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  1. Just do gardengates.com I guess. The coupon code was SHARE if that helps.
  2. You should be able to find deals on most kamado grills. As an example i got a coupon today for 10% off at ACE which can be used on grills that are in their stock which are KJ and BGE. On gardengates online site they also had 10 percent off, no delivery charge and no sales tax and they have KJ and Gill Dome grills. Both are good deals. There is also someone on Craigslist in Houston that builds tables as well.
  3. Just looked at a couple. They didn't say much, threw axes, drink beer and gave thumbs up. Not much other than that. I suspect that they would be the type to use the Vision as a beer cooler if not in use.
  4. Sounds like the kamado manufacturers are lining up their online spokespeople. Makes perfect sense. Need to go check these guys out online. I am waiting for someone to snag Paula Dean...lol
  5. Never heard of the guy until just now when I read this thread.
  6. Thats pretty much most of what I have seen around here in Houston. Some of these grills you can get at Academy and such will not last because the shells are pretty thin and they will rot over time. The high end thick wall custom ones is the way to go. Mine lasted only a few years but it is pretty good since you can do direct and indirect at the same time.
  7. I bought the KJ Classic and love it and will be getting a KJ Joe Jr once they are released. I totally agree on the two kamado approach to manage variable cooking temp scenerios.
  8. No need to wait to getthe grill expander as it will be compatible with and independent of the new grill rack system coming out.
  9. Mine sells BGE as well which i think is great since you can compare them to each other. They have all models which is really nice. They said they carried Visions before they got the KJs.
  10. Nice tips John. Sounds like a video moment to me.
  11. I'd eat there as well. Looks and sounds like a great place to drink some beer!
  12. 4RD


    No Joe there as it was green.
  13. Agree with freddyj on this, since your dealer has old stock call bbqguys and get it from them. They were willing the negotiate on the phone on both price and free lump amd starter. Since they seem to sell allot chances are you will get new inventory. Only thing you wont get is dealer setup AND you won't get the new racking system from either. In my case the dealer matched if not beat bbqguys price.
  14. All I can say is that it looks cooler than my PT-100 and for some that is what matters.
  15. Great! Now I want to cook some since I picked up some ribeyes at $3.79 lb at Krogers which was a no brainer price.
  16. But what John is saying is keep it there. It is cheap insurance. Right John?
  17. And tell her who will cook her a meal ( I was going to say steak) that she would die for! Lol
  18. Damn straight she is and I was told that I am getting a Joe Jr for Christmas.
  19. In other words be nice, have a pretty girl with you and some freshly made chocolate chip cookies with you to share. And most importantly be quiet and let the girl and cookies talk for you.
  20. Well me and the misses where at our ACE Hardware and they had these $899 ceramic grills, and we wondered who in the hell would buy one of those? Well we figured people who had nothing better to do with there their money did. We replastered our pool and had it retiled as well and added another deck section and it was duly noted that our grill was rotted out and I was told we were going to get a ceramic grill. She was tired of replacing gassers so I did my homework and we got a KJ Classic Joe and there is no looking back! We love it and are going to get another...
  21. I will be getting one as well. Talked to my dealer today and reminded them that I am on the top of the list they have.
  22. 4RD

    My New Joe

    Its a new one. You are going to love it! The red ones cook faster but the black ones are hotter; so it has been told.
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