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  1. Love the results with spatchcocked turkey. I have done one every year for several years now. My brine is a 1/2 cup orange juice, 1/2 cup fine kosher salt, 1/2 cup wild honey, followed by enough apple cider to cover the bird. I add a bundle of Simon and Garfunkel herbs, and some orange slices. I love cooking turkey at 375, but am not big on smoked turkey. Poultry is just such a smoke sponge, it is easy to over smoke and produce a harsh tasting bird, IMO anyway. If I add any smoke at all it is from a handful of fresh rosemary sprigs thrown on the fire about 20 mins prior to pulling my bird. By the way I have also found that cooking a turkey to George Strait classics produces a better tasting bird. Turkeys must like King George. IMG_0211.mov
  2. Welcome, IrishMom, glad to have you with us. Please stop by the intro thread and let folks know who you are etc.
  3. Welcome, Mike, glad to have both you and your new Akorn with us. Akorn makes a very capable grill and I have seen some really great looking cooks come of them in number of posts here over the years. Enjoy your new grill and the forum conversation as well.
  4. Wow, those look amazing, and I am guessing they were super tender. I love the combination with the stone ground grits and reduced BBQ sauce. Comfort food to the max. I used to get pork cheek tacos at a little Mom and Pop place next to the high school I worked at.Very tender and flavorful, as I remember. Great cook, John.
  5. I wouldn't imagine that bread to taste smokey. When I bake in my Egg I use straight lump and do not put the dough on my stone until I have consistent thin blue grey smoke. I never get smokey tasting bread. Some of the best bread I ever tasted was made in a hot shepherds oven over oak wood, out behind a winery in Healdsburg Calif. no smokey taste there either. Fresh baked warm bread, a chunk of good cheese, and a glass of wine. Good Stuff
  6. in addition to the other tips here. I have found, through experience, that I get a more consistent cook between the temps in both the breast and thighs when I point the legs to the rear rather than the front of my Egg.
  7. It was really good. I just put together Greek flavor elements. Actually most of the ingredients are found in a typical Greek salad.
  8. The cheese covered up all the stuffing, so here's what it looked like. On the kamado Da money shot Just amazingly tender and flavorful. Wife couldn't believe it started as a poor cut. I am thinking the secret is the salt level. Too little and the flavor is lacking, to much and, well you know, but if you hit it right, Wow.The olives help with the salt level so it is not all the kosher salt in the rub. But I did add a bit more than I usually do. The cheese, olives, and sun dried tomatoes are wonderful.Highly recommend you try this. Remember because you roll this you have the possibility of bacteria not only on the outer surface but internal like with ground beef. I took it to 150 and then pulled it. IMO cooked through but still moist and flavorful. Probably depends on the thickness of your steak. Definitely a Keeper.
  9. Covered everything with sliced havarti, Only thing left to do before my cook is to tie this sucker up Now I'll sprinkle on some rub and put it on the grill with a two zone set up this afternoon. Probably light the fire around 3 my time. Check back if your interested.
  10. Been thinking I should throw together a cook for this month's steak challenge. Went to the market this morning and saw all the usual suspects, Rib Eye, T Bone, Tri Tip, Fillet, and so on. Then I saw the humble Flank Steak and thought well that might be unique among the other entries and decided to go for it. Brought it home, sliced it thin and then pounded it flat Made a marinade of red wine, olive oil, lemon juice, Kosher salt, crushed garlic, dried onion, oregono and Dijon mustard and put it in the fridge for a couple hours. Next comes the stuffing. Greek olives, sun dried tomatoes, sliced red onion, flat leaf parsley, feta and havarti cheese. Add the stuffing to the steak
  11. Welcome, Gregg, glad to have both you and your KJ with us. Lots of great people with lots of information about Kamado cooking, here. Enjoy the conversation.
  12. I use an Ash Vac designed to remove fine ash from indoor fire places. It has a very fine filter to block ash blow back, a metal can to hold the ash, and a metal lined hose to prevent ash from igniting inside the plastic hose. Wasn't too expensive on Amazon, and does a very quick non messy clean up for my fire box and kettle bottom. I used to use an old shop vac, as you do, but the mess it made was a constant problem and always an issue. The ash vac does not produce the slightest ash blow back. Definitely worth the cost IMO. This is the one I use https://www.homedepot.com/p/PowerSmith-10-Amp-3-Gal-Ash-Vacuum-PAVC101/203656953?mtc=Shopping-B-F_D25T-B-D25T-25_14_WET_DRY_VACS-Multi-NA-Feed-PLA-NA-NA-WetDryVacs&cm_mmc=Shopping-B-F_D25T-B-D25T-25_14_WET_DRY_VACS-Multi-NA-Feed-PLA-NA-NA-WetDryVacs-71700000034362736-58700003947733511-92700031998221693&msclkid=0a9384d6877e10908955d91375bf64be&gclid=CP2h76Xb2-UCFUT2DQodESsKeg&gclsrc=ds
  13. This was probably almost 20 yrs ago. It was not a wrap but an old school paint job actually done by the company owned by my neighbor called Kelly and Sons in So Cal, they specialized in high end paint jobs on race cars, show cars, and for famous folk who didn't mind spending big bucks..
  14. The truck I saw, was actually quite attractive in a zombie apocalypse sort of way. The liner had a shiny moist look to it, and had an attractive even texture. The paint job it self looked highly professional and flawless, from what I could see anyway. Every surface of the truck was covered even including the housings around the side mirrors, door handles, and license plate frame. I forget what it cost to install a Rino coating in my truck bed, but I remember it was not at all cheap. So a full truck job, I am guessing could be equal to a custom paint job. When I was a high school principal my auto shop teacher was on the drag racing funny car circuit. The paint job on his race car, he said, was over $15,000.00. It was a nice looking paint job, but sheeeeeez that's a bunch of coin for paint.
  15. Oh yeah If you put that on a T shirt, I would wear it................
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