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  1. I love to do planked Salmon as well. Fun cook. Your Salmon looks delicious.
  2. Sounds like high end 6 burner Weber Summits, they would be a great grill for a housing development rec center.
  3. In Truth, your wife, is correct, you don't need a kamado. However, " I want" is a much stronger emotion than "I need". I used to cook on a Weber Kettle and now cook on a large BGE. I much prefer cooking on my Egg to the kettle, and though I no longer have the kettle, I will always have a kamado. But even I can't ,in all honesty, say that I absolutely need a kamado. However, I have one, because I want one. My suggestion is to agree with your wife, explain that you want one, and then work out a compromise that puts a kamado on your patio. By the way even though I don't need one, I find what Philpom says below to be true. Good luck and Happy Cooking.
  4. I always completely fill my fire box every cook. The amount heat that is generated depends on the size of your fire and the amount of air you feed it. A small fire in the middle of a completely full fire box will remain a small fire if you close the vents to a sliver. However, feed that same small fire a lot of air and soon you will have fire box full of burning coals. This its my definition of a full fire box. I was setting up for a pizza cook.
  5. Welcome, glad to have you with us. A Kamado is a really versatile cooking device, which is actually more of a charcoal fired convection oven than it is just another BBQ grill or Smoker. A kamado will do all the BBQ classics, but also bake bread, pies, pizza, and then cook pretty much anything you can cook in your kitchen oven including fancy recipes.
  6. Very touching story, Bosco, and those are truly classic California Cars. Had a friend in college that had one painted bright yellow. We drove the wheels off the thing. Now in the neighborhood there is a retired lady that has one painted red with white pin striping that says "Gramma's Buggy" (her son in law bought and restored it for her. She loads it up with grand kids and is always driving it all over the neighborhood, kids love it. Just saw them yesterday out looking for Deer in the neighborhood. Great way to spend some quality time with your dad. Nothing like doing a project together to bring people closer together.
  7. Yeah, 3 or four bricks, or a metal table nest like the one pictured with my BGE a couple of post up.
  8. Yeah, have seen that as well. The buck in the pic kicked the javelina with both front and back feet and jabbed him with his antlers as well. Actually does are brutal towards their fawns when they are tired or sore from nursing. My wife says few will win "Mother of the Year".
  9. Welcome Jorge, glad to have both you and your Joe with us. Yeah your new Joe is a versatile and truly amazing cooker. The moist humid cooking environment is actually more like a charcoal fired convection oven than it is just another BBQ or Smoker. You can cook anything on a Kamado that you can in your kitchen oven, all the way from breads, pies, pizza, through all the BBQ classics, and on to fancy recipes and pretty much anything you can think of. I love cooking fish on my Egg, it just seems to come out exceptionally well over charcoal. Happy Cooking.
  10. Very nice indeed. Bet a slice of that warm with butter is killer. Fine Job, Sir.
  11. Welcome, glad to have you and your new Joe with us. Truth, is most of us here ,and a whole host of others, learned to be better cooks by watching John's videos.Enjoy your new Joe and the forum conversation as well.
  12. Welcome, Andrew. I am thinking, you send that pic to KJ and they box and ship you a new dome ASAP. As a repair until then probably high heat JB Weld will hold it together.
  13. Backstraps for sure, but Javelina is terrible tasting. They are actually peccary not pigs. Nasty to be sure. The local joke is the best way to cook them is wrap them in burlap, dig a hole, fill the bottom with stones, build a fire, when the stones are hot you cover them with dirt and then toss in the burlap wrapped javelina covering it with foil, tarps, and dirt. After twelve hours you dig it up. Unwrap it, throw the javelina back in the hole and bury it.Then you eat the burlap bag.
  14. Pretty good size muley buck and a medium sized boar Javelina were both attracted to the bird seed the birds kicked out of the feeders. The buck charged the pig several times making contact a number of times, but the pig stood his ground. Eventually they made an uneasy alliance and foraged side by side for what little seed there was on the ground. This is the first time I have seen a confrontation between these species. Quite entertaining.
  15. Welcome TommyD, glad to have both you and your new Joe with us. The really cool thing about a Kamado is that, in truth, it is much more a charcoal fired convection oven than it is, just another BBQ or Smoker. You can use a kamado to cook all the BBQ classics, but it will also Bake, Broil, Braize, and cook pretty much anything you can cook in your kitchen oven from breads, pies, pizza, through fancy detailed recipes, too what every can think of. Happy cooking and enjoy your new grill
  16. Yeah, brisket is a steep hill to climb for your first cook. In my personal experience, it took several brisket cooks to get a result I was happy with. A truly elegant alternative with a much lower degree of difficulty is a Prime Rib Roast. All you need to do for a wonderful PR is keep your grill at 350 for a couple hours (depending on size) until the IT is at 120 and then pull it. I do a five bone PR every Christmas and also for special occasions like birthdays, engagements, etc. I slather mine in yellow mustard and then add a nice steak rub, the combination makes for a nice thick crust. Good luck with your cook, what ever you choose. Ps. your outdoor kitchen is beautiful, what a nice space to cook in. IMG_0238.mov
  17. https://www.foxnews.com/great-outdoors/fisherman-tests-reel-girlfriend-saltgia All I can say is this guy needs to take his girlfriend out for a whole lobster dinner at the best restaurant he can find.
