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    Red or Black

    still have tons of time to get it. Going to vegas next week so maybe sooner lol. Money not really a huge issue for me, but getting it past the warden may prove otherwise. For me I will get the big joe. I wont need the grill size all the time but believe it is important to have it for the time that you need it. I really like the red, but think that with the red brick I may go with the black. I still have time to decide, but this will eventually be my #1 go to so I want it to be great!!!! I may even consider ditching the gasser. I will more than likely let go of the weber OTG and weber WSM once I get use to this. I dont need a ton of stuff and believe that the KJ is truly the one stop shop for Q
  2. so when I get mine, it will be going up on an elevate balcony. Will two or three guys be able to lift it up the steps?? can I take stuff out to make it lighter?
  3. can anyone tell me the current diameter of the stock cast iron charcoal grate??? It would be nice to find something that would fit in so that you could still use the divider.
  4. bosco

    Red or Black

    well here I was thinking people are going to tell me to get a life and stop worrying about this stuff. This is why I love forums so much. You get like minded people who share the same passion for something as you. I would consider myself a bit of an OCD and really struggle with the smaller decisions in life. Its funny that Freddyj picked up on the red brick. That was my main issue for not going with a red one lol. I really want the red one, but the black next to the stainless gasser and red brick may go better. and John, your name is turning into a curse word in my house. My wife blames you for me getting into Q. When I started researching I was watching all of you man cave meal videos on you tube. Because of your input, I purchased a WSM 22.5, then a OTG a week later. now I find you KJ review and I need one of those. I wish I would have found your KJ video before I really got into all the other units. I am building up fuel, and getting close to wanting to purchase. I have read that the new Komado Joe Units will come with ash pans starting in the fall?? I may wait until then or first of spring. I am also torn with all the gadgets on the new one so I need to decide if I need to wait a bit longer for all of the extras or not.
  5. bosco

    Red or Black

    ??? I have my WSM 22 black and by OTG Black but they are at the other end of the property. My KJ big joe will be going up on the elevated porch next to my Napolean Gasser. What do you think, I think I need a pop and will go with red. Also, I was thinking about waiting for the new one, but I am not sure that I need all the added technology that they are preparing to sell on it. I like simplicity! thats why I have switched to charcoal. the KJ going up on that porch beside my gasser. Practical guy says get black, but fund and adventurous side saying try the red. Sorry I am just torn and trying to get this all sorted out before I make the push with the misses.
  6. im curious to see your thoughts as an owner of the BGE and KJ. I am looking at owning one of the two and I seem to be leaning toward the KJ.
  7. how much will this cost as opposed to the old big joe? I cant wait to get my hands on a big Joe. I have done so much research but up here in Canada the KJ does not have the same support as in the US. I find the BGE is still the cult norm. I really believe from all of my reading that KJ is the future!!!
  8. will this be offered in the big joe and classic size??? the probe does look like it will be an issue. do you have a cap to screw onto the probe groment when you dont want to use a digital read? Or in the event that the probe fails in the long run? It would be nice to see a second gromment with caps in the back to slide a food probe into as well 3/8" would be perfect. I wonder if the older units would drop in price. I want a big joe and I was going to just order the partyQ but this has potential
  9. Hello everyone, have stumbled on this site from another website that I have been a part of. I am new to charcoal, long time gasser. Have WSM and OTG that I have been using for the past month. Love it, big fan of Man Cave Meals on youtube. After playing around in this hobby past few weeks, I have decided that a Kamado is the way to go for me. Still learning, was leaning towards the BGE but have since done days of research and I am impressed with the KJ big joe. Hope to learn and contribute where I can.
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