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  1. And now everyone wants to know how does one get on their nice list! By posting this its becoming a conversation piece on this site as well.
  2. 4RD

    Serial Number

    I went through the same excercise with the serial number. It was hard to read so I just entered my best guess and it was accepted.
  3. Now don't make fun of those people fron Chicago as they are the very same ones that crowd up your campgrounds, litter up the roadways and drive up general commerce in Wisconsin in the summer.
  4. 4RD

    This Explains Allot

    Yes I live in Houston and it is generally humid. Thinking that could be it as well.
  5. $550 still seems a bit high. Remember this is used outdoor equipment. I would never pay more than 50% retail and that is for stuff 1 to 2 years old. Grill worth $125, umbrella $20, table $75, controller?? Hard to value used electronics. People expecting to recover most of their costs are delusional. Max for this package $275 to $300.
  6. Actually the government probably has been at its most efficent use of taxpayers money during this time
  7. You can't go wrong camping and you can't go wrong grilling; a winning combination!
  8. Can't help it people but I chuckle every time I read this. I keep thinking of seeing y'all sitting in circle telling stories at your weekly Lump Anonymous (LA) meeting while at the same there is a truck in the church's lot with 24 bags of RO. Just saying guys..
  9. Guess he hasn't been on this site to realize that two is an optimal number of kamado grills.
  10. Catch one on sale at Sears as they occasionly are pretty well discounted. If in no hurry, put one on layaway and if you see you can get a better price in the meantime as they will match that price but check the rules. I was able to get my fridge and washer/dryers at about half list price as I continually came back with better prices which they matched. I called it extreme lay away and Sears has since modifed its layaway policy as a result of the game I played or so I have been told by the guy I know that works there.
  11. My ACE has both defelctors so I guess its dependent on the store.
  12. Be careful when opening though, don't want a flash...
  13. Wow! At first I thought there was a typo but guess not. Person is pretty proud of this setup and you would think that they talk about the other things it has like the beer dispenser, counter top and lights. I doubt anyone would buy it but you never know.
  14. How did you get the lump to burn blue?
  15. Looks like a alien with four feet.
  16. Sounds like you already made your decision then, wait and get the BigJoe. "Like new" is an exaggeration as that unit is weathered quite a bit just by judging by the wood and the discoloration of the vent; $450 is too high. Call and let him know you will take it at xx amount and leave it at that. Meanwhile save and get the BigJoe when you have the money but keep watching for other deals that may pop up. As soon as I bought my KJ Classic, a ad popped up for a BGE XL and table with other stuff for $950 and the guy said he had paid $2100 for everything in March this year. I was like, darn!
  17. Wow, lot of emotion here! My perspective here is that John got a great opportunity, a well deserved one at that, he took it and I am extremely happy for him as are most people. I am confused that some people think he is throwing people under the bus, or abandoning them or is a sellout? He isn't going anywhere except to a new channel? He still will be making his videos with the only thing changing being his intro and closeout lines and of course, the product line. So whats the problem? People followed MCM not simply because he cooked on a Acorn or some other grill, but because he is able to demonstrate to people how to cook great food on a kamado grill. Its his demeanor and style that instills confidence into the listener, so much that they think they can just go outside, get on their grill and replicate the cook that he just did, first time and every time. That's why people watch him, that's why KJ hired him and that's why I contend that most of his subscribers will follow him over to the new channel. I believe that it will get better than before because there will be a bunch of new videos coming out on a consistent basis as this is part of his job now. Kamado Joe is essentially funding him to continue doing what he has been doing and it benefits all kamado owners, regardless of brand. Tom
  18. It amazes me that comsumers still fall for that. I saw a ET732 with the BGE brand that was like $20 more than the original Maverick and the Remington branded one was cheaper. It would be cheaper to make some stickers and rebrand everything yourself after you buy it.
  19. So after watching football i got bored and decided to calibrate my dome thermometer. I started the water and then took off my thermometer and as soon as it started boiling, I put it in the pan. This is what I got: It wasn't reading anything. So following the instructions on one of the threads I started turning the calibration screw. After two complete revolutions this is what I got. After realizing that my dome thermometer was way off, allot of things make sense; like these ribs...lol Anyway I feel better now knowing my thermometer is at least calibrated and I will be buying a Maverick and a PT-100 shortly which should help me a bit. I have had condensation in my thermometer ever since I had my grill which has been 4 weeks now and was wondering whether its normal or not and whether or not I should ask for a new one? Here is a picture that better shows it. This is my first time posting pictures so hopefully they are not too large. Any feedback on replacing this thermometer is appreciated, personally it doesn't bother me too much as long as it doesn't rot out. And lastly I would like to apologize to the makers of Royal Oak as I criticized their lump using data from a poorly calibrated thermometer.. Tom
  20. Congrats John. Your doing what you love and one couldn't be more blessed than that. A win win for you and KJ.
  21. Everyone talks about the stall so I am curious what is happening to cause the stall?
  22. Its quite apparent but then again way up north you can always use it for heat if needed.
  23. SEC definitely has it going right. I went to the University of Texas and we totally suck in most sports lately. Mack Brown has got to go and the administration is doing nothing so it seems. We are getting a new AD and we need coaches in football, baseball, men and womens basketball. It sucks being irrelevent in the overall scheme of things but hopefully this is shortlived I am at the point that I am rooting for A&M..yikes. Not certain what happened to Auburn as they use to be tough as nails. Someones got to knock Alabama off of the totem pole.
  24. I have a Classic and all I did was tighten both screw when it was very hot. My concern was that when the screws cooled down and contracted that the residual tension in the them might cause a problem with the cast iron vent. No issues yet and it holds just fine when I open it.
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