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  1. Distiller from Australia

    Happy to have you with us. Great clip of your whiskey. As you will find out, your new Big Joe is quite a versatile cooker. Think of it as a charcoal fired covection oven, because in truth that's what it is. You can Q, Smoke, Bake pizza, pies, breads, etc, turn out classic recipes and in short cook pretty much anything in your Joe that you can cook in a kitchen oven. Have fun, I am sure your patrons will enjoy your new Joe as much as you do.
  2. I think Big Green Egg needs a new name

    It truly does look more like an Avacado than an Egg. But there's no denying that the name "Big GreenEgg" has become pretty much a synonym for kamado. Got to hand it to BGE and their marketing strategy for that. Even with it's inflated price, the EGG contines to sell. Most folks have no idea what a kamado is but they know what a Big Green Egg looks like, and usually have a friend or relative that has one.
  3. Today was the first day that really felt like Fall is just around the corner. Crisp cool morning, temps in the low 70's mid day. Beautiful quality of light all day. My wife tells me the first day of Fall is not until this Friday, but we decided to celebrate anyway. When I cook for just us, I usually roast a chicken. I swear if I could only have one more cook, I would probably select a chicken cook. Very glad chicken is my wife's favorite as well. I have posted tons of spatchcock cooks, so I'll just show you the money shots and cut to the chase. While I was cooking a mature doe brought a bunch of young deer onto the property. Here are a couple of fawns. I asked to them to pose for the picture, but they did not cooperate that well, and showed me their butts. . Great day, Enjoy yourself, cook a chicken.
  4. Kick Ash Basket - Worth Buying?

    I have both the generation #1 KAB which I used in a Vision and then my Large BGE, and a generation #2 KAB which is much more heavy duty than the original, and sees duty every singal cook in my BGE. I have been on both our forum and the Egg Head forum for some time, and to my recollection have never seen a negative post about the KAB. Definetly worth the cost IMO, and without a doubt one of the best and most used accessories I own. I would advise you to just get one, I can't imagine you will be disappointed. The KAB improves air flow and makes cleanup and lump reloading a snap. No brainer, IMO.
  5. American made PK grill / smoker

    I have a Jumbo little Joe with an 18"grill and your right it does a good job. Weighs almost nothing, and costed about $55 something. I am doubting, doubting however, that is has the temp control that the PK does. I can see the benefits of ceramic insulation, and normally cook on a BGE large. However, I have seen a ton of great cooks come of a steel Acorn, so I personally think insulation is not an absolute neccesity to accomplish a great cook. I am liking the durability, temp control, and am thinking it will pretty much cook like my alternative the BGE Mini Max, but transport much better. That's my thinking so far anyway, going to look at it a bit more before I pull the trigger.
  6. American made PK grill / smoker

    I called them re the add-ons. They admitted their ad was a bit confusing. The add on of grates is actually for a custom set of grillgrates cut to fit the PK. The stock grill comes with a charcoal grate and a main grate as oart of the package. GrillGrates and a heavy duty charcoal basket are add on's. You can cook on what you get in the stock package for $599. I am comparing the PK to a BGE MiniMax which costs about the same or a little more depending on the dealer. I also found out the tubes at the bottom, which I thought, were simply a base support, are actually the bottom vent tubes. Twist the caps for the setting. Even at this price, I find myself interested. Can't think of a better more transportable set up. The capsule grill weighs in at 51 lbs, everything fits inside, it semms to me like it will ride well in the truck bed, and doesn't have the breakage issues inherent with a transportable kamado. something to think about.
  7. American made PK grill / smoker

    truly some advertising hype, but they have videos of guys who purchased them in the 50's still cooking on the same grills today. Not much to break as long as the case holds together. Although it looks like they took the BGE philosophy of making you buy components rather than including them in the original purchase. Looks like grates, charcoal pan, etc. come at a cost. Although it isn't much.
  8. American made PK grill / smoker

    Anybody know anything about these. Just stumbled across it the other day and although it is not a traditional kamado, it sure looks like it would cook alot like one. Thinking about it for a camping / fishing grill. Any thoughts or insights. Light and much more transportable than a BGE Mini Max. Looks to me like it will do the deed. http://www.pkgrills.com/the-new-pk360-grill-smoker-capsule/
  9. Flies?

    One thought is, could there be something in your immediate neighborhood that draws flies. The flies would be in the area and then become attracted to the aroma of cooking meat, fat drippings, etc. I lived about two blocks from the stable area of the Los Alamitos (Horse) race track for about 20 years (beautiful house). Every year with the begining of racing season flies would move into the neighborhood and would not leave until the season was over and the horse population at the track was depleted. (normal sized flies and also big nasty horse flies) It was a phenomenon unaddressed by the real estate fliers used to attract us to the neighborhood. I used to get flies all over any food I had outside, they would even fly into an open grill inspite of the heat. It was a real pain in the neck as long as we lived there. I invested in a bunch of those outdoor food covers that look like unmbellas. We had a beautiful backyard but only had dinner out there during the off racing season. Homes with a number of animals etc. would be a likley place to start. Unaddresed doggie doo, along with dog and cat food left out, draws flies like a beacon light. Also things like fruit trees that are allowed to drop fruit that is not picked up and rots. A friend that lived down the street from us got a propane fuled burner that produced CO2 and then trapped the flies. It worked pretty well. I used those electric bug zappers and fly traps set at the corners of the yard away from the cooking and eating area. Best of luck, from experience, i feel your pain.
  10. Introduction

    Very nice indeed, and yes Jack is correct. Kamados that old especially those from Japan are generally made of clay. They are wonderful cookers but have are limited to moderate cooking temps. Great for chicken, meats, veggies, bread, etc. Congratulations.
  11. Lamb Rib Chops, Street Corn, and Watermelon Salad. Delicious. A monsoon storm is moving in and made for a beautiful evening. All the best to all of you. Grace and Peace
  12. First time on a Kamado

    That is some nice looking Pork Butt, glad to see you are enjoying your entry into kamado cooking as well as the forum conversation.
  13. MSG in an old meat marinade recipe

    MSG consistently gives me headaches, everytime I eat something that uses it. Learned this in Chinese resturants. Headaches stopped when I started ordering no MSG. Dont know why really, just know I consistently Ireact to it that way. MSG dosen't bother my wife at all.
  14. Newbie on Forum

    You know Steve, if you do a fine cook on a Green Egg and a fine cook on your Akorn, not a living soul would be able to tell you, with certainty, which grill which cook came off. Eggs are great grill but in truth they don't turn out any better quality food than your Akorn or anyother kamado grill. Happy Cooking , and enjoy your new grill.
  15. Watermelon, Prosciutto and Burrata Salad

    I agree totally, Burrata is a special treat in my neck of the woods. I can find it here but rarely. The fresh whole milk mozzarella was a pretty good substitute, but you just cant beat the silky texture that burrata gives.