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  1. I wasn't a huge fan of the ceramic. It got messy and needed to be coated to help prevent sticking. It take a while to heat up with the pizza made inside of it so it's not like you can pre heat and then add the dough and ingredients. For me i switched to the pizza deep dish pan from Chicago Metallic and love it. I will say that I bought the page 14 or 15" but found quickly that it was too much pizza for my wife and I. My boys don't like deep dish so I bought a smaller 9" one which is perfect
  2. Insane pizza cook?

    what is bisquick?
  3. I am really enjoying cooking on different cooked these days. This is a great cook and the Weber line is too notch!!
  4. Sodastream

    @ckreef I ordered a co2 tank adapter from Germany that you connect to any co2 tank. It will allow you to refill the sodastream bottles. On a 20lb co2 tank I can fill 22 bottles for 40.00. This will bring the price down considerably
  5. Timberline Ribs

    @aljoseph that is actually the third rack. If you look look I can drop the lower shelf down and put the second grate back in. Remove the smaller third shelf and bam... 40 racks!
  6. Sodastream

    Just to update, i purchased a Kitchenaid Sodastream last week and it arrived today. I went with the green apple to match our mixer. This thing is awesome. I can't see myself getting into the soda mixes all that much, however, I got it to cut down on my perrier addiction lol. We buy a case of 24 500 ml perrier each week for 20.00. That is a total of 48L a month for 80.00. This sodastream will make 60L of soda water for 15.00 a month. I just found an adapter from Germany that I will likely buy to start refilling our own co2 bottles with a co2 tank and that will eventually bring the 60L refill down from 15.00 a month to 2.00 a month. I was so so impressed with the carbonation. I made 2 L to bring to work today with a half of a squeezed lime in each. I usually drink 3 or 4 perrier a day as a way to avoid pop.
  7. Timberline Ribs

    Dub, you hit the nail on the head with that comment. I honestly love charcoal and Kamado cooking. Hell I have 8 of them lol!! but with that came time constraints. I looked st commercial pellet grills like the yoder ys1500 but felt for the price I would never get the value out of it. Traeger was the choice for me because of price and my local dealer selling them. The pro 34 was a champ for me but when the upgrades of the timberline series were announced, it seemed like the right grill for me. My pellet grill is about lifestyle. It fits that mould of my quick cooker, and my no fuss cooker. When I have time I use charcoal, but when time is limited it's pretty nice to know I can still hammer out a cook with no effort. Rak mwssaged me yesterday and said, he couldn't believe I had 20 racks going with no stress and being able to nap. I found that to be quite funny. After all all that I was at work last night and realized I forgot to shut my grill down when my app messaged me to remind me it was still going. I hit shut down and went back to work. This grill has had tons of space for a residential BBQ. My buddy is making me a second rack for the second shelf so I can do 40 racks at once!
  8. Timberline Ribs

    Man these turned out really good. I cooked them at 225 for 4.5 hours. Foiled them with some apple juice and placed in cooler for an hour while I went to work. Placed them on work gasser at 225 for 30 min then sauced them. They were really good and clean off the bone bite!
  9. Timberline Ribs

    20 racks all rubbed down. Excellent colour from my home rub that I have tweaked a bit. My buddy built me a custom rib rack to house this type of cook. 18 slots... but I have room for 2 more so looks like I'll get him to go a bit bigger for me
  10. Sodastream

    Sams club in the US allows you to buy large boxes of Coca Cola syrup
  11. The LEM Products Jerky Cannon

    You need to stop with the toys.... its causes me to spend every single time
  12. Sodastream

    I found a way to fill my own bottles which I may consider eventually. For now the local trade trade program is 20.00 at the store and a Guy refills from his house for 8.00. I think they will be good for me. I'll have 3 bottles on hand at all times likely
  13. The Stongest Joint debate

    im so confused
  14. about to purchase one mostly for carbonated water, not really the soda stuff. I am spending far too much on Perrier each week so think this is a better alternative. I am looking at the kitchenaid sparkling beverage, powered by sodastream model. I may purchase a 20lb co2 tank and the adapter kit to refill the smaller co2 tanks to save in the long run Just looking for some input from anyone that has one or has had one thanks
  15. WSM Pork Butts

    I loved my wsm before I got into the Kamado. The issue I had was in the winter it would cause some stability issues but more importantly the leftover water grossed me out and I hated having to dump it lol. But it was an awesome cooker and made incredibel food