  18. Welcome, glad to have you with us. The KJ Classic has basically the same grate size as my Large BGE. Heres a pic of a 13 lb spatchcocked turkey on my main grate. You can expect the same with a KJ Classic. The KJ Classic is wonderful grill and a great choice. If I got another grill I would definitely consider one strongly. The decision of going with the Classic or the Big Joe just depends on how many you are going to be cooking for. I mostly cook for only my wife and I and a family of 6 on Christmas and Thanksgiving. The Classic size is perfect for me. However, if you have a bunch of kids and family you will probably enjoy the room a Big Joe gives you. The nice thing about KJ's is they come with the Divide and Conquer racks, stones, and such, pretty much every thing you need to cook a turkey right out of the box; really all you would need add is a good remote thermometer and probe set. Also when you get your grill, please stop by the Intro thread and let all our folks know your story and such. Happy Cooking. IMG_0211.mov
  19. Very Kuul, looks like your having fun and eating well, what could be better than that. Started my kamado cooking journey with a Vision pro C, and pretty much got all the accessories you have. I got the Vision AR Spider combo, ash vac, and all the other stuff. Makes your Vision very versatile and capable of multiple creative cooking set ups. By the way, I love those tumble weed fire starters, they have become my "Go To" fire starting method. Happy cooking my friend. By the way, if you ever decide to get another kamado, the Large BGE will perfectly accept all your CGS Vision gear perfectly. I cook on a L BGE now and purchased it for just that reason.
  20. Yeah, in a country that is actually planning on sending people to Mars, you would think we could spare one rocket science engineer to work on Ck Reefs perfect travel grill. Small Ask, I am thinking. Have you thought about the Q2200 with a split gas line from your tank and a single stand alone burner, they make some nice ones? something like this https://www.webstaurantstore.com/backyard-pro-single-burner-outdoor-patio-stove-range/554BPRD13.html
  21. Welcome, glad to give you some input, but to be honest, your decision will just come down to which one fits your budget best, and you like the best. Both of the grills you mention, the Komander, and the Akorn, have large followings and hosts of well satisfied customers. I have seen amazing cooks come off both. Being metal they are both subject to rust over time and use. I have heard that the Komander is pretty durable, while some folks with Akorns talk of debilitating rust after years of use. I am sure there are learned opinions on both sides of that equation. Buying new, although more expensive, gives you a more consistently quality product. Buying used is cheaper but the quality of your grill can vary greatly depending on how it was treated, stored, and so on. Best of luck with your purchase.
  22. I don't have an RV or Trailer, but my next door neighbor has an Air Stream Flying Cloud that he uses constantly. He bought a Large BGE a year ago for his home, after watching and eating some of my cooks. I suggested he get a BGE Min Max to haul when he goes camping. He told me, he really like the Mini Max, but a lot of the places he goes in the West, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, etc a number of RV campgrounds, (at least the ones he likes) don't allow charcoal grills. He carries one of those folding Webers and a stand for it. He has the 5406001 Q2200 and says he is really happy with it.
  23. If I have a Tri Tip that is thiner at the end of the triangle. I let it sit out to come to room temp but set a bag of frozen peas over the thin end, to keep the temp down. It actually works and gives me a pretty even medium rare. I run my Egg at about 425, as well, but I set up a two zone cooking environment with a half stone below the main grate on one side. I bring the tri tip up to temp, about 115 slowly and then just drag it over to the direct flame side of the grate. Also, I warm my Yeti Roadie by filling it with hot water before I pull the Tri Tip. When the Tri is at 115, I sear stand then I put it in the Yeti after pouring out the water and drying the inner surface. You can keep it in the Yeti for up to an hour or so, which helps you have the time to make sure your sides are ready as well. Works great, gives you a rise in temp while keeping the meat at a serving temp nice and warm.
  24. hey Ck, Sk let me know , your not allowed to look at this, buddy. GrOven Grill. Grill + Oven Looks to be a pretty cool grill, but pricey. The one in the pic is $ 6,875. Big money, but you do get free shipping if your in the lower 48 states. From the web home page (see below) I found out it uses wood as fuel. You make a wood fire in that lower open box on the right side. There is a fire screen on the left of the fire box which allows heat into the oven space (where you can see peppers are on an oven rack in the pic above). There is a grate that fits over the top of the fire box so you can cook directly above the flame. So you could bring a steak up to temp with indirect heat on the top grate above the oven space, and then move it to the fire box grate or vice-a-versa. Very cool in my humble opinion. Looks to be pretty heavy duty and well constructed. https://grovengrill.com
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