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  1. $399 seems reasonable considering it includes stand and deflector and I assume ash tool and grippers? BGE Small is $549 plus $149 for Nest plus what ever else those other accessories cost. Thats over $700 and plus it doesn't come in red. Grill Dome small is even more. It's a no brainer.
  2. I had a KJ dealer deliver and set mine up and it did not cost extra, it was free like the bag of lump, starter cubes and deflector. I checked mine and they are snug as a bug.
  3. I think he stated that in his post. He said he didnt have to do mods out of the box to make it work properly as he had to do to his Acorn.
  4. Since I couldn't edit the above response o would like to add that this stand will also help facilitate transporting it as the has a place to sit and will be easier to tie down. You could also move it when the grill is warm or borderline hot. The simplicity of it should also result in a lower cost to fabricate which is good to the consumer. Only thing different I would like is maybe a wood or composite handle over the steel for carrying.This is a grate solution! That being said, I once again say; go build...please...
  5. Stand looks more durable and likely to stand the test of time. Folding devices tend to unfold at the least desirable time...Also this one distributes the weight better when carrying and you dont have to worry band slipping or breaking. I will also be able to rig a system on this stand to use my tables. Its a better, simpler and more dependable solution in my opinion.
  6. Looks nice. Ok now go out and build these and get them to the dealers so I could buy one...
  7. Sounds like you have a smart management team as little events like that go a long way in building a unified team. Its a cheap investment that has immeasurable benefits. Great job!
  8. Being from Alabama then the xhoiceis obvious, a Red KJ Big Joe and a Red KJ Joe Jr. Keep the infrared grill as well. That should hold you over until someone comes out with a red pellet grill.
  9. I have been cooking my pizzas at 500 with great results but then I just recalibrated my thermometer and it was at least a 100 degrees or so off. So I guess I will to go for 600 degrees next time...
  10. I seen these "cadilac" coolers at various stores and I often wonder who would pay $300 to $400 or more for a cooler? Ok how many bags of ice at a $1.98 bag do I need to save to justify it? I have never spoiled food so I don't need to consider the potential savings there..Really? But then I use to wonder what kind of fool would spend $900 for a grill? Well I did..so maybe I might have a high dollar cooler in my future?....Uhmmm.. I wonder if there is a Cooler forum I could join where they talk about cool ####..A parallel universe to ours where there are different sections based on brand with constant debates about yeti vs Engel vs a standard Colemam..and just maybe there is Man Cave Cubes site on youtube where they show how to make home made different flavored ice cubes for the cooler....just maybe.....
  11. Sears has been on the in trouble list for the last 5 years and they are still here.
  12. That's quite an accomplishment to get her to let you do the bird for thanksgiving. I was told in no uncertian terms that the thanksgiving bird is not getting near my grill. No way no how. She said if I wanted to do a bird on the grill i can do one before or after thanksgiving. I guess she doesn't trust me...lol
  13. From a buyers perspective I found the KJ a better value overall, period. With regards to quality, durabilty and performance I wasn't able to discern the difference in the ceramic and wouldn't be able without engineering data anyway. I do know that the KJ grill is heavier and is thicker. With regards to cooking performance, the anodocatical evidence would suggest a push. Really can't comment on the fire rimg without more data but my understanding is all manufacturers fire rings have had issues and all have been addressed thru redesigns. On the customer service side I have heard good stories about both BGE and KJ and others; maybe the people were impatient?? Another factor to consider is the BGE appears to be stoic as a organization with a business as usual and a take or leave it mentality whereas KJ has been aggressively attacking the market and developing new products. Given all that, it is not hard to get on the KJ train. Again, just my perspective. And remember your info is from a BGE dealer whose interest is to sell what?; yes BGE products...
  14. This black on black looks good. Should look better longer provided the material doesn't break down due to uv rays. Might help with resale value as well.
  15. My nephew and sister have places in Minn on some lake, don't know the name as there are over 10000 so the license plates say. We use to go fishing on lakes where we would sign in when we fished there. When we would come back the next year there would maybe be a only couple names added to the listed since we were there last, it was amazing. Also the water was crystal clear and you could see the bottom and the fish. I hear its all condos and lakehouses now but then again that was 40 years ago..musky are bad ### fish..
  16. I am starting to plan mine and I will be setting it up for 2 grills, a KJ Classic on the left side and a KJ Jr on the right. It will have three sections and in the middle will be a small fridge. Thinking of not using wheels as it will be long and I don't want 6 of them and I don't plan to move it. I was going to tile it with same tile we retiled the pool with. Trying to figure the dimensions for the Jr now as Bobby said it was "proportional" to the classic. I was also going to add doors to the area under the grill supports. Looking at using cedar fence planks on side.
  17. Hate to admit this Andy but I grew up outside Chicago and then a little further north and I would spend all my summers in wisconsin, mainly milwaukee and surrounding area. My cousins had a lake house and it was a blast. I also remember when MLK died as we were in town to visit my grandpa and the skies were burning from the riots in 64, it was crazy and we weren't allowed to leave the apartment where my grandma lived, but we did anyway. I also would run with friends to the bars in Wisconsin when we were 17 as the drinking age was 21 in Ill and only 18 in Wi.. We would also go to a resort in Minn every summer for a weeks vacation. I have great memories of Wi and your blessed to live there.
  18. Jabo8..you better go get that now...looks like Mr Cue is making a run at it....lol
  19. Rolltide..I believe that big steel piece is the part of a handling accessory to make it easier to move the grill. At the top there is a handle connected to another bracket on the other side. It helps from tipping it over.
  20. Why is that? Too hard to get to...or is it that plain cold? I have heard of putting a pool out of commission but a grill? I thought these things were bullet proof through rain, snow, heat and cold. ...
  21. 4RD

    This Explains Allot

    CC I plan on getting a maverick 732 or equivalent and a pt100. With regards to the perceived value of dome thermometer; I think there is another thread that discusses that..lol..Personally I think it is good enough for its intended purpose.
  22. Wheres the bottle cap thingy?
  23. I am looking to build one and was going to eliminate the wheels as I don't intend to move it and plus it was going to be a bit long and I thought that a 6 wheel table would be a albatross.
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