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  1. In the past I've made a foil rack to put the pan on which worked well. Was just curious what you were using since it looked like a metal stand of some sort.
  2. What did you sit your foil pan on? It does not appear to be directly on the stone.
  3. Wow! That looks amazing! Thanks for the info. I will definitely try it your way. Apparently I was basically on the right track with my thinking so I will cook it at around 250 until it reaches 190-195 and then pull it and let it rest. I love the bark and smoke ring you achieved.
  4. I want to try smoking a chuck roast on my Akorn. Can anybody give me some suggestions on time and temp.? I'm guessing it needs to cook at about 225 until the meat reaches an internal temperature of 160 and then do I wrap it in butcher paper and put it back into the smoker until it reaches 200? Looking to slice it, not shred it. Thanks for the tips in advance!
  5. Wal Mart has the Akorn, Jr. on sale for $146. Is this a good price? For those of you that have the Jr. do you like it and how does it compare to the full sized model Akorn? I have the full sized model but am considering getting the small one for small smokes. Any info you can provide will be most appreciated. Thanks and Happy Grilling!
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I will look into the one that attaches to the handle.
  7. I am looking for a new grill light to use with my Akorn. Can anybody recommend one that provides good lighting? Thanks.
  8. I'm planning on cooking a 14 lb bird on the Akorn for Thanksgiving and was curious if anybody has used the drippings fromt he cook for their gravy. I did ntoknow if the drippings would have too much of a smoke flavor if I used them. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!
  9. No, it wasm't a fresh ham, just a pre-smoked one that I bought. This is the second year that I have done a ham on the CG for Easter and both times the ham came out fabulous. Far better than it ever did on my old water smoker.
  10. Did a 13lb ham on the CG King Cooker yesterday which came out fabulous. You just can't beat cooking on this thing!
  11. I recently used my Digi Q 2 in conjunction with my Maverick 732 and found that the temps (meat & pit) varied anywhere from 2-5 degrees between the two. I did not conisder that enough to be concerned with though and the pork came out perfect.
  12. That looks good. I'm gonna give it a try. Any idea how long it will stay good?
  13. The finishing sauce I used was 1 cup cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons salt,1 tablespoon brown sugar, 1 teaspoon cayenne and a touch of ketchup. The longer it sits, the better!
  14. Actually, the finishing sauce I made was with cider vinegar which was a big hit with the guests. I had bbq sauce on hand in case somebody wanted it but it was never touched!
  15. I'm definitely "hooked". I can't wait to do another overnight smoke! Now that I've got the first one under my belt, I want to start "tweaking" a few things that I did on this smoke. The flavor of the pork was great and it had a nice bark but I'd like to play around a little with the rub.
  16. Thanks everybody for all of the information you provided. My first pork butt cook was a huge success. iI injected it with a mixture of the rub and some apple juice, put the rub on it andI put it on the CGK about 10:45 p.m. Saturday night. The temp varied anywhere from 237 to 260 during the night but when I checked the Maverick around 8:00 a.m. it was rock steady at 241. When it reached IT of 195 around 10:00 a.m. I probed it and it was like butter so I pulled it, wrapped it and left it alone until ready to shred. I made a simple thin finishing sauce on Saturday which I used on it after I shredded the meat I will attempt to attach photos. .
  17. Do any of you have a preference concerning putting the butt fat side up or fat side down? I cooked it fat side up in the offset but am interested in what the rest of you are doing on the CG.
  18. Cooking on a CG King Griller. Have previously only done the pork butt on a Brinkman offset grill. Have had the CG for almost 2 years now and absolutely love it. I am planning on cooking the butt in an aluminum pan uncovered at 250. My original thought was to pull it at about 190-195 and let it rest. Time is not a problem. People are coming over late Sun afternoon and I was thinking that I'd put it on the grill late Sat. niight and let it slow cook. I have a digi Q2 that I have not put to the test yet and thought this would be a good opportunity to do so, even though keeping the grill at 250 for an extended period of time without it has not been a problem.
  19. Thanks for the info. Will let you know how it turns out.
  20. Not accustomed to pullling at desired temp but I'm guessing that since butts are more forgiving If I pull it at the desired temp and let it rest it will not overlook.
  21. I plan to cook my first pork butt this weekend. Will cook at 250 but not sure how long to plan on for the cook. The butt is 8 lbs. I know that the internal temp should be 205 but I am not sure about what temp I should pull it at and should I wrap it and let it rest for a couple of hours.
  22. Thanks Cornflakes. I do too. I purchased a Digi Q DX II for Christmas and want to put it to use. Needless to say, it has to be able to control the temps in order to work properly and if I overheat the unit to start with it doesn't stand a chance! Hoping to be able to try it with something on Sunday. I would like to be able to do a low and slow smoke with it for Superbowl Sunday.
  23. I had no problems with the cook last night. Seriously wondering if the problem was caused by the way I started the coals and it caused it to get too hot too fast even with shutting down the vents. (you know how hard it is to cool these grills down when they get too hot) This time I kept the starter on top and not in between a stack which allowed the lighting from the top and not underneath and I managed to lock the temp at 325 closing the vents like I usually do. It never tried to overheat and I had no problems at all. I have previously checked to see where the smoke comes out when I get a good fire going and close it down. Yes, there are some small leaks, but nothing major. Not enough to have caused the problems I was having.
  24. It was new lump charcoal.The problem i had was too high of a heat.
  25. It may have been a lighting problem. I'm using an electric starter that I have used from day one, however I did not light just from the top. I had a layer on top and underneath the starter. Could be part of the problem. On a good note, I had success tonight with "locking" in the temp so maybe I''m on the right track. Just do not understand why I am having the issue after having the grill for almost 2 years. As for checking the seals, the last time I checked there are some leaks but notthing major. I have been successful with maintianing the temp until recently. I will recheck the seals on the next grill and see what happens, but since I was successful tonight, I don't expect to find anyting significant. Could the weather conditions have been part of the culprit?? It was cold and breezy on both occasions...
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