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  1. Thoughts and prayers friend. We went through this with a close family friends son a few years ago. Can’t imagine the stresses on your family and I’ll pray for your family
  2. welcome to the forum. Check out the introduction section and tell us a little about yourself!!
  3. interesting but I think that you are wrong... traeger gourmet pellets for example in Canadian dollars is far cheaper than average cost charcoal. Lets do actual examples of cost break down Traeger Costco gourmet blend 33 lbs @ 25.99 a bag equates to .787 a lb. so we will call it .79 a pound. Traeger regular bag of pellets 20 lbs at 22.99 a bag equates to 1.149 so we will call it 1.15 a pound. Now in canada i prefer maple maple leaf lump charcoal 17.64 lbs for 21.99 a bag equates to 1.246 so we will call it 1.25 a pound. Kamado joe big block lump 20lbs at 29.99 a bag equates to 1.499 so we will call it 1.50 a bag. So pellets are literally cheaper in Canada where you and I both live. What high quality pellet are you referring to at 2.00 a pound? It’s not pit boss, lumberjack or bbqers delight. So what ones are you getting this info from. Low and slow and grilling I am averaging 1.2 to 1.3 lbs an hour and in winter Lowe and slow is about 1.5 to 1.6. High heat isn’t that much worse from winter to summer in the timberline. I will not make up numbers so I will give you accurate results in the fall and winter soon. Currently in the warmer months I am seeing about 1.5 pounds an hour during high heat. With the new pellet sensor it allows me to accurately measure my cost per hour. In all honesty, who cares what you are burning per hour. If you are worried about that, get a gasser as they burn under .10 an hour ....
  4. Curious why you think pellet efficiency isn’t good on the timberline? I can tell you that my trageers have literally replaced every aspect of my cooking needs with the exception of open fire char on my steak. I cook 375-450 almost exclusively on my Timberline. The timberline is double wall steel with an oversized door gasket. The new D2 motor has a multi speed drive that is able to quickly recover temps and maintain heat within +/-5°
  5. With the new Timberline D2 I can average pellet consumption based on the hopper sensor. My last rib cook I filled the hopper up to 90% which was 22.5 lbs. my cook was 225 for about 6 to 6.5 hours. I flattened the pellets let’s in the hopper to get an accurate reading. My sensor was reading 70% I am not sure of the % increments, however I would think that it is fairly accurate. So 20% pellet consumption at 6 hours with a starting weight of 22.5 lbs means I used 4.5 lbs. 6 hours 4.5 lbs is burning less than a pound an hour. .75 lbs an hour. With respect to the winter... with my original timberline models, I couldn’t really tell a noticeable difference in consumption unless it was -25+ and I was trying to cook at 500°. I am very impressed with the double wall steel technology. I’m not going to speak for anyone, however, I believe that @John Setzler changed from a yoder to a Timberline and is very happy with that decision.
  6. welcome back to the traeger game!!!
  7. Imagine cutting one inch off of a straw and sliding over the probe. I can’t seem to find the photo but it looked easy and guaranteed solve the guy said
  8. I saw an excellent work around for this grill. Take a piece of foil approx 1” wide and wrap it around the thermostat probe a few times. Imagine making the probe extend 1” further into the grill this way. Milk try and find the post to borrow the photo. Buddy said it was an immediate and simple fix for now
  9. What model do you have?
  10. Welcome to the forum please feel free to post in the Akron section
  11. I have no regrets going towards the pellet grill. I still have a Kamado and I use it when I feel like charcoal, however, I tend to use my pellet grill 95% of the time. You will love it!!
  12. a quick google search.... I found this https://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/ultra-thin-pizza-crust-with-mod-inspired-toppings-recipe
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