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  1. Beautiful trailer, to be sure. I was thinking about your Harley that I have seen you take on trips. Can you still take it with you?
  2. Welcome, glad to have you and your KJ with us. This forum is a great cooking resource and lots of fun, as well. Got to say, the quality of the meals we enjoy at our house has steadily increased over the years I have spent reading, learning, and cooking along with all the folks here. Enjoy your new grill, your entry into the world of Kamado Cooking, and the forum conversation as well.
  3. Welcome, Most of us have a Weber Kettle somewhere in our backyard cooking history, I know I cooked on one for years and years. The biggest difference you're going to find is the relatively sealed humid cooking environment in a kamado. A Weber kettle is a wonderful grill, but in reality a pretty drafty cooker. A kamado on the other hand, is pretty well sealed and creates it's own humid cooking environment that just does an amazing job on the food you cook. Because a kamado gives you more room vertically, like Kismet says above, a set up with multiple racks, like the CGS AR in this pic, allow
  4. Welcome, glad to have both you and your new KJ with us. Enjoy your new grill, the wait for delivery day will be over soon, until then enjoy the forum conversation.
  5. I actually like the round gear shifter, handy but out of way and does not take up any additional space on the console. I really like the down gear shifter on the steering wheel cross bar, really nice on down the mountain roads.
  6. Yeah, different trucks for different jobs. My trucks main upside is that it gets an honest pretty close to 30 mpg on the highway on relatively level ground, and down to 18 or 19 around town and in the mountains. I generally average around 22 to 24 mpg. But my 3 liter diesel is more akin to a 6 cylinder in terms of towing power, so medium boats and lite trailers only. I would have to get a new truck to haul a 5th wheel and we have actually talked about that. If we had a rig like yours, we would travel and camp a lot more than we do. I am sure among heavy duty trucks your Rams ride and mpg is
  7. I am pretty confident you will like your RamTruck, I have a 1500 EcoDiesel Laramie, my cab looks similar to yours, my wife and I find it an extremely comfortable truck, luxurious even. I call mine the Cowboy Cadillac. Enjoy your new rig, looks like a very capable hauler, I have 75,000 miles on mine and never had a significant mechanical issue. .
  8. I have read that your not fully protected until 2 weeks after the 2nd shot. We kinda stuck to that advice, but we have friends who went full "back to normal" immediately following the 2nd shot and did not regret the decision. Also read stuff that it is possible to get infected until the antibodies build within your system. Take you pick I figure, with opinions on both sides of the issue.
  9. Actually, I am not familiar with the Eggspander, I think it is a newer BGE accessory than was available when I bought my Egg years ago. . Yes, my grate is at standard height sitting on top of the fire ring, I use a CGS (after market) AR / Spider combo for most cooks that has a spider welded to the bottom of an AR.. When I do a 2 zone set up, I use a spider all by it self sitting below my main grate. In the pic you can see the spiders legs over the edge of the fire box inside the indentations in the rim. Any rack that holds a deflector down into the fire box below the grate will work just fin
  10. Hi BurgerJ, I cook on a large BGE as well. I can't really find any issues with your process that should create a bitter taste. However, you might try this couple of tips. #1. I always fill my Egg way up past the air holes, and don't regulate the amount of charcoal I use. You temp and the nature of your cooking environment comes from how much air you feed your fire and not how much fuel you use. I too use fire starter in the center of my lump, but I let the fire develop slowly over probably a full hour before I put on food. I have used Cowboy lump and decided it was too sooty for my taste. I
  11. Interested in this cook, and waiting for pictures of your cook. I and my family love lamb but are limited to which cuts are available in our area. I can get legs, rib racks, and shanks. but only find shoulder once in a blue moon. I cut some racks into individual rib chops and did those for Easter along with a Israeli risotto with dates, mixed olives, and green onion. Looking forward to your cook pictures.
  12. Great cook, John, reminds me of spending the afternoon at my buddy's place in Nor Cal. Love the way food cooks, and tastes coming out of a WFO. Putting a WFO on the property is hopefully my next years project.
  13. Wow, you walked into a great find. By the way, I have no idea what the plastic star things are. I have cooked on an Egg for pretty much ever and never seen anything like that. There is nothing like that in any daisy wheel vent cap that I have seen. Are they stamped with BGE? I am thinking they may be a part of something other than the EGG.
  14. Hey just a thought, but one of the first things I would do is tighten the bolts on the bands that hold your dome and kettle together. The dome rim on a BGE is smooth and when the bands stretch from repeated heating and cooling the dome can slip. I check mine a couple times a year and keep a socket wrench specifically for that purpose in the drawer of my Egg table.
  15. Looks great. A little trick when you get your potatoes, onions, veggie on after your chicken, is to give them a jump start with 4 o 5 minutes in a glass bowl in the microwave. Usually insures they are perfectly done and creamy.
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