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  1. 500 in the dome is 900-1000 F under the slow roller and at those temps it will melt.
  2. Welcome from newton, MA. please stop by and introduce yourself.
  3. I talked to a friend Who ran an outdoor store about the blaze He commented that it was designed to limit airflow and temps to prevent the kamado from melting. in my Joe, 600 in the dome is over 1000F under the heat deflector.
  4. Welcome! I could cook your favorite meal. Here’s a couple tips... 1) before you cook, take a day and learn vent settings. Shoot for 250, 350, and 500 F. That should account for 99% of your cooks. Set your vents and give it an hour to stabilize. 2) temp management is easier when you start with a small fire and raise the temp slowly. 3) once you are at temp, give yourself 30-60 min for any harsh flavors to burn off.
  5. And.ben quietly whispers Breeo in CK’s ear.
  6. They are missing all of grilling season. lol
  7. the joes were better. Slightly dryer and more tender, more evenly cooked. With some practice I could get the Breeo wings better.
  8. Wings on the Joe vs Breeo. This was too much fun. I won since I was able to eat everything!
  9. Welcome, please stop by and introduce yourself. can you show us a photo? To the best of my knowledge, the firebox should fit.
  10. Hello from newton
  11. I took a lodge 9 inch griddle and cut the handle off. best of luck.
  12. yes, people do it. there is a Kamado coffee roaster Facebook group. personally I have been home roasting green beans in a behmor 1600 since before I owned a Kamado. I would strongly encourage anyone to try. I haven't roasted coffee in my Joe but am a fairly experienced home roaster. please let me know if I can help.
  13. I ordered a Breeo 19 inch X series during their Memorial Day sale, it came with a free lid on the grill combos. after using it as a firepit and s’more maker, I finally tested out the cooking capabilities. This was fun!
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