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  1. The Vision Classic B and Pro Models have a dome tapper size and shape that is almost identical to a Large BGE. I am not familiar with the Aura rack system, but it looks very similar to the KJ Divide and Conquer for the KJ Classic. The KJ classic has a shorter stockier dome tapper shape and size than a L BGE or its twin the Vision B. The Divide and Conquer will fit in the Vision B, but since it is made for the shorter stockier KJ Classic, it will not extend up as high into the dome. The CGS Vision AR Spider Combo, however will extend up into the headroom available in a Large BGE, Vision B or Pro Models. How do I know this? This is a CGS Vision AR Spider Combo in my large Egg. Before the Egg, I cooked on a Vision Pro C, and purchased the Vision AR Spider Combo for it. When I wanted to switch to a traditional kamado, Tom at CGS told me the same gear would fit the L BGE and why. Here is the Vision AR Spider Combo in the same configuration and what you can do with it. Here is what the CGS Vision AR Spider Combo look like out of the grill The CGS Vision AR Spider Combo is basically an AR with a Spider welded to the bottom of it. The whole thing stone included, can be picked up and placed into the grill in one motion. Thats a 13 stone in the picture. Here is a pic of the attached spider Here is a view from the side to show the height level adjustments If I had to choose between the Aura and the CGS Vision AR Spider Combo I would go with the AR. By the way my grate assembly also includes a CGS extender which fits ontop of the AR here is a pic of the AR and the Extender I would recommend talking to Tom at CGS, I found him to be very knowledgeable and a truly nice fellow. The grates that fit into the AR are 16" the stock Vision main grate is 18" it will bump into the sides of dome if you raise it up on top of the AR with the Extender in place. I use what is called a sliding D rack on top of the extender. Hope this helps you. Let me warn you CGS makes a ton of gear. IMO all of it is practical, well designed to cook, and of the highest quality. Unfortunately, it will make money fly out of your wallet like a quail being shot at. I have a ton of stuff including the 13 x 17 brisket and rib racks and stone, drip pans, and an assortment of stones and half stones. Best of luck.
  2. If it were me, I would want both gaskets to be from the same manufacture, and from the same matched set. As a side note since replacing the gaskets does expend some effort, I would also want the gaskets I used to be of the high heat nomex variety which has a proven longer wear time than stock felt gaskets. Thickness and width do matter, it is all a matter of angles and geometry, you want the dome to sit perfectly flat on top of the kettle and be as perfectly aligned right to left as possible. One thing to keep in mind as you are working around and with the hinge and the bands is that the hinge is spring loaded. You don't want it to pop open and jerk out of your hands, as that could both injure you, and possible damage your ceramic components. I read a post once about that happening as one of the springs became unattached while under tension and shot across the room (luckily no harm no foul). If the bands and hinge assembly is still attached to your kettle I would zip tie it in the closed position so it can not spring open. loosen the top band and with a friends help work the dome with the new gasket already attached, trough the band so it sits flat on the kettle gasket to gasket. Have your friend apply downward pressure on the dome and check to see that it sits right all the way around. When your satisfied with the alignment, have your friend continue to apply pressure while you tighten the bands. I would do one bolt on alternating sides of the dome to keep the pressure even. When you get everything tight, you can check you alignment by opening the lid and laying a dollar bill over the gasket. When you close the lid the gaskets should apply enough pressure to make you feel some resistance as you pull the dollar bill through the gaskets. You can repeat this "Dollar Bill Test" in the front, sides, and back of the kettle to see if you have gaps or uneven pressure. Best of luck. Let us know how it turns out.
  3. Yeah, never ever used it for tacos, but certainly wore the last one I had out on pork chops, bone in steaks, chicken thighs, and such.
  4. Welcome, glad to have you and your Joe with us. Nice story of how you got your ciber name. Mine came from a Fathers day card my niece reworked to fit an uncle. It had a picture of a character at a grill with a huge flame charring his hair with the caption keeper of the flame. If the shoe fits.......................
