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  1. keeperovdeflame

    First Post in a Long Time

    This is just about right, you can't possibly get a much better deal than you did unless you do steal it. Enjoy your new Joe, not only will you have great food to serve but a fine story to tell. PS, I would make sure I hung on to that receipt.
  2. keeperovdeflame


    Welcome Tim, glad to have you, and when you get it, your new Big Joe. The Big Joe / Junior combo is quite popular and a number of our members post about the versatility it gives them. I just love Nor Cal what a great place to be a cook and have a couple of kamados, just a host of farmers markets with excellent fruit and produce and several of the finest butcher shops I have ever seen. I love the little butcher shop in Arroyo Grande just outside SLO. Really cool place you live. Enjoy your new Joe and forum conversation as well.
  3. keeperovdeflame

    Dalstrong 4.5" Mini Cleaver

    Thanks, for the video John, I have been thinking of getting a cleaver for some time, and like the looks of that one. I like the size. Does it have enough heft for stuff like leaks, melons, and eggplant or do you think I would need the full size cleaver?
  4. keeperovdeflame

    Newbie from Eastern NC

    Welcome, glad to have both you and your new Big Joe with us. The best thing about a kamado is it's versatility, IMO, you can do all the BBQ classics plus fancy gourmet recipes, breads, pies, pizza, pretty much anything you can cook in a kitchen oven. Have fun with your new grill and enjoy the forum conversation.
  5. keeperovdeflame

    Finally upgraded to a Large BGE

    I am with you Burntweenie.Unfortunatley, there is a bunch of negative noise directed at BGE mostly because folks are eager to say what they have is better. After all BGE is the still the big dog on the block so it's the one to challenge, if you want to make a name. The truth is BGE has and does make an amazing kamado and backs up it's product with excellent service. If it didn't, it wouldn't still be the Big Dog. I love cooking on my Large Egg. There are many fine kamados but the green one is mine.
  6. keeperovdeflame

    New guy, already impressed

    Welcome, glad to have you and your Akorn with us. Ancient History actually tells the story of how this forum pretty much started with a significant Akorn presence. Most of the folks who cook on them praise their ability to hold temp and the miles per gallon they get from a load of lump. The Akorn is truly a fine cooker. I have seen countless great cooks come off an Akorn.
  7. keeperovdeflame

    My cheap pizza stone broke

    Kiln stones are great in regard to both performance and durability, and the initial price is often substantially lower than a formalized "Pizza stone", However they often get you with the shipping cost, which is sometimes almost as much or maybe more than the stone itself. You must watch both prices tags, (product / shipping and packing) and determine if you got a bargain or not. In my experience getting a stone off Amazon with Prime free shipping is often the way to go even though a kiln stone is going to initially look like a better deal. On the Thorley stone https://www.axner.com/cordierite-shelf-15roundx58.aspx, check out the 10% packing charge for freight carriers and the 20% packing charge for UPS. Thats quite an increase in cost from the original price of the stone. As others have said a cordierite stone 3/4 to 5/8 inches thick is what you want. I have 8 stones from 13 to 16 inches in the collection are a couple BGE stones and a KJ stones. Anything one of the major kamado companies puts their name on is going to be quality, or course it is also going to fetch a bigger price. Probably my favorite stone is one made by a company called Kit Chef, just a beautiful, durable cordierite stone at 5/8 " thick, had it for years and paid around $32 with free shipping. Good luck. I think you will be more than satisfied with the performance of a quality ceramic stone.
  8. keeperovdeflame

    Northglenn Colorado Hello

    I actually went exactly the other way. I bought a BBQ Guru temp controller years ago when I bought my first kamado. At the time I was worried that I would not be able to manually control temps on long cooks using just the vents and "kamado zen", without computer assistance. However instead of hooking up the BBQ Guru I cooked with out it and said to myself when this is a flop I can always pull out the controller and get it done that way. Almost 8 years later and the BBQ Guru is still brand new, unused, and still in the box. I should probably put it up for a challenge prize in the future.
  9. keeperovdeflame

    Mix up at the Meat Market

    Yup, that Sir, is a steak. Fine job, it looks perfect.
  10. keeperovdeflame

    My cheap pizza stone broke

    Anything made by Lodge, in my experience is going to be a work horse. If you want a metal pizza pan that looks like a good one. However, personally I will always use a 5/8" ceramic stone just give you crust a much more traditional and nicer finish IMO.
  11. keeperovdeflame

    Question for the ladies (anniversary present)

    Yeah, no worries about recommending this place, it's just flat wonderful, everyone likes it, and the food is truly amazing. If you go I would order several small plates and taste a little of a lot. Never had anything at Kokkari that wasn't truly delicious and top notch. Also the farmers markets and shops at the Ferry building are a lot of fun. Have fun and enjoy your anniversary. I love this restaurant so much, I bough their cook book, which I also highly recommend. There is also a place up the hill Called A-16 named for the major highway that runs through southern Italy, great food in general and the pizza is heavenly.
  12. keeperovdeflame

    Smoked and Braised Oxtails

    Those looks delicious. I love to braise in my kamado. I do lamb shanks much the same way. Major comfort food on a cold day.
  13. keeperovdeflame

    Spatchcock chicken , vegetables, and potatoes

    Fine Cook, Sir. Just love that dinner and make pretty much that exact dish at least once each month. Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.
  14. keeperovdeflame

    Question for the ladies (anniversary present)

    If you do go to the City, try Kokari for lunch or dinner. My favorite Greek resturant in the world. Look it up.
  15. keeperovdeflame

    Baby back attack

    Wow, beautiful ribs to be sure. I am not generally a Paula Dean fan but I do love this rib rub recipe and often use it when I do ribs. https://www.pauladeen.com/recipe/dry-rub-baby-back-ribs/