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  1. Probably a dumb question, but...

    You have a couple options. 1) get help. 2) bearhug below bands and life. 3) I latched the dome shut and picked it up by the top vent and bottom vent. I rested this in the nest at an angle and and remove your hand from the bottom vent. Straighten... I did this by myself. Not advised.
  2. Ruixin Pro Has Humbled Me

    I am sure @bosco is right and doesn’t need more stones in his progression. @bosco John at JKI has an excellent reputation. The other person to reach out to us Ken Schwartz who is active on CKTG. You can find his phone number in his signature on CKTG posts. Talking to Ken is an education, make sure you set aside enough time to learn. The hardcore sharpeners I talk to will only use a 200-400 grit stone for repairs of bevels or chips. Normal progressions start at 1000-2000 grit. Followed by a finishing stone at 4000-8000 grit. Some people will finish on a Japanese natural. Anyone that really wants to geek out on sharpening can look at https://scienceofsharp.wordpress.com/ once I get my edges perfect off the synthetic stones I will invest in a Jnat.
  3. Richard Johnson Kamado. It might be in good condition, but unless you want a product with a poor history RUN.
  4. Ruixin Pro Has Humbled Me

    Someone already called dibs. Thanks.
  5. Ruixin Pro Has Humbled Me

    If anyone wants my older guided setup with the extra stones I could probably ship it out for $25.
  6. New Japanese Knife

    You are killing me. I just picked up an Artifex fanatic cleaver @ about 8 oz for $60 in trade. Once it gets thinned I expect it to be my go to. I just recieved a CCK SS large slicer at about 15 oz. this one may have been a mistake, but since it is a trade for a saya I am making, I will not loose any sleep. I am resisting an urge to pick up a makoto gyuto. I don’t need it, but they are all the buzz.
  7. New Japanese Knife

    You are going to kill me on this one...look at the tojiro ITK line it the Yoshimitsu Fugen line. They are relatively cheap. Good steel that takes a wicked edge. I like the rustic KU finish on these, it also means that you will not notice scratch. I just rehandled a Fugen bunka. It was a nice toy, but doesn’t add to my collection. http://www.chefknivestogoforums.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=4660 I use my knives, they have to be fictional first. @landscaper do you hang out on the CKTG forum?
  8. New Japanese Knife

    I am borrowing a friends KS and I don’t get all the hype. It is a. Ice well done knife. Appropriate for $3-400, but I think the legendary status if overblown.
  9. New Japanese Knife

    From what I can tell, the Yoshimitsu are a damn good value. The blue gets scary scary sharp and hold the edge for a reasonable amount of time. It may not be a looker like your other knives, but I bet it can keep up in the function department. Ok. Let me know if you want me to install. For you, just pay shipping.
  10. New Japanese Knife

    What is it? Let me know what you want done with the handle, I will make sure you are happy. I won the dalman rustbucket giveaway, that gyuto just showed up. So did a large CCK slicer I traded for... fun weekend for me. Edit, if that is the Yoshimitsu I think it is, then I have a 210 mm bunka in B2. It gets screaming sharp, it is the only knife I can score bread with just like a razor.
  11. Lots of people will tell you that is going to add a thermal stress and I am sure it will. I don’t know if it is enough thermal stress to do anything. No one has 10 of the same kamados we can cycle up and down to test it and get real data. I wouldnt do this to my Kamado.
  12. Kamado coffee

    That’s great! I roast about a pound a week, my biggest draw to the behmor was capacity followed by price. I don’t want to roast more than once a week.
  13. Kamado coffee

    It falls off when the beans pop and is referee to as the chaff. Most of it fall out of my roasting basket. I choose not to pay attention to the relatively small amount that gets into my bean storage jars. I just grind it with my beans and don’t even waste energy thinking about it.
  14. Kamado coffee

    What do you use to roast? My behmor 1600 has served me well!
  15. Air-fryer!!!!

    I have people trying to convince me. They are close.