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  1. I would keep cooking in the current vent and stash the replacement until you need it. I also bet you could find a way to break off that extra powder coating.
  2. I am pretty sure I have seen people go for up to 7 days in the fridge for a preferment. So YES, JUST DO IT. Why not just go sourdough?
  3. I am pretty sure you nailed it, atleast based on first principles. Evaporative cooling, the same phenomenon that causes the stall.
  4. Welcome, please stop by and introduce yourself.
  5. Yes keeper, that sounds great. I do something similar. Some nights I even cheat and pic up a grocery store rotisserie chicken. Shh don't tell anyone, they might not respect me in the morning.
  6. New toys! As far as the move I have heard of them go easily or no so easily. Wishing you and your family the best.
  7. Nice deal! From those pictures is looks correct. Can you elaborate on your concerns. I might be missing something.
  8. John, looks great. the roasted garlic freezes well. I would roast six heads at a time, then store them. Same with carmelized onions.
  9. Ouch. It happens to all of us...
  10. Who is going to post this on the egghead forum? Ha
  11. They are nice looking knives. I have started using Instagram as my own sources of inspiration, there are many great small bladesmiths out there.
  12. I agree with your storage suggestions. All the bags of flour I have purchased have use by or packed on dates. One brand I have watched for a while I assume the use by dates are 9 months out.
  13. No clue. I was told a while ago it would be retrofitable to the old Joe's. I assume that is still true.
  14. Save your pennies... we have some projects planned. Haha