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  1. Nothing is quite as bad as dry overcooked pork, once you have tasted a moist tender chop with charred fat. Makes me think of the bone in pork roast Jackjumper just posted, it looks soooo good.
  2. Hey Jack, I did a bone in pork loin roast a while back and put little foil caps on the bone tips to keep them from burning. However they still burned pretty severely. The bones in your rack look nice, is there a secret?
  3. Very nice job Jack, looks to be cooked to perfection. On the spices coming together, I have a theory that the fat actually quiets some of the heat while bringing out the combined flavor.
  4. From what you are saying, I think the amount of wood chips you used may be the major contributor to the color of your turkey. John (quoted from above) is correct in that it is often the contents of the rub (sugary rubs , syrup, molasses, etc. will burn pretty easy. You can check the contents of the rub you used. If the first one is sugar, that may also be a factor. I use olive oil because I like the taste, but it does have a lower smoke point than some of the other oils. However, I am thinking that if you cut the amount of wood chips or chunks you put on your fire you will lighten the color of the meat you are cooking. Maybe just try a simple chicken, with only the lump with no wood chips at all and look at the color you get. Make sure to let the thick initial smoke reduce to a thin grey smoke before you put food on. Good luck and have fun.
  5. Maybe a couple of things; 1. Are you using a deflector or an open flame? A deflector gives you more even heat and has far less chance of burning the skin of whatever it is you are cooking. 2.. Use less smoke. Smoke along with imparting flavor, imparts color as well. I have found that a little smoke goes a long way. Try a cook without wood smoke and look for a difference. If you are not using wood smoke now and your food is still dark, it could be that you are putting your food on the grill before the initial thick smoke from your lump dies down. I usually wait about 45 mins to a full hour after I get the fire going and shut down the vents before I put on the meat. When I do turkey or chicken, I just use a very small handful of pecan or apple wood chips at the end of the cook to perfume it. I find that poultry soaks up smoke like a sponge and can easily pick up too much. Even when cooking big cuts of beef or pork, I do not use much smoke. 3.. Sometimes, if you use too much rub it will burn to a char while the meat underneath will still taste good if you trim off the charred rub. I use oil and fresh herbs and add them as the cook proceeds, sometimes I foil if my rub starts to burn or the skin starts to pick up too much color. Good luck, Above all remain calm and have fun.
  6. A turkey sandwich on toasted sourdough with cranberry sauce on top of the sliced turkey with some mayo, sliced red onion, and a slice of provolone is my favorite.
  7. I did not cook this turkey, my foodie friend in Northern California did, but I thought you guys would be interested in and enjoy the technique. My friend has an outdoor room attached to his house with a full outdoor kitchen including a gas barbecue, pizza oven, and a rumford fireplace. For this cook he hangs a metal bracket (he made) from the mantel of the fireplace. From a hook on the bracket he hangs a string which suspends the turkey in front of a banked oak wood fire, and above a pan filled with root veggies sitting on the hearth. The idea is that as the dinner guests gather and have a glass of wine, they all get an opportunity to give the turkey a spin, making this an interesting rotisserie cook. As the turkey cooks, the drippings fall onto and flavor the root veggies as they cook in the pan. I have never had his turkey cooked this way (he sent me a picture), but I have had a leg of lamb that he cooks in the same manner. Amazing. My friend is truly an amateur master chef and was my inspiration to become a better backyard cook.
  8. Maybe, try wraping it in the foil tent but place it in a cooler that is large enough to handle it. The insulation in the cooler will keep the heat in but allow it to rest.
  9. Great idea, my rosemary survives the Winter outside but my winter is a far cry from yours. We get maybe 18 to 20 inches of snow and usually temps with lows only down into the teens, that's probably like Spring in Chicago. I bring my wifes's prize cactus plants into the garage and set them in front of a west facing window. Enjoy the fruit of your labor this Thanksgiving. I usually toss a handful of rosemary sprigs onto my fire at the very end of my turkey cook. I don't use wood smoke for turkey because it is a little strong for my families taste, the rosemary smoke, however, seems to perfume the turkey very nicely. Happy Thanksgiving and may your turkey come out perfect.
  10. You may have to change your name to Luke, cause the Force is with you. R2Ds will love the ProJoe. Congratulations and have fun with the new toy.
