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  1. Welcome, I am in Newton Mass. there are a few members closer to you. @prowe @Bgosnell151 @bostoncoffeeparty
  2. Newton here. Nice too see more and more New Englanders here.
  3. Welcome from the greater Boston area. Congrats!! Where are you?
  4. Has anyone tried the technique of “velveting “ tougher cuts of pork with baking soda water such as in this video? I have been around for a while and this is a new one to me. I have either missed something or this is a bad idea… https://weekendgriddle.com/boneless-chinese-spare-ribs/
  5. I think I picked up this in 2014. It was one of the first divide and Concure Joes in the US when KJ released the upgrade.
  6. Some of you know me, some of you forgot me... I do still remember how to cook, even if I don’t post often. I haven’t used this BigJoe in a while, here’s some chicken breast on the joe!
  7. We can talk about deep, when you start making your own! I blame @ckreeffor starting me on this path! https://www.instagram.com/p/CIWSLTgjQ6L/?igshid=1dmjgo2aw5m7g
  8. I love thin hard blades! I have fell way way down the rabbit hole.
  9. I would loosely attach one side, then pull the other side until it fits over the bolt.
  10. you are the second guru I have seen with one. @bbqboss84601 loves his. I am curious....
  11. Wow. I am happy you and your family are ok.
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