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  1. keeperovdeflame

    New guy

    Glad to have both you and your new Joe with us. Enjoy your new grill, your introduction to the zen of kamado cooking, and the forum conversation as well. Light a fire, set the vents, shut the grill, listen to the birds, watch the sunset, sip a beer, and smell the smoke as it becomes an almost invisible blue grey. Then throw something on the grill and starting with shut the grill, repeat the above. Ahhhh the joy of kamado cooking. Keep calm and Grill on.
  2. keeperovdeflame

    He knows what he wants.

    I saw in the news today that the Australian Dr. who preformed med checks and the triage to decide the order of removal for the boys, and who was reportedly the last to leave the cave; found out his father had passed away after he returned to the surface. Sometimes crappy stuff happens to really good people.
  3. keeperovdeflame

    He knows what he wants.

    Thank God for the happy ending. I was praying and totally focused on this incident. Although, it sounds like a number of the boys could have some significant health issues from mold spores in their lungs. Damp caves are not a healthy place to spend a couple of weeks. Still praying for everyones continuing health and for the family of the rescue diver who perished trying to save those kids. Amazing story, and very heart wrenching. Not a Q Guru in the country, or any place else for that matter, that wouldn't happily load those kids plates up with Q.
  4. Saw this on Fox News's page, powerful and beautiful statement to be sure. I still have tears in my eyes as I type this. Enjoy the day, paid for with so much devotion and sacrifice. https://www.toddstarnes.com/inspiration/food-city-delivers-a-powerful-independence-day-commercial/
  5. keeperovdeflame


    Glad to have you and your Akorn with us, Boone. Enjoy your new grill and the forum conversation as well.
  6. keeperovdeflame


    Welcome, glad to have you with us. And yeah, I also think you will like the performance of your Akorn when you switch from briquettes to Hardwood lump charcoal. There are a number of varieties available. Probably the most consistent and most often used "off the shelf" lump is made by Royal Oak. You can get the large red bags at Home Depot. Lump for the most part burns hotter, longer, and puts out less ash.
  7. keeperovdeflame

    Struggle big time with Landman Kamado - Norway calling

    Too start with I do not recommend you take the top vent cap off while trying to reach high heat, I definitely do not agree with that comment. Without a vent cap you can have flame shooting out the top and be unable to control your fire. If you do get a runaway, you could easily burn yourself trying to put the vent cap back on to shut it down. Besides, you aren't going to really gain that much over the cap with full open vents. When your kamado is completly cold. pull every thing out, and clean or vac out all of the ash. Pay special attention to vent screens and the holes in your fire box. Once everything is clean and free of ash, put your components back it and add a full load of good fresh lump. Something like Royal Oak. light your fire and open your vents. I do not recommend leaving your kamado when you want to cook at high heat. Personally I find 550 to 650 just fine for pizza, and seldom go above that on purpose. Happy cooking .
  8. keeperovdeflame

    Take Out Pizza

    I am just torn up with grief, that you folks are suffering out in the woods. Oh what a tragedy.......... On the serious side, truly amazing cooks, brother, also an excellent location. That cabin is pretty darn nice. Enjoy your VaCa, my friends.
  9. keeperovdeflame

    The Quintessential what fits my Vision Thread

    If you want to know what accessories fit a the standard 18 1/2 " grate Vision Grill, you need to understand dome contour. The standard Vision models Classic B, Pro C, and Pro S all have a dome contour that is almost identical to a Large BGE. The Vision and BGE dome is taller but not quite as wide as a KJ classic. Therefore, almost any accessories designed to fit a large BGE will also fit a Standard Vision. This includes things like the CGS Woo, AR, Spider, and related accessories grates, stones, etc. In addition CGS makes a Vision AR/Spider Combo which incidentally fits a large BGE perfectly (in the Vision AR Spider combo version the Spider is welded to the bottom of the AR to make it one complete unit.). How do I know these things? I learned how to kamado cook on a Vision Pro C and purchased a CGS Vision AR/Spider Combo early on in that relationship. After cooking and loving on this rig for a couple of years, I then decided to get a more traditional or classic sliding vent kamado and purchased the Classic Large BGE that helped start the American kamado movement. Before deciding what grill to buy, I first spoke to Tom the owner of 'CGS, about what grill my Vision gear would fit. ( Tom is a wealth of information on the inside dome and grill specs for all the major kamado Mfg's) My CGS gear was expensive and very well built stuff, so I did not want to stop being able to use it The answer, to my what does my gear fit question was a large BGE. At this time, I actually wanted to buy a KJ Classic but found out through Tom, that the KJ dome taper is wider and shorter and does not provide the head space needed for my AR (so unfortunately wanting to use my CGS gear limited my options. But, you say, the KJ Divide and Conquer fits my Vision. And I agree it does fit quite well, however, because it is designed for a shorter dome contour it does not utilize all of your Visions available head room, and wont get you (say using a pizza stone) up way high up into the dome to catch reflected heat on the top of your pie or what ever else you are cooking. In addition to the CGS gear, BGE is now coming out with It's own line of new racks that pretty much duplicate the basic principles of the CGS AR and the KJ D&C. I have not seen them, in person, yet, but suspect that the new BGE racks, grates, and related gear will also fit the standard Vision, as well. ( I used to have a ton of pictures of the AR in my old Vision but lost them when I changed email addresses. They are still in the cloud) Happy Cooking. https://ceramicgrillstore.com/collections/vision-pro-classic-b-grill-accessories-by-ceramic-grill-store https://biggreenegg.com/product/eggspander/ The CGS Vision Spider Combo with an extender in my Egg, you can see how high you can place a stone. The CGS Vision AR's fit in my egg is essentially the same as it will be in your Vision. Although, if I remember correctly the Visions fire box ring combination comes up a little higher so the stone may even sit a bit higher in your Vision. I can attest to the fact that it fits perfectly and works extremely well. The CGS Vision AR Spider Combo with Extender and two stones. The spider which holds the bottom stone is welded to the AR so it lifts in and out of your kamado in one smooth motion. Ps. I don't work for or have any connection with CGS, I just use and love their gear. Well built and really helps make your kamado more versatile. Hope this helps someone. Happy Cooking!
  10. keeperovdeflame

