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  1. bosco

    Traeger chicken wings

    Some of my better wings yet. I have been playing with a new method for cooking them in the Traeger. It’s badically a three temp cooking sequence. 45-60 min 165° super smoke 45 min 375° 15 min 425° this gets me the smoke, then a perfectly cooked wing folowed by the wing being nice and crunchy. So fsr so good!!
  2. bosco

    Traeger chicken wings

    I love the way that they turned out. Thanks !!
  3. I wanted to make Carne Asada and then my kids said they wanted wings and I really didn’t feel like making two meals. My wife is away and she hates when I do “Creative” test cooking lol.... so I took advantage of the situation and marinated wings in my mojo the results were pretty epic I must admit. It was like chicken tacos but in wing format. The Traeger works magic on poultry. the boys wanted basic so I just hit the rest up with some bbq rub and done...
  4. bosco

    WFO recommendations?

    This is so true. All ovens can state that they can do a set number of pizza at a time. The reality is once you add the fire your size is limited. Im not a bigger is better type but I will say having the room in a pizza oven is a great idea!! great comment ckreef
  5. bosco

    Cleaning brightwork

    I went to Home Depot and got a masonry mixer tub. It’s a black rectangular tub. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Plasgad-Black-Large-Concrete-Mixing-Tub-887102C/205451585 The ratio was 1oz per gallon but I said I doubled it at 2 oz per gallon. I thought that I only purchased one pound but I must have bought two. Anyways it really worked lol. You can see the comparison in my original post
  6. bosco

    Cleaning brightwork

    From what I remember, I added double the recommended mix for PBW so that it was heavy duty. I don’t know if that was required but that’s what I did I believe. I may go go buy some tomorrow and give it a whirl. I believe I did 24 hour soak
  7. bosco

    Cleaning brightwork

    I did my dads kamado joe grates and had same results. My understanding is that the rust is on the stuff that gets caked on the grill not the stainless grates themselves. Pbw is is relatively inexpensive. I purchased a concrete mixing tub from Home Depot and soaked them with hot water and PBW. They came out better than new. With all that said... last week I used the traeger cleaner on my Timberline 850 and that stuff did a fantastic job with a piece of crumpled up foil. I will say however that it doesn’t get all the small spots out. I was hoping that the dawn would work on my grates but it did absolutely nothing. When I compared the PBW water to the dawn, the PBW was dark brown water. When I removed the grates from the mix, the black peeled off the stainless in strings of grease. I just sprayed with the hose. The dawn didnt even break the black build up. Even after scrubbing I couldn’t tell any noticeable difference and the water was essentially clear.
  8. bosco

    Cleaning brightwork

    PBW will bring back to factory new without an issue. I soak it for 24 hours and the grease peels off in strings. I don't believe in high heat burn offs... that's just my thing. Why add that stress to ceramic if you don't have to. And also a little PBW makes things sparkle new again
  9. bosco

    Pulled the traeger !

    I live in Canada so it is a bit different. But @freddyjbbq bought a certain amount and got free shipping and a 25.00 gift card from costco.... The gourmet blend is the real deal. I love it
  10. bosco

    Pulled the traeger !

    Sorry I missed this post. I use traeger pellets exclusively now but have tried others with mix reviews. Bbqers delight struggled to get temps hot but had a great aroma on low and slow. They say they are 100% wood flavour of whatever wood you get. I went with peach and it makes sense because they didn’t work on high heat. Lumberjack pellets worked but they were really small small compared to other brands. So so now I am a Traeger pellet user. I love the stuff from Costco. The gourmet blend of hickory maple and cherry. Very nice aroma and hits the meat with some great smoke.
  11. bosco

    End grain cutting boards?

    I really like the boos boards, however, since getting into the Japanese knives I have been using Hinoki wood boards. The cypress wood is nice and soft and really allows me to keep my edge longer than other boards. Any they are super light weight... My next end grain board will likely be walnut, it looks really sharp
  12. bosco

    Pellet Grill Owners?

    The 850 and 1300 are the exact same units with the exception of the 1300 being exactly 1’ longer in the cooking chamber. Other than that they are twins
  13. bosco

    Pellet Grill Owners?

    I don’t quite understand the real world cut off but if you are thinking of a reason to get it.... i have both and the 850 is all that I need most days. With that said if I were to own just one it would be the 1300. For the price difference it’s a great upgrade. I believe it’s 300.00 difference to go from 850 square inches to 1300. The 850 will heat a bit faster but other than that not any real difference in cooking. Pellet consumption difference is minimal.
  14. Thats right. I am sorry I forget sometimes. My wife says it is selective hearing and remembering ..... nag nag nag
  15. bosco

    Smoked Cheez-Its

    This has been flooding my social media feeds. I guess it’s time to cave in.... if setzler endorses it..... it’s gotta be good!