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  1. depending on the issues that you are having my guess is that you auger is too long. They also have since removed the fan collar from their units. Upgrade to version 2 software and you will be set. I would call and ask for a new auger and remove your fan collar. That is the only changes that were made to the 1300 from first production. The software update fixed 90% of the issues.
  2. I understand this comment!! Pellet grill opened up weekday cooking for me. We are such and active and busy family and really had no time anymore for charcoal.
  3. Wowza!!! good looking meal. I have found some amazing recipes from the Traeger app
  4. Everything looks excellent!!! I love seeing posts from people reconnecting with this hobby!!!
  5. Funny, I wanted the 12 when instarted looking and I remember you getting the #5. @5698k got a deal on a #8 and told me to think twice about a #12. I went to get the #5 and amazon had their prime appreciation day and I got the #8 for less than a #5. Great quality grinder. Very pleased with it
  6. I have never been a huge fan of the pitboss brand. Some use them exclusively and love them..... With that said, I have used lumberjack and they are pretty good. I tried BBQ'rs delight as well and was not a fan as they didn't burn well. Traeger pellets...... the individual bags I am not a huge fan, however, that costco blend is my jam. Every spring they bring skids in and I buy about 20 bags. The mix is lights out and I think it works well with about everything that you cook with. Experiment and find what you like.... When I am out of the gourmet blend, I buy traeger hickory and cherry only. Those are what I seem to like most
  7. Those look killer. Once you start doing your own grind.... it opens a new level for your cooking!!!
  8. I agree with you in everything you are saying. The only thing is that the price point for the upgrade is so small that to me it’s worth it....
  9. I suspected that you would regret selling that bad boy.... hope you csn find one again and give it a go!!
  10. Exactly the case. Obviously the 1300 has a longer auger and shaft. Other than that everything is the same. I have both so use the 850 most often but for the price point, the 1300 is the better purchase at 300.00 more.
  11. I have done the honey and the butter but I seem to like it a bit less sweet. I really like basic ribs with no sauce. My one son agrees with me and the other thinks the sweeter the better lol
  12. The recommendation was to super smoke them at 165° for 1-2 hours depending on how much smoke I wanted. Then 225° to cook interesting she had me cook to temp not time on ribs. So I went until 170° IT and then foiled with brown sugar and apple juice. I dont normally foil. I did spritz each hour because I don’t like a dark hard bark. Once they were an IT 203° I removed from foil and back in the grill to sauce for about 30 min. Foil seems to give some moisture back to the meat and gives great bone pull back. Anyways that was my advice and it worked pretty good. I may do a no foil vs foil analysis next
  13. I was chatting with my good friend DivaQ the other day and was asking her for a few pro tips for ribs. My local butcher had a great price on sides so I grabbed two racks and trimmed them St. Louis style. After trimming, I added my home rub and took them to the grill. I must say that these were some of the prettiest ribs I have done. They were clean bite off the bone not fall off, just the way I like them. Each cook, I learn something new... can’t way to try again Sauced up naked (my favourite way) Clean bite off the bone...
  14. Also, the wifire customer service is an excellent resource but they troubleshoot from a script of known issues. When they cant figure it out.... they say we will send you a new part in the hope that will correct the issue. Honestly, my 1300 was so easy and I got the 850 when they were in the middle of the change over to version two cloud. So I struggled with my connection. I spent three days messing with it and then I got this idea to delete everything and start fresh and it worked first shot. Wifire was the last option that I was interested in and now it is the feature that I like the most!!! Enjoy
  15. Great news. Sometimes the grill just gets stuck in limbo on the first connect to the traeger cloud. Now that you are connected you will be fine moving forward. They just moved to a new server and that caused some delay on new activation's. The really good news is that you will have a spare controller on the way now in the event of this one ever breaking down. I have one too when they thought that I had the same issue.
  16. I had the same issue on my 850. What I believe is that you are not completely disconnected from your initial setup. The best thing to do is to first go to the grill and delete the wifi settings. Then go to your phone settings and wifi and select traeger wifi and forget network. From there log out of the app and delete it. Reinstall the app and try again. The other question would be, just how far away from the wifi are you? You need to be close or have a strong signal where you are. This should get it to work
  17. It is a game changer... at least for me it was!!!
  18. You inspired me so I defrosted a bird tonight. The skin has so much crunch to it tonight!!! Love Traeger chicken
  19. Makes sense to me as well!!! The traeger will make you question the Kamado!!! Trust me
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