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  1. I bought a new KJ Classic about 6 weeks ago and pretty much right away I was getting condensation in the dome thermometer. I really wasn't too concerned about it as i figured that it was probably wasn't too unusual given the heat and humidity we have in Houston. I posted a question in this forum asking for peoples opinions on it and got a great range of feedback on it, from they're not really needed to put it in some rice to just give KJ a call and they will replace it. I thought I would just see if it cleared and it got worse so I called my dealer this past Monday to get it replaced. I told them to give Meghan a call at Kamado Joe on the matter and they would probably send it with their next order. I called on Tuesday and was told that they would get back to me when it came in with their next order which should be in 3 to 4 weeks. Sounded good to me. Well I came home this evening to find that a small package was delivered to the house and the returned address said Bobby Brennan from Kamado Joe and guess what? Yes, the new thermometer was in! This was totally unexpected and pretty amazing in that I didn't even talk to them at all. I didn't even complain and they took it upon themselves to ship it to my house now rather than wait for my dealers next order. My thanks to Meghan and Bobby!; you guys are amazing! EDIT: Talked to my dealer today and they were aware it was going to be sent directly so kudos to the Texas Star Grill Shop as well.
  2. Well I just got home and there was a box from Bobby Brennan with a new dome thermometer in it. This is pretty amazing as I didn't speak to KJ at all. All I did was have my dealer contact them regarding my problem and I was told I would get it with their next order in 3 to 4 weeks. I am thoroughly impressed on how they conduct their business. Thanks to Meghan and Bobby!
  3. Sounds like you need a pizza oven too...
  4. So that must mean that slow boat from China is arriving soon??? Kewl..Any idea when dealers can order so I could give mine a heads up???
  5. Probably valid theory as I think mine came thru the screw on back as it was backed out a bit as evident by the messed up calibration. Not sure how one would seal it though.
  6. I haven't done hotdogs on mine yet. Doesn't seem like a good use of lump and a microwave it takes only 20 seconds. If you want grill marks just put it in the toaster....
  7. I haven't heard about many grills being stolen around my neighborhood. In Houston people tend to steal wheels off of trucks and sometimes the whole damn truck. Now if the grill is in the back of a truck or in a park, all bets are off.
  8. Mine will fit perfect in back bed of pickup for sure. Depending on height it may fit inside of pop up camper.
  9. Plus the grill is well insulated. I keep my stone in mine all the time. I have gone out there and have found the stuff inside the grill warmer than the ambient outside temp. Acts like a greenhouse in that it absords the Suns heat.
  10. There's a difference between antique, vintage and junk. I think this is junk and its best use is as a flower pot or broken up for fill material. Another disillusioned sole out there thinking junk is someone else's treasure.
  11. They look like they have the same writing on both of them.
  12. Same here. ..could always use two as I will have one already. Lol
  13. I would check for feedback on whether its feasible. Maybe put out a challange to have people commit $$ by a certain date. Once you have the commitments, cash in hand via paypal that could determine the prize? Collect in increments of $20 and see what happens. If you get a $2000 you go for BigJoe, if a $1000 then each $20 is worth two squares and go for JoeJr amd if you only get $500 each $20 is worth 4 squares and go for the BBQ Wizard.
  14. I don't know about the others but I would buy a couple...
  15. Go on their site and if they have reviews give a low rating for this device and their service. When I am shopping I always read the reviews and i pay attention to any poor ratings to help with my decision on whether to purchase the item in the first place and whether I want to buy from that vender. I have in the past asked about a particular negative review in the past to judge their response and it has influenced my decision.
  16. Maybe do smaller squares for AFC and NFC games with smaller prizes and save BigJoe for Superbowl. $20 squares for BigJoe, $10 squares for Joe Jr and $5 squares for BBQ Wizard.
  17. Maybe put together some football squares for a playoff game at $20 square which would raise $2000 and get Bobby to sell you a BigJoe at cost and the remainder goes to the cause. Since it is a charity it can't be construed as gambling. My luck would be that I get 5 and 5...
  18. Called my dealer today and they are going to order one with their next order with KJ which should be in 3 to 4 weeks.
  19. Raffle off a BigJoe, I will buy a couple $20 tickets.
  20. I don't see any value for a thermal cover on a kamado grill. From a performance perspective for the ceramic grills it wouldn't provide a measurable difference or benefit in fuel efficency. With regards to safety I believe you can't engineer the stupidity out of people. Its a hot surface so don't touch it as it will burn you with or without a thermal blanket. Often times someones well intended solution will introduce additional risks or problems. There is a balance here, you want the dome to retain the heat which helps with the cook but you also want it to cool off ultimately. I think the dimples on my KJ grill maybe intended to help cool the grill as they result in more surface area but then again I may be over thinking that and it could just be a consequential benefit of the casting process.
  21. Cooked on mine the night before last and it was hard to read the thermometer. It has been kept under cover and only rain it has been exposed to was while cooling. I am thinking that since it rook me two full revolutions to calibrate it, the moisture worked its way in around the calibration screw. Will call the dealer today to get a replacement.
  22. No ronman, the perforations are on the ash pan so there is still protection.
  23. Somebody...I just ordered and already recieved the PT100 RickV mentions above. Save the money as the food won't know the difference..
  24. Oh, there's a guide on how much to put in? I must of overlooked that..lol. I just pour the lump in there and throw a couple of starter cubes. I use the ash tool to get those buried under the lump when they are ignited. I usually fill up to the top of the firebowl, sometimes higher. If I am using the deflector ixusually need to move the lump around to get it to set right. I have also have flames shooting out the top two which freaked the wife out as it kind off looked like a rocket ready to launch. I like fire and I love my Joe!
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