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  1. This was totally uncalled for, I am going let @Jack 101 chime in, but I view this as a personal attack.
  2. Ben S

    New KJ classic II, latch problem

    Check out page 31 if the manual in the link below. https://www.kamadojoe.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/KJO_Owners-Manual_2017_English.pdf
  3. Ben S

    New KJ classic II, latch problem

    I am pretty sure the latch can be adjusted by screws on the base side of the bands.
  4. Ben S

    New Firebox

    If the cooking grates fit the grill, then the grill is the correct diameter. Something is going on between the pedals and the shell of the base. The pedals appear to be propped up with something.
  5. Ben S

    Thoughts on the upcoming "DoJoe"

    Kamados are a fuel rich- air limited environment. The amount of lump doesn’t make a difference. If you put a leaf blower in your bottom vent, that would be disasterous.
  6. Ben S

    Thoughts on the upcoming "DoJoe"

    The insert is cast aluminum.
  7. Ben S

    My Big Joe froze shut!

    Sorry, sounds annoying. I have had freezing gaskets before. Open the top vent and light I fire in the bottom vent. My KJC II sits with the dome open by 1/2 inch once the fire is out and I am not using the grill. Some people place a dowel between the base and dome of Gen1 joes to prevent the gasket from freezeing. Airflow and constant use are the best way to prevent mold. Good luck!
  8. Ben S

    New Firebox

    When you say, they don’t fit, can you elaborate more? The only way I can imagine them not fitting is if you were sent a bigjoe setup by accident. Give be us more info so we can help you.
  9. Ben S

    Just chicken...

    I am trying. You know it is less fun than a brisket or carnitas. Beef ribs... yum.
  10. Kamado Joe grilled chicken legs and thighs accompanied by baked potato soup and roasted veggies.
  11. Can you pull the dome probe out? Wait can you cook without a thermometer? SuperJohn can do anything.
  12. Ben S

    Char Siu Pork

  13. Ben S

    Unspun Chicken Enchiladas

    Yes please
  14. Ben S

    KJ "Big Block" Argentinian lump @ Lowes

    My understanding was the availability varied by store for whatever reason. @prowe can you comment ?