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  1. Welcome. Stop by and introduce yourself!
  2. Ceramic vs Metal? Ceramics should last a lifetime. Maybe bands and springs will need to be replaced eventually.... metal, well rust or oxidation can happen. I would replace it when it no longer functions as it should.
  3. Welcome, stop by and introduce yourself.
  4. In my case, we cut the cable, so Netflix and Hulu were easy choices.
  5. Yes, I am still here and alive. How did it take me so so long to try jerky.
  6. Welcome. Please stop by and introduce yourself. I would suggest a full firebox of lump, an air gap between your heat deflator and the pizza stone, and follow a recipe for temp guidelines.
  7. I don’t have an akorn, but kamados in general take a long time to cool due to insulation or thermal mass. Are you sure your fire fire is still going after 60 min? The akorn has excellent insulation.
  8. Welcome from Newton, Mass. there are a few new Englanders on here.
  9. Ifnyou are killing all the microbes from your protein when cooking SV, I can only assume you are killing the microbes on the garlic.
  10. @freddyjbbq if end up in my neck of the woods Max and Leo’s makes great SD pizza and awesome wings in a WFO. Definitely some of the best pizza in Boston. They cook the wings in a CI pan, I think the entertainment transfer from the pan, heat deflection with the lip of the pan, and air currents actually make the temp inside the pan lower than the WFO. Edit: I thought Alfa’s max operating temp was 750 F? @John Setzler??
  11. I thought those were pasteurized then sealed, and need to be refrigerated once opened. Maybe I am wrong.
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