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  1. Very touching. God bless her, you and your family Der Husker .
  2. I have a vision classic and I bought the kamado joe heat deflector instead of the vision lava stone for slow and low cooks and it has been great so far. It fits perfectly on the vision classic kamado and it's adjustable to two levels as well. Great product highly recommend it
  3. Classic B. It has a true Kamado look and feel and like others said it just leaves extra opportunities for air to go in. Not a fan of the "fancy" kamados.
  4. I believe it's fine. Did some ribs last week using the KJ heat deflector for indirect heat and the result was outstanding! Excellent product!!
  5. Just an FYI everyone. I just ordered the Kamado Joe heat deflector for my Vision Kamado. Got it for $54 from "The Garden Gates". No shipping charges. Seems like a logical price to me.
  6. Welcome to the forum! You got a great deal!
  7. Welcome!! I've cooked twice on it and it is very addicting !! Love my Vision Kamado!
  8. Thanks Zukatah....is the grilling grate pretty stable resting on the KJ bracket? I am also exploring my options and it seems I am narrowing in on the KJ Heat Deflector.
  9. Light the lump hardwood charcoal and wait until all the smoke has vanished and they are burning a bright orange. Then start your grilling. Adjust your top and bottom vents to get the temperature you want. I grill with the lid closed and only open it when I want to turn whatever it is I am grilling. You will lose some heat once you open the lid by the kamado will re stabilize once you close it again...good luck!
  10. Welcome! You are going to love your kamado!
  11. Hey guys, here is what I found out regarding the markdowns. I live in Metro ATL (Marietta) and I checked with two Costco's close to me regarding the pricing of the Vision Kamado Classic B. When I went to one of the stores and I told them that I had seen online that Costco's in other states where dropping their prices to to $399 and $299 as the season was coming to an end, the manager showed me on an inventory computer screen indeed had people had been posting here. That prices in different costco's all over the country were indeed marking them down. She told me that the local store mgt had no say in decreasing the prices. The command comes down from corporate in WA state when someone there in purchasing/inventory checks store inventory levels and if they are moving fast they do not get marked down - as in metro ATL. If they are moving slow then they will get marked down. There were four left in the metro area when I went there last week, three of them at the store I was at (Cumberland mall) and I went ahead and picked one up at the $569 price. It is still a great deal when you consider what you get vs. competition (BGE). I was not going to wait one year from now to see whether they were going to get marked down in the metro ATL area....would have missed out on some great BBQing.
  12. Hello dear fellow Kamado fanatics! I just purchased last week my Vision Kamado Classic B model. I have been looking at these things for over a year and finally took the plunge and bought one. First thing I made one them was souvlakia (Greek for "little skewers" - pork kabobs) they turned out very moist and delicious. My entire family was very impressed with them and I can not wait to get the plate setter and do some indirect BBQing on it. I am really going to love this grill. Also I really appreciate everyone's responses to my post about what the best way is to go about cleaning the ashes from the grill. Turns out that we just lifted the metal grate, pushed all the ashes towards the lower vent opening and just dug them out with one of my kid's little sand shovel toys (until I get an ash tool - I guess I will use that). It was not hard at all. Shop vac idea sounds very good as well. Anyway here are my first two pics!
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