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  1. Hey John, first of all, I have to say thanks. This is my first post. I've had my Akorn 2 weeks now and have had several successful cooks on it, with each one getting better and better. If it were not for all that you post and provide I'm not even sure I would have purchased it. So thanks. And to find you're from Valdese, NC (I live in Wilkesboro now but grew up in Morganton and just played for their 4th of July fireworks show)... anyway it's good to see your passion for this. Your video camera is really cool. I was reading about them a few weeks ago and there's even an attachment that will allow it to use WIFI to send to your computer... so that'd be awesome for me... just point it at the iPad and let it transfer. Watching your progression with videos has been fun to see too... they just keep getting better and better. Buying new toys for your toys doesn't shock me or probably any of us either. You buy a grill, you need a diffuser. You get that you need a thermometer. And another thermometer that's digital... then one that does two temps... then one that is wireless... then one that connects via bluetooth to your iPad. You get that and you need a pizza stone... it just goes on and on. Boys and their toys. :-) Anyway, congrats of the purchase. Can't wait to see a low and slow taped from the helicopter.
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