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  1. Our Kroger has them at $0.59/lb, dont know if they are old or young but they are cold amd dead.
  2. Also try tightening it when it is hot and it should hold. The screw expands when heated and tightening then should address it.
  3. 4RD

    Oh no's!

    Your good, Your wife is good and there is a fool out there. Like you said, don't worry about and move forward. You sound like you got great food.
  4. 4RD

    Oh no's!

    And it could be as simple as someone being jealous, envious or mad at your wife and getting back at her thrucyou. My wife who worked at Dell had a discussion with HRCabout her perfume being offensive. It can be simple, stupid concrite things can cause things like this.
  5. Didn't eat as they were carbon. I had the weight, read the posts, watched the temps and stuck to it. I knew something wasn't right but I stuck to it. And then WTF, wife laughed and we ate macaroni and cheese and salad, no protein though. Lol....I used a local rub. Wrapped them up..and put sauce on them. I did find out my thermometer was 150 degrees off. I now have new calibrated one, have bought a PT 100 and ET 732 so it should get better....
  6. Any victory against NU was GREAT! Especially that field goal and we still got the NC to prove it. Lol
  7. The site is open to all and you don't have to pretend to have a KJ either.
  8. I am improving but I could post a picture of some ribs I did but I am afraid of getting some warning points.
  9. Nice job! I got some ribeyes I got on sale and I will be making some chili with them. Call me crazy but I always use steak for my chili. My next batch will be the first time that I sear them before cutting and putting in the crockpot to finish it up. When I get a lodge setup I may try doing it completely on the kamado..thats my goal anyway...
  10. But don't worry DerHusker, I feel your pain as I went to Texas and I now will take any win I can get and I now believe there is no such thing as a bad win..lol
  11. Good deal, get it and don't quibble. ..
  12. I was born in Evanston. Northwestern has historically been terrible at about every sport and well Nebraska has always been Football U and for for Nebraska to be excited for a hail mary win over Northwestern says allot about how far one has fallen amd how much one has improved.
  13. 4RD

    Oh no's!

    They do have every right as it is their property. The bigger the company or if its a corporation the stricter they are. The HR rep responded that way probably because somebody complained.
  14. I looked at the Bayou Classic and said no way. It was loosely assembled and this confirms my assessment. Thanks for sharing and now go get that new grill!
  15. Nice shots. They sure grow those boys small in Wisconsin, must be the weather. Lol
  16. Maybe next time you are this side of the pond you can buy one here and check it in as baggage on the way back. Just call it your ceramic luggage...lol. Seriously though you might want to go the ceramic route considering you will be paying alott either way you go and you might as well go for the longevity that the ceramic offers. Also if you have some expat friends moving from the states and maybe get them to bring you one. Good luck..
  17. I just bought a Mavrrick ET 732 for $53.99 plus tax at lunch. May try a small turkey this weekend.
  18. Yikes thats nearly $720 at todays exchange rate (1.61).
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