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  1. It actually works quite well. I use an AR with an extender so my pizza stone is close to the dome so I do get nice reflected heat. However with the vent in the middle of the dome you don't get as much reflected heat on to the top of the pie as you do with the three stone method. The space between the stones is about 3" and when fully heated to about 600 deg it gives me a nicer leopard print on the cheese and crisps pepperoni very nicely. With heat directly above and no vent my results come closer to how a pizza from a wood fired oven looks.
  2. Welcome BGWolf, glad to have you and your Egg with us. I am an EggHead as well. Lots of good inspiration and kamado cooking knowledge on this site. Sounds like your enjoying your Egg, enjoy the forum conversation as well.
  3. Another really neat thing is the baker's hotline at 855-371-BAKE, you get a live knowledgeable person to talk with about your particular baking question. I have used it a couple of times and found it extremely helpful. I pretty much buy KA flours exclusively. I can get AP, Bread Flour, and Whole Wheat at my local market. I order OO and other speciality flours online.
  4. You know it is funny with a knife like that; if you brought it out in a commercial kitchen in front of a bunch of line cooks and chefs, you would get oooooooh's and aaaaaaaaaah's . If you brought it out at a pot luck, they would say wow thats an old knife! Either way that is certainly a beautiful piece of steel.
  5. Don't think you can go wrong with King Arthur flours. I have been using them exclusively for the last year and am very happy with how they perform. I have made a lot of pizza dough, some breads, pies, and even some Christmas cookies. Always consistently very good IMO.
  6. The folks really got into it and broke off pieces of the crust tasting it both will the toppings and all by itself. They seemed to be having fun with it. Of course some wine and beer was involved.
  7. I didn't say it, It appeared in the NY Times in an article by Sam Sifton in the food section. I am sure New Yorkers argue about the best and are loyal to their favorite. However, Roberta's seems to show up in every list of the best I have found on line. The dough made exactly the way the recipe called for turned out a very light, crisp, yet chewy, crust with wonderful flavor. IMO it really complimented my toppings. I made a Fungi pizza on Roberta's crust with a handful of different mushrooms, along with a puree of mushroom with a dairy base as the sauce. Really good.
  8. Last night my wife and I had 6 friends over for pizza and salad. I thought I would take advantage of the situation, to evaluate some flour combinations I have been playing with. I made 5 12" pies each with a different flour combination. I used the dough recipe from Roberta's which is according to the New York Times, the best place to get a pie in New York. Heres the recipe. 153 grams 00 flour or about 1 cup plus 1 Tbs 153 grams all purpose flour or about 1 cup plus 1 Tbs and 2 tsp 8 grams fine sea salt or 1 tsp 2 grams active dry yeast or 3/4 tsp 4 grams EVOO or 1 tsp 200 grams or a little less than 1 cup lukewarm filtered water Combine the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl. In a small bowl combine the warm water, yeast, and olive oil. Mix to combine wth your hands or a mixer with a dough hook. I use a mixer. When the dough is combined let it rest in the mixing bowl for 15 minutes. Turn out of the bowl onto a floured surface and knead by hand for 3 minutes. Divide in half and form two balls. Let rest and rise for 3 to 4 hours at room temp under a damp dish cloth or for 8 to 24 hours covered in the refrigerator. This recipe makes 2 12" pies. I cooked my pies at 600 deg. My dough combinations were OO /AP 50-50, 00 / High Gluten Bread Flour 50-50, straight bread flour, King Arthur Pizza blend flour / AP / 50-50 blend, bread flour / pizza blend 50-50. and OO / pizza blend 50-50. My tasters in a blind test unanimously picked the OO / AP combination with the Roberta's dough recipe. I asked them to evaluate each crust for taste an texture. Probably going to be my go to pizza blend and recipe for at least a while.
  9. I started my kamado cooking experience on a Vision Pro C. I moved on to a Large BGE which is my current grill. If I had to purchase another kamado I would think very seriously about either the 2017 KJ or maybe even the new gas fired Primo. All three of those companies put out great quality grills, and are pretty much equal when it comes to customer service. Each companies product has it's own personality. I would just take a look at the KJ, BGE, and Primo and purchase the one I liked the best. You can't go wrong with any of those, so just relax and figure out which one you think you would like to cook on. Good luck with you research and eventual purchase.
  10. Welcome bobby, glad to have you with us. What grills are you looking at so far?
  11. Welcome, glad to have both you and your Vision with us.
  12. A second vote for 5 Guys
  13. Yeah, you have to include all of the necessary installation costs in the final cost. In a Resturant I am sure the vent and fan system would be expensive. For my installation it is pretty simple just a cement table and a new outdoor gas line. Probably 3 to $4,000 total. That puts you up to between 10 and $13,000. not such a smallish number.
  14. I looked for the price list and couldn't find it. I found it once and think the price for a medium residential / commercial piccolo oven was somewhere between $5 and & $7,000. I was looking at the gas / wood fired combo's. Not completely out of the ball park but a serious commitment.
  15. Just a touch above 18 lbs. When it is in place on my egg it is solid as a rock.