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  1. Welcome. Congrats. Please stop by and introduce yourself. As for tips. 1) ask as many questions as you like. 2) read the manual 3) watch all of Johns videos 4) learn fire temp management before cooking. Practice, 250, 350, 450 before adding protein. If you can’t get to temp, it’s probably a lack of air flow. Start there.
  2. 1) some people will want an all in one Swiss Army knife. This might be close. 2) once you heatsoak the pellet joe, I bet it sips pellets.
  3. I don’t think so. I would guess 4-6 hrs based on my understanding of what you said. You could always wrap them after 2 hrs.
  4. That would be a Costco roadshow. They generally only last a week. Search for the schedule, you might find another one in your area.
  5. Ben S

    Pellet Joe

    Well, this looks interesting...
  6. One of these days I want a WFO!! Darn you. Ok back to kamados, cooking, woodwork, knives and 3D printing. I guess i have enough toys.
  7. I could check with kJ to make sure you will not void your warranty by drilling the hole, then go for it. You are already on the list for a new dome.
  8. Ben S

    iKamand v2

    I have heard rumors of soon really soon.
  9. As you feed the starter, you discard a portion. Take that portion and spread it pretty thin on foil or parchment paper. Let that sit out over night and the next day you will have dry flakes. They store indefinitely in the freezer.
  10. Welcome. Please stop by and introduce yourself.
  11. I am going on 5 or 6 yrs of kamado ownership, never covered in Boston. Rain, snow, heat humidity, it’s more reliable than USPS.
  12. Welcome, please stop by and introduce yourself. You no longer need the fire ring. Happy cooking.
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