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  1. I have an extra heat deflector for my Jr. I use that as my Jr pizza stone.
  2. Ben S

    Blackstone Pizza

    How did I miss this... you have all the toys! Totally jealous.
  3. Someone clearly made a mistake. Your comment is hash, we don’t do the name calling thing here. Thanks, ben
  4. Ben S

    Love my Kamado Joe's!

    That makes sense thanks. @Freddyj group meetup for Costco hot dogs and lump?
  5. Ben S

    Love my Kamado Joe's!

    Looks great. Why the deflector and two stones?
  6. Ben S

    Was does no one do lamb?

    Pulled lamb shoulder with Mediterranean spices. Awesome!
  7. Ben S


    I have 4... I am one of the beta testers.
  8. Ben S


    You should not have to take the bigjoe out of the stand. Option 1) remove the firebox, loses the the nuts/screws on the vents, and slide the adapter plate on. Option 2) this has worked on every bigjoe I have touched 3 or 4. I know some folks tell me they can’t to it, so I will say say it is the end all be all method. Slide and wiggle the vent cover out of the tracks. Slide the new adapter plate in. Done. 30 seconds.
  9. Ben S

    Fire Box Walls

    I am willing to bet you are fine and everything is as it should be. A photo would make it easier to answer. Thanks b
  10. Ben S

    Greetings From England...

    Welcome from Boston.
  11. I like the knife photos best, it gives me Instagram material! Thanks. The food looks good too.
  12. Ben S

    4th of July Impromptu Cooks

    Well the Instagram accounts say the same thing. The post of your handle did quite well. I didn’t break the internet, but it came close.
  13. Ben S

    4th of July Impromptu Cooks

    I am stealing all your knife photos to use on Instagram. It looks awesome. Nice to know you are totally hooked. PS. The food looked awesome.
  14. Well I am happy no one was hurt and there was minimal damage. If there is any burls in that tree, let my know...