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  1. Gourmet pellet choices?

    I have another bag of bbqers delight in the garage that I should try out. Haven’t used them in the timberline yet just the old pro 34. I will try them and post my results
  2. My new gadget cook

    actually I don't view the challenge section. I just got my stand and my wife was asking for me to make my shawarma recipe. So it was a case of two birds with one stone!
  3. Oh I think the answer for me would be clear.....1300
  4. Gourmet pellet choices?

    best smoke profiles is BBQers delight. They are the closest to true flavour. Most pellets are mixed with oak being a base in almost all pellets. Some pellets get flavoured, others are a mix of woods. The issues I have found with BBQers delight is that they smell great and smoke well but they struggle to hit higher temps as they are missing the blend of a hard wood like oak. Best pellets that I have ever used is the Traeger Gourmet blend offered through costco. It was a blend of Maple, hickory and cherry. It is a lights out combination. I was not a fan of lumber jack pellets for the price point locally. I was never a big hickory fan but really enjoy the Traeger hickory
  5. well that all depends on your requirements and budget. The 850 is 850 sq inches of grilling compared to the yoders 640 sq. inches. You get a ton of Realestate in a smaller foot print. The 1300 is only 12" longer. Instead of a 22" you are getting 34". I love my 1300 for the size. I can do larger batches of jerky all at once. I am not sure of the American costs, but up here in Canada you are paying less than 300 CAD for an extra 450 sq inches of grilling space.
  6. My new gadget cook

    I changed things up a bit with my recipe this time. I like more of a red finish to the meat instead of gold from the turmeric. So I added extra paprika which seemed to have knocked it out of the park.
  7. My buddy has the 850 and it’s really solid. It’s been good to go since they came out. The 1300 was the problem child at the start. You willbe lie more than impressed with it
  8. I’ll let you know in another month lol
  9. I have no experience with a yoder so can’t offer too much opinion. The timberline has some issues when hey first came out. They are now stable and they have fixed some deign issues and software. I went with with a Timberline over the yoder for a few reasons. Lack of dealer support was the biggest. i also Read many issues with rusting and repainting needed with the yoder. The technology hasn’t been updated on yoder and has no wifi. No door gaskets was a concern too. Overall, I just didn’t like the look of the yoder. It didn’t look polished enough for my liking. When the timberline line was announced it was powder coated and looked very appealing. The over sized door gasket, double wall steel, wifi and app, down draft technology, internal drip basket and hidden exhaust, 500° temps was an added bonus. I also liked that I had 1300 sq in of grilling out of the box with 304 stainless grates. This grill has a massive cooking chamber and it hardly takes up and space. Did I go through issues? 100%. I’m fact I was sent a replacement unit after Traeger identified some design issues with their first run. Once the new grill and software ware was sorted out, I have been problem free and cooking on it daily. I just read read a comparison on fuel consumption and have attached a screen shot of the post. i would not not hesitate to purchase a Timberline again. It does not have a direct searing area but I just add a cast skillet or grill grates and get everything that I would need.
  10. When I first got into the Kamado game, I loved that my grill was an all in one. A Swiss Army knife so to speak. It replaced my kettle, wsm, and gasser. Then an I learned that owning two Kamado grills opened up so many more options. I still enjoy the kamado, however, I truly have learned that having the right tool for the right job is relevant in bbq. I have also learned that there are many ways to skin a cat so to speak. With that said... I absolutely love my Timberline grill. This thing has blown my socks off time after time. I do recognize where it lacks, however other cookers will excel in its deficiencies. I too have been eyeing pizza ovens and have narrowed down to what I will likely be adding to my backyard in the spring. If you already own a Kamado I don’t see why you would get rid of it. That lineup of Kamado, pellet, pizza oven will be a dangerous trio!!!
  11. After my first tacos al pastor I decided to get a buddy to fabricate me a new stand. It would be for shawrama and tacos al pastor. Today was was my first run with it. Cooked on my Kamado at 375. Shaved the edges and continued to cook each layer. Brought in and fried in Ed in a skillet to crispen up. Served with basmati rice rice and home made white sauce.
  12. You are going to love it!
  13. I finally did it....

    I don’t know why I waited so long to give this a go. So glad to have popped my smoked meatloaf cherry!!