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  1. Behold the makers of the Vision Kamado, testing temperature changes in the grill. Kids don't do this at home http://youtu.be/jKpSJFCF4bs
  2. Bacteria love temperatures that revolve around the temperature of our body (36.6º C, 98.6º F). Holding products at higher temperatures (greater than 130º F, 54º C) restricts the growth of bacteria. Increasing temperatures over 60º C (140º F) will start killing them. Most bacteria need oxygen (aerobic), others thrive without it (anaerobic). All of them hate cold, and around 32º F, (0º C) they become lethargic and dormant when the temperature drops lower. Keeping them at low temperatures does not kill them, but only stops them from multiplying. Once when the conditions are favorable again, they
  3. Oh yeah My last full load test Jr. lasted 16 hours before he snuffed himself out. This cook should not present a problem. Impressive indeed. Very impressive indeed
  4. Before converting to Kamado I used to buy KBB on sale at Home Depot (40lbs) kept the open one in a kingsford charcoal dispenser and the other one in the original until used. Now for my vision kamado I use a 5 pound bag of lump charcoal and it last at least 3 to 4 good grilling sessions and a short bake. This thing is so amazing and versatile
  5. I'd love to see some recipes of your local cuisine. I don't know much about Puerto Rican food. How is it compared to other Caribbean cuisine? Is it more like Cuban? Jamaican? Cuisine is more like Cuban than Jamaican
  6. Thanks. We have some good recipes that I will be glad to share
  7. Hola. Greetings from Puerto Rico I just started using my new Vision Grill Kamado today. I got it at Costco for $399.00 (incredible). I cooked two bone in Ribeyes 1 inch thick 5 hours ago and I can't believe that the thermometer still reads over 150 degrees Fahrenheit. My other two cookers a UDS and a 22.5 weber kettle with smokenator attachment are in total fear
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