  11. Hey JPDVM2014, What you are describing was my condition more than 20 years ago, exactly. My wife told me that I snored and that she felt I stopped breathing several times during the night. Any time I sat down for more than a minute I fell asleep. Driving home from work I jerked awake and realized that I had fallen asleep behind the wheel, scared me to death. My wife actually saw a program on sleep apnea on T.V., and pitched a fit until I made an appointment with the Doc. God Bless her. Doc listened to my symptoms and referred me to a specialist Doc for a sleep study. My test was positive and they immediately put me on CPAP therapy, I've been on the machine ever since (more than 20 years). Probably, wouldn't be here without it. Depending on your insurance coverage you might have to start out with your family Doc, and get a referral from him for a sleep study (your Dr's receptionist or nurse can probably tell you if you'll need a referral or not). The sleep test consists of going to the sleep lab at about 6 or 7 pm. They hook you up to EKG sensors and other monitors, and then you sleep in a room with video monitors, brain activity monitors, and other measures. The sensors are no big deal as they just stick them onto the surface of your skin at different locations. If they find that you have sleep apnea, at some point during the night, they will come in wake you up and fit you with a CPAP mask. When you go back to sleep with the mask, they will measure the amount of pressure needed to keep your soft palate open, and watch for improvement in your rem depth sleep. They have always awakened me at about 5:30 or 6:00 the next morning. and I was able to go to work. After the test the Doc will call you in for the results and prescribe a CPAP or some other measures if you need them or it (at least that's how it worked with me. Not trying to sound alarmist or melodramatic, but your symptoms and your wife's observations sound like something, that from experience, I know you should not ignore. Hang in there, and take care of yourself. I will be praying for you. Let us know how it turns out and how you are doing. Grace and Peace
  12. I am thankful for my Lord Jesus Christ and how He is teaching me to truly love all the people He has put in my life. May God bless all of you and may you and your families know the true joy of Christmas.
  13. You know Jack, I am your neighbor too sort of. You would have made me happy if you had put one of those chops in a taxi and sent it up the hill (what's a couple hundred miles among friends). Great job, glad you like the brussels sprout bacon slaw. The chef at Prescott Station has to get the credit though as he developed the recipe (I just stole it). Again nice job, I like that new grill.
  14. Very versatile, you can do your grocery shopping for the cook in it , and your kids can ride it down the hill after dinner.
  15. My suggestion would be to avoid low and slow, just cook something like a pork loin roast (bone in looks really impressive, or some other cut in roast like form that does not really require low and slow try to run somewhere in the 300's and don't get too concerned about hitting an exact target temp. then just pull the meat at the recommended internal temp. As long as the internal temp is your guide it's pretty hard to screw it up, as it will just cook quicker or slower, but always come at at about the same place. Once you pick your meat you can guess at the time it will take to reach target temp so you can fit it into your holiday schedule. I just cooked a 3 pound bone in pork loin roast at 320 to 350 and it took about and hour 45 almost 2 hours of course the temp outside is a factor. Good luck and above all remain calm at all times and have fun.
  16. I think Mewantkj is onto something. I placed a probe in a chicken once and hit the back bone. The temp just climbed so quickly, that I knew something was wrong. I pulled the probe out and made sure that i inserted it into the breast as close to the middle as I could get it. The registered temp dropped instantly and I finished the cook pulling the chicken at 170 with perfect results. I have also come to close to a roasting rack with my probe placement and picked up heat off the metal rack the roast was sitting on. All lessons learned.
  17. Welcome and congratulations on your New Big Joe. There is a Kamado Joe section on the forum, just scroll down the home page and you will see it. Those guys can give you Joe specific tips and info. Turkey on a kamado is a wonderful thing, and better than anything you have tasted before. Good luck with you new kamado and Thanksgiving dinner. Happy Thanksgiving!
  18. Hey Halifax Aussie, I have globals also. I love them and find them easy to sharpen with the hand powered two stone Micro Sharp water sharpener made by MCC (master cutlery corp) in Japan, and recommend by global themselves. The sharpener has two stones a white sharpening stone and a pink finishing stone. They role on spindles in a tray that holds water, so the stones are continuously wet and flushed with water . The stones are cut to impart exactly the correct angle on the blade required by global. There is a story that MCC used their sharpener to sharpen the knives of the Sushi chefs at a famous restaurant in Japan, (the knives are sharpened each night after closing). Reportedly, the chefs wanted to know who sharpened their knives and recommended that who ever it was, would continue to sharpen them. The MCC Micro Sharp is about 65 if I remember correctly. Of course I also realize, I am just a back yard cook and don't deal with the day in day out constant use that someone in the food business has to deal with.
  19. While all the grills that you listed are of high quality, I noticed that you did not include Vision. IMO, the Vision Pro C, could easily fit into the quality range of the grills you are already looking at. However if you do this I guess it just made your decision that much more complicated. Enjoy your research. With those grills and the vision, I don't think you can go wrong should you choose anyone of them. Ps. I have been cooking on my ceramic kamado (Vision Pro C) for over a year now and it is still safe and sound. If I can use it safely without causing damage to it or to myself, I would say anybody can. Pss. After reading the forum for a year, If I were to get another grill, I think it would be the Primo XL oval because of it's versatility. Psss. Nothing in my experience, cooks like or better than a Kamado. Again have fun, and good luck.
  20. Arizona over Oregon 42 to 16. Arizona's much maligned QB's, mom in the stands with tears in her eyes while her kid goes 20 for 22 and over a hundred yards rushing, against the # 5 team in the country. Like your pork chops, just amazing.
  21. Hey Jack, You and your wife have a great Thanksgiving. Enjoy the brussels sprouts. I would write more but I am so hyper, I am having trouble keeping my hands steady, because U of A is beating Oregon by 3 TD's at the half. Can you believe that.
  22. Welcome to the forum and to Arizona. Not so much traffic up the hill, although sometimes I have been stuck behind a truck and horse trailer. Enjoy the forum and your new Akorn.
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