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  1. My wife and I have been taking what we call morning coffee drives around the area. Sometimes we pick up a few muffins at a little local bakery. Saw these pronghorns in a place called Williamson Valley a couple days ago. they were in a herd of about 40 or 50 spread out along a two lane country road. I came home and painted this rock for my wife.
  2. This guy has been stopping by behind the house over the last two weeks. He has really put on some weight and girth in that time period. pretty good size boy now. I live right on the edge of the National Forest. In the first pic he is eating the bird seed the birds kick out of the feeders, deer seem to love it.
  3. I really like my gas Weber, and use it very much like an outdoor stove top. I load it up with cast iron pans and cook wear to do sides, appetizers, quick fish and other fast cooks, and such. Years back I did a post called a tale of two steaks where I cooked pretty much identical Rib Eyes on both my Green Egg and the Weber. We had some friends over so I took the opportunity and did a blind taste test. Bottom line They thought both steaks were excellent, probably because I used the exact same approach, seasoning, and pulled them both somewhere around 122f. They did however, say that while they
  4. Welcome to our forum, Smokinoclock, glad to have you. I agree with you on the team of grills approach, I have a large BGE, A Traeger Timberline, and a Weber Summit 460 on my back deck. They all have their specific uses.
  5. You cook looks great. What do your neighbors think of your kamado? Are there many folks who BBQ there.?
  6. Unfortunately my little high desert town does not contain a quality meat market or butcher. My best meat source has been and is CostCo. Yesterday, my wife and I noticed that we had but one steak in the freezer. So, today it was off to CostCo. For years and years I have not bought individual cut steaks at CostCo because they run them all, including the Tri Tips through a Jaccard. The problem with this is that the blades drag the bacteria on the outer surface of the steak deep inside the steak. The result is that you have to take the steak to a recommended IT of 165 (per the lable) to insure it
  7. I am not Italian but had an Italian friend who's mom cooked for us growing up. She made pasta every Sunday and called it gravy. Guess it stuck.
  8. I stumbled on a pic of some Sunday Gravy pasta with slivered brisket. Absolutely delicious way to use leftover brisket. Be sure to use lots of edge cuts with bark for a smokey, savory addition to a rich red sauce.
  9. I purchased multiple stones so I always have at least one clean. I do a rotation moving the dirtiest stone to the deflector position dirty face down during a 600 deg pizza cook. Flip the stone over during the next pizza cook, clean the other side, and you have a completely clean stone. Keep that up every time you cook pizza and you will always be ready for the next cook with a clean side to cook your pies on. I have four 14" stones I keep in constant rotation . No need to go above 600 as someone said. I usually cook my pies and then let my Egg sit at 600 for an extra 20 min or so, before I
  10. I have several favorite ways to use left over brisket. 1. slivered brisket mixed with tomatoes and green onions and diced potatoes in scrambled eggs for breakfast. 2.Grilled Cheese sandwich with a filling of slivered brisket and some good BBQ sauce 3. Brisket with a hearty red sauce over any kind of pasta. 4.Brisket street tacos with guac, cilantro, pico, and some Serrano chilies 5. Brisket sandwich on fresh baked sour dough. 6. Slivered brisket added to Cowboy pinto beans with a variety of chillies.
  11. I don't use sugary rubs, but I do long, low and slow cooks. I just don't do them all in a row so I don't get a multiple cook build up , so I try to always do a pizza cook after a low and slow. I use drip pans, and try to wipe off any excess grease before I cook pizza. From time to time, I get a lot of shiny carbon flakes on the inside of my dome. I get the same thing in my gasser. The stuff won't burn any more as it is straight carbon, but It can drop onto what ever you're cooking. I use a big sheet of aluminum foil wadded into a softball size ball as a scrub pad. In my prep for a pizza cook
  12. I used to wrap deflector stones to protect them from drips, but I stoped doing that several years ago. I still run a pretty clean kamado. I religiously do what Jack (above) suggests and rotate my stones to the bottom position with the dirtiest side face down to the fire during pizza and other high heat cooks. I cook pizza at 600-650, and after a couple of pies the insides of my internal ceramic components are snowy white. You can see this in this pick of a fully loaded fire box. While my fire ring rim is blackish along with in inside surface of my kettle, and the inside of the dom
  13. Can't wait to see them on the grill all crusty, dotted with bubbling fat.
  14. I brine my turkey 24 hrs before the cook, in a combination of apple cider, orange juice, kosher salt, honey and Simon and Garfunkel herbs. During the cook I put some apple cider and olive oil in a spray bottle and spray my turkey at least once during the cook.
  15. As long as you don't set your drip pan directly on your deflector where it will overheat and fry then burn anything in it. I the drippings from turkey, prime rib, and such to make gravy, au jus, and sauces. I usually start off with some chicken broth or beef broth in the pan. Use something to create an air space between your deflector and the bottom of your drip pan. Some folks us copper elbows, others use large bolt or nuts (nothing galvanized because of the vapors it puts out when heated). Other folks use a long sheet of aluminum foil rolled into a long sausage or snake shape and then made
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