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  1. bosco

    Pellet Grill Questions

    I keep pressing the wrong button when I go to quote something. I really struggled with them but was strongly considering them before I went Traeger. Big green Craig got me looking at them but the pro 34 was visually appealing for me. So that was the direction I went
  2. bosco

    New knives

    I’m not a huge fan of the white steel. I find that it takes a wicked edge but I don’t like the patina that forms so quickly. I have gone towards the konosuke line and his knives are low maintenance. Not sure if they were in your wheel house but the konosuke HD2 240mm is my solid laser. I’m waiting for a blue #2 Fujiyama and those will be my only two knives eventually. I also have a masamoto KS in white steel and if it even looks at something it starts to stain. So that is kept clean in the cupboard.
  3. Thanks buddy!! I really enjoyed cooking these for the first time. Always room for improvement for next time. But it won’t be often as these scare the crap out of my arteries!!!
  4. Haven’t posted a cook in a very long time on the guru but this one was a lot of fun. 3 lb pork belly cubed and rubbed with my home made rub. smoked at 165° for 2 hours then 225° for 1.5 hours. pulled them off and into a pan with some BBQ sauce and back on the grill at 300° for 1 hour...
  5. bosco

    Pellet Grill Questions

    I get Traeger gourmet blend at Costco which is a mix of cherry, maple and hickory. The pellets are excellent and the aroma is wonderful. I buy 33# bag for 24.99 CAD. Traeger standard pellets are 25 pounds for 22.99 CAD. Price point... I find it about the same price as lump. Depending on how I am cooking these bags last me a long while. Just like lump, people will say it costs more than propane... but for me I really enjoy the profile of pellets and the ease of use has been my jam. I still cook on the kamado and go through lump as well
  6. bosco

    New knives

    Very fancy!!! Looks great
  7. bosco

    Pellet Grill Questions

    This is so perfectly stated John. It is very true, less is more and a little smoke goes a long way. I get massive heart burn when food is cooked with too much smoke and I have never had an issue. I dont smoke on my kamado anymore because I prefer the pellet and I have it in my cooking arsenal.
  8. bosco

    Pellet Grill Questions

    What is a waste for you may not be for others. Grills attract different people for different reasons. We are all so use to kamados being the all in one grill so it’s easy to understand or justify its purchase. Orhers really prefer simplicity of a pellet for example and only want one grill. So searing makes sense. I buy my traeger pellets at costco and I am very happy with the price point for the weight that I get. Ordering loads of wood or bags of charcoal are all expensive as well.
  9. bosco

    Pellet Grill Questions

    Learning how to cook on a pellet is the key! Your friend seems like he knows what is going on. When I learned about smoking on the traeger, I didn't really understand the smoke setting at 165 degrees. Then reading and learning more about pellet grills, I learned that adding an hour or two on the smoke setting imparts massive flavour. I always read that its mild smoke..... anyways that doesn't bother me at all. It is super clean and for me... it is nice to not always have to taste charcoal. I have thin sliced some wood chunks and placed them over the fire pot with success prior to really understanding the smoke setting. Good luck as you continue your research. I am obviously bias, so i will not steer you anyway in particular nor will I make false claims based on my opinion. I will say that overall, the pellet grill has fit my life like a glove. I absolutely love everything about it. You mentioned that you Kamado and pellet would be a good fit.... I would take it one step further to suggest that it is the best fit! I love that combo and recommend it to everyone that will listen!!!
  10. bosco

    Firing up the Alfa again tonight

    Sounds good!!! What was your hydration %?
  11. bosco

    Pellet Grill Questions

    If you are wanting to avoid rust I’d stay away from the yoder. They come with a can of touch up paint. If tou are waiting until spring maybe companies will have new lines out keep reading. I looked at rec tec but wasn’t a fan of the horn handles. They bothered me a lot. +/- temp swings is huge with a pellet so make sure that you find something that has a good temp swing.
  12. bosco

    Traeger Timberline Bad Reviews

    How? I wasn’t aware myself
  13. bosco

    Chicken thighs on the mighty Jumbo

    I am loving chicken thighs these days!! looks good
  14. bosco

    Traeger Timberline Bad Reviews

    @Charcoal Addict not sure what happened there. I went to quote you but some how it said editing post. I backed out when I caught that. I didn’t actually edit your post and apologize as the edit post function is new for me and just assumed that I selected quote. I wrote this as my reply I know many dealers and I watch the Traeger social media quite religiously. I can tell you that the pro 22 is a great grill but I have yet to see the statements that you claim in my network. Good luck with your your continued research
  15. bosco

    Traeger Timberline Bad Reviews

    They are expensive but it is worth every penny. Just to be clear, the 850 has been beautiful out of the box with exception of a few software upgrades. The issue was the 1300 and it’s now god to go.