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  1. Thicker ceramics don’t mean one is more insulated or stronger than the other. Kk is a refractory cement not ceramic based product, unless my information is outdated.
  2. Welcome, please stop by and introduce yourself.
  3. I have a cuisinart food processor and like it. I also have a cuisinart air frier that failed. The parent company, conair, insisted that with a warranty replacement required me to pay for the defective item to be shipped to them, then pay a second fee to ship me a replacement. I was floored. After a month and several emails explaining that they sold me a defective product and I should not have to pay to fix their mistake, they finally agreed to pay for shipping. I swore I would not buy another con air product if I could avoid it. Rant over.
  4. Welcome, stop by and introduce yourself.
  5. When you want something a little different, I have hooked up with a Vietnamese blacksmith that lets me buy direct. The blades are rustic and economical. Fellow moderates get the blades at cost.
  6. Awesome review. One of the knife retailers I do work with asked me about these guys and I told him I didn’t know anything. He purchased a couple to see if he wants to bring them into his store. He hasn’t concluded either way as far as I know, but he says they are a decent value.
  7. I thought about that... given the choice of eating store bought bread or home roasted potatoes, potato wins every time.
  8. I have cooked at 350-400 F for about an hour indirect. You want the internal temp to be more like 200 F. You could always treat them like burnt ends, wrap with some bbq sauce after 30 min and keep on cooking.
  9. The road shows are kJ authorized, but not run by KJ employees. I am pretty sure they contract that out.
  10. Ben S

    Big Joe break in?

    Welcome, please stop by and introduce yourself.
  11. There have been plenty of times I started on the classic and wished I had used the big joe. This was not one of them.
  12. Not an intentional no bun situation, I just didn’t want to buy an 8 pack of buns when I was just going to use two. The potato’s tasted way better than most buns, so I was happy to have more of those anyway.
  13. Salmon, corn, asparagus and beef mojo favored impossible burgers. The potato’s were roasted in the air frier. Not a bad meal.
  14. It shouldn’t make a noticeable difference.
  15. Kamados are a fuel rich oxygen starved cooker. You control the temp based on airflow not the amount of fuel. It doesn’t matter how much fuel you have.
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