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  1. Since 99.999% of KJ "dealers" don't stock anything, I really wish that KJ would just start selling direct for simple replacement stuff, accessories etc. And don't give me the "my dealer has"...bla bla bla. I have been to literally 6 dealers in California. NONE stock anything. I was finally told by one of the guys at a Roadshow that there's only 1 dealer in CA that stocks anything...and they are mail order only. BBQ is a WANT, not a need. Can you imagine how much $$ in accessories they would make if folks could actually put their hands on stuff?
  2. That part number doesn't show up anywhere...I'd ask KJ to send you one. If they can't take your money, tell them you will donate it somewhere
  3. That's a newer M. I also have the "classic" M with the sliding vent. Excellent deal from Sams Club. That's a very good deal!
  4. That Vision grate isn't so bad if you cut a little off the bottom that hooks under the grill grate.
  5. My bowl and ring cracked all within around 4 months. The new ones arrived Friday. It only took a couple days for them to get here. I was thinking about cooking on the old ones until they fall apart but the cracks started as hairline and went to over a quarter inch in a very short time which seems like once it cracks it shrinks? Who knows.. I just don't want to damage the exterior screwing around with a cracked bowl and ring that I already have a replacement for.
  6. They apparently rent them in Newport Beach, CA. At the price point they are selling them I doubt there will be many takers...even in that neighborhood. http://www.grillnglow.com/
  7. It's actually 2½ Months GG!....but who is counting. That is a really loooong backorder. Well it takes that long for Yeti to stock up on returns before they can be rebadged and sold as RTIC Just kidding
  8. I wonder if it's a particular production run problem? I have a Costco Big Joe recently purchased. The band broke in the same place. They sent me 2... Glad they did. The replacement broke in the same place. The second one has been fine for a couple months. If it's a Big Joe, don't sweat replacing it. It's about a 10 minute operation, just get some help holding up the hinge when you take it off and put the new on on. It's quite literally 2 bolts
  9. It even shows the 27th on Costco's site... Same dates for the Huntington Beach Roadshow. I'll be stopping by there to check out some charcoal...then off to the Gun Show in Costa Mesa
  10. We start with Barilla or Classico and doctor it from there.
  11. I still have one of those 80's R2D2 looking bread machines! They work really well once you get used to the paddle stuck in the bottom of your loaf.
  12. JonF

    Snapped band

    As far as the original post went, I have had 2 bands break on the top right side at the bend where the bolt goes through on a Big Joe. This was on a new grill from a Costco roadshow. The 3rd is working fine so far.
  13. Looks like some other folks are discussing these. http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/22348-pit-boss-kamado/
  14. I posted some pictures from Costco. http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/26806-costcos-new-kamado-pit-boss/
  15. Saw this at the Costco in Victorville, CA. today. Kind of looks like an imitation Vision (like when they first came out).. If I was in the market for a Vision, I'd get a real on at Sam's Club It has the same type of dual rack setup.. Comes with a cover and ash tool that I could see. Seemed like a decent hinge. I wasn't to impressed with the fit/finish of the interior and firebowl. Costco still has KJ road shows on the schedule Anyway, here's some pictures.
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