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  1. Unfortunately, my brother, all good things usually take time. Does look like you are well on your way though.
  2. Oh yes, more please. Like the way you put the prosciutto on top of the cheese to achieve the perfect level of crispy deliciousness. Pro move to be sure.
  3. I'll start, the name keeperovdeflame, came from my niece and her husband at a Fathers / Uncles day BBQ years and years ago. Prior to the BBQ my loving niece sent me this card. At the BBQ after a number of adult libations, along with 4 racks of ribs, roasted Mexican street corn on the cob , and cowboy beans with hatch chilis, not to mention a couple of deviled eggs, her husband uttered keeperovdeflame in rap time and a deep Barry White voice, much to the enjoyment and laughter of all. Hence the name was born and ever shall be. . All my nieces and their husbands (2) got me a custom carved handle for my Egg for Christmas one year. If da shoe fits wear it.
  4. Truly lovely fish and what a great cook. I really like all the flounder type flat fish, Halibut, Turbot, Sole, firm but delicate with an amazing flavor. Yours was a gourmet level cook, fine job. Who needs to go out to a restaurant when you can cook like that at home. Just excellent.
  5. My brisket weighs 13.5 lbs untrimmed. I am going to trim it tomorrow afternoon and I will put my rub (coarse kosher salt, cracked pepper, dry flake garlic, and celery seed) on then as well, wrap it, and let it sit out over night on the counter. I am cooking it on my new Traeger Timberline 850 which is pretty cook with WiFi and such. I expect are pretty easy cook, don't really know why I haven't done brisket before, always wanted to but just never found the right moment. Since your thinking it will take 12 to 13 hours. I will preheat the grill when I wake up about 2:30 am and get it on by 3:00 .Put the coffee on and then back in bed by 3:45am.That's the plan anyway. retirement is truly a blessing. I will figure on 12 to 13 hours. That would make it done by about 4:00pm, rest it an hour in a Yeti which I will prime with hot water. plan on dinner around 5:00pm. does that sound like it will work?
  6. I think I have all the bases covered but was wondering,I am planing on starting what I think will be a 10+ hour cook at 5:00am. Should I put the rub on then let my brisket sit in the fridge to dry marinate for say 10 hours overnight , or put the rub on just prior to cooking.
  7. When I have done planked salmon, I soak the plank for an hour or so under a plate so it is fully submerged. Then I put it about 3 or 4 "s above a direct flame. The bottom of the plank chars and smokes flavoring the fish. I have used both Cedar and Alder and much prefer the flavor profile of Alder with salmon. Hint I kept a water bottle with a spray attachment handy to suppress any actual flames from the plank. Another thing I do is to lay the fish on the plank but over a layer of citrus. I use a combination of lemon, lime, and orange slices to make a bed for the fish. Slather the fish with good olive oil, and then sprinkle with fine kosher or sea salt and some fresh dill weed. For another flavor profile you can mix spicy brown mustard about 50 / 50 with honey and brush it on top of the fish to form a glaze. (My wife really likes this technique) Hint keep the honey mustard on the fish so it does not run off the plank and burn into a flare up. I usually do the glaze toward the end of my cook, when my wife talks me into doing it this way.
