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  1. Smoked Chili

    The photo seems to be drawing a lot of floor comments lol. I only did that photo there because the lighting was good. I was too lazy to pull my good camera out with flash, so I brought the food to the light source. It is a little landing to my upper level in my house, but there is a large two story window that adds great light in this crappy drab winter... My kitchen is in the middle of the house, so it tends to be a bit darker than the rest of my house
  2. Smoked Chili

    Thisnwinter has really turned me away from the cold. I’m 40 years young but have really made progress and acceptance as my future as a snow bird!!
  3. The weather sucks and it is making me miserable. Seems like the older I get, the more annoyed I get with these long winters. Anyways I smoked a pot of chili that has lifted my spirits a bit.... but I still hate the cold winter!!
  4. -25°C Boston butt

    Killer temps dipped to -35° with windchill today. Loaded up the Traeger timberline 1300 and did 4 hours at 250° and four foiled st 350°. Things went flawless. Very impressed with temp stability in this cold weather.
  5. La Piazza Toscano

    I can never take the title... but I’ll sure try! inhave a few battle scars today but lots of upside. I can finally sling the pie consistently without messing them up, I have found a better knowledge of hydration with respect to dough and oven temps, and I am not burning the crap out of my pizzas. Losing my my eye lashes and eyebrows was interesting... at least I have a story for the next few weeks
  6. La Piazza Toscano

    Today we cooked 12 pies with three different dough recipes. I think for the winter I have found my dough that I will use until the temp gets better. I went with a 70% hydration dough based on the fact that it is -25 here and dry as well the pizza oven will struggle to maintain the 800+ temps for a 55-60% hydration for traditional Neapolitan style dough usin 00 flour. With that hat all said, today I did the following: 60% hydration with 24 hour cold ferment 70% hydration with 24 hour cold ferment 70% hydration same day dough with 2 hour proof and a second 6 hour proof. The clear winner for me was the 70% hydration with 24 hour cold ferment. The extra proofing time really added some nice soft and stretchy texture as well as a more enjoyable flavour profile. I finally hit some leopard spots spots on the pizza which was really cool to see and my crust puffed up like it should.
  7. Tartine Basic Country Loaf

    looks really good john
  8. Art Falme Grill

    big green craig owns one. He does some amazing stuff on it
  9. La Piazza Toscano

    I was looking st all the pizza ovens and my favourite shop has the Fontana ovens. They are imported from Italy and look really nice. I was going to continue to save for one. Last time I was in the shop they had another model called the la Piazza wood ovens and when I looked at them I saw the quality and the price was a little over half the price of the Italian made ones. I then looked at the uuni pro but by the time I buy it here in Canada it was over 1000.00 CAD. They are built locally and with 12 cm of insulation compared to the standard 2cm, it works well in my climate. Ckreef...if anyone needs a pizza oven my friend it is you! The king of pizza
  10. La Piazza Toscano

    So I have already been asked how this pizza compared to Kamado pizza. I’m not really sure just yet as it’s really new to me. Normally i I only change one variable at a time so that I can see the differences as I go. Yesterday intried 00 Neapolitan style dough for the first time and I cooked on a new oven. So it tasted different and better all at once but I think it is because I liked the dough so much. The one difference that I really noticed was the top. On the Kamado I get fantastic crust, but I find the oven crust to be crispy and not burnt and it cooked in record speed. I also found the top to be done just as quick. With the fire going hard over top of the pizza,the toppings are finished very quickly. This is definitely a fun new gadget that I will enjoy learning on. For anyone considering a pizzaoven, an IR gun is a must. The oven temp is really irrelevant for pizza, it’s all about stone temp.
  11. I have been trying to get in touch with Marbque with no luck. I’ll message him again today and let him know you are looking for some input
  12. La Piazza Toscano

    Well I have a few take away lessons from this first oven cook. I learned how not to sling a pizza into the oven... anyways, it’s a work in progress but a fun one to keep trying at!
  13. La Piazza Toscano

    I have been watching a pizzaiolo guy on YouTube. He talks about when you need flames and when you don’t. Looks like the flames is what I am after for the 700 degree Neapolitan cook. He says calzones and more baking you do not use flame
  14. La Piazza Toscano

    Man I love the movement of fire https://youtu.be/05iUukAv8dk