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  1. Ben S

    Forkish Doughball

    Whoa. Wfo? Which one? And the Uuni. Which model? How much? I really don’t think it makes sense for me, but I have to ask.
  2. Ben S

    Forkish Doughball

    Happy new year! The forkish elements of pizza book is 70% hydration and based on about 500 F indoor oven if I remember correctly.
  3. Ben S

    Question for the ladies (anniversary present)

    Hopefully that lump doesn’t have tons of rocks. Lol
  4. Ben S

    Forkish Doughball

    You will like this! One of my favorite recipes.
  5. I have a few Matfer and a lodge carbon steel skillets. I love them! I prefer the Matfer due to the lack of rivets in the handle.
  6. FYI, I stole the nakiri photo for Instagram. Thanks
  7. Ben S

    Niece Plays with WFO

    Ooohh. Want to adopt me? I work for food. Looks like everyone had fun.
  8. Looks great! I want to see the final product. I will I’ll take my sarcastic inside jokes off line so I don’t confuse any poor soul reading this.
  9. Ben S

    Here's my photos for the COOLER

    Even here in Boston, 13 inches is a serious storm. It would close the schools, and the day befor would be a supermarket mad rush. But the next day the streets would be clear and life would resume. Last time we had over 36 inches m, the state declared a “state of emergency “ and ordered people off the roads until plows could clear and the snow stopped.
  10. Ben S

    Fiberglass Gaskets Freezing

    I would be more concerned with the cooking spray polymerizing with time and forming a sticky mess or glueing the gaskets together. That concern is a guess based on first principles, not a issue I have had experience with. If if you are concerned you can shut the gasket on a foil sandwich.
  11. Ben S

    Charcoal Grill: Square vs. Kettle?

    Do yourself a favor and check the rental agreement, make sure you can bring a grill.
  12. Ben S

    Baking Steel Pizza

    Baking Steel is a brand name. Is this copy or something from then actual baking steel provider. The source of my confusion is your use of baking steel and then talking about a water jet.
  13. Apple will be lighter smoke. Probably the way I would go.
  14. Ben S

    Spin Spun Spam

    Wow. Great looking cook, who would have thought spam could be that much fun? Sounds like you fed an all knowing ego. That’s not as bad as having to eat humble pie. Personally I really hate being wrong. I cant imagine what you did with all your leftovers.
  15. Ben S

    Disappointed , is this normal?

    This guy hasn’t been here since June. He came to complain. Forget about him.