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  1. I believe the Primo factory is located in Tucker, GA which is located "inside the perimeter," and not in Madison, GA. Google says it's 12 miles/20 minutes from midtown Atlanta. Hmm, I dont know how I got this confused. I edited my post... For some reason I could have sworn it was in Madison! Guess I'm gettign old.
  2. This might change with a larger group or somebody with more pull than me, but I talked with Derald a while back about trying to tour Primo just to see it sinces it's near my house. He said at that time there wasn't really a way to get non employees back there due to liability/proprietary issues. While cooking may not be feasible due to traveling with kamados other than Akorns can be a daunting task, there is plenty of other stuff to do in and around ATL. Family Friendly wise: Zoo, Aquarium, World of Coke, Fernbank Museum/Cyclorama, The High Art Museum, Braves Game, Or maybe even a smaller BBQ Fest unlike the Jack or Memphis in may where it would be easier to meet with each other as a group and plenty of hotels available. There's also plenty of good restuarants, bars, and breweries in and around the city. P/s- John, or anybody else involved, I dont have the time to frequent here like I used to so if ya'll do need any help with planning etc and I can be of assistance, please dont hesitate to shoot me a PM!
  3. Does anybody know anywhere that still stocks the Akorn Jr? Wanting to get one for my father in law for a Christmas gift and figured I needed to start looking soon. I heard Menards dropped them and I dont really know anywhere else that carried them? Or if you were a lucky individual that picked up a few extra when on sale and you want to part with one please PM me Thanks!
  4. When you rub the bags of lump charcoal in the store, hoping to find the one with the biggest pieces and no small chips.
  5. I was wondering about that. I always struggle getting pizza to the grill from the counter since I dont have a pizza peel. Somewhat naive of me, but never understood how wax paper and butcher paper dont burn on the grill. I'll have to try this next time. Assuming parchment and wax paper are the same thing?
  6. Beautiful! Any tricks on keeping the chicken together? I noticed you didnt use butcher string to tie it up and didnt seem to have any trouble from stuffing coming out or it falling apart.
  7. Love the story and the final product. It's a real work of art! Obviously you plan on using it as it is functional, but I could almost see this mounted on a wall near the mantle or even in a shadowbox. Bravo!
  8. Maybe it's because I've been trying this low carb diet thing, but that bun looks pretty awesome! What kind is it? The burger and gooey cheese looks great too!
  9. Thanks ya'll! I've tried mesquite, apple, and cherry all with salmon - and to me the mesquite pairs best, followed by cherry with a close 2nd. Never been a big fan of hickory, personally. I had never tried tri-tip as it was tough to fine here on the east coast. Recently I found a butcher (still about 30 mins away) so about twice a month I go out there and stock up on tri-tip and homemade brats and sausages. Also Trader Joes carries them, but they're a little costly for a tri-tip. One of my fav things about tri tip is the sammich the next day on a a fresh piece of bread with some Dukes. (yes I said dukes, b/c is there any other mayonaise out there?!) Again appreciate the compliments and glad to be back! Already seen some good ideas to mess around with this weekend!
  10. Hey fella's and ladies... Been a while since I've been on here. I peruse several forums and have not frequented this one as much as I use to. It's tough to keep up with the thread counts getting so high, but I still love seeing everyones cooks and ideas when I do come here. By no means am I a veteran like some of the regulars like the recent 4000 post members, but I did start coming here when you could see pretty much all new cook threads each night within a few mins and stay caught up! With that being said, welcome to all the new folks here and ya'lls food looks delicious. I can honestly say out of all the threads I go to, the caliber of pictures and food just seems to always be (in general) a cut above the others I go to. I fully attribute this to the kamado style cooking and just don't think it can be beat. Truly one of the most versatile cooking styles out there! Anyways, I'll quit babbling, figured I'd show ya what I've been up to and share some cooks that I've done recently. Hopefully I can start keeping up better around here and become more active again. Now for the food! ...Oh I'm not going to post recipes/about sections for each cook, but feel free to ask about anything specific and I'll share all the info I have on it! Mesquite Smoked Salmon with bourbon/maple syrup glaze Grilled Chicken Wangs Butt Tri tip Kick'n Chick'n Pizza Seared Ahi Tuna Steak Another Kick'n Chick'n Pizza Another Tri tip (I dont have a problem, okay!) Apricot Glazed Salmon Ahi Tuna Drunken Chickens (blah blah, "you're wasting beer" "better off without a can inside" --do w/e you like!) Grilled Peaches and Pineapples & Vanilla Ice cream w/ Honey Drizzled on top
  11. is there a place you guys go to see what free cookbooks/grilling books are available day to day? or just browse until you find one?
  12. Welcome back, CC! I was just starting to come around when you left, but did manage to catch a few posts. Glad to have your insight back.
  13. I made chili with my flat that didnt turn out the way I wanted..It was awesome served on Frito pie!
  14. Slightly off topic, but I emptied the bottom of a bag of royal oak the other day and had trouble getting up to temp due to the small pieces. It wasn't allowing enough air to come through to get it as hot as I wanted for a steak cook. That was the worst bag of Royal Oak i've had, but if it happens again I'll be spending more money for a diff brand.
  15. I bought a cheap one at wally world and it just didnt work. Either I did something wrong or it was more of PItA than it was anything else. The burger meat just stuck to the sides of the press and I never got a good seal.
  16. Grilled some pork chops on the akorn.. Brushed with BBQ sauce for the wife, just butt rub and adobo marinade for me. Tried and indirect and direct setup using foil. Did a reverse sear until about 135 and threw them on the coal side to bring them up to about 150 IT.
  17. Could you point me in the direction of Jerri's Dough recipe?
  18. You mean the Akorn layed an "Egg" ! Can't believe nobody beat me to it....
  19. I've noticed this...but never thought about it. No help here, but I'm curious as well.
  20. Most all of my local grocers carry it...Ingles, Quality Foods, Walmart even I think. Never tried it, but its on my list as I narrow down my sauces in the cabinet.
  21. Pay, your rub is taking over every forum I'm on!
  22. They actually cooked quicker than I expected. I think it was around 4 - 4.5 hrs. I pulled them just by eyeballing, but after I got them inside to rest I went ahead and stuck a toothpick in them and it went in and came out with ease and clean. You can't really do a bend test with these because they become really fragile as there is not much muscle holding the bones together. A little helpful trick, leave the membrane on these. As I said, they become really fragile, the membrane helps hold the meat together and they can just fall apart without it.
  23. Decided to try something new (to me)...Beef ribs instead of pork. Hit em with some mustard, then mixed up a beef rub and sprinkled on, then onto akorn with mesquite and cherry wood. The flavor was great, just wish there was more meat. Cooked around 240 most of the cook, the temp rose to about 275 towards the end when I was peeking more.
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