  8. Paid 19 bucks for the chicken, more than I have ever paid for one in the past, however, what a great result. Flavor was delicate but distinctive, flesh was consistently moist, firm and white meat was alabaster white while the dark meat was a rose color. When I broke down the chicken after dinner the meat was firm but just felt like silk, never had one like this before. The clerk at the meat co told me French Red Farm Chicken is a specific breed, the ones they sell are bred and raised in the US. Place called Joyce farms. Cage free, veggie diet only, no growth hormones. Gotta say best chicken I have ever had. Dinner was delicious. The addition of smoked paprika to my Simon and Garfunkel, really produced a nice pleasing color. On the fire restrictions: I know they sound harsh, but I live in the heart of wild fire country, and it has been really hot and dry following a exceptionally wet winter. That means lots of grass, tree, and plant growth that was green this Winter but dry and highly flammable now. We are the town that lost 19 hot shots; all killed in one terrible moment during the Yarnell fire. So we, unfortunately know how severe the consequences of a wildfire can be. Nobody really likes fire restrictions, but absolutely nobody who lives here complains. Just part of living in the Rural Urban Interface. On the grill veggie pan Plated
  9. Stage 2 fire restrictions go into effect next Wednesday at 8pm. When that happens, I can no longer cook on any device that produces ash from a live fire. As a last meal before eating off the gasser for probably the next 2 1/2 months, I plan to roast a chicken over veggies this evening on my Egg, and cook a brisket on Monday on my Traeger. Once the restrictions go into effect I will most likely not be able to use either grill until late August if the monsoon rains come in good. There is a saying that most famous chefs, when they get a chance to cook for themselves and their families choose to cook roast chicken. Count me in with the same mind set. This chicken is different than the others I have cooked. Their is a new meat shop in town called "Prescott Meats", it is not a butcher shop, but sells prepacked beef, pork, lamb, pheasant, quail, chicken, duck, sausage and such mostly from the midwest. Everything is rrestaurant quality and of much higher grades than I can get in my small town grocery's. I have been hearing that these chickens are amazing, so I decided to give one a try. This particular bird is called Poulet Rouge Fermier or French Red Farm Chicken. It is supposed to have very fine thin skin much like parchment and is therefore supposed to crisp up really nicely. It is also supposed to possess excellent flavor. I am going to slather it with cold pressed Mexican lime extra virgin olive oil, and then dust it with fine kosher salt, Simon and Garfunkel spices, and Spanish smoked paprika.I am going to cook it over a pan of fingerling potatoes, large green onion bulbs, baby carrots, and celery. One of our favorite dinners at the homestead.Feel free to follow along if your interested.
  10. Really think John's book "The Kamado Book knowledge " is great for new kamado owners. A combination of that book and watching John's videos will make a grill master out of anyone. I use a cookbook called Jerusalem by a Chef named Yotam Outtolenghi, he has a couple 3 star restaurants in London. Not specifically a grilling /BBQ book, but his amazingly delicious recipes transfer well to Kamado Cooking. Incredible Med flavors. Provides recipes for main dishes as well as sides.
  11. Welcome, glad to have you with us. Several of the newer kamado brands, like Vision, Pit Boss, Louisiana, etc.use Auplex ceramic components. I don't know about the 23.5 as I cooked on a Vision Pro C 18.5" kamado. The Auplex components in my old Vision matched up perfectly with parts designed for a Large BGE. In fact I still use the CGS Vision AR / Spyder combo in my Large BGE.
  12. Fine cook Sir ,looks delicious.Have had numerous liberty calls in Subic, myself (1969 and 70). Always loved that chicken, smokey and sweet, with a fresh bright citrus essence. Can't actually remember the name of the place we always went, but it had a cool patio out back with tables around a pond which was home to some gators. Maybe my lack of memory can be blamed on the excess of the San Miguel bottles on our table.
  13. Playing the devil's advocate, I am thinking dogs are neutral, like Switzerland. They will happily eat sausages that come off both grills. Actually they'ed happily eat sausages that fell from the sky or , shudder the thought, came off a gasser.. Completely neutral without any brand bias, they don't care a whit about where it came from, just gonna eat it. Their favorite grill is always the one Momma's cooking on at the moment.
  14. Welcome, glad to have both you and you're Joe with us. You will find our members include a bunch of your Aussie mates.
  15. Yeah, that is always a possibility. Unfortunately, a young one actually ran into our car the other night, Just came directly out of heavy brush, probably didn't see him for more than half a second before he ran into the edge of the front bumper.Thought he was dead but he got up and ran into the brush. I looked for him but couldn't find a trace. Hip I think, hate to see them suffer.
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