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  1. I think the smaller stone would allow you to get to some higher temps while still cooking indirect. I continually struggle to get my temps up 425 with the larger stone in it. I am also kind of scared to get the temps too high with the larger stone.
  2. I think the smaller lava stone would be nice, but the rest doesn't seem very innovative.
  3. Whenever I have large groups over i prefer to socialize instead of cook, so I do as much as I can the day before. I smoke the butt of Friday and seal it up with a vinegar based sauce, the day of I place it in a crock-pot on low/warm usually with a bit more sauce and it stays warm for the entire party. I do the same thing with pulled chickens as well, i just use chicken stock instead of the vinegar based sauce. I don't notice any degradation in the flavor of the food at all, it takes away the anxiety of the meat being done in time, and best of all it's little to no work the actual day of the party. Thanks
  4. I used the food grade stuff they sent me approx 3 months ago and use it 3-5 times per week with most of them being higher temp cooks. I have not had any problems. Thanks
  5. I took mine out and haven't bothered to plug the hole. If by chance any hot coals fall through it they will land in the ash pan. I was getting tired of struggling to clean the ash around it was the reason I removed, that and I have never used the electric start.
  6. My dad left me a brand new one when he passed away last summer and I have to say that i am a very big fan of the type of grill. i cook all kinds of things on it, from traditional mexican street food to pierogis last night. It's not quite as easy to clean as my blackstone flat-top, but it's still not overly difficult. Also it rocks for fried rice.
  7. I usually use corn meal but I have also used AP flour. I have found that the longer you leave the pie on the peel the higher chance it's going to stick. Another step that I do is to gently shake it side to side so the pizza moves a bit before i attempt to place it on the stone.
  8. I am OK with it.... even as it stands with 14 team the talent pool is going to be rather limited, so injury will be potentially devastating. I don't think it matters much between 16 or 14.
  9. Thanks John. I received and processed my payment.
  10. tlb311

    I want out!

    Are you sure the internet is your bottleneck? Could be your PC resources or even the relentless advertising on most site. You may was to try a more use-centric browser like google chrome with ad blocker. The advertisements are getting to be bigger and bigger drains on resources and most sites are putting a minimum of 10 advertisements on a single page. I saw huge improvements by using ad-blocker.
  11. I don't see the link for FFL off of the subscription page. Is it just me?
  12. My initial guess would be the oil, but there are a lot of variables. I never use oil on a stone.
  13. Sorry.... I should have been more descriptive. At the high searing temps you are talking about above its more a case of the outside being done well before the inside. My wife and oldest daughter are not big fans of Steak, so whenever I cook a steak I cook them chicken. Because I do a high temp for the steak and i like to cook them at the same time I pound the breast flat. I rub it with OO salt and pepper and it comes out perfect. I think if you went to the bigger pieces you would have to wait to the temp come down quite a bit.
  14. How about pounded Chicken breast. You need to pound it thin to cook it at that high temp, but it puts the right amount of char on it without over-cooking. Once you have cooked chicken breast, the possibilities are endless. Chicken gyros, Fajitas, Sandwiches.... You could even make the flat bread on the Kamado for the gyros.
  15. + on PPR. i think it makes things more excited and adds a bit of a unknown excitement.
  16. I have owned a Pro C for roughly two months now. I am a fan of the grill and use it 3-4 times a week and have turned out some pretty good food on it, before that I used an Akorn for the last few years. The good thing is I think you can be happy either way you go. My suggestion would be to stick with the classic, unless you want the ease of electric start. The rest of the bells and whistles associated with the pro models are really only more variables for air leaks, with the exception of the CI top vent.
  17. Hi Folks, Well I am not a couple weeks further along in my Vision ownership. My initial concerns with air leaks are continuing to dissipate as the grill breaks itself in. I am able to snuff the coals out very easily on direct cooks, but the indirect cooks seem to take a quite bit longer. My theory is it's related to the added thermal retention brought on by the Lava stone. Regardless I think the grill is now acting like it should. I had roughly 15 family members over for a Father's day cook. First up a 12 1/2 llb standing rib roast. Coated liberally with OO and Montreal Steak seasoning. Cooked at appox 350 for about 3 hrs till it reached 115 deg, then wrapped for an hour to set. I also halved 3 chickens and seasoned them up. They cooked while the prime rib was resting. I didn't add any smoke, just the lump. Cutting into the roast was like cutting into butter, my only complaint was that it was a bit over-cooked. I would say that it probably was medium to medium well. I was shocked that the continued cooking that much during the set. I anticipated a bit, but not that much. All in all, I think the vision knocked it out of the park. Judging by the fact that we only had 1 half chicken as a leftover, everybody else liked it as well. Thanks
  18. I think it's improving as now I am starting to see unused coal after snuffing it out (not as much as I would expect though). I don't believe it's at the point it should be yet, it takes hours 4-5 to cool down from a 350ish cook and most of the lump is ashed over. My only frame of reference prior to the vision is the akorn, which was uber-efficient when it came to lump usage. I acknowledge the ceramic's aren't as efficient as the akorn, but I still think there's plenty of room for improvement as the top vent continues to seal itself. so I guess time will tell. My main concern was with the temp control. It seems that I can do that. The longest cook so far with it has been ribs which was just shy of 4 hrs and I was able to maintain 250-275. I am going to do a butt this weekend, so we'll see how a longer cook goes and if I have any temp creep.
