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  1. My favorite time of year, crisp morning air, turning leaves, college football, and an excuse to cook comfort food. One of my favorite autumn cooks is a simple spatchcock chicken over a pan of veggies. Today it is windy and cold and it has been in the 30's at night and early morning. The leaves on my maple tree are a bright red and I feel like cooking. Love the Autumn colors Cleaned the Egg the morning Picked up a growler of Fest Bier at a local brewery built on the site of an old trailer park, called the lazy G. Going to cook about 4, drink a beer, enjoy the change of season, and smell the wonderful aroma coming out of my Egg I will post a few pics of my cook.
  2. Welcome Stevea, please drop a post in the intro thread to let our members know who you are, what you cook on, etc.
  3. To quote Kevin Costner in "Tin Cup", talking about Golf, "Perfection is unattainable but always the goal" I have been cooking on a kamado for years and years and continue to be on a learning curve. No matter how much you have learned, you can still pick up things to remember from every cook. Those are some great meals. Fine Job, Sir.
  4. Yeah, I find that cooking a couple Pizzas at 650 will turn the bottom of my pizza stone and the inside of my fire box and fire ring a nice clean chalky white. The inner kettle wall and the inner surface of your dome will remain black. When my Egg is cool, I take about a yard of aluminum foil and crumple it into a softball size ball which I press into a burger shaped scrub pad, and use this pad to scrub down the inner surface of my kettle and dome. Then I use my ash vac to vacuum up the carbon flakes of the kettle floor. Whole process including removing the ceramic components takes about 45 minutes to an hour, and after completion of this process my kamado is what I consider sparkling clean and ready to go. I usually do this once or maybe twice a year if I have done a number of low and slows. The more pizza you cook, the cleaner your kamado will be. I am not a fan of temps over 650. Happy cooking.
  5. Glad to have you and your Joe Classic with us Sdarosh. Your new Joe is a very versatile cooker. Actually, it is much more a charcoal fired convection oven than it is just another BBQ grill or Smoker. You can cook pretty much anything on a kamado that you can in a kitchen oven. Breads, Pies, Pizza, Braises, complicated recipes, along with all the BBQ classics. A new KJ classic is quite a birthday gift, I am thinking maybe, you shouldn't let that girlfriend get away
  6. Welcome, glad to have you and your new Joe with us. In reality, your new Joe, and any kamado for that matter, is more a charcoal fired convection oven than it is just another BBQ or Smoker. That being said, you can pretty much cook anything in your kamado that you can cook in your kitchen oven, Breads, Pies, Pizza, Braises, and even complicated recipes along with all the BBQ classics. One of the things I love to do is adapt recipes from non BBQ cook books. I am working my way through a cookbook by Yotham Ottolenghi called Jerusalem filled with Med and Middle East dishes. Your new kamado is definitely a versatile cooker. Have fun with your new grill.
  7. Well, I would say get the XL egg, and pop for an AR. 100 thousands of owners testify to the Eggs qualities and BGE's customer service is still after years, years, and years, rock solid. Of course I must admit I cook on and Egg and have for years and years. Price is not the only consideration, after all you want to cook on what ever you get for years and years and be supported by the Co. while you do.
  8. Thanks, very glad your happy with your new kamado and enjoying your entry into the world of kamado cooking. Just something about kamado chicken, isn't there. I cooked for years on a webber kettle and gassers, (My favorite was a Australian grill called a Captian Cook. Next door neighbor where I used to live is still cooking on it.) and I thought I turned out a pretty good whole chicken. My wife's comment upon tasting my first kamado chicken was, "Really, you cooked this by yourself"?. Great stuff. Happy Cooking.
  9. They have a large vent assembly on the roof of their trailer, I am thinking they may have a smaller Egg inside, as well as the XL on the porch.
  10. Like I said above, I smelled what I think was pork butts the other morning and it was truly amazing. Going to try them next week.
  11. I haven’t had a chance to taste their food, but the pictures look great . The truck has a Mexican theme, so I am thinking tacos, Mexican corn, and other delights.
  12. You know, it happed so fast I didn’t even have a chance to grab for it. ( probably a good thing) It came off my cutting board and then skittered off the hard granite counter top falling tip down into my foot. I got a pretty good lecture from my wife
  13. Absolutely, I learned that lesson the hard way, unfortunately.
  14. Saw this new food truck using a XL BGE on my way to the barber yesterday. Pretty cool, I saw it about 9 in the morning, and it smelled like they were cooking pork butts for the lunch rush, smelled amazing. I am going to have to check it out.
  15. Roasted a nice little 3lb chicken with potatoes, carrots, onions, and celery last night. Came out great, and my wife and I enjoyed half of it. After dinner I sliced up the remaining breast and pulled the meat off the bone. I set my 8" Global on the bottom edge of the cutting board, and started to put the chicken in a ziplock on it's way to the fridge. The zip lock bag caught the handle of my knife and sent it off the cutting board and sliding off the edge of the granite counter and down to the floor blade first. The tip struck me directly in the top of my foot, cutting right through the top of my shoe and penetrating my foot. Stabbed me pretty good, but missed the veins on the top of my foot, and didn't need stitches. None the less it scared the heck out of me. After the incident and no serious damage to my foot, I laughed at thinking at least the tip didn't hit the ceramic tile and break, I love that knife. Be careful out there
  16. No, looks like we just miss them, we are in Zone 8 and the info on line says Fox Tail ferns grow in Zones 9-11. We have a number of interesting plants but all them are plants that grow in arid climates. Here's a few desert willow This tree grow natively and has orchid like blooms in spring and summer. Gopher plant This plant is great, nobody eats it ad it has beautiful yellow flowers in the spring Claret cup cactus This cactus gets beautiful Burgundy colored flowers in the spring Apache Plume starts off with white flowers and then develops pinkish plumes Strawberry cactus
  17. A big element of the Japanese culture is their skill and love for gardening and creating beautiful, tranquil, and thoughtful outdoor spaces. Only figures then, that they would make some fine gardening blades, as well the many other blades they create. Our property has a lot of wild native high desert mountain growth that we have shaped into a garden. I am constantly lopping this and pruning that. A good clean cutting pruning saw is an essential tool. I also use power driven saws, clippers, and whackers, but continue to use a hand saw for fine work. I have seen these saws hanging on the wall of the Stihl shop where I take my chain saws and such for service. Almost $200 for a fine pruning saw is a bit much for even a blade enthusiast, so I have left them hanging their for quite a while, but today I bit the bullet. The saw's logo is Silky, and now that I have used it, I can attest to that fact.
  18. Absolutely love this wine after Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Picked up my first bottle way, way, back when the winery operation was in a couple of simple wooden buildings. V Sattui even back then was a really cool winery. All the others in Napa were stuffy, you can't picknic on our beautiful grounds kind of places. V Sattui sold gourmet cured sausage, salami and cheese, and provided wooden picnic tables, along with making some truly fine wines. Spent many a relaxing afternoon there sipping some beautiful wines and watching the afternoon age over the vineyards. Good Memories.
  19. Welcome James, glad to have you with us.
  20. I am pretty sure the red outer surface finish on your Joe is ceramic glaze and not paint. That said, the red dots are probably baked onto the ceramic surface of your fire box during the kiln firing process. As such, I am betting they do not present a health risk
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