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  1. Throw Something in the Pan Cooks !

    Yup Sk me and my wife too. My wife finds lemons a bit to tart for her taste, so I use oranges mostly clementines and mandarins in most of my chicken and fish dishes. They are really good roasted on the grill. Just that little touch of acid really brightens up a dish.
  2. Grilled Shrimp

    Those are some amazing looking shrimp. Shrimp are a real crowd pleaser and often on the menu around our house. My fam would descend on those like a pack of ravenous wolves. Talking about shrimp, I was at Cost Co just the other day and saw some frozen packages of extra large 13 to 15 count per Lb. I picked some up. Here are a couple to show you the size. I think the package was about $30 something.
  3. Hello from NW Louisiana

    Welcome, glad to have you with us. Yup, both of the grills your considering are good choices and very capable of delivering a quality kamado cooking set up. It just comes down to which grill you want to dance with, so to speak. Enjoy your purchase and the forum conversation as well.
  4. Throw Something in the Pan Cooks !

    Oh Yeah their is liquid. Chicken broth from bones and Marsala wine. Just added the two evenly until I was about 3/4 up the side of the ingredients. Then you let it reduced and cook down, but always keep some liquid in the pan so it does not burn. I add a rue from a little flour and melted butter that I cook in a separate pan and then stir in to thicken the sauce.
  5. Couple of weeks ago I started cooking again after a lazy period of several months. My first cook was spatchcocked Cornish hens in a nice mushroom Marsala sauce. Cooked it in a cast iron pan. Since then my wife and I have done a pan cook several times. I have done bone in pork chops with apples, figs and onions, Rib Eye with a reduced red wine sauce and mushrooms. Tonight I did Chicken thighs with sweet potatoes, celery, heirloom carrots, shallots, snap peas, whole mushrooms, with a Marsala sauce ,as I still had some of the wine left from the previous cook. I use chicken bone broth / stock, chicken broth, beef broth, wine, apple cider, etc as pan liquid and sauce makers it changes with what ever I am cooking, and what flavor profile I think will work well. I add a couple cups at the start and then add more as it cooks down. These cooks usually start with me asking my wife what she wants for dinner and her response being, well I don't know, why not just throw something in the pan. That leads to a trip to the store to see what looks good. I have tried 3 or four different flavor profiles and have been thinking of some others. This is really an easy cook that delivers a spectacular result. I havent hit a stinker yet. We will probably do one a week until I run out of ideas. Half the fun is using the new Lodge 12" double handle pan I picked up a while back. I also picked up a Lodge glass top lid at our local true value and the combination makes for a fun cook. I start by walking through the produce section looking at what is fresh and available and get ideas from there. heres so pics of tonights cook heres the pan and lid. I have the 12" lodge, the lids come in sizes to fit all their pans and skillets. I would highly recommend giving this a try. Just pick up what strikes your fancy. I am thinking about using sunrise beets next week. Just get some winter veggies and some kind of beef, chicken, veal, lamb pork, fish, pretty much anything. I got some huge shrimp (11-13's) and I have some nice scallops in the freezer, so I am looking for some mussels and thinking about paella. have fun, my friends.
  6. Traeger meatmadness

    Just remember to keep that 3 point shot just before the buzzer, ready. I am rooting for you, after all your experience on our forum, it could be said your used to playing in a much tougher conference than do your challengers. Go get em Bosco.
  7. Good Morning

    Welcome, glad to have both you and your new Akorn with us. "Absolutely the best thing about retirement is waking up in the morning and thinking gosh what do I want to do today, and having the ability to roll over and say, absolutely nothing" Kamado cooking has a learning curve, but even when your learning, it's fun. Just remember, temperature depends on air and the size of your fire. Your fire will grow and temperature will rise if you feed it air by opening your vents. When you close your vents to a sliver the fire stays small and you can keep the temp down in the 200's. One thing, however, because you are dealing with a live fire, bringing the temp up is easy, but taking the temp down is more difficult. Have in mind what kind of fire you need at the start of your cook, load you kamado full of lump, and then light one starter in the center of your lump, shut the dome, and set your vents from the get go for a low and slow. That my friend is just about all you need to know. Happy Cooking. Enjoy getting to know your Akorn and the forum conversation, as well.
  8. Melbourne, Australia

    Welcome, glad to have both you and your Big Joe with us. We already have quite a few of your OZ countrymen here already.
  9. Hello from NH!

