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  1. Hey all. Living in Scotland and well getting the ole Kamado (Early model Pit Boss K24) going and was looking for a cheap divide and conquer setup. Getting compatible bits for a non-KJ grill is a bit tricky in the UK and the price is bat sh!t crazy but I came across the brand Onlyfire but not the one listed for a Kamado as it seems they carry a premium price due to Kamado branding. Looking at many of the kettle grill versions there was only a 1/2" difference in size I can't believe that a factory would run off different models in 1/2 sizes not exactly a pair of shoes. Anyway, the "Onlyfire BBQ Cooking Grate System Fits for 22.5" Weber Kettle Grill and Other Similar Size Kettle Grills" fit perfectly in my K24 and cost £89. Hope this helps some UK Kamado users. Currently modding a stainless steel bowl as a cheap ash collector, but can't get my head around a £60 basket for charcoal....couldn't I use a cheap deep fryer chip basket?? Now next purchase Rotisserie that fits, anyone with a suggestion as I can't justify £200+ Mickey
  2. m-fine - thank you. I think I've been overthinking the adjustment process. Back to building my table
  3. Jeffie - Thanks for the extra job tip. The life work balance in Scotland vs my life in NYC does give me more time to chill and grill. I'll just have to find a local butcher that is will to exchange meat for slow smoked heaven. Hey keep your eyes open for a store return auction, you never know. There are auction houses that deal with Costco/Walmart/Lowes return. We get seriously ripped off versus North America on prices, so I'm sitting grinning and as I said I need to work out the hinge settings. I almost pulled the trigger on an Akorn, but thought the sizing was a tad small. How do you find it?
  4. Sorry to revive this topic. I recently picked up an old K24 Pit Boss. I've been trying to adjust the setting for the hinge as there is a noticeable movement with the same screw highlighted in the pic above which I thought was causing lid alignment issues. I didn't think of adjusting the band. Is this something I should do before I decide to try removing the hinge assembly. Any advice on you to easily remove the springs, and when need reapply?
  5. Hey everyone, I think I"m becoming obsessed with this site. I'm not new to Kamado grills, previously owned and Vision grill when they first went on the market (Costco aproox 2014) but sadly in 2019 the caster wheel got stuck in a paving stone while the other half was moving it.....I took the bad news well, I think due to me being at work! I went back to costco and bought a regular cast iron grill but its wasn't the same. Recently I came across a UK auction website and low and behold they had a Pit Boss (K24) - Managed to snag it for £120 including shipping to a bit tickled with myself. It needs some TLC, still trying to figure out the hinge settings. So friend are happy I'm back in business, bank account isn't as I keep having parties and big slabs of meat ain't cheap. At the moment I'm trying to build a wooden table for the grill (I ain't no Joseph) - But long term I'm thinking heavy duty threaded steam pipes, will see.
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