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  1. Some new knives

    If you love the KS.... the HD2 240 will blow you away. It has all the benefits of the ks, and the best part is that it is non reactive!!! some call a Ks a workhorse because of the thicker heel so I understand why you love it so much. But that hd..... I had to buy another. I may have a line on a gently used KS if you are looking for a second. Let me know and I’ll reach out to the guy
  2. Some new knives

    It’s official, I am over my love affair with 210mm gyuto knives. I like them longer now and I have traded and sold off my takeda knives. After buying a Mazaki KU 220mm gyuto and selling it the same day that I got it, I realized that KU finish isn’t for me and the 220 is the wrong length for me. I am digging the KS which runs a tad long for me at 252mm, however, it doesn’t feel that long when in hand so it’s perfect. More importantly the HD2 is amazing. It is around 230mm ish and man this knife is the real deal. I love it so much that I purchased another one last night. The HD2 is a try laser and it is so powerful. With its special mixed steel it is a non reactive knife with all the benefits of stainless and the edge retention of white steel. Although blue steel holds an edge better, I find the non reactive material a nice trade off. I am still toying with one more knife currently.... but it’s down to this or a yeti at this point so I will likely go yeti for now. My one HD2 will make its way to my knife block as my daily driver. The KS and second HD2 are just so pretty.... I’m trying hard not to be a collector So I keep working them into rotation. I have learned so much over this past year of what I like and don’t like and I have lost some money buying and selling but in the grand scheme of it, I have now found the knives that work for me best.
  3. Some new knives

    This knife seems to be the one that everyone is trying to trade for. Hold onto that sucker it’s value is through the roof!!!
  4. WFO Installation Thread

    Looks really good buddy. You of all people I would have expected to buy one. You are the Mac daddy of pizza. Pm me your email we can discuss hydration and temps. This is a whole new process cooking pizza in one of these ovens!!
  5. Some new knives

    Ok so my takedas are gone and my newly traded masakage 210 koishi is also gone. I am left with two knives and and now I am on the hunt for the perfect petty that I will use for handwork and not board work. Masamoto 240mm (252mm) KS. Although some classify it as a laser, others refer to it as a work horse. I plan on using it as a work horse. My newest knife i picked up yesterday from CKTG. It is a beautiful true laser knife... Konosuke HD 2 240mm (232mm). This knife is a little bit less reactive and will be my go to for almost everything. It’s a bit shorter which fits the 210 gap I’m missing as my takeda 210mm sasanoha was 225mm. To say that I am addicted is an understatement. I wish I was able to have seen and felt the takeda knives before I purchased them last year. This swap out and upgrade has left me very happy. I am currently in search of a 150mm range pretty and perhaps one more 240 true work horse. Something a little bit thicker and bulky for heavy duty work. I have a sharpening course in Toronto in May which should be really informative.
  6. Traeger meatmadness

    #5 was the winner with the sauced ribs. It was a great run and I had a ton of fun but all good things must come to an end! thabks for all the support this month
  7. Traeger meatmadness

    Traeger goes live on instagram at 4pm 2pmMST. Check it out for the announcement.
  8. Traeger meatmadness

    Great break down! The coolest part of this is people’s perspective. I have picked my top 5 and we shall see what happens. I think the idea of madness is over is over the top... I figured what better way to advertise madness and Traeger than showing 20 racks of ribs on one grill. I do do agree with a few of your picks remaining though! I will know at 4 pm when Traeger goes live on instagram.
  9. Traeger meatmadness

    Well I really hope that you are right!!! Thanks man!!
  10. Traeger meatmadness

    Thanks @Freddyj much appreciated bud
  11. Traeger meatmadness

    You pick one to take you through it all. The competition is pretty amazing now with the remainder photos
  12. Traeger meatmadness

    It sure did. I am up against pro photographer types and accounts with 20k to 50k followers. Whatever happens happens at this point it was pretty cool making it as far as I did.
  13. Traeger meatmadness

  14. FS Traeger Timberline 850

    too bad to hear. If you lived closer, I would have bought it off you! Good luck with your sale
  15. Some new knives

    I am moving and shaking with these knives. I can't believe just playing with different ones are turning my block up side down!!!