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  1. bosco

    Pizzagetti Revisited

    that looks great ckreef. That was the hardest part of the pizza oven for me. Learning to be patient and cooking on the down swing of the heat cycle
  2. bosco

    Pretty Babies !!

    I am not sure what they tasted like on Sunday but right now I can only taste iPhone 7 Plus when I try eating the screen......
  3. bosco

    FS Flameboss 200 Wifi

    I’m from Hamilton!!!! Is your daughter here for work?
  4. bosco

    FS Flameboss 200 Wifi

    I’ll give you a bag of blazing buffalo Doritos and some Canadian maple syrup.
  5. bosco

    Lasagna on the Alfa

    Wow!!!! i was wondering if two or three pieces would be too much for me lol. This is awesome
  6. bosco

    Nothing but WFO money!

    Ckreef are the white dishes Le Creuset stoneware? I was st the outlet and was ready to buy some stoneware and the lady was telling me that I have to be careful with going from one temp to something extreme like a pizza oven. I still think ill buy a few to try. I think the cast just gets a bit too hot for the WFO
  7. bosco

    Traeger Smoked Butter Chicken

    Chicken masala and beef vindaloo are both amazing. Butter chicken is a soft spot for me lol
  8. bosco

    Traeger Smoked Butter Chicken

    Its a rich creamy smooth butter base sauce with various spices. Indian food is quickly turning into a staple these days for me!! i used the gourmet blend from Costco maple cherry and hickory
  9. Prepared the dish and then smoked it for 2 hours at 165° with Super Smoke. Served with basmati rice and fresh cilantro
  10. Congrats on the new cooker!!! definate learning curve going to pellets but a fun one to experiment and learn with
  11. bosco

    Extreme Diet Trends

    I have been a long time user on the weight watchers platform. I have borrowed books and sliders cards in the old days and have an app that mimics ww now. I still prefer the points plus system. I prefer ww over every other diet that I have ever tried because I eat the same just less of it. Its about portion control and accountability. I was a five year ww guy and then over the past 3 years, I just lost site of things and let the weight creep up. I have tried so many times to get back into it, only to give up later that week.... January 1st I weighed in at 225 lbs. and I am only 5'10" so I am pushing some of the heaviest I have been. I decided that it was time to get back to track and started on ww once again. Im 9 days in and seem to be past the hunger and mood swings... But this isn't a diet and should never be viewed as one. This is a lifestyle change and I have to be all in to make it work. Down 9 pounds in 9 days, I know it is all water weight as they say, but at least it is a start in the right direction.
  12. bosco

    Self Grind Burgers

    Looking killer Freddy. Welcome to home grind, honestly you will never go back to store bought
  13. bosco

    Scotch eggs... Traeger edition

    My first troll yesterday that was quite fun. I love the perception out there with respect to them
  14. Man these turned out really good. First time smoking them as I usually fry them. Can’t wait to make more!!! Timberline 850 smoked 1 hour @ 225 super smoke, then finished them off at 375° for 30 minutes.
  15. bosco

    Niece Plays with WFO

    People think that I am crazy when I call BBQ a hobby. Being able to share my hobby and passion with my family and friends is the best part for me. Cooking and food bring family together!!! Great work Uncle Ckreef!!