netflix shows are vastly superior to anything on cable. It’s absolutely worth it. Cable is the thing you should be canceling. The shows on Network TV gets worse every year.
  9. Some web hosting companies love to do maintenance work (firmware updates, switch upgrades, ect) without informing their customers. They’re supposed to inform their clients about service outages & network delays. Some companies aren’t very good at keeping their clients informed. A lot of times it’s your web host that is the one causing the slow downs.
  10. That’s one thing that has kept me from buying a DoJoe. I don’t normally make more than one pizza at a time. I don’t usually make pizza for parties. People usually want brisket, pulled pork, ribs, ect...
  11. Aaron Franklin Prime Brisket, (the Canadian Edition). I barley remember the good old days when cooking a perfect brisket used to be a challenge. 7 years of using the KJ’s; I have no trouble firing out perfect briskets without fail.
  12. It’s lighting for now. We’ll see if it runs into trouble again.
  13. The biggest challenge is watching to make sure you’re not burning cheese at the edge. The crust cooks in 15 minutes at 500 F. You spend the rest of the time browning the topping while making sure the cheese at the edge is not burning.
  14. 18-19 minutes. A little longer than the ATK time of 15 minutes. It was raining hard. The stone was getting wet. It’s hard to say if that didn’t have a slight impact on the cooking time. I’d aim for 15 min and add a minute or two as necessary.
  15. I’m using the Big Joe Expander to raise the stone. It is 5 inches. The Stone was at 500 F. The Dome temp was 480 F. I had to rotate the pan once to even out the cooking since the Big Joe is slightly hotter in the back.
  16. I decided to make a very special meal for some friends this evening. Buddy’s Detroit Style Pizza. I used the original recipe for Detroit Style Pizza created by Connie Punchinello, a waitress working at Buddy’s Pizza back in 1946. It was better than I could’ve imagined. The light airy Foccacia Style Pizza was a little slice of heaven. I added a little spin of my own by turning it into a Detroit Wood Fired Pizza on the Kamado. I hint of smoke makes everything better. I gathered fresh herbs from the garden for a home made pizza sauce. I used the recipe from Cooks Country (America’s Test Kitchen). https://www.cookscountry.com/recipes/9775-detroit-style-pizza I bought genuine blue steel pans from Amazon. I couldn’t stand the idea of using aluminum pans for Detroit Pizza. If you’re going to make good Foccacia, it’s blue steel pans only. I love this style of pizza. It’s unique with a crunchy crust, the thick airy bread with a rich and sweet herbal favour. It’s just something you don’t get with thin crust pizzas. Slice of heaven might be an understatement of the year.
  17. They probably switch to a porcelain ceramic clay. That’s about as much as I can guess.
  18. Okay. He still has Owner of KJ listed on his Facebook profile. That’s where the confusion comes in.
  19. Bobby Brennan still owns the company. Private Equity firms are simply an alternative to taking a company public to generate additional operating capital. I prefer private equality investing vs a company going public. Going public with public shares is where many companies have lost their souls and will to innovate. Private Equity offers a limited number of investors to buy into the company. It allows you to pick and choose who is allowed to invest in your company. You make sure you’re picking people who share your vision for the business. When you go public, you loose all control over who can invest in your company.
  20. I have to update my last review for the JJ George Grill Torch. After one year of use the electric ignition has stopped working. It’s never been dropped and is well cared for and stored correctly. I had to use my trusty Looftlighter to light the grill today. It it the grill without issue after not being used and after not being stored properly out in my shed during the winter. My neglected Looftlighter is still working. My well cared for JJ George is struggle to light after one year of use. That sucks because loved using it.
  21. Cuisinart should change the name to multi purpose rack. I’ve never been tempted to grill a hard taco shell for any reason.
  22. I would think it was somewhere in the 320 lbs to 350 lbs range at the most.
  23. I was switch topics there. Sorry about the confusion. I was talking about some of the less useful cutting discs many food processing company’s push on their clients.
  24. KJ has never provided those details to anyone in the public. I know they switched to a white ceramic a couple of years ago from the darker clay ceramic they used in the past. My base and dome were replaced on one of my Big Joes. I have two Big Joes with two different types of ceramic.
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