    The racks that fit inside the AR are 16" your main grate will fit up top but it is a bit wobbly because it hangs over. I use what CGS calls and extender which lifts you about 2 inches higher than the AR itself. They make a grate they call the sliding D ring. It is D shaped with the curve of the D to the back of the kamado and the flat edge pointing forward. The D ring grate has two little wings on it's bottom edge that are curved to grab the top rung of the extender. The wings hold it in place and at the same time allow you to slide it back into your opened dome to access a grate you place below it. My recommendation it to call CGS and talk to Tom about what you want to cook. He is a great guy and will help you get what you need to accomplish what you want to do. I kinda went over board and have two 13x 17 brisket rib grates, 3 16" round grates, a sliding D ring grate and about 6 or 8 of the support bars that hold the grates in place. in addition I have about 4 stones and a couple of half 13" stones to create a 2 zone set up. Talking to Tom will give you a good idea of what he offers and how that fits with what you see yourself cooking.. The kick ash basket will work just fine with the AR, I run one with mine on every cook. There are two kinds of AR that will fit your vision. One is the one made for A BGE it requires a separate spicer that holds a stone for a deflector below the AR. The other AR is the Vision AR spider Combo, basicly it is the same AR and Spider as the one for the BGE, but they are not independent. On the Vision model the Spider is welded to the bottom of the AR making the whole assembly one piece. IMO this is a great thing, although I also have a separate spider so I can use it without the AR. With the Vision AR Spider comb you can put a stone on the spider and then lift the whole enchilada racks, stone, food, what ever, in and out of your kamado by grabbing the top rung of the AR and lifting up. Very convenient IMO. Good luck.Tom's gear is not inexpensive, but it is extremely well made. Your grand kids, will probably be cooking on your AR long after you and I are gone. Really well made and finished stuff. No Joke. nHappy Cooking.
  10. Hello from NH!

    Hello, and Welcome to both you and your new Vision. I actually learned to kamado cook on a Vision Pro C. It is truly a fine grill and will serve you well. One tip, is don't take the bait that is trolled out there about mods to seal it up. My Vision Pro C leaked a bit from the ash drawe assembly, at the get go. But it also held temp and cooked like a champ. Never once tried to seal anything up and it just cooked and cooked and cooked. Great and very capable grill right out of the box. If you are looking for accessories, the one I would recommend is the CGS Vision AR and Spider combo. It is a chunk of change but it will transform your Vision into a versatile cooking machine. Take it form me, I ran one in my Vision Pro C and now run the same rack in my Large BGE. Truly fine piece of gear and will revolutionize your cooking skills. https://ceramicgrillstore.com/collections/vision-pro-classic-b-grill-accessories-by-ceramic-grill-store/products/adjustable-rig-spider-combo-vision
  11. Southcentral Missouri

    Welcome to both you and your Joe, glad to have you with us. Enjoy the forum conversation.
  12. Any help with salmon?

    I love Salmon and cook it often. I have cooked it on an alder plank and also directly on the grill. If you are looking for a tasty glaze Honey Mustard is one of my favorites. Very simple prep. Just mix a nice brown spicy mustard with honey to taste. If you are planking just lay the fish on the plank, coat it with the honey mustard and then top it with a few slices of mandarin orange and a sprinkle of dill. If you are cooking directly on the grill, be sure to clean and oil your grill first. Then coat your Salmon with olive oil on both sides. I alway grill flesh side down 1st and then flip the skin side down. After the flip coat the flesh side with your honey mustard. Delicious, I guarantee.
  13. Hey everybody!

    Welcome, glad to have you join us. First and most important forum unwritten rule. "No pictures, it didn't happen" we all love to look at cook pics so post some and make us all happy. Enjoy the forum conversation.
  14. Chicken Thighs with Winter Veggies

    some cooks like this one, don't really require a kamado. In fact they turn out great with any heat source. You could cook this on a stand above a lit can of sterno.