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  1. I have done similar in the past by moving a patio umbrella. I will not claim to know about rain vs salt block cooks, but I no longer worry about a little rain and my kamado.
  2. Hahaha. I hear you, I spend my days with my one and five yr old. After they go to bed these knife handles have become my creative outlet and seems to happily eat into sleepytime. A knife maker is now asking me to make him sayas and handles. We will see how that collaboration works out.
  3. There is a book called "$50 knife shop". Betwen books and YouTube, you could get started yourself if you really wanted. Just sayin...
  4. Welcome from Newton.
  5. Nice! Could you put one inside of the other for the "Kamado type insulated effect"?
  6. Please stop by and introduce yourself. I will I'll let one of the Akorn pros answer your question. I will leave you with this fact. Kamados are a fuel rich oxygen starved cooking environment where airflow is used to control temperature. With that giant hole in the bottom of your Akorn, I am not sure if you can control temps.
  7. I find sugary rubs survive sub 300 F temps just fine.
  8. Any ace hardware should be able to ship(free) to store from
  9. I have said it before, there is a bladesmithing class at MassArt. The only state funded arts school in the country, to the best of my knowledge. This year the itch came just after the semester started. I am keeping an eye out on the next time the class is offered. Look up master bladesmith JD smith who teaches the class. Crazy work.
  10. Ask John how many Kamados he has. Do you think he needs more?
  11. i found this during my nightly deal browsing. I am sharing the link YMMV.
  12. Bobby Brennan knocks it out of the park again.
  13. While I agree with your methods, I have to make a slight correction. The activity you get in the first couple days before your "stall" is not the yeast, it is bacterial. That died off and your yeast continues to grow.
  14. I have done two vs three stones, the three stones cook more evenly, even after preheating for 60 min @ 750F.
  15. I saw that and knew you would be lusting after it. Maybe I should learn to forge....