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  1. I thought those were pasteurized then sealed, and need to be refrigerated once opened. Maybe I am wrong.
  2. Welcome, stop by and introduce yourself! Most temp issues are related to airflow. Clean out the ash. Stack your lump to maximize airflow. Best, ben
  3. I tried all three tonight. While the pairing of beef with a ham, egg and cheese sandwich was queastionable... all three are great.
  4. Ben S

    Kamado joe in 2019

    I have no first hand knowledge of this sloroller, but I would assume at temps above 500 the airflow would be so fast through a kamado, that the sloroller is just not useful.
  5. That method is my goto. Maybe 140 F.
  6. BGE is a great cooker, the food off all three will taste the same. Check out Lowe’s , sometimes they have deals on KJ. KJ also has the I, II, and now the III. I will say, the airlift hinge is SO NICE. i strongly recommend going to look at, touch, lift the domes, ect... Also so look at everything you need for the grill, it has been years since I looked hard at BGE, but all the accessories were added onto the base price. KJ comes with everything you need. Also loook at the warranty, as far as I know, KJ is still the only company that ships warranty parts free from the home office. My local dealer shut down, so I warranties would have problematic otherwise. Whichever way you go, welcome to the club.
  7. What grill do you have? I KJ offers free shipping on warranty parts.
  8. Wow, that is my kind of technical detail! I have never seen technical data like that, I assume because most people but a 5 lb bag of AP flour and it sits for a year. I bet those numbers start to change in a week. As as far as temps, you very rarely see it mentioned for the home audience. I remember the “Ah-ha” moment when I saw temps mentioned in Ken Forkish’s FWSY.
  9. Whoa. Wfo? Which one? And the Uuni. Which model? How much? I really don’t think it makes sense for me, but I have to ask.
  10. Happy new year! The forkish elements of pizza book is 70% hydration and based on about 500 F indoor oven if I remember correctly.
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