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  1. Flexi Zesti

    My wife and i were in True Value the other day. They actually have a pretty good kitchen section, and I can't seem to get out of the store without going through it looking for somenting new and interesting. I have a few MicroPlane graters but this new MicroPlane offering caught my eye. The bottom section that holds a MicroPlane blade is made of soft silicone that is designed to bend and flex as you drag it over an orange, lemon, or lime. It produces a zest equal in quality to my other MicroPlane graters, but keeps all the zest neatly contained. I really like it, and it was less than $10.00. https://us.microplane.com/kitchen_en_us/flexi-zesti-family.html
  2. Guilty Pleasure / Shave and a Haircut

    John Hancocks in Prescott is just a pretty cool place to hang out. I am old guy, but all the barbers are young (a couple of them were barbers in the military), and so A good percentage of the clientel is young as well. A number of us old guys are the shave and a haircut guys. While the young guys get fades and so on. Even one guy comes in once every couple weeks to get his head shaved. The conversation is varied and usually pretty interesting. It is pretty much like the barbershop you see in the movie, with a bunch of characters. Fun place to go, and I generaly look forward to it.
  3. Guilty Pleasure / Shave and a Haircut

    Your thinking was pretty much my thought, before I had a shave at this particular shop. What my barber does is pretty cool. Two or three hot towles, then oil and a massage. Then hot lather a shave with a new blade, and then another hot towel, followed by a cold towel to close the pores. Pretty relaxing ritual. Suposedly the guy who taught this shops barbers how to shave, was an old time barber who used to shave Mafia made men in NY. Probably, not too much margin for error with that clientel. I have a mirror in the shower and can do an excellent job myself, but there is just something about the process of having a trained barber do it. Not all barbers can shave, it is something that takes training and time to perfect. My barber does a number of them each day.
  4. Guilty Pleasure / Shave and a Haircut

    Anybody tried one of the new trend high end barber shops. One opened in my town about two years ago in a beautiful old historical building down town. It's called "John Hancock" for a Signature experience. Got to admit, I'm hooked on a Shave and a Haircut every couple months. Pricey, to be sure but what a treat, hot towels, shave oil, head and neck masage, the whole straight razor thing, and a great barber shop environment and conversation. Even gave one to my nephew as a birthday gift he, had never had a straight razor shave, and loved it. If your looking for an unusual gift that some one might not get for themselves this is a pretty good candidate. http://hancockbarbershop.com
  5. Lamb Lollipops

    Wellington sounds interesting. My favorite part when cooking lamb is the crispy curst and bubbly/but crispy fat bits. End cut is definetly my favorite, but when you cut apart a rack, every chop is a double sided end cut. Pretty close to paradise.
  6. Lamb Lollipops

    Late to the party but love lamp popsicles, as we call them at our house. I too used to cook the rack as a whole but Ausie Joe, talked me into cutting it into individual chops prior to cooking. On a hot grill they cook so fast and just come out wonderful.
  7. Howdy from SE Wisconsin

    Welcome, glad to have you, your Joe, and your Beagle with us. Enjoy your new grill as well as the forum conversation. Happy Cooking.
  8. Kong

    Yup, Kismet, hit the nail on the head. Temp is regulated by the amount of air you feed the fire, not the amoungt of lump in your fire box. A very small fire in the middle of a full load of lump will burn at the temps you desire for a long time. Conversely, a big fire in a small pile of lump will burn hot for a short amount of time. Your vents are the key to controling the amount of air you feed the fire. Think about it, low and slow cooks generaly run for several hours so you will need ample fuel to keep even a small fire going for something like a butt or a brisket. I am not familiar with a Kong, so I checked it out on the net. Your Kong grill uses Auplex ceramic components, like Vision, Pit Boss, and a host of other new kamado companies. Auplex component grills are generally very capable grills. I cooked on a Vision when I was learning to cook on a kamado. I am pretty confident with a little trial and error you will be able to hold temp on your Kong pretty well. I used to fill my Vision with lump way up past the air holes just below where the deflector hangs. With a smal fire lit with one starter cube, or an alcohol soaked cottom ball set in the middle of your lump you will get a nice small manageable fire If you set your vents to a sliver on both the top and bottom and let it sit. Probably take 45 mins to an hour to see the nice blue smoke and have your grill settle in at a temp. Remember, it is much easier to raise temp than to bring it down. Shut you vents way down and give your fire time to establish itself. Relax and chill, have a beer, listen to the birds chrip Enjoy the Zen of kamado cooking. . If you rush it, light to much lump, or feed the fire to much air, it is easy to overshoot your target temp. Happy Cooking. and Have Fun.
  9. Beautiful November Day - Ribs on Big Joe

