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  1. keeperovdeflame

    Let me show you a beautiful cooking spot!

    Wow, that's beautiful. Colorado was in the orange stage of fall color with just a few trees showing some red. However, I have seen pictures of snowy Colorado mountains with that vibrant red, yellow, orange cover your shot shows. Cooking and eating dinner while looking at that would certainly be a delight.
  2. keeperovdeflame

    Newcomer to the Kamado family

    Welcome kmcogar, glad to have both you and your new Vision with us. Vision makes a fine grill and is a very reputable company. I learned to kamado cook on a Vision Pro C which is much like your B except for the vent configuration and the ash drawer assembly. Early on with the Vision, I purchased an AR Spider Combo Rack from Ceramic Grill Store. (a little more than $150.00 and the best accessory I have ever purchased and used. I still use the Vision rack in my Large BGE as the Vision and the BGE large are essentially the same size and have the same dome configuration. Heres a link to CGS. Take a look at this stuff, it is extremely high quality stainless and will last forever. I also highly recommend a kick ash basket to hold your lump and help you keep your kamado firebox clean. CGS sells one designed to fit your Vision. Ps. I have no connection to CGS other than loving there gear. https://ceramicgrillstore.com/collections/vision-pro-classic-b-grill-accessories-by-ceramic-grill-store
  3. keeperovdeflame

    Let me show you a beautiful cooking spot!

    Very Nice!
  4. keeperovdeflame

    Broken thumb

    Major Bummer, Sorry to hear about your thumb. I broke my thumb several years ago, actually the navicular bone right where the thumb meets the wrist. I found out it was honestly a pretty serious injury. Make sure you do what your doc says, and don't take it lightly. You want that thing to work like it should when it heals up. However, you can always get an assistant, to do the hand work and keep on cooking. A man's got eat and feed the family after all, just get someone else hands to do the work.
  5. keeperovdeflame

    Let me show you a beautiful cooking spot!

    On a recent trip through Colorado, I came upon this cooking spot while walking along the Arkansas River in Estes Park Colorado. Not a fancy outdoor kitchen, just a couple of old and well used Weber Kettles, a weathered wooden picnic table, and an ice chest, but man, Location, Location, Location! Love to sip an IPA and grill a steak in this beautiful spot. Post a pic of a beautiful spot, your's or one you found!
  6. keeperovdeflame

    Suncoast Grill Dome and Bubba Keg user

    I really like Grill Dome kamados. One of the prettiest on the market IMO. They also appear to cook up a storm from the posts and pictures I have seen. I also love your table arrangement. I have a friend who has a similar arrangement, although his table is a bit more beefy. If you aren't going to move it much you could just make a brace the fits directly under the kamado and takes the majority of it's weight. Something like a box to hold a bag of charcoal or something like that.
  7. keeperovdeflame

    Keep Overshooting with the Big Joe

    Welcome DaveGravy, glad to have you and your Joe with us. In truth, 50 degrees does not create that big of a difference in either the taste or texture of your result as long as you cook to IT. I am not a big fan of electric fire starters, looft lighters and such, unless I am cooking at moderate heat 350 to 425 or high heat above that. I have found that when using an electric starter I get a bigger fire than what I want for low and slow. IMO, using a fire starting device produces an indiscriminate inconsistent size fire. For low and slow cooks I use one cotton ball soaked in alcohol and placed in a depression in the center of my lump pile. I am thinking you have more lit coals than you really need and when you open the lid for even a short time, they jump back to life and shoot the temp up. Try the cotton ball and a smaller fire and see what happens. IMO the cotton ball produces a more consistent reliable small fire. Even with that however, you have to limit the times you open the lid to keep your fire at a low 225. Other facts could be the ambient temp and the wind and weather. Happy cooking.
  8. keeperovdeflame

    Hello from Spain

    Carmen, that is a fine kamado. It utilizes Auplex ceramic components which are made in China. Many new kamado manufactures use those components, and they have proved themselves quite well. Also the stainless bands and trim are very durable. Your kamado will serve you well. I am looking forward to seeing the Spanish flare in your cooks. Please post some pics of your cooks.
  9. keeperovdeflame

    Baby Backs and Maine Lobster

    Looks like a fine combination to me. Two great flavors. I have done lobster tails over a stone on my Egg. Pretty easy cook with great results. I melted a cube of butter in a cast iron pot as well. I would like to do a whole lobster but in Northern Arizona they are hard to come by.
  10. Yeah, unfortunately it seems the quantity and quality are winding down with the season. Still some free stone peaches out there, not a side but a great healthy desert.
  11. What, mayo and ranch dressing aren't healthy. They are definitely on my food pyramid After my father had a 5 way by pass, I started putting him on a strict healthy diet. After a few weeks, I got a call from his Heart Dr. He said to me in a fatherly voice; "Son, there is a big difference between quantity and quality of life, you gotta find a happy medium" I have followed that advice, every since.
  12. Wonderful rendition, personally I am a mayo guy but my wife loves ranch dressing, so I will give it a try on my next batch of grilled corn. Beautiful cook, Sir. My only problem with grilled corn is that I eat the number I cook. Applying restraint is most difficult.
  13. keeperovdeflame

    Back to the grill

    Beautiful black finish, well done, Sir.
  14. keeperovdeflame

    Raspberry Glazed Pork Loin

    Very, very, nice cook sir. I like a little heat with pork. Your recipe sounds very good to me. Fine Job.
  15. keeperovdeflame

    Recommendations on gloves?

    Blue Fire gloves are the best I have found. Here is a review post I did on them a while back. You can purchase them on Amazon. They get excellent reviews. Using them I can pick up a screaming hot cast iron pan and walk with it all the way to the kitchen, about 30 ft away. Much better then Pitt Mitts or any other glove I have tried.