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  1. that looks really good. How did the smoke flavour taste?
  2. I have all yeti and I am very pleased with their products
  3. Sorry, i don't mean to cause that lol the pellet grill just really fits my lifestyle right now. It seems to be a wonderful compliment to the Kamado to fill in for those days where I wouldn't normally have time.
  4. Actually @Charcoal Addict The closest to a traditional smoker offset is the yoder. They use the design of their offsets to produce the closest smoke profile. Mak is a fine grill, @rwalters is a huge fan of them and they look like pure quality. For me, I really didn't like the look of them, I have OCD to some degree and the look of a grill is just as important as it's performance for me. With that said, my wife really didn't want to see a yoder in the yard as they were ambit robust looking. The timberline looked sleek, had a nice powder coated finish and it had a lot of great upgrades at a respectable all in for me. I think its its important to go with your gut, as you will be the only one dissapointed of you are unhappy. With that said, I agree with @Charcoal Addict that you should look st all brands to come to a happy conclusion can't wait to see what you end up with
  5. I am in love with this timberline. There have been a few growing pains with the timberline, but the good news is that it has been all controller. They are about to release a new software version this week that will correct the timing on the fan speed. With that said, let me tell you what I love about my timberline 1300 First let me say that this is in no way a replacement for my kamado grills. I am like you, this wasn't purchased to be a high heat grill. I was torn between the yoder and timberline because one had direct searing and the other didnt. I read an article about the timberline and Traeger stated that they didn't add a direct grill searing area because that is not what they designed a pellet grill for. It was a more convection style wood oven. Now back to the things that I love about this timberline 1300 1. wifire - I had zero desire for this option and I have to say that it is absolutely fantastic. I can be anywhere and check my grill on my smart phone. I never have to go to the grill and can do chores and errands all while being able to check in at anytime and make adjustments via the phone. Gone is the stress of not knowing what is going on and needing to add a digital remote temp device. Also the app is lights out. Being able to make cooking cycles and programs and downloading presets from the app for a cook is really cool. 2. downdraft technology/super smoke the grill has a new system to address the smoke. Smoke stays in the cooker way longer and super smoke allows for a more intense smoke profile. 3. Double wall steel. This thing is heavy, it holds the heat well and the new gasket on the door really eliminates smoke from escaping. 4. I can cook at 500 now which is great, I don't need much more then that, as I have two KKs at my disposal but its nice to be able to grill anytime and quickly. The pellet grill fills in the Monday to Friday spot for quick cooks. The convenience is an understatement in my opinion. 5. Finish is wonderful. It doesn't look bulky and it has a nice powder coated finish to it. It looks nice and thought out in design. My wife wasn't fond of the rugged look of the yoder. One major reason not to go yoder was that I heard stories of having to repaint, and sand rust etc... that worried me a lot 6. The 304 stainless grates are heavy and well built. It just seems like a rugged over the top cooker with tons of grilling space. Dollar for dollar, there is more grilling space on the 1300 then the YS640. I love charcoal and I love my kamado's. I have had 8 kamados over the past few years. But... both of my kids are in sports, my wife and I work shifts. We can't cook as much as we like because we are so busy. I got rid of the gasser and almost regretted it. Once I got a pellet grill, it became my gasser.... but with wood flavour. It has also become my dedicated smoker now and I have produced some of my best low and slow to date on this grill Anyways, I think its a great addition to any collection of grills and serves a purpose for my family needs at this time
  6. I am very jealous!! I would love to attend one of these!! nice photo too!!
  7. I like what I am seeing!!!
  8. I do all grind myself with my kitchenaid for burgers and turkey and chicken so I know the quality. I'll use twice a month and then once a year I'll do a few hundred pounds of meat for sausage
  9. I have had the #12 on my want list for a year but the price held me back for the amount of time that I will use it. I need it for burgers and sausage making. Lem #8 7 lbs a min for moderate use Lem #12 11 lbs a min for heavy use i think for the amount of time I will need it the #8 is perfect
  10. Anyone score anything??? i just landed a LEM #8 .35 hp stainless meat grinder. 338.00 on for 262.00!! I have wanted to get a grinder for a while a while now and pumped with this deal
  11. That looks awesome. It's nice to flick a switch or push a button once and a while without messing with charcoal. These look great
  12. Nothing as of yet, however, I am leaning toward the takeda two sided hand sharpener. Takeda made a two stone hand sharpener for his blades with a coarse and fine stone. He makes it look super simple in his video so I will likely go with that
  13. A very cool experience indeed.
  14. Beautiful shot!! Hopefully the fire is out soon!! im on vacation in Florida currently and did a 10k today in the heat. It has wiped me right out...
  15. Turning 40 in September and I am finding that it's time to start hitting some bucket list items. One has been to catch a ball at a baseball game. Last night while on vacation we went we went to the Rays and Red Socks game. We got cheap seats, in fact we were in the very last row of the upper deck. Well didn't I catch a foul ball!!!! I was sitting in the pink dot area