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  1. Actually I have pretty much the same question. My market has not had yeast for months. I just found Fleischmann's instant yeast (blue Packet) and their pizza crust fast and easy yeast (green packet). I have used Fleischmann's yeast for years but only the red packet dry yeast. I have no idea how using ether the instant yeast of the fast and easy will affect my dough. I make the Ken Forkish 48 hour dough. Anybody got any ideas?
  2. I have cooked a PR every Christmas for the past 38 years. I remember cause we just had our 38th anniversary. The family would rise in revolt If I tried to cook anything else on Christmas Eve. Pr is a straight forward cook and actually pretty simple. You actually want some variation in doneness because you are generally feeding a number of folk who have different preferences. I cook mine at 350 and pull it somewhere in the the 120 range depending on the size of the PR and how many folks are craving rare meat. I slather mine with mustard as a binder and then add a rub of cracked pepper, coarse kosher salt, minced garlic, rosemary, and juniper berries. Here is what it comes out looking like. That's my BIL and my nieces husband providing the cooking advice. LikeI said it is a straight forward cook, the only thing you can do to really screw up is overcook it. IMG_0238.mov
  3. Is it not possible to get a replacement from Pit Boss? If not, consider the fact that Pit Boss is one of the newer Kamado companies who use Auplex ceramic components. Vision, Louisiana,Browning, etc are just some of the companies using Auplex components. So again if you can't get a fire box from Pit Boss, I would think your best bet would be to check with those companies who use Auplex components to find a replacement. Also important is the fact the kettle and dome tapper is also a factor. For example the kettle and dome tapper of a KJ is different to that of a Vision or a Pit Boss. Actually when you compare classic sized kamados the Vision and the Large BGE are almost identical. I would go to a dealer that sells multiple kamado brands and take my tape measure.
  4. I was thinking the same thing, either that or Matt Damon grilling up a few dogs next to the Mars rover in the Martian's. Absolutely fine looking dog, looks a lot like the Buttkas Brat they do at Chicago Dogs. Excellent cook and truly fine story.
  5. My wife and I have been picking up Rainer cherries every chance we get. I tried them simmered in a pan on the grill with Granny Smith apples, for a sauce for pork chops. Just started with oil in the pan and sautéed together the natural juices, came out very very good.
  6. Ok Boys and Girls, consider this a public service announcement from Uncle Keeper. Free Stone Peache hit my local Fry's market today. Made grilled peaches with French Vanilla ice cream tonight. Not much to say other than, I wait for this time each year. If I ever become President, I'll make it a national holiday. Cut the peach in half, pop the pit out, slather it with olive oil and put it on a hot grill. Watch emwhile they are on the grill you want to mark them well, remember they are loaded with natural sugars so they can burn easily. When you get it marked nice, let it sit skin side down until you can see bubbles it the pit, sure sign it is done, soft, and moist. Add some good ice cream, a mint leaf, and a squeeze of balsamic glaze. These peaches are only here for a short season. They come and then sadly, they go. Get out there and get some folks. Best desert on the planet, if you ask me.
  7. My wife and I took a trip to the Holy Land last Feb and March. The Date, Olive, Onion, Garlic risotto is our take on a Jewish side dish we had often in Israel. It goes very well with everything from poultry and lamb to even brisket. The salty, sweet, tangy, and soft flavor combination is very satisfying and qualifies as Israeli comfort food.
  8. If the judges approve of my ingredients, this is the money shot. IMG_1427.mov
  9. Here is what it looked like plated. it came out amazingly moist. And the grappa, oil and lemon give it a really nice flavor.
  10. Here are the hens, they look pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. IMG_1427.mov
  11. Well, even though the monsoons have hit, we are still under fire restrictions, so I am still cooking on the gasser. I wanted to take part in the 3rd Covid challenge and had my dish all set ( Shrimp Scampi) and then the"thunder from down under" Lydia beat me to it with that amazing dish she put together. So I had to punt and come up with something else other than shrimp. I decided to do some spun Greek hens with grappa, cold pressed olive oil with Meyer lemon, and a risotto with dates, green onions, and olives. Now as I figured it up, there are five ingredients, 1. Hens, 2.risotto,3.olives, 4.green onions, 5. chopped dates. Now I may be creative but I am figuring the garlic, grappa, and lemon juice are all part of a wet rub baste so they don't count as an numbered ingredient .Whatcha think Ck and Kismet ? Any way legal or not, here is my cook. I accounting this as one for a wet rub / baste. Here is the olive, date, onion mix for the risotto.
  12. Just a simple "Pulled Pork" says all you need to for a sophomore album.
  13. I would definetly buy a Brick Pig CD just on the name value alone.
  14. It is possible your fire is a little larger and hotter than you would have wanted, but not to worry. As long as you watch the IT, and probe for tenderness, I am thinking your going to be just fine, my friend. Even if the bark is a little charred the inner meat should come out moist and flavorful. I did an Italian Gramma's brisket recipe with roast tomato sauce, lots of garlic, and Italian seasoning a while back. Love those rich deep flavors. Goes great with a nice old vine Zinfandel. Happy cooking.
  15. Yeah, you don't really need the water for moisture when cooking in a kamado. The water just keeps the grease and fat from frying and splattering out of your grill when you open the lid. I have also used a thin layer of play sand on the bottom of my drip pan, which also does well in eliminating the splatter factor.
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