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  1. I like to brine the meat overnight before applying a dry rub just before cooking (after rinsing and drying off with paper towels). As the meat's been brined I reduce the salt content of the rub.
  2. It's a Holiday Weekend this side of The Pond too, so time for some short ribs. Fist photo taken just after the ribs went on, the second roughly 3 hours in. Forgot to take one of the finished article.
  3. Thanks, I'll contact them both after the Easter holiday - charcoalstore's server isn't responding today but then it os Easter Sunday.
  4. Hi all, Can anyone recommend a supplier of wood chunks (for hot smoking)? I'm looking to import into the UK as most of the smoking wood sold here is either dust or chips for cold smoking. Thanks Berni
  5. Tashymagee, welcome aboard from another UK member. I took the plunge and bought a KJ Classic in August last year and have not regretted it. Despite the terrible weather, I hot smoked a chicken in mid January and, if I may say so, it was something else. I bought my Kamado from Hot Smoked (http://www.hotsmoked.co.uk/http-//www-hotsmoked-co-uk/ceramic-grills-kamado-joe/cat_16.html) who I highly recommend - speak to Alyson - for £699 which is a good price as it includes VAT (20% sales tax) and delivery in mainland UK.
  6. I think what he meant was 'green'did not mean freshly cut but rather aged v/s kiln dried. Exactly, thanks.
  7. Mr Cue, No, I'm not planning to use the wood as the main fuel. As you suggested the chunks will be added to the lumpwood charcoal in the Kamado fire box. Good lumpwood charcoal is also difficult to get here as BBQ is thought of as a summer only event. But as you guys know with the KJ it's possible to cook on most dry days (not that there's been many of those recently). I noticed on the maximising smoke thread that of you make your own charcoal and I may look into that at some point.
  8. Mewantkj, not really the same subject but the maximizing smoke thread is a good topic. Thanks anyway :-)
  9. Home smoking is not big over here and the market that exists is geared towards cold smoke or pellet type units. Hot smoking on a Kamado, Weber Bullet etc. is almost unheard of. We're starting to see celebrity chefs 'using' a BGE but as the inside is unstained terracotta you get the impression that they don't use one and it's product placement. Apologies for the long winded comment to explain why oak lump is not normally available. The guy I've tracked down sells split logs for wood burning stoves and he's willing to sell me a bag of off its to try in my KJ. Worst case they can sit undercover until next year and then go on the living room fire. Thanks everyone for contributing.
  10. I think I've finally tracked down a local supplier of Oak for smoking but was offered Green (Naturally) Seasoned wood or Kiln Dried. What works best on a Kamado? Instinctively I think that the moisture in Green Seasoned would give a slower burn so more consistent smoke. Your thoughts / experiences / advice welcome. Wood for this type of smoking is not readily available in the UK. Dust for cold smoking or chips are mostly what you can get. Several companies from the US are on eBay and offer to ship over here. If you buy wood chunks online who do you trust? Thanks B
  11. They came out well thanks. As the temp dropped each one took slightly longer than its predecessor but the proof was that there were only a few crusts left over for the dogs. This is very good advice here. Taking onboard the advice about the quality of the wood I'm going to keep looking for the best brand available in the UK. So far the Big K 'Restaurant' grade has been the best, the locally produced lump wood looks like its been produced from old pallets and softwood kindling and I won't be going back for more.
  12. Well, following all the helpful advice I cleaned out the grate of all the used charcoal, made sure the air holes weren't blocked, loaded the pit with big lumps and within 20 minutes the temperature was over 600F Came inside to tell the family that I'd cracked it, at which point it started raining Still managed to cook 3 pizzas, but the temp of the pit dropped once the rain started.
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