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  1. Cold weather cooking

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Wow, talk about bad luck on the delivery. Very glad to hear it won't be long before you finally get your KJ. Concerning you anxiety over cooking in the cold, here is the link to a thread posted a while back where we all had a discussion started with a post very similar to yours. Maybe the responses will serve to ease your mind, a bit, about cooking in cold weather. We have folks on the forum who live and cook year round all along New England, In the Mountain States, and all through Canada and Nova Scotia, so we have quite a number of people very familiar with kamado cooking in cold weather. https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/37764-cooking-in-cold-weather/?tab=comments#comment-483917

    Wow, what a nice job. I love lamb and that leg just looks fantastic. Also love the technique of putting potatoes and veggies in a pan beneath the lamb, to catch the flavorful drips. Excellent cook Sir.
  3. Hello from Pennsylvania

    Glad to have you with us. Lots to learn here. If you go through a number of posts in the Kamado Cooking section you can't help but get an idea of how versatile a cooker the kamado is. Posts in the individual forum for specific makes and models of grills will give you a good understanding of the different grill available, the accessories available, and how folks who have them feel about them. Enjoy the forum conversation.
  4. Hello from New Zealand

    Welcome, glad to have you and your big Joe with us. Enjoy your new grill, your entry into kamado cooking, and the forum conversation. Think of your Joe as a big charcoal fired convection oven on which you can cook pretty much anything you can cook in the kitchen over. The extends from all the BBQ classics, through breads, pies, pizza, and on to fancy foodie recipies. Have fun, there is a learning curve but going through it is enjoyable. Happy Cooking. Also, you might check out some of the cooks Ausie Joe has done. He turns out some great asian down under, fusion cooks that look incredibly delicious. Along with lamb 100 ways
  5. Shave Question?

    Here are some interesting soaps, some here are quite popular. https://www.westcoastshaving.com/curated/obscure_scents.html?utm_source=maropost&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=180112_Promo: Obscure Olfactories (1xBuyers Clicked)&mpweb=1032-4954-237774
  6. Shave Question?

    I saw a comparison of the cost of shaving with a gillete 5 blade and traditional shaving with a DE. on westcoastshaving.com I tried to find it for you but couldn't. In summary it said shaving with a DE can be significantly less expensive than what you pay for shaving with expensive 5 blade cartridges. In my case I bought a Merkur 34C razor for around $30 on amazon, 100 gillete silver blue blades for about $17, and an Omega boar bristle brush for around $10. Shaving every other day, that will get me through a year of shaves and another 100 blades is only around $20 more depending on the blade. Shaving soap is like shaving cream, you go through it as fast as you use it depending on how much you use. You can get a really nice puck or bowl of soap for somewhere in the range of $10 to 15. Last time I bought a 5 pack of fusion 5 blade cartridges I think it was around $40. So it seems like WCS is right, traditional shaving, can be cheaper. But it seems that traditional wet shaving is like kamado cooking, there is plenty of gear to tempt you to get something additional or something better. Some high end custom razors cost well into the multiple hundreds, and a high end pure badger brush can take money out of your wallet very quickly. I am really new to this, but seem to have gotten hooked on it rather quickly. There is a zen to the whole shaving process that is both relaxing and fun. If you want to try it you can go minimal and still get a great shave. The merkur razor at $30 is higly recommended and considered a classic, an inexpensive omega brush, blades, and soap are all you need. You can put your soap in an old coffee cup or buy the type that comes in a plastic shaving bowl. Have fun.
  7. Hello from Wylie, TX

    Welcome, glad to have both you and your new Joe with us. You chose a fine and very capable grill. Enjoy your new grill, your entry into kamado cooking, and the forum conversation.
  8. Shave Question?

