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  1. Welcome to the forum, glad to have both you and your Vision with us. That diamond cut certainly give the newer Visions a distinctive look. Happy Cooking.
  2. Fine Art Show on the town square this weekend. This gentleman calls himself an Artisan Blacksmith. This is not cast or carved work. The pieces are formed out of steel by pounding it with a heavy hammer on an anvil after heating it in a forge. Saw him in action and couldn't believe what I was seeing. Some people are truly gifted and then their are folks like this who are beyond measured talent. I thought some you folks who work with metal would enjoy this.
  3. Church parking lot beauty. A 1949 Packard 4 door with a 3 speed transmission. Beautiful restoration inside and out. Actually for Sale $12,500
  4. Lots of folks manage to have a long political career with out a head! No problem
  5. Welcome Benney, glad to have yet another Aussie with us. Glad to hear your getting a new fire box, but the truth is a lot of us cook on cracked fire boxes, so keep the old one as long you can puzzle piece it together to hold charcoal. Also for a deflector, try this, I thinking you probably have a ceramic supply warehouse somewhere down under. Any place that makes pottery would probably have a source for Kiln shelves. Kiln shelves make wonderful deflectors, they come in round shapes, 1/2 stones, etc. They are usually 1/2 to 5/8's thick. Actually the BGE Plate Setter in their original Egg was a repurposed piece of kiln ware. Best of luck and Happy Cooking.
  6. Saw this beauty today at an Art show on the town square. Never actually seen one before, it is a 38 Willys. I have seen Willys / Jeep colorations but not a Willys car. Just truly beautiful and an amazing restoration in every single detail. Truly a classic car in showroom quality.
  7. I think you have two issues going here; #1. Steaks with overly smoked flavor and #2. Steaks cooked beyond the degree of "doneness" you were looking for. I don't think the two issues are really related. The overly smoked flavor can most likely come from 2 sources, one, could you have put your steaks on when white smoke was still coming off your fire? The dreaded white smoke will pretty much always give your food a sharp overly smoked flavor. one and a half, would be if you had a flare up with black smoke while you were cooking, this can produce almost the same quality over smoked flavor as the white smoke. Two, How much wood did you use? It is possible to get heavy handed with smoke and actually use too much. Less is often More. As far as over done if you pulled your steak at 127 and then seared it for 4 minutes at 700 degrees you are most likely well beyond 130 -132 which is medium rare IMO. Try pulling your steaks at a lower temp or searing them for less time. Happy Cooking.
  8. Welcome, Chipdude, glad to have you and your Vision B with us. The Vision B is a fine grill. Enjoy both your new grill and the forum conversation.
  9. That sounds great, can't really think of anything you left out except Maybe some fried okra and cowboy pinto beans with pasillia chilies and fresh pico Cook em in a little dutch oven during the last part of the ribs cook or on your gasser. Have fun!
  10. What's cowgirl coffee, Suga and cow's milk ?
  11. That would be correct. It would be pretty accurate to say that most folks who cook on BGE soon or eventually get an AR. It is IMO the definitive cooking set up for a BGE and gives you maximum versatility.
  12. If you find yourself interested in the AR, my advice is to call Tom the owner of CGS. His number is in the contact us section of his website. Let him know how you cook and what you want to be able to do. He is extremely knowledgeable, and a kamado pit master himself, he can guide you through what you need or want. Happy Cooking.
  13. Yeah, It is good to know what you have and what you need. I think you will be very impressed with the AR they actually have some new options to make 2 zone cooking even easier. The AR is every bit as high quality at the DNC, I don't think you will find anyone that disputes that. and it is designed to fit your egg perfectly. Here is the link to CGS and the AR. https://ceramicgrillstore.com/collections/shop-large-adjustable-rig-for-large-big-green-egg
  14. Sorry to hear about your Uncle's health, I will pray for him and your Aunt, as well. To start with I would open the boxes and check to see what is actually inside, for transport you can always tape them back up. The new Egg hinge and band assembly comes in it's own box. But, it could be that possibly a separate box is packed inside either the dome or kettle base box. If you get to the lake and don't have all the parts, you will find yourself unable to accomplish the assembly. From your list it looks like you are missing the hinge and band assembly. The handle and assembly generally comes with the bands. so it sounds like you are missing that as well. Sounds like you are also missing side tables and a bottom vent and screen assembly. You also seem to be missing a daisy wheel vent. You can use the SmokeWare, but I like to use the daisy wheel when the weathers good. Anything you need I would suggest you purchase it directly from BGE. Everything you purchase from them will carry their warranty on that particular part with you as the original owner. As far as a gasket goes, again, I would go with the BGE high heat gasket, I have been cooking on one for almost 4 years including a host of pizza cooks and it is still up and cooking. It also sounds like you need a main grate and a diffuser. I have both an AR with a spider, stone and multiple grates, and a place setter as well. I pretty much never use the plate setter unless I am feeling nostalgic and want to go back to my BGE roots. IMO, the AR and attachments are the best grate configuration for a large Egg. The KJ D& C will fit, but the KJ classic is shorter in dome tapper and has less head room than a large BGE. Therefore, the D&C will not take advantage of all the headroom you have to work with. The AR, however, is specifically designed to fit in a BGE and take advantage of all the room available. With the AR spider, and stone, I would also purchase a 13 x 17" brisket / ribs grate and stone. very useful for big cuts. I would also get an extender to go even higher into the dome, with a 14" pizza stone. I have all that along with duplicate 16" grill grates. If you don't want to spend that much just get the spider, a stone, and a main grate. However I would like to have at least two stones one to use as a deflector and one to use as a pizza stone. I use a 1/2 stone on the spider a lot, especially for steaks, tri tip, and the like. With a 1/2 stone you can make a two heat zone set up. In my experience all the bolts and nuts needed come with the hinge and band assembly. Be careful with the rolling nest, I have seen a number of guys loose their eggs when it tipped in transport. I use a compact metal table made by a company called Sol'e, it is pricey at about $500, but it won't tip or drop my egg. Best of luck, with all this. and grace and peace to you, your uncle, and aunt. Happy Cooking.
  15. Welcome, glad to have yet another Aussie with us. Enjoy your Big Joe as well as the forum conversation. Looking forward to your cook posts, as you guys down in Oz can certainly cook.