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  1. You can never have enough grills. The 575 got me into the new D2 for a relatively good price. It’s too early to say but I think that it may be worth the upgrade. Recovery was incredible to watch today..... maybe a D2 1300 is in my future!!
  2. I just added a pro 575 today.... and the ranger. I have issues lol
  3. I am of no help. I don’t use probes when cooking. I try and stick with general times and use a thermapen when in doubt.
  4. I love doing 165° super smoke (if an option) for 2 hours to start. Then 225° for 6 hours then foil and up temp to 275 for 3-4 hours I have started doing my butts in a pan so I can keep the juices and use a fat seperator to get that good juice back into the meat.
  5. I tend to have that affect on people....
  6. way too much prep but man these are really great!!
  7. First time making these.... way more prep prep than I cared for, however, I was very pleased with the end result. Smoked them for 45 min at 165° super smoke then cranked them to 350° for 45 min and finished them at 425° sauced. I will make them again... soon!
  8. I did them on the middle rack, directly on the grate no pan. When I am done with wings, I take a spatula and push them to release the skin from sticking. That way they don't fall apart when trying to pull them from the grate.
  9. The other batch was just seasoned and grilled. Still really good but lacked that crunch
  10. They just released a new software update a few weeks ago and I am seriously loving it. They dialled the smoke setting in and it seems to have figured out the motor and fan speed adjustments. I’m not sure if other have noticed it as well but it is creating great smoke. With all of thst said..... Smoke profile of a Traeger is very different than what one may be use to with an offset or a Kamado. Taking away the charcoal flavour changes things considerably. Learning how to utilize the smoke setting on a pellet is a game changer. Since adjustingnmy cooks with an inaugural smoke at 165° I am producing way stronger smoke profiles then when I first started out.
  11. those look fantastic. A true sign of a good cook is being able to adjust like you have stated. Those look killer regardless, and once you adjust the next will only be that much better!! Great job bud
  12. Indirect yes. Sorry I just got this. I always did chicken wings indirect on my Kamado. How did they turn out? From the photo they were looking pretty good!!
  13. I did a Chicago dough from the realdeepdish.com. I have made their recipe before and it is good
  14. I felt like making some dough so I figured why not do a deep dish. Knocked the dough down twice then plavced in the fridge for 24 hours. My wife isnt a fan of the traditional method with fresh sausage, so we mix things up a bit. San Marzano tomato’s lightly diced and I added a small amount of Italian seasoning. Sautéed the mushroom and let the peppers and olives dry a bit to avoid water in the pie. Stacked mozerella, pepperoni, topping and then my sauce. Baked on the traeger @450° for approx 40 min. Added my pizza stone to the T while it was heating up to help with baking the crust on the bottom.
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