  5. I used a KAB in my old vision along with a CGS AR which is similar. Look at the pic that shows the top of the OP's lump pile. That will be the height of the top of the handles of the KAB and you can see there is plenty enough room above that for the rack assembly and the deflector to hang. Just by eyeball measures it looks like the top of the lump is about 2 or 2 and 1/2 inches below the ring in the rack that holds the deflector.
  6. An old BGE trick to align a top dome and seat it to the kettle, is as follows. Using two 2/4's cut and fitted with screw eyes in the ends, place one 2x4 on top of the top vent (cap removed) and the other beneath the kamado. Then using bungee cords connected to the screw eyes (top board screw eyes pointing down and bottom board screw eyes pointing up) Use a doubled bungee or one short enough to put pressure on the two boards, causing the bottom board to form a base and pull down on the top board which will apply even and steady downward pressure on the dome.(remember your hinge is spring loaded so you will need to be mindful of that. you can use zip ties to tie it down so it doesn't spring open and hurt you or damage your ceramics) Then loosen the bolts which hold the bands around the kettle and dome. When the bolts are loosened the up and down pressure will seat the dome firmly on top of the kettle. You may have to increase the pressure by using a shorter bungee. Once you get the dome seated on the kettle, without releasing the pressure on the dome, tighten the band bolts back up. I have never actually had to use this technique but I saw a couple of posts on the Egg Head forum where folks had used the method and achieved success. The only contact with your kamado is on the base and on the top unpainted surface of the dome vent, so this method should not cause any damage to your grill domes beautiful finish. Hope this helps. At least I will have remembered this all these years for a good purpose. If it works, that is. Good Luck.
  7. I have not used solar string lights but have used solar path and landscape lights. I experienced the same issues you describe, the battery's did not seem to charge completely or hold a charge through out the period I wanted to use them , and the lights themselves were pretty flimsy and broke easily. I eventually went to wired Malibu low voltage style lights. I am going to install some of the old fashioned looking string lights on the deck I cook on, and will use the plug in version with a dedicated switch. Wired lights cost a bit more initially but in my experience they work better, last longer, and save money in the long run.
  8. Congratulations, very nice looking kamado. Auplex builds some very capable and durable ceramic components. I also really like the design of that ash drawer, that should make clean up a breeze. I went to Hong Kong, a couple of times on R&R when I was in the Navy. Had a lot of fun there, absolutely great food there as I remember.
  9. Definitely and the pig has that "man this is great beer" look in his eye. The artist who came up with that, has to have been to a few beer and ribs gatherings.
  10. Yeah Ck, I use different gloves for different jobs as well. Here are my go to work horses. The blue fire gloves are nomex and kevlar and able to handle screaming hot grates, CI pans, stones, and anything else hot, as long as it is dry. The orange Gators are pure silicone and I use them to pick up and hold cooked cuts of meat, like whole chicken, prime rib, pork butt, etc. They have a great ability to grip with the raised gator scales. Just don't touch hot metal with the Gators as they can not stop that degree of heat. The black gloves are Venom steel black nitrile and I use them for food prep, prior to the cook. Ps. I just gotta share a little present my Wife brought home to me. I use them as coasters and to clean up sticky fingers.
  11. Welcome glad to have you and your new Joe with us. Yes, the impulse to recreate recipes on your kamado is a wonderful way to bring joy to the family. You new kamado is actually more of a charcoal fired convection oven than it is just another BBQ or smoker. You can cook pretty much anything you can cook in a kitchen oven or on a stove top for that matter. You are not limited to traditional BBQ classics but can venture into breads, pies, pizza, fancy and complicated recipes, pretty much anything you can think to cook, your kamado can cook it and turn out delicious food in the process. Enjoy your entry into kamado cooking and the forum conversation as well.
  12. Maybe this will help. I just replaced the gaskets on my large BGE, using HiQue Gold Standard High Heat gaskets.Like Jack said, it is very important to get the correct gasket for your specific kamado..
  13. Welcome, glad to have you with us. That looks like a small chip. Not much of a defect, but after all, it’s a new grill and you paid a lot for it. I would call KJ and then email them a photo.
  14. Those are some nice looking chops. I always look for the thick cut bone in ones, they cook up the best IMO.
  15. Welcome glad to have you and your Akorn with us.
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