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  1. Hi, guys! Been lurking and learning, and still love my Akorn. It's mainly steak grilling (which it does marvelously) but I've also done ribs, a butt, beer can chicken, and something rather unexpected. I took a bag of Tyson thigh strips and marinated them, then put them on at 350-400º in a square grill pan with holes for about 30 minutes, stirred it up, and then another 15 minutes. It came out more like tandoori chicken than grilled, more wood fired oven tasting, and I served it in pita bread. It was great! Keep those recipes coming!
  2. I will go to Michaels this afternoon! I wrapped the 16" pizza pan I use as a diffuser in foil and built up the sides to make a drip pan when I beer canned two chickens. Worked great, but it was kind of a messy clean up.
  3. I wiped the outside with a light spray of Windex after it was cool and it looks brand new. I really don't want to wipe it with oil, and mine was discolored all over, so it can't all be smoke or gasket leakage.
  4. Got a small butt from the local meat monger (Charlie's if you're ever in Memphis) and started the fire yesterday morning at 7. Stabilized at 245, meat on at 7:30. Cooked, basted, wrapped in foil cooked some more, applied some thicker sauce, cooked some more, and at 4 p.m., wrapped it and put it in the cooler for a couple of hours. It was some of the best pulled pork I've had in Memphis, alleged BBQ capital of the known universe. I love my Akorn. That is all.
  5. I asked at Lowe's if they had a spare, and they gave me one, so I grab it with two of the OEM parts. Works grate.
  6. My Lowe's won't honor the ad as Dillon's isn't local. I argued that I could theoretically go to Kroger and ask that they get one for me, but to no avail. Oh, well, I still think it's worth every penny of the $299 I paid.
  7. And I owe it all to you guys. Built a volcano of lump, started a couple of Kingsford briquets and put them in the middle, soaked hickory chips throughout the pile. Got a steady 245° and put three rubbed slabs, each cut in half, in a rib rack and closed the lid. Basted with Wicker's sauce (the thin stuff) every hour for three hours, then applied my own thicker sauce. Let that go for about half an hour, then put ribs into a pan covered with foil. Didn't have apple juice, so I threw in a 1/2 cup green tea we infused with mint, and let that go for an hour. One last half hour out of the pan, and rest for 20 minutes. Oh my God. They were tender and moist, but not yet falling off the bone. The smoke flavor was perfect, and they had a nice bark on them. Conversation was minimal at the table, as we were too busy eating ribs. I love my Akorn!
  8. Mine came put together from Lowes, and it was mostly done properly. I had to take the dome off anyway to fit it in the Element, so I was able to make sure that was done correctly. I don't care for the shelves appearance, but find their size renders them practically useless, so even if they were pretty I'd still be unimpressed. This is partially because the gasser I tossed in favor of the Akorn was the size of a Chrysler, so I was used to lots of room. I'm seriously considering making a table for it. There is a learning curve, and I will be making some of the mods listed here, certainly to seal it up better. Not that it's bad, but why not make it as efficient as I can? Everything I have cooked so far has been good to stupendous, so I think it's money well spent, and I am looking forward to this weekend when I do my first real long and slow.
  9. 1. Internal temp after 90 minutes was 155. 2. 2 big handfuls of soaked chips. 3. Yes, bitter is a good description. The brand was Best of the West and had branches in it! The steaks Saturday were cooked on the same stuff and were great. I'll get it figured out, and am glad I found this forum and the resources therein!
  10. Got a pork loin and gave it a nice rub, then fired up the Akorn, using mesquite lump and soaked hickory chips. Used a 16" pizza pan as a temporary diffuser. When the thermometer said 250°, I put the meat on, as conventional wisdom says the dome temp is lower than at the grate. Set the timer to check it, and in 5 minutes it zoomed to about 400°. Shut everything down and got it back down to 275-300°, where it wanted to stay. Let it smoke for about 90 minutes, lightly sauced it, and gave it another 15 minutes. Findings - 1. I think I may have used too much lump. 2. I think hickory chips and mesquite lump aren't a good flavor combo - it wasn't bad at all, but certainly sharp. 3. Maybe wait a bit longer for temps to stabilize before putting the meat on. This is stil the best thing I have ever had for cooking steaks, and the chicken wings I did Friday night were superb. Just a matter of figuring it all out.
  11. I Akorned some big honkin' filets this weekend. Moist? Tender? I thought I'd die!
  12. I've done ducks in the convection oven for the past two Thanksgivings, and the skin was nice and crisp. I am planning on doing this year's bird on the Akorn (with a drip pan below to get all that good duck fat!). The key is to not only score the duck, but periodically take it out of the oven periodically (every 20 minutes or so), suck the fat out of the pan with a baster, and poke it all over with a toothpick to increase drainage. I figure with the Akorn, I'll score it and poke a bunch of holes to start with, then halfway through do it again. Film on Thanksgiving!
  13. And as it has you tagged in Bartlett, we don't live too far apart. I'm in that weirdo part of Memphis that has a Bartlett zip code, near Summer and Raleigh-LaGrange.
  14. Yep, two 12-oz filets were medium rare in no time, and they were succulent! I love my Akorn!
  15. Got a couple of nice big 'uns (at Charlie's, if you know Memphis) and will be grilling them up in a few hours. I really am digging on my Akorn, and am amazed at how little charcoal you really need.
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