  19. Hi Ryan, Vision sent me out some silicone to close the leaks on the frame that holds the ash pan. The silicone looks like normal silicone and it's not even the high temp red. The temp doesn't seem to be a concern in that location. The other thing that I did was to manipulate/bend the ash pan itself to meet the gasket better. I am pleased with how that works. Regarding the top vent i am still struggling with that, but it sounds like my issue is different than yours. I have no problem with the way the it's seated around the gasket. My seems to still leak from the actual vent holes itself. When I shut it down I still see quite a bit of smoke escaping from it and I am still burning through more lump than I would expect. It does seem to be improving little by little as the gunk from cooking is building up on the top. I would suggest calling Vision, when I reached Bob he was very helpful. Thanks Trace
  20. re-reading it sounds like i am bashing them a bit harder than I intended. The important part is that they did address the issue without question. I am a customer service hound as i feel the pain at work when my team doesn't live up to it, so I may be a bit over-critical.
  21. Hi All, Well I have now had my Pro C for about a month. I had a bit of a rocky start with the grill, but think that is all behind me now. I believe that I should now be onto easy care-free cooking for the foreseeable future. The grill itself was packaged perfectly and the setup was a breeze. Upon completing the setup, I was immediately worried on how the ash pan was sitting in the grill. There was a fairly big gap along the top third of the ash pan. This obviously led to some significant air leaks. The temps would slowly creep up and i couldn't maintain anything below 325 deg beyond 30 min or so. The other problem was that I couldn't snuff out the lump after the cook. Air was leaking from the ash pan and the CI top vent. I reached out to vision and ultimately got in touch with a gentleman by the name of Bob. He was pleasant, easy to talk to, and identified my problem over the course of a couple calls and tests he suggested. The frame that holds the ash pan in place was not perfectly square causing a gap at the bottom of the frame, which in turn caused the ash pan not to sit flush against the gasket. The solution was to send out some silicone and manipulate the ash pan a bit. Both were very easy fixes and seemed to shore up the air leaks in the ash pan area. I was still getting some significant smoke from the top vent. The top vent on a Pro C is one big hunk of cast iron. I figure it will seal itself better over time just by cooking on the grill. I did want to check the set screw on the vent to see if it was tight. My thinking was that it was shipped already screwed on and it may be lose, possibly contributing to the leaky top vent. I opened the lid and barely touched the screw with my fingers and the lid fell out of the grill. The lid unfortunately broke in two pieces. Vision was kind enough to send me a replacement after informing them of the incident. (Make sure the metal brackets holding the vent in place are tight and tight against the lid.) The new vent is still leaking, but seems to getting better with every cook. The fortunate item is the top vent leak is really only impacting my ability to snuff the lump after each cook and as already stated is improving. I am able to hold temps without it creeping up. So overall I am still pleased with the move to a ceramic over the akorn. It seems the ceramic uses more lump and retains heat much longer, but i have to get a better baseline with the grill. The 15-20 cooks i have on it so far aren't enough to really judge/compare the performance yet. I am still learning the quirks of a the new grill. My feelings with Vision are a bit mixed. They did help me with the grill and took care of the initial problem. They even replaced the CI top vent which i felt was well above and beyond. The negative that I took through the process was that I felt I had to chase them and the general soft-skills of customer support were lacking. My initial phone message wasn't returned until i sent a follow-up email a day later. The other point i saw as an issue was there wasn't a follow-up from Vision to see if their suggested fixes worked. Maybe my expectations are a bit off, but I feel when you are paying this kind of money for a quality grill the customer service should be there as well. I contacted support only 3 occasions over the space of 2 weeks and almost got the sense that I was being a nuisance. Regardless the problems I raised were addressed by them, so my complaint is really only around the general soft skills of customer mgmt. Just wanted to share my experience so far. As stated I am a fan of this grill and look forward to using it for a long time. Thanks
  22. unfortunately I think people are just getting used to everything being disposable.
  23. I love living by lake Erie. Not much better than breaded walleye cheeks.
  24. Thanks All... Yes I will be taking care of her this weekend. Her birthday this year actually falls on Mother's day. Regarding the cooker, I have to say I am fairly impressed with the setup, it was easy to put together. I am now 2 1/2 hrs into a rib cook and temp control seems to be pretty good. I see a bit of smoke escaping through the vent cap, but I believe that will go away after a few cooks. It's replacing and Akorn, so for the most part not radically different just need to learn the personality of this grill.
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