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  1. Very nice looking kamado and cooking spot. Spent about a month in Hong Kong on R&R. Very cool place, back then anyway.
  2. Once you break it up, and crush it into the soil, it will make a great soil amendment. My dad grew prize roses and often added charcoal ash to the soil in his rose beds.
  3. Unfortunately that's the case for a whole lot of folks that use BBQ lighter fluid. match lite briquets and such.
  4. I don't know about that, remember he soaked the stump in kerosene. That's got to give off a petroleum based odor and taste.
  5. Those are truly beautiful looking pies, love the flavor combinations.
  6. I just cooked one of those on my new trager and it came out absolutely great 13 lbs went for 12 1/2 hours at 275. I used Jack Daniels salt and pepper with smoked garlic as a rub.Your in for a treat the CostCo prime brisket we had was truly delicious.
  7. Absolutely love Paella, and yours looks truly amazing. If a server In a tapas place brought that to my table I would be exceedingly happy for the taste to come. Just a beautiful paella. Fine Job, I have yet to make paella myself but your post is very like the push I needed to turn one out.
  8. Believe it or not, I find my Weber Summit gasser is the perfect accompanying piece to my large BGE. It is quick, easy, and I use it like a stove top. Using techniques learned on my kamado, I can turn out steaks that easily rival those I cook on my Egg,
  9. My wife requested a July 4th themed rock.
  10. My buddy wanted a pic of an Acorn Woodpecker, I don't want to get into taking requests, but the guy is a BFF and feeds the wife and I pizza from his WFO, so he is allowed special requests.
  11. Truly one of my favorite ways to use left over brisket
  12. Grew up next to an Italian family. The mom made pot roast every couple of weeks. One of the things she did with the left overs, she called "end of the roast pasta" Brisket works perfectly for this wonderful comfort food dish. Make a rich sauce with stewed tomatoes, thin sliced green onion, 13 cloves of garlic, minced, salted and mashed into a puree with the flat of your chefs knife add some fresh basil, mushrooms, and thin sliced slivers of brisket. I cook mine for a couple hours on low to let the flavors combine. Over pasta with a couple pieces of garlic bread, it's to die for.
  13. We have or had a number of craft art shows on our town square. One time we walked a show, there was this fellow that had turned burl bowls. They were made of maple and juniper, and some had walls so thin you could actually see through them. I was just completely taken with the craftsmanship, and bought one. During the transaction, I asked the guy how did you ever learn to do this. In reply he stood up and held his hand over his head. Of course, I took the bait and asked what is that. To which he replied ,the height of the pile I threw away before I got the hang of it. Well, he was a much more talented individual than I, but the same element applies here, as well. Here are some pics of the turned burl I bought.It weighs pretty much, nothing. Only skill and a couple layers of wood hold it together. It is probably been 12 years since I bought it. It hangs out in a display case.
  14. Cool. It is fun to give them away, and then hear people trying to figure out who is doing it. This is my take on a Spotted Tohee which frequents our area in the spring and summer. and a pygmy owl dressed for July 4th
  15. Yeah, we have been doing the same. The Indian Chief's portrait went to a couple that just moved here. Had trouble with their builder and it took 2 years to finish their house, can you believe it. We put another by the mailbox of a lady that just lost her husband about 6 months ago. We try to sneak and then don't talk about the fact we're doing this. Haven't been caught yet. We have several ideas and rocks in the works. We try to do themes that fit with out high desert mountain habitat. Very fun, and makes people smile. The garden is full, giving them away is much more fun.
  16. Looking for something do while locked down, I started painting rocks with some acrylic paint pens I got off the internet. My wife wanted some pretty rocks to spice up the garden.
  17. Way cool. Great Job. we actually have one of the those in our neighborhood. A son in law who lives in Phoenix restored it for Grandma that lives up here. She uses it to drive the grandkids around town. Really cool fun car.
  18. As long as you are looking for accessories, my two cents is get a Kick Ash Basket for your Masterbuilt / Joe. Best accessory I have, use it every single cook. https://www.kickashbasket.com/Classic-Kick-Ash-Basket_p_41.html
  19. Gotta admit he is truly a warrior, pretty much always stays home, eats what he cooks. Spear fishing and eating out of tide pools can get pretty narly in Hawaii. Some of his stories will curl your hair. Special guy for sure. Moved to the mainland cause his wife has grand kids here. But he is all Hawaiian
  20. I have a friend who is a native Hawaiian born and raised there. He lives in AZ now but goes to Hawaii for at least 2 months every year to spear fish and live off the sea. For a guy in his 70's he is pure fitness. Still surfs, spear fishes, hunts wild pig you name it. He is also a great cook. Every single time we go to his place Spam is somewhere on the menu.He says it is an indispensable element of the Hawaiian diet. No spam No Hawaii.I have had this same musubi at his house, and you are definitely correct, amazingly delicious.
  21. If you want to do a steak, I suggest you just use one half moon deflector, which will create and indirect zone on one side of your grill and a direct flame zone on the other side. Then sear your steak first and then pull it over the deflector to finish. Really makes cooking a steak easy.
  22. I agree, Sausage and peppers is a great cook, delivered great results cause not one person alive will turn down a grilled sausage with spicy mustard on a roll. My recipe is very similar to the one on the website except I pour a beer in the alluminum pan.
  23. Welcome, Jdog, glad to have you and your KJ with us. Kamados don't really need a break in, so my advice is just to start cooking on it. Better than an instructional video is just lighting a fire and watching what your kamado does. As you set up, I would recommend putting in a full load of lump up past the air holes probably just an inch and half to two inches below where the deflector sits in low position. Then I would put one fire starter or alcohol soaked cotton ball in a slight depression in the middle of the lump pile. No volcanos or special shapes, just a full load flat across the top. I would open my bottom vent to about an inch and a half and the set the top vent to about a 1/4 inch .Light the starter and let it burn for about 5 minutes, then shut the lid. Now put on some music, get a beer, pull up a chair, and watch your kamado as it does it's thing. With the vent settings I recommended you will hit some where in the range between 350 an 375, but it will take you about an hour to get there as with only one starter your fire will develop slowly and finally establish itself. Your temp will rise and then settle, remember the settings and the settle temp for your next cook. If you want a higher temp open the vets wider, if you want a lower temp close them down some. The smoke will start off white and then gradually change to a nice almost invisible blue grey color. Always cook on the blue grey and not the white as it will create a sharp acrid taste you wont't like. Just try to keep you hands off the vents and watch how the fire and temp builds when it is left to itself. Once your fire develops and settles to a temp, your set to cook a whole range of moderate heat cooks, spatchcocked chicken, pork chops, steaks, sausage, fish, corn on the Cobb, and so on and so on. IMO it is very instructional just to watch your kamado the first time you light it instead of trying to hit a specific low temp right out of the box. Happy cooking, and enjoy your new grill.
  24. Another evening, I did a salmon piccata. using the gasser as a stove top with a griddle. I add sun-dried tomatoes and fresh Italian parsley to my piccata. Looks really nice and tastes delicious. If you want the piccata recipe PM me. The idea is get a nice crispy crust on the fish while keeping the flesh really moist and flavorful Thes dishes are really crowdpleasers and you can cook them on pretty much any grill.
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