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  1. Welcome and once you sort out the initial startup with your son, you will be “off to the races”. I have cooked on every type off BBQ and still love my Kamado’s
  2. Welcome to the forum Sami! what lump were you using? What temp was the grill at when you added the meat? i usually start the grill and wait for the smoke to clear. From there you should be good to go.
  3. nice knife!!! I love Japanese knives and I have been buying and selling to get my perfect lineup over the past two years Congrats on the new knife. What a wonderful present
  4. @JeffieBoy I found the 8kg maple leaf at Rona for 19.99 a bag. Really good price so I stocked up. This is the best lump!!
  5. Royal oak red is by far the best charcoal I have used. I don’t care about the size of it as it burns clean and smells great. With the US border shut down I haven’t stocked up. my equally favourite Canadian brand is Maple leaf lump. Someone on the forum let me know that they are back up and running after a factory fire shut them down for two years. me I have tried about every brand you can imagine. These are my go to bags all day everyday
  6. Do you recall the price? I may swing by on the weekend
  7. I love the maple leaf lump brand out of Quebec, however; I have heard that the factory burnt down. I am not sure how true that is but I am really missing it
  8. bosco

    Been a bit....

    Carpet and seats are installed and we drove it for its first drive since 1996. needs a tune up, oil change and we now have a small oil leak. It also has an aftermarket exhaust that is seized on. We drive it to the shop Monday for some mechanical work!! but.... it’s road worthy and insured and appraised way higher than we had expected
  9. bosco

    Been a bit....

    it’s the original motor for this car 1500cc
  10. bosco

    Been a bit....

    It is a work in progress lol
  11. bosco

    Been a bit....

    So we have been busy over the past few months since we got her home. first thing we added all of our exterior trim, emblems, bumpers, mirrors, a second antenna as the first one was installed incorrect and we broke it. this car did not come with a stereo when it was built in 68 so we added an original 68 stereo and speaker. the wiring was a total mess. We ended up with a new panel, switches and relays and we were chasing wires for weeks until everything was finally sorted out. We had alignment issues with the front hood as it was after market and we spent a great deal of time getting it set. Still a work in progress, however; it locks now and latches. installed the dashboard and all components and we have a working radio finally. we added tar sound proofing kit to the floor and trunk. And this week we started putting the interior trunk together. we should have all of the carpet installed shortly and we will be installing the seats. They could be resorted, however; dad wants to keep them as is for now. We have an appointment with an interior upholstery guy in a few weeks to patch a few parts. we spent the past two weeks looking for a passenger foot rest that needed to be installed prior to the carpet installation. We found one finally so we can proceed with the rest of the carpet kit.
  12. bosco

    Been a bit....

    I haven’t updated this post in a while. We completed the body and paint work a few months ago. put on a new windshield and reinstalled all of our glass. fenders and running boards installed. we will have our hands filled with re-wiring the car. My dad has his electrical ticket so we plan on doing this ourselves. As you can see the wiring looks like a birds nest right now.
  13. the manual use to recommend a full wet cloth wipe down after burn in. There is a ton of oil that gets burnt off and it leaves a dry residue that will likely blow around. The drip liners are ok but personally I find that the edge on them prevents the grease from flowing into the grease trap. Foil is clean and works great. next cook to avoid any smoke flavour preheat grill to 375-400 and put the meat in. You likely tasted the burnt off oil profile in the meat. Almost like a creosote flavour in the meat. I can honestly say that I have never had better chicken since getting into the traeger.
  14. @keeperovdeflame A few things about your burn in. When I did my burn in they recommended 500° for 30 minutes. Is this 350° in their literature now? did you wipe the grill down after the first burn? Now for the cook part. Did you put the chicken on and bring to 400° or did you put the chicken on after 400°? I ask because much like your clean smoke from your Kamado, a traeger is very much the same. Anything over 350 burns very clean with very little smoke. Using the pellets that you used are mild and I’m a bit surprised to hear that it was too Smokey for you. A different flavour profile will come out 100%. But you should be tasting a cleaner flavour overall. Charcoal tends to dominate all foods for me now when I have it. Doesn’t matter what temp I cook with it. lastly do you foil wrap your deflector? I find creosote will build up quickly on the deflector so I always keep mine wrapped to avoid that taste from getting into the food
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