    First fish cook on the Classic

    In the Fall Costco often has both wild Sockeye and Coho, along with King their family favorites. with a 120 IT they will come out perfect every time. I build a two zone fire and crisp and mark them over the flame and then depending on how thick the fillets are I pull the thicker ones off the flame to finish over a half stone. Works pretty well.
  11. keeperovdeflame

    First fish cook on the Classic

    Wonderful pic and a looks to be a fine fish cook. In my experience most folks who dislike fish, have suffered from poor renditions of a proper fish cook. Even with a delicious light, flakey, fish like cod, haddock, halibut, mahi mahi; seconds count. The difference between a nice flavorful bite of moist, flakey, delightful fish and a piece of tasteless cardboard is a matter of minute fractions of time on the grill. For example the FDA says Salmon is correctly cooked at 140 degrees. To my palate 140 degree salmon is akin to shoe leather. However, 120 degree salmon is moist, flakey, delicious and contrary to the feds, completely cooked. As soon as any fish becomes translucent, it is done: any cooking, regardless of method, beyond that point only drys it out and steals it's delicate flavor. At my house we love Corbina, Salmon, Halibut, Sword Fish, White and Black Sea bass, kelp and sand bass, steel head, trout, fresh water bass, Dorado, Wahoo, and a host of others. if you cook them properly and don't over cook them they are all delicious. The trick is to use a hot fire for a quick cook, which crisps the outside layer of flesh wile retaining maximum moisture in the interior flesh. Play with it, if you keep trying you will find the light. Fish is wonderful and the reason they make white wine. PS. Although I love lemon, my wife finds it tart. Try some clementine or mandarin orange slices, with a little good olive oil and dill. I often cook a filet with orange on top of the fish and at the same time grill slices of olive oil drenched orange next to the fish. Grilled fruit in my experience is a totally different taste than room temp fruit. For desert, slice a free stone peach slather it in olive oil and grill the face until you mark it well and then turn it over with the skin side down until the Pitt hollow bubbles. A lit mint leaf and some frozen yogurt or gelato, some balsamic glaze and you have a delicious light finish to a fine meal.
  12. keeperovdeflame

    Hello from Port Townsend, WA

    Welcome, to both you and your Vision Pro C. I actually learned to kamado cook on a Pro C, very fine and capable grill. Glad you discovered Kamado Chicken. Truly the best, most moist and tender chicken my family has ever eaten. Something really special about whole roast chicken on a kamado.
  13. keeperovdeflame

    Greetings from Calgary

    Welcome, glad to have both you and your Joe with us.
  14. keeperovdeflame

    RIP Anthony Bourdain

    Truly very very sad, indeed. While always on the edge, his words had a ring of truth and I found him very likable. Agree with him or not, He was the kind of guy you'd like to share a rack of ribs and a beer with. Prayers for his family and close friends. What a shocking headline to wake up to.
  15. keeperovdeflame

    Margherita-heim Pizza

    Truly fine pie, Kismet, at my house we love Margherita pies. Your set up is almost identical to mine using an AR in my Egg. The split stones do a great job at 600-650. The dome configuration in the Vision is just about identical to my Egg. In fact all of my Vision AR gear fits in the Egg as well. The vision dome tapper is different giving you less height, but if you get the pie up into the dome it will work the same. As far as needing to get the pizza higher to benefit from the reflected heat down onto the toppings and crust. You could just lift it higher with longer kiln blocks or you can cook on the bottom stone and get the heat reflection from the stone on top. Very impressed with your pie, sauce, and your impromptu cook. Fine job.