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  1. I like both of those. The wagon though seems like the perfect cool ride around town, you can even put the groceries for tonights cook in the back.
  2. My knuckles have never healed from the last time I met an angry penguin with a ruller. Ouch.
  3. !6 gauge is actually a nice gun. I used one for quail and loved it. Easy to carry and a little more distance and spread than a 20 gauge. However, shells are sometimes hard to find and when you do find them they can cost an arm and a leg. I finally sold it to a neighbor.
  4. Your killing me ck, I took some pictures, but my dog ate them. Wait, I don't have a dog. Ok. aliens then. Yeah I am sure it was aliens, funny little green guys with big ears and antennas on the top of their heads. They liked the left overs, thanked me, took the pictures as a souvenir, and flew off.
  5. Made some for dinner tonight, actually this about the third time I have made them. I know the rule "No Pics Didn't Happen" but it did happen and I thought someone might like the recipe if ,you can call it that. It is KISS to the max, but pretty darn good. Kinda of a recipe: We have a place in town that make fresh tortillas, I recommend those. I use the small flour ones. You'll need some left over shredded chicken from a previous cook. Wipe down some kind of rectanglular or oval cooking vessel with some oil. I use a small enameled cast iron baking dish. Put the shredded chicken in a bowl and add a can of drained Ro Tel green chillies and tomatoes with the hotness your family likes. mix the chicken and Ro Tel with your hands and then place some of the mixture on a flat tortilla. Add a sprinkle of shredded Sargento Mexican 4 Cheese roll up the tortilla and place it in the cooking vessel. Repeat until the vessel is full. Pour some Hatch Green Enchilida sauce over the top. Top with Mexican 4 cheese and Queso Fresco. Cook indirect at 350 for about 45 minutes. Comes out much better than the amount of work it takes to cook it. If you are looking for something good and easy. This is it. I can imagine kids would love this. Enjoy
  6. I was thinking about my Dad today, He was on the Yorktown when it was sunk in the battle of Midway. He lived to be 99 years and 9 months, and never stopped grieving over the shipmates he lost. With that mind set, I read this speech by Kelly and was just overcome. Never were truer or more applicable word spoken than the Nimitz quote
  7. If it is a farm raised duck they can be fatty. I learned this trick from an old school Home Ec. teacher. Pierce the ducks skin on the breast and thighs with a sharp fork. Put the duck in a pan that will hold it and cover it with water. Bring it to a boil for 5 minutes. The boiling water will liquify the fat under the skin and allow some of it to drain off. Plenty enough fat left to make it tasty. After the hot bath wash it off, season and roast as desired. I thought this technique worked rather well.
  8. Not a Political Statement, I promise. Just an amazing story of bravery, dedication, and duty in the face of grave danger told by Major John Kelly. Touched me deeply and I am guessing it will touch you regardless of your political leaning. I am sure that every country has men of this quality in their ranks. Selfless servants of the common good.
  9. I really like the Weber Style tongs. They are bigger than my old Weber tongs but light and very usable. Maybe give them a look.
  10. Yeah, I had the same reaction with the XL hinge. From the comments of folks that have them I am thinking the large is more solid. Hope burns eternal
  11. When I went through my Dad's stuff I found the life jacket he used when he abandoned the USS Yorktown in the WWII battle of Midway when she was sunk by Japanese bombs. He was 99 years 9 months old when he passed.
  12. They say it is the same band they use on the XL only sized to fit the large. Pretty much everyone I saw a comment from that has one, likes it very much. I am thinking of switching mine out, as well.
  13. Actually the gasser mostly serves as a sort of outdoor kitchen cabinet with cooking benefits. I hang my utensils there because their easy to reach.
  14. Al the guys on the Egg Head forum said that a lot of dealers don't have them yet, so they suggest you call the mother ship. As far as needing a problem with a warranty claim of if they will just replace your bands with a new model, I don't know. Only way to find out is to call I guess. My bands are pretty stretched out and the ear nubs are almost touching, but I don't know what qualifies as a presenting condition. let me know how it goes.
  15. Welcome Calo9, glad to have you and your Vision with us.