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  1. Welcome, glad to have you with us. The KJ Classic II is truly a fine Kamado and a good choice. Personally, I think your concern about the stability and safe transport of such a fine kamado in a nest on wheels is a valid point. When I purchased my Large Egg, I bought it as a stand alone and with an additional purchase of a very stable rolling metal cart with heavy duty castor wheels. See the attached pics below. I cook on a deck so I don't really need to go up or down inclines or steps, but I do move my kamado around a lot to take advantage of natural wind breaks, depending on the wind direction and weather. I had a Vision that was in a nest and never really thought the nest provided me with enough stability. That experience was the basis for purchasing a very stable rolling cart when I upgraded to my Egg. With the cart, I never have to worry about a tip and crash as the cart is solid as a rock. Also, please stop by the intro thread to introduce yourself to all our members. Enjoy your new grill and the forum conversation as well.
  2. Welcome Drumdudeguy, glad Mohave you and your Egg with us. I to cook on a L BGE. Enjoy your Joetisserie, and the forum conversation as well. Please stop by the Intro thread and let all our folks have a chance to meet you.
  3. That looks really good. Just love fresh baked bread and butter. Simple but delicious.
  4. Agree with this totally. On a whim about six or so months ago, I started making Halibut piccata. I sautéed the fish and used a recipe for Piccata sauce a guy posted that he got from his Italian Grama. Probably make it once a week. The dish tasted amazing the first time I cooked it, but over time it has gotten even better, as I have become more proficient in both my sauté technique and my sauce making. Along the way I learned a number of things. One, for example, came from a chef friend of who has a Tapas place in town. Instead of adding butter and flour to a sauce as independent ingredients as the recipe directs, He suggested I take a table spoon of butter in the palm of my hand, add a table spoon of flour over the top of the butter and mash the two ingredients into a soft mass and add that to my sauce, rather than adding the ingredients individually without combining them first. I found out that flour added by itself tends to thicken the top of the sauce and won't give it a consistent texture and sheen. Simple thing, that gives a dramatic and much better result. Working repeatedly on this one dish has given me skill that easily transfers to a number of other dishes I make, and has improved my overall cooking results immensely. Practice through repetition is key in my book. Also, I remember a saying I heard somewhere, "a good cook can make an amazing dish with an old cracked pan over a can of sterno" Kinda like the old dusty violin in the hands of a master.
  5. I am very sad to report the death of Mr. Peanut,; but, he went out like a hero. His funeral will air during the 3rd quarter of the Super Bowl. Not a dry eye in the land. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/ripeanut-mr-peanut-dies-104-181919409.html
  6. Very beautiful cook, Sir! That steak looks right on perfect to me. Just excellent. My favorite thing is to knaw the meat and flavorful fat off the bone. Fit for a King.
  7. Trying to sight in a new pellet gun with an old scope. Got everything leveled and mounted securely. My initial shots at a target about 21' away (inside my garage) from a table and rest, were low and right. After about 10 shots, I got to here, see pic. However, the issue is, I hit the stop going left, pretty quick. The shots in the pic hit close, only because I moved my aim point to the orange circle, instead of the center of the bull. Aiming at the bull, my shots hit about 2.5 to 3" right. My scope looks to be on square and level, and holds a group pretty well, but won't move me any further left. What did I do wrong? and How can I fix this? I can shoot ok, but am at the end of my limited scope knowledge. Appreciate any help you folks can give me.
  8. That sounds like a very flavorful pie, I love the sweet / heat flavor component. I often use honey infused with hot chilis to give my pies a little zing.
  9. Hello from Prescott, glad to have you and/or Pit Boss with us. Please Make your own post under your name and avatar here in the intro thread, telling folks who you are. A separate post gives everyone better opportunity to see your post and meet you. Thanks and happy cooking.
