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  1. I also got the idea of the pepper wedges from your recent pizza video. :D
  2. I have never been to Chicago. But glad you liked the video.
  3. I just tried this recipe out today with fantastic results. I linked below to the youtube video. I used a 10" cast iron pan, followed the instructions on the video for douhgh, pizza sauce, and prepertation. I pumped up the Kamado to 425 and put pan on grill with no deflector. My pizza was ready at 23". My wife and son loved the taste of the crust. Here are a few pics of my dinner. Enjoy. The top picture was with my phone..so it is not colorful.
  4. John, first off let me say you are doing a great job here on this site as well as your videos. I just finished watching your pizza one for the contest..looks real good. My question, I can't find the stone for deflecting heat that is for the Akorn Kamado here in Canada. Have they stocked the stores yet over there in the USA?
  5. I still want to purchase the deflector stone they sell for the Kamado. But it is not available here in Canada.
  6. I recently purchased some perforated square stones/briquets to use as heat deflectors. I purchased these because it allows some of the heat to rise directly to my food without searing it. I have found in the past using solid heat deflectors that alot of the heat was bypassing my food and rising out of the top of the kamado. I have attatched a few pics of what these look like. Dave
  7. I cooked a turkey for our Canadain Thanksgiving. I have done a few on a bbq and two now on my kamado. I first brine the turkey for 12+ hrs. Then rinse clean. Wife then stuffs the turkey with her home-made stuffing and we put on a dry rub of spices. (Brining I find makes the turkey more moist and tender). I lay the turkey in a open roasting pan with it raised off the bottom of the pan by a small grill...so i can add some Broth/water in the bottom so as to keep thing moist. I use a heat deflecter above my coals and I cooked @ 350 deg for approx. 3 1/2 hrs...or till internal temp was 185. Lots of room for the turkey...it was a med size, but the kamado will hold a large one.....I guess if it is laying down....I don't know about standing up like a beer-can-chicken type.
  8. I cooked a whole chicken tonight "Beer Can Style" (minus the beer can). I realized that the heating zones differ quite a bit inside the Kamado. As you can see by my pic, I had the bird inside a larger pan so as to catch all the drippings and not over flow the small can under the bird it's self. I put one probe to my grill and another to the bird's breast meat. Well after 1 hour my temp (inside the bird) stalled at 167 deg f. It stayed there for another hour. Now my avg grill temp was 355 deg f. So after 2 hrs and I decided to investigate. Using another digital probe I have I placed it above the bird, then placed the grill probe below the bird by the thighs. Well what a diff. The thigh area temp was only about 212 deg f., and the top of the bird was about 250 vs the grill temp @ 355! So were I was measuring the temp by attatching the bbq probe to the grill was the wrong way of getting a true temp around the bird. Most of the heat went around the heat deflector and sauce pan right up and out thru the top, bypassing my bird. Leaving me only with 200 at thigh level and 250 top of bird. Has anyone experienced this too?
  9. Thank you for the pics. Also, do you have a special sauce you mix into the pulled pork? Or does anyone know of any special sauce to mix in? Dave
  10. Looks awesome. Please post when you have them done and pulled. Dave
  11. Thanks for the recipe. I copied and paste and added to my ever increasing recipes....! Dave
  12. That is nice JM.....and your probably right by it's limited use. But if I build one...I much like how you did yours...alot more professional and detailed.
  13. Just viewed a very entertaing video of converting a small weber into a very good portable bbq/smoker. Have a look. I am definitely going to take the challenge and build my own.
  14. Costco in Canada has 18lb bags of "Maple Hardwood Charcoal" on sale for 12/bag.
  15. They must of pulled the ad, I just went to the ad and no Akorn.
  16. Ah.....I love pizza on my Akorn Kamado. I have done about 4 now and am a little slower temp than suggested. I put it on @ 400 for 20". I have it down to that time after several tries and seems to cook best at that. But, with that said, the last one I had more burning on one side of Pizza and I like the suggestion of rotating the pizza half way if that is the case. But I do hate opeing up the lid halfway thru. "If your looking....your not cooking..."!
  17. Good display Blues. Now I will try the same here up in Canada.
  18. Ok thanks. I have the phone number and going to see about having it shipped over to Canada.
  19. BTW...did you order yours by phone? Or did you pick this up at a store?
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