    I detect the begining signs of those acquisition disorders. razor, blades, brush, shave oil, soap, tonic, balm, lather bowl, and now i am already looking at another razor the Merkur 1904 open comb (looks like a good transistion to the deeper end of the pool, it's open comb but reportedly not at all aggressive). I bought a 100 gillete sliver blues and a 100 personna red Isralie blades, as i tesed them in a single packs and liked both of them very much.Wet Shaving is actually very similar to kamado cooking in this respect On another note, Gilette Silver Blues seem to be very popular blades in the wet shaving community. I chose them due to countless 5 star reviews. I love the smooth shave they give. However, Gilette DE blades are no longer made in the U.S. they are now produced in Russia. The other night my wife and I saw this cable show about the explosion of blood borne illnesses in Russia, things like Hep C, Aides, and general blood infections, much of the problem was attributed to the level of stardardization of Med techniques and steralization along with lack of oversight etc on top of the obvious social issues. As we watched the show, my wife turned to me and said should you be using razor blades made there. I looked on the net and can't find any documented concerns. A great number of Wet Shavers swear by Russian produced blades. What do you guys think?
  9. Been creepin' around here a while...

    Welcome, Rob, The Big Joe is a very good choice and a truly capable, well made, and well supported grill.
  10. 17 and Counting

    Congratulations What a great way to celebrate your special day. When my wife and I got our marriage liscense 35 years ago, the line for marriage liscenses was right next to the line to file for divorce. The woman who helped us, was working both lines. When we finished and started to leave she said "Good Luck". You Have a Wonderful Day, looks like a fine meal.
  11. Greetings from Northern Virginia

    welcome to both you and your new Joe. That is a truly fine grill and will serve you very well. With you already existent cooking skills, just think of your new kamado as a charcoal fired convection oven rather than just a BBQ or smoker. You can cook pretty much anything in your kamado you can cook in a kitchen oven all the way for breads, pies, pizza, through the BBQ classics, and on to traditional and fancy recipies. Enjoy your new Joe and the forum conversation.
  12. Shave Question?

    Harry's looks like a pretty good deal for a multiblade razor. Since I started getting shaves from my barber, I am looking to duplicate that shave quality at home. Like you, I knew intutively that a straight razor in my hands was the last thing I wanted next to my neck. After some research, I picked up a Merkur 34C double edge razor. This razor is considered a classic and is, pretty much, exactly like the razors our dads and grand dads shaved with. I also got some shey butter shaving soap, a nice brush, and a stainles steel cup to make mountains of warm lather. The razor on amazon was $30 and change, 100 gillete silver blue blades (made in Russia) was about 17 (Shaving every other day the blades should last over a year) total outlay for the kit was a little over a hundred bucks. The shaving process is actually alot like kamado cooking. There is a zen quality to it, and rather than a chore, shaving becomes a relaxing art. I have a mirror in the shower and shave there, so it is really pretty spa like. I used to use a Gilette 5 blade fusion, and find that the shaves I get with my DE razor are far better in terms of quality, in truth, after about a week of learning tecnnique and practice, I can easily duplicate the shave I get from my barber. No nicks, cuts, or razor burn so far. A little shave oil first and then luxurious warm lather, followed by a sharp but very smooth blade. Be aware, however, after just a couple weeks "Wet Shaving", I can tell you the process is addictive and will make money, for new gear fly out of your wallet, just like it does in kamado cooking. This is the razor i got https://www.westcoastshaving.com/Merkur-34C-Heavy-Duty-Safety-Razor_p_31.html
  13. Greetings from sunny FL

    Welcome to both you and your new KJ, glad to have you both with us. Absolutely nothing about your new KJ not to love, great product, great company, great performance and temp control. Just one hint, your new KJ is not just something you can smoke in, but actualy a charcoal fired convection oven. You can cook pretty much anything in your new KJ that you can in your kitchen oven. All the way from BBQ classics like ribs and brisket, to breads, pizza, pies, and on to fancy recipies. Enjoy your entry into kamado cooking as well as the forum conversation. .
  14. Flat Iron Steak Dinner for $3 bucks

    Great looking meal, would gladly pay three times that for a plate. Who says you have to spend alot to eat well. "The old weathered violin in the hands of a master makes beautiful music" the same holds true with dinner. Wonderful cook. Love kittys as well, have had two since we have been mareied both were family members rather than pets.
  15. Kamado Transporter

    You will probably see both of those carts and a host of home made carts and gizmos to transport Big Green Egg at Egg Fests. Folks who go to Egg Fests regulary have been dealing with the need to come up with something to help them move full size Eggs and lessen the chance of droping and breaking them in the process. Personally i would go with the Big Keg Option.