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  1. Why are you going out to dinner? I figured they have you throw something on the grill...
  2. To me the Maverick seems more proven and the igrill more gadgety, so I'd go with the Maverick.
  3. I bought some of my KJ accessories at the ACE by my house during thier last 20% sale about 4 weeks ago which was a good deal. They will not negotiate at all with any of thier ceramic grills and tables, BGE and KJ, ever! The guy told me the only time that they reduced their grills was when they cleared out the Visions to make room for the KJ. They have had a small BGE sitting there for a very very long time and I have been trying to talk them down on that but they won't budge from $549 for the grill alone. I'll will probably try again to see if they would budge on the price and if they don't by the end of the year I'll just get the Jr when it comes out.
  4. The ACE Hardware by my house has this same 20% off sale roughly 4 times a year and the verbiage on them reads the same, sale after sale, year after year at least for the last four yrs that I have been following. Might be a couple buzz words different but generally 20 percent off of everything except 10 percent off of tools and small appliances. For in stock items only. And they don't or won't apply it to the grills at least at the stores in my area as I inquired about it. It would be neat if they would apply it to a grill but they probably won't.
  5. At my ACE when they had their recent 20% sale it excluded the grills completely. The language in that sale was exactly the same and I was thinking that maybe the 10% could apply towards the grills but it didn't. Not sure you could pull it off via the website either as it applies to in stock items at your local Ace.
  6. 4RD

    Kamado change

    Actually a tapered edge as proposed would induce more risk to damage from misalignment. Misalignment with flat services is no problem where with a taper you could easily crack or chip the base and dome if misaligned. Also with that design there is less landing area which is more stress. Sometimes a well intended change has consequences that are worse than what was being addressed by the change. Hardly worth the risk for a $20 gasket. Also, one shouldn't have to drive the kamado above 800 too often except for maybe a couple of folks here.
  7. You need to submit that for the picture of the month on the KJ site.
  8. Put it back on and get the fire going with the dome open and then close the grill and maybe the heat will help you open it and then try cleaning.
  9. When I bought my KJ ClassicJoe in September I purchased a cover as well to protect it from the elements here in Texas. Today after not cooking for 10 days I decided to do some burgers so I took off the cover. In the last ten days we have had numerous showers and the temperature have been cool in the evenings mid 50s to high 40s and the day temperatures have been pretty mild low 70s to low 80s. Upon opening the grill the first I noticed was that the interior of the grill was warmer than the ambient temperature outside. After getting the fire started, I closed the grill and adjusted the vents only to notice some rust on the vent and some fogging of the thermometer, the same thermometer I just replaced two weeks ago. Attached are some pictures. Rust on vent Foggy Thermometer It appears to me that the cover doesn't breath too well and it kept the moisture under the cover hence the rust on the vent and the condensation in the gauge. In looking at the grill it seems the main part you are protecting are the side tables and the wooden handle. I am beginning to wonder whether it would be best to stop using the cover and just take the tables off when not in use and put a booty over the handle and call it good. My thinking is that the dome and base shouldn't break down with the uv rays and the vent and the bands would at the worst would fade a little bit? Or should i keep the using the cover and just keep oiling the vent occasionally? With regards to the thermometer I know I will just have to live with it but I am second guessing myself in not going with the stainless steel option.. Any feedback on the above would be appreciated Thanks Tom
  10. I guess it came with some Budweiser as I see some empty cans in the trash...great deal!
  11. 4RD

    BCS Title

    Good for you. You still got Auburn I think. If that coach of yours is as good as they say,maybe we should hire him.....we will see.
  12. I ended up with the KJClassic with no regrets. The ACE Hardware by my house used to carry the Vision along with BGE before they got KJs and he had steered me away from Vision.
  13. I got my cover from ACE a couple of months ago and its already fading which to me is fine as long as it protects the grill. This is Texas and everything weathers in the sun.
  14. I love how these things do pizza! I am going to learn how to master pizzas and chili on mine. Those are my two favorite things to eat and when I get the Joe Jr I will be able take it on the road camping and chow down in the woods.
  15. Opps. I mistakenly thought this was a new addiction not sure why since I have seen your posts around. You and a couple others on here are what I call hyper kamado addicts ( others say experts!)with all the different setups, product write ups and demos. Sorry..
  16. Philpom is on the mark. Why take a perfectly nice wagon and make a substandard table? First and foremost, like philpom said there is a stability issue. I have the same wagon and I have moved rocks and such and it has tipped over a couple times and that is with a lighter load with a lower center of gravity then what you would get. You have a nice grill and you spent good money on it and you are worried about $20? why go cheap now? Not sure why you would want to move a grill around, especially one that big as there would be more chances to humpty the thing. I was going to build a table but now I am thinking of just buying the KJ table and getting the cover that goes with it and calling it good. The table has wheels to allow you move it and is stable enough as well. My dealer is willing to give me a discount on a cash purchase and yours may as well especially considering you have already bought two from them and probably a third when the Jr comes out.
  17. Nice looking grill and pretty soon you will want the little one too. Where there is one kamado grill there is soon to be two, pretty much proven fact..Welcome to the addiction. ..
  18. 4RD

    BCS Title

    afidel- I agree but polls and BCS system unpredicable to certian extent. Baylor had greatest upside as they play 3 ranked teams, possibly 4 in their last 4 games whereas Stanford and Ohio State don't play any ranked teams in their remaining regular season games. Too bad the playoff system is not in play this year.
  19. I really like that Primo Oval XL setup and I hope the new flexible rack system by KJ will let me replicate that on my ClassicJoe.
  20. 4RD

    BCS Title

    Still say FSU vs OSU. Like I said above Standard has now knocked out Oregon. Alabama gets dropped Saturday. Wonder if Stanford with one loss would jump OSU?.
  21. Looks tempting....Can't stay from them joes, can you? Also the use of Oklahoma and Longhorn together in the name makes me think this grill can get plenty hot...combustible so to speak..
  22. Glad to hear no damage to house/deck. Been seeing alot of these stories lately and this is from so called informed kamado cookers. Wonder how many times this really happens out there. Just goes to show walking away from vents fully opened on a kamado grill is like leaving a loaded gun on the table....
  23. Going to have to think of something else for Christmas.
  24. 4RD

    BCS Title

    Oregon loses Thursday. Bama loses Saturday. Baylor loses to Texas. Ohio State vs Florida State for NC.
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