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  1. keeperovdeflame

    Cast Iron Seasoning

    I sanded by lodge double handled 12, and reapplied the seasoning with grape seed oil. It is much smoother than it was and seems to take seasoning better. It seems to preform a bit better. I would really like to pick up a Stargazer or one of the other new generation pans but I can't find one in the double handled configuration.
  2. Doesn't get too much better than that. I love Rib Eyes, I get a whole bone in prime rack for Christmas each year. I only do 4 or 5 bones for the family and cut the rest into cowboys, to enjoy during the year. Even with prime, it just depends on the individual cut. Some are truly amazing and then some have the fat distributed in clumps rather than a lacy marbling.
  3. keeperovdeflame

    Anyone Truss a Bird Like This?

    Certainly not that neatly or efficiently. I watched a video by Jacques Pepin once but just couldn't get a handle on classic one piece trussing. I usually just put three separate loops around the bird; one to hold the wings and two to hold the legs. When you do it like yours, do you wrap each leg with a loop and then tie it under the nose using only one piece of twine.?
  4. On a trip to La Jolla, California a while back, I had a nice light breakfast of avocado on toast with a couple of runny yolk overeasy eggs. This morning my wife is out for breakfast with her sister and I am left to my own supervision. My wife brought home some Boudin sourdough bread which I find surprisingly good for store bought fare. I also had some nice ripe Hass avocados, which have a very creamy texture and wonderful flavor. Left on my own, I decided to try to recreate the dish I had enjoyed at our vacation hotel. I used Montreal roasted garlic and herb blend and a little dried oregano as seasoning. I like my toast a little on the dark side. My big fat thumb broke one of the eggs so my dish is not exactly what I was going for, but it tasted very close to what I remember. With a nice cup of dark roast this is a wonderful breakfast.
  5. keeperovdeflame

    More new Toys: New Stainless KAB and JJ George Torch

    Yeah, I have noticed burning chunks of lump falling through the grate as well. As long as there is solid restriction to them bouncing out of the kamado their is nothing to really worry about, regardless of the surface you kamado is sitting on .
  6. keeperovdeflame

    More new Toys: New Stainless KAB and JJ George Torch

    Back when the 1st generation KAB's came out there was quite a bit of discussion on this very subject. A number of guys on the egg forum who had used the KAB without their fire screen in place, reported that occasionally a small piece of ignited charcoal slipped through the grates hit the floor of the fire box and bounced out of the kamado. One guy showed pictures of patio rug that caught fire. I use the KAB without my fire grate, but I always use my fire screen. I don't know for sure, but I am thinking KJ's don't come with a fire screen on the bottom vent is this still the case?.
  7. keeperovdeflame

    Hello from Louisiana

    Welcome, glad to have both you and your Big Joe with us. Sounds like your already off and cooking and get your kamado adjusted and set up. Enjoy your new grill, your entry into the world of kamado cooking, and the forum conversation as well. Happy Cooking. Remember Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that Joe would love to do it's first turkey, I am sure.
  8. Very nice looking birds, beautiful color. I spatchcock chicken all the time but in the breast up position with the feet to the back of my EGG. They always come out super moist at 165. Wonder if the breast down position caused yours to be dry at 165? I would think breast down would put more heat directly into the breast. What temp do you normally pull them at when you cook them breast down?
  9. keeperovdeflame

    Here's an interesting TURKEY project...

    I love octopus, and actually think the flavors would blend well. However, most of the preps I have seen for octopus involve a low and slow at something like 250, I don't know if it would come out tender if you cooked it at turkey roasting temps.
  10. keeperovdeflame

    Chops and Veggies

    When I do sprouts, I start off by frying two strips of bacon. When done, I pull the bacon, and then drain a little of the grease off, actually, to be truthful, sometimes I just leave it all in. Then I add the sprouts which have been washed the ends trimmed and cut in half length ways With a healthy sprinkle of McCormick's roasted garlic and herb blend to the hot pan and grease, if the sprouts aren't dry they will splatter and throw grease on you and everywhere. I cook them on the grill outside, until I see a fair amount of black. When I bring them in, I add a handful and a half of dried cranberries, with slivered almonds and toasted pumpkin seeds or pinion nuts. I also add the crumbled bacon, and a healthy drizzle of balsamic glaze. stir it all up and let it sit just a minute or two to heat everything you added, and it's good to serve. This is the gold standard sprouts prep around my house.
  11. keeperovdeflame

    Gday from the Blue Mountains Australia

    Yeah, they look like short ribs, but they cut them smaller on this side of the world. Betting they were tasty.
  12. keeperovdeflame

    Gday from the Blue Mountains Australia

    Welcome, glad to have both you and your newish Big Joe with us. Those are some very nice looking ribs and is that short ribs next to the baby backs. If so, I like the way it is cut. Looks like you are already up and running with your entry into kamado cooking. Fine cook, Sir. Happy Cooking. You are one of quite a few mates from OZ on the forum. Nice to have you all.
  13. keeperovdeflame

    CostCo and meat safety

    IMO yes it can. However, your home kitchen can be a much more controlled environment than a large commercial operation. However, personally I would recommend washing a particular cut, and then drying it off with paper towels prior to using that hand jacquard. I think a better way to go is to buy good meat and then do some home aging. Prime quality steakhouses do not jacquard.
  14. keeperovdeflame

    Chops and Veggies

    Your kids are blessed, I wish my mom cooked like that. I am guessing not too much conversation once the chops and veggies hit the table. Hint on the sprouts, throw in some bacon grease and crumbled bacon, and maybe some slivered almonds for crunch. Fine cook, my friend.