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  1. welcome back to the traeger game!!!
  2. Imagine cutting one inch off of a straw and sliding over the probe. I can’t seem to find the photo but it looked easy and guaranteed solve the guy said
  3. I saw an excellent work around for this grill. Take a piece of foil approx 1” wide and wrap it around the thermostat probe a few times. Imagine making the probe extend 1” further into the grill this way. Milk try and find the post to borrow the photo. Buddy said it was an immediate and simple fix for now
  4. What model do you have?
  5. Welcome to the forum please feel free to post in the Akron section
  6. I have no regrets going towards the pellet grill. I still have a Kamado and I use it when I feel like charcoal, however, I tend to use my pellet grill 95% of the time. You will love it!!
  7. a quick google search.... I found this https://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/ultra-thin-pizza-crust-with-mod-inspired-toppings-recipe
  8. I have had success with a bread/AP flour mix in the past for thinner dough with a bit of a snap..... I will try and track you a recipe if I can find it
  9. Ckreef, I am really interested in the right out of the fridge one. Did you find that the cold impacted the dough texture in any way? or were the the same as the room temp one?
  10. yeah, I just use regular bread flour.... you will need to adjust water temp for best fermentation and then you can decide if you want to cold ferment. An excellent starter book is the elements of pizza. I have learned so much from that book
  11. Baking % is very easy once it is explained to you..... Let me see if I can help???? There are many different flours out there that require different levels of hydration... The heat that you are able to cook at also plays a role in hydration.... Lets pretend that we are dealing with a simple flour such as bread flour. It is readily available about anywhere. This flour will require a little bit of a higher hydration due to its composition and the temp that it needs to be cooked at. This dough seems to me best cooked at 550-650 degrees from my experience. This means it will take longer to cook and you need the higher moisture to ensure that it stays moist during the entire cook I hope that I explained that well but if anyone wants to elaborate please feel free to. Now Baking weight..... An example 500g bread flour @100% I prefer 70% hydration with bread flour so here is what you do. Take 70% of 500 and that will give you the water that you need to add.... so in this case 350g of water. I usually use 2% sea salt on pizza unless I am going for a longer cold fermentation. I have read some go up to 3%. 2% of 500g is 10g of sea salt. Finally yeast.... I use approximately 0.3% yeast on my dough..... so this is 1.5g of yeast If you ever see a recipe without % you can easily find out the % by doing the following equation. ingredient weight (divided by) flour weight and multiply that by 100 to get the % 500g flour 350g water 10g sea salt 1.5g yeast For example...... 350/500x100= 70% hydration Now say you want to have 2 250g balls......... you can work backwards to obtain the numbers based on the % that we like for pizza..... I mess with the numbers to find where my total ingredients will add up to my desired number for this example 295g flour 206.5g water 70% 5.9g sea salt 2% .89g yeast .3% total mixed weight will be 507.79g.... you can likely get that even closer to 500g if you subtract a few grams of flour, but you get the idea
  12. were you able to use the coupon?
  13. Traditional Chicago Deep dish has a full layer of uncooked sausage prior to baking and that gets very oily. I omit sausage in my cook all together. Ckreef looks like he cooked his sausage prior to putting into the pie, which will also reduce the oil concentration.
  14. Looks great. I ordered some Lloyd’s pans as well and excited to see the quality. I may end up with a few deep dish pans eventually. I have a 14” Chicago metallic and 9” but find the 14” way too big. The 9” is perfect for my wife and I. That deep dish looks great. The crust looks on point. Curious did you use AP flour? Looks almost exactly like my last crust.
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