  10. I have done pretty much the same thing. I cooked two identical size prime rib eyes, one on my summit and one on my Egg. I called the post "a Tale of Two Rib Eyes". Just my wife and I voting. We picked the steak cooked on the Egg because of the charcoal essence. Other than that factor, the two steaks looked the same, and had very similar texture and bite. Although from a cooks point of view, I enjoy cooking on the Egg more than I do the Weber. The Weber is a tool, but the Egg is always pure fun.
  11. Welcome, glad to have both you and your new Vision with us. Big congratulations on your first house, quite a mile stone. I learned to kamado cook on a Vision Pro C which is almost identical to your Pro S except for the shape of the ash drawer assembly and the configuration of the vent control knobs. The Vision Pro is an excellent choice, and a very capable kamado. I cooked on mine for about 3 years and really enjoyed both the grill and the food I learned to produce on it. I live in Wild land fire country and face fire restrictions pretty much every summer that prevent me from using charcoal. The propane burner that Vision came out with looks perfect to me. I love cooking over charcoal, but having the ability to use propane when you need to, would be really great. Enjoy your new Vision and the forum conversation as well. Also you might find this interesting. I purchased and still use a Ceramic Grill Store Vision AR Spider combo. The rig fit both my Vision and my current Kamado, a Large BGE. Really gives you very good cooking set up versatility. Best accessory I have ever purchased, Still use my AR on almost every cook. https://ceramicgrillstore.com/collections/vision-pro-classic-b-grill-accessories-by-ceramic-grill-store
  12. Tonight, this big fellow showed up with at least 12 does and a bunch of young ones. They dined on bird seed that had fallen from the bird feeders in the back yard. Made me wish I had one of those wide angle lenses that fit on a phone. I did the best I could to capture the moment, their were just deer everywhere you looked maybe 7 to 6 outside the view of my phone camera.
  13. Welcome, glad to have both you and your Joe with us. I am thinking some of our folks who use IKamand can give you some info that hopefully helps. Happy Cooking.
  14. Welcome Deadphans, glad to have both you and your new Vision, with us. I learned to kamado cook on a Vision Pro C, which is almost identical to your grill except for the shape and knob configurations on the ash drawer assembly. Your Vision is a great grill choice and a very capable kamado with good customer service. Dome to kettle misalignment is a common issue and can be fixed. Here is post on the subject from Primo Grills. Different from your Vision but basically the same information and process for correcting alignment even with the difference in make of grill. Happy Cooking. Also, please stop by the Intro thread and let all our members, regardless of the kamado brand they cook on, know who you are, etc. http://ceramicgrillstorepics.com/primogrill/primo-dome-base-alignment-worksheet.pdf
  15. I am retired as well, and have been for the last 12 years. Flag is a beautiful place, about 7,000 ft. Temps during the summer are generally in the 70's and 80's during the day and rarely drop below 60 at night. Winter temps have avg highs in the 40's and 50's with lows in the teens and 20's. Snow can last most of the winter depending on the year. Nice views and housing sites, many in and around heavy Ponderosa Pine forests. I live in Prescott which is about 125 miles from Flag. You can actually just see San Francisco Peaks in my cooking pic. Prescott town center is 5,300 ft high and we live at 5,800 ft about 5 miles from Court House square. Right now highs around Prescott can be in the mid 50's with nightly lows in the low to high 20's. Temp drops down into the teens do happen but not as regular as they do in Flag. We live in a Pinion / Juniper habitat but Prescott also has areas of nice thick Ponderosa forest. Lots of recent building in the area so probably more choice in where you live than in Flag. I would check out both Prescott and Flag, and would look at Sedona as well, although housing prices in Sedona can get pretty high. Heres some summer and winter pics of Prescott, we got a record 22" in one snow last winter but it only lasted a couple of days. These pics are from my deck, neighborhood, and the downtown court house square lit for Christmas. The deer is just below my deck and cooking spot. Lot more rural here than where we lived in So Cal.
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