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  1. Really very satisfied and happy with the way it turned out. My wife said it was probably one of the best dinners I have cooked, and that was plenty good enough for me. This cook was fun, and interactive as I turned the hens face down and cleared a pan surface to give them some sear and color. All in all ,this is really a nice cook. The risotto with the dates and olives was absolutely delicious and a perfect match for the hens. Give this a try. I am thinking you will like it. I am really trying to up my game during this Covid 19 isolation just to bring some joy to those I love, , and it seems to be working. except for pounds I been putting on. Ps. I threw a handful of fresh rosemary sprigs on the fire toward the end of the cook right before I pulled it. Wonderful perfume.
  2. Mostly fooling around trying to be fancy and brighten the mood. Saw a post this week with a recipe for pan roasted chicken. I have done that cook before, so when I saw a couple of Cornish Hens in the freezer I though why not. I spatchcocked the hens and plan to roast them in my 13" bobbed handle Lodge CI pan, with some whole carrots, onion, and some asparagus spears thrown in towards the end. Figure the cook will take 45 min to an hour or so at 375. Should be a fun and pretty cook. Also thought I would try some Med flavored Risotto with Greek olives and chopped dates. I just lit the fire and will put the hens on in an hour. Feel free to follow along if you're interested.
  3. Welcome, Butch, glad to have both you and your RJ Kamado's with us. Great to see your still cooking on those, must have quite a few miles on em and their still breathing fire. Yeah your right about the home bound isolation with Covid 19, certainly a dark cloud, but being able to put together delicious meals on my kamado, sure seems to brighten spirits and take the edge off the negative.
  4. Very nice cook, and I like your marinade and rub. Lemon or orange zest really helps to make roast lamb pop with bright flavor. Rosemary, thyme, and Oregano, are Med staples, and in my humble opinion it is an absolute impossibility to add too much garlic to lamb. When I do shanks I add 18 to 20 cloves to my bean mixture. Garlic and lamb are like PBJ, made to be together. Wonderful cook. A little Spanish smoked paprika is very nice addition to your mix as well. Fine Job, Sir.
  5. I have done that exact cook, although I didn't have that detailed recipe. I can attest to the fact it turns out a wonderful tasting roast chicken. I threw about 12 asparagus spears into the pan with about 20 minutes left to hit the target temp. Turned out great and was a really fun cook. I used a 13" double handled lodge pan instead of a long handled skillet. Fits better in your kamado. I brought the finished cook to the table in the pan, setting it in the center of the table with everyone seated. I carved it right in the pan. Makes for a great party presentation, lots of oooh's and ahhhhh's.
  6. Lamb looks delicious. What did you family think?
  7. Yeah, I always use a drip pan with chicken, turkey, duck, etc. However, your drip pan can easily do double duty and provide you with a flavorful side dish as well. I usually start chicken at 375 and then let the temp climb to 425. Usually takes a little more than an hour depending on the size of the bird. Chicken is pretty much "fool proof" and an easy cook that delivers comfort food flavor. In my book, you haven't really had good chicken until you had it cooked on a Kamado. Hint: if you like crispy skin, let your chicken set uncovered in the fridge for 2 hours or so, after you have spatchcocked it, before your cook.
  8. Welcome, Dane, glad to have you with us. Does sound kinda likely that KJ may have canceled their public events. Maybe call them to find out. Talk with them about when road shows will be available, if not now, who knows, they might make you a deal over the phone. They like to make folks happy.
  9. Oh yeah, Mr. Buddy; that looks and sounds absolutely Killer. Neck, shanks, brisket, the toughest, hardest worked muscles on any animal, but when given the long moderate temp braze they come out silky, tender, and fall of the bone. Truly beautiful cook. Bet a taste of that would make angles sing.
  10. Many say this is the best at bat, most say this is truly the beat call ever. A little enjoyment in a time of COVID19 trial for us all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4nwMDZYXTI&feature=emb_rel_end
  11. A group of Nashville studio musicians banded together over cell phones while in individual locations to produce one of the best renditions of one of my favorite hyms I have, honestly, ever heard. Put a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat. I am thinking It will lift your spirit and warm your heart. https://pjmedia.com/lifestyle/wow-take-a-break-from-bad-news-and-watch-this-cellphone-choir-belt-out-an-old-timey-hymn/
  12. Sounds like an interesting cook John, I am definitely going to try it.
  13. Wine cellar, I am thinking. I would probably pour at least a small cement floor in the eventuality I wanted to do that.
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