    Kismet, whachutalkinbout, those are some fine looking ribs, nice smoke, very moist. What's not to like. I could definetly put away a bunch of those along with a beer or two. Fine cook, and what better way to spend a beautiful afternoon. Excellent cook in my book.
  10. My XL Egg restoration

    I am late to the party, but certainly enjoyed reading through this thread and watching your progress. I cook on a Large BGE and am familiar with their warranty. Something to think about, is that all of BGE's ceramic parts are under warranty for life. That includes original parts to the original owner, and any new ceramic part you purchase from BGE as the original owner of that specific part. So, if you do purchase a fire box, as the original owne of that fire box, it will carry with it a lifetime warranty. If your repairs to the gifted broken fire box aren't satisfactory to you, The option of getting a new one from BGE will give you a fire box for life. it is a cost, but you would still be way ahead of the game. Another thing is did you purchase the burnt case from a liscensed BGE dealer and are you the original owner? If so, I think you could make the case that it carries the BGE warranty with it. If a BGE dealer sold it to you, I don't see anything that would disqualify it from a warranty. I dont think the warranty specifies how much you have to pay for it, or if the dealer discounted it. To my knowledge it just says you have to purchase a BGE ceramic part from a liscensed dealer and register it. Worth a try anyway, if you are the original owner. BGE will ask for your receipt / date of purchase, the name and location of the dealer. and the number stenciled inside the case. Really cool story. Enjoy your "One Piece at a Time" grill.
  11. New to forum

    Welcome, glad to have you with us. This is a great place to learn and share. Enjoy the forum conversation.
  12. My wife and I have a standing date night reservation every Sunday at a little tapas place in town called El Gato Azul. (they always have great live Jazz on Sunday night) Tonight they had a tapas special. Two huge divers scalops, (if they used shrimp weight numbers these scalops would easily be 2's or a 3) sauted in brown butter and pecans with an apple, cranberry chutney, with a dusting of fried leaks. A very interesting herb blend was in the sauce, but i was unable to get the spices from our server. I will use my back channel and find out what herbs they used. This was an absolutely amazing dish. Never tasted anything quite like it and I have had alot of diffrent scalop preps. Never would have put this flavor profile together myself, but it certainly worked. Really going to have to try to come up with this at home. Real show stopper to be sure.
  13. Battle to get Joetisserie Ring Across the border

    I believe your point has been completly stated and there is no real point in any further discussion. Therefore I locked this thread.
  14. Fly Fishing Question

    My wife and I along with the BIL and SIL go trout fishing in Utah almost every late spring /early summer. I have been trout fishing for years and years but always with micro-lite spinning gear, spoons and spinners. There are some really nice looking small streams in ithe area where we fish and I have often thought that walking along the banks with a fly rod would be fun. Decided to make this year the year. I am thinking a 3 weight 7' rod with a matching 3 weight reel and set up will work nicely. I think you use a nail knot to tie line to line as in the backing and the leader, will a palomar knot work on the fly? as thats what I use for lures. These streams are beautiful but not very big, I can't imagine needing to cast too far. There are some deeper holes but they are not too big maybe 20 ' across at the most. I am thinking also that the shorter rod will help me around trees and overhanging bushes. I am thinking two lines, a floating line , and one with a sinking tip, along with an assortment of Western flys, and maybe a few nymphs, hoppers and wully bugers. What do you fly fishermen think. Any advice is appreciated.
  15. Scarborough Fair Dressing

    Wow, does that look good. Can't beat Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme. Saying those herb names in anyother order than the song lyrics, just dosent sound right. Fine cook John, that looks and sounds like a delicious bread recipie.