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  1. Ben S

    New knives

    Spyderco in one of the bigger guys I trust more than others. My VG10 shuns don’t have chips either, but I know they sharpen nothing like the AEB-L knives I have. I have no experience with zdp189, but I have heard nothing bad about it.
  2. Ben S

    Pizza kinda night.

    Kids... everything is easier when they have bite sized pieces.
  3. Ben S

    copper grill mat

    Are these copper or silicone? Do you have a link? Thanks ben
  4. Ben S

    New knives

    I agree, performance to capital those are great knives. I never used the Yang, I sold mine. After getting into cleavers, I sold my Nakiri to @KismetKamado. Welcome to the rabbit hole. I now have a buddy who regrinds cheap knives for me in trade for handles I make. I would swear he adds hundreds of dollars in performance to these knives.
  5. Ben S

    New knives

    Vg10 can be hit or miss depending on who’s doing the heat treatment. Poor heat treatment can lead to more difficult sharpening and poor edge retention. White steel is generally easy heat treat, to sharpen and had decent edge retention, especially for a home user.
  6. Ben S

    New knives

    Which ones?
  7. Ben S

    Propane vs MAP Gas

    Mapp gas is long gone. Look at map-pro. It is different
  8. Ben S

    New knives

    Me too. Here is the current batch of blocks partially completed. I have to finish kk’s knife handles, then I will get back to the blocks.
  9. Ben S

    New knives

    Yes, you want to get the pull just right. I make one row across of the following: Magnets for less ND031-N50 Neodymium Magnets N50 1/2 in x 1/8 in Rare Earth Disc the shipping on the magnets is not cheap, make sure you get enough. Other people build these differently. I am pretty sure I posted one of my build progresses on KG if you try searching
  10. Ben S

    New knives

    I have more tips, like lay the wood on a metal surface when you lay the magnets in the groove. Add epoxy after. I can find the magnets later.
  11. Ben S

    New knives

    Yes and yes. A wooden magnetic knife bar. 1) Fine fun wood, this is worth splerging on. 2) Route a groove that stops 1/16th of an inch short of the front. 3)route grooves for keyhole hangers 3) fill channel with magnets and cover with epoxy. 4) hang i will be finishing off 20-30 individual knife blocks, some for @KismetKamado, there will be extra. I can pass on more tips and tricks if need be.
  12. Ben S

    New knives

    Lol. They are just kitchen knives. I don’t understand why they scare people.
  13. Ben S

    Firing up the Alfa again tonight

    Agreed. I find ample flour and repetitively quick prep/less time on the peel is best.
  14. Ben S

    Firing up the Alfa again tonight

    Those look great! I think they are “pretty “.