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  1. I think the smaller stone would allow you to get to some higher temps while still cooking indirect. I continually struggle to get my temps up 425 with the larger stone in it. I am also kind of scared to get the temps too high with the larger stone.
  2. I think the smaller lava stone would be nice, but the rest doesn't seem very innovative.
  3. Whenever I have large groups over i prefer to socialize instead of cook, so I do as much as I can the day before. I smoke the butt of Friday and seal it up with a vinegar based sauce, the day of I place it in a crock-pot on low/warm usually with a bit more sauce and it stays warm for the entire party. I do the same thing with pulled chickens as well, i just use chicken stock instead of the vinegar based sauce. I don't notice any degradation in the flavor of the food at all, it takes away the anxiety of the meat being done in time, and best of all it's little to no work the actual day of the party. Thanks
  4. I used the food grade stuff they sent me approx 3 months ago and use it 3-5 times per week with most of them being higher temp cooks. I have not had any problems. Thanks
  5. I took mine out and haven't bothered to plug the hole. If by chance any hot coals fall through it they will land in the ash pan. I was getting tired of struggling to clean the ash around it was the reason I removed, that and I have never used the electric start.
  6. My dad left me a brand new one when he passed away last summer and I have to say that i am a very big fan of the type of grill. i cook all kinds of things on it, from traditional mexican street food to pierogis last night. It's not quite as easy to clean as my blackstone flat-top, but it's still not overly difficult. Also it rocks for fried rice.
  7. I usually use corn meal but I have also used AP flour. I have found that the longer you leave the pie on the peel the higher chance it's going to stick. Another step that I do is to gently shake it side to side so the pizza moves a bit before i attempt to place it on the stone.
  8. I am OK with it.... even as it stands with 14 team the talent pool is going to be rather limited, so injury will be potentially devastating. I don't think it matters much between 16 or 14.
  9. Thanks John. I received and processed my payment.
  10. tlb311

    I want out!

    Are you sure the internet is your bottleneck? Could be your PC resources or even the relentless advertising on most site. You may was to try a more use-centric browser like google chrome with ad blocker. The advertisements are getting to be bigger and bigger drains on resources and most sites are putting a minimum of 10 advertisements on a single page. I saw huge improvements by using ad-blocker.
  11. I don't see the link for FFL off of the subscription page. Is it just me?
  12. My initial guess would be the oil, but there are a lot of variables. I never use oil on a stone.
  13. Sorry.... I should have been more descriptive. At the high searing temps you are talking about above its more a case of the outside being done well before the inside. My wife and oldest daughter are not big fans of Steak, so whenever I cook a steak I cook them chicken. Because I do a high temp for the steak and i like to cook them at the same time I pound the breast flat. I rub it with OO salt and pepper and it comes out perfect. I think if you went to the bigger pieces you would have to wait to the temp come down quite a bit.
  14. How about pounded Chicken breast. You need to pound it thin to cook it at that high temp, but it puts the right amount of char on it without over-cooking. Once you have cooked chicken breast, the possibilities are endless. Chicken gyros, Fajitas, Sandwiches.... You could even make the flat bread on the Kamado for the gyros.
  15. + on PPR. i think it makes things more excited and adds a bit of a unknown excitement.
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