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  1. SoCal, Were the T Legs as good as they looked?
  2. Slow Fire - The Beginner's Guide to Barbecue by Ray Lampe Great cookbook for low and slow. The author uses a BGE though the recipes could be used on any smoker. I have the BGE cookbook and one of the APL cookbooks. In my novice point of view, Slow Fire's recipes are nowhere nears as complex as APL's and more interesting than the BGE cookbook. Kind of a Goldilocks-like in that it is just right. We made "Competition Style Pork Butt" yesterday and it turned out great. I had a little trouble stabilizing the temp on my Vision Pro at his recommended 235 deg. Most of the cook was closer to 255 but the results were still very good. This was my third kamado cook. I hoped to post a butt pic but cannot figure out how to do that.
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