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  1. I've got the galvanized steel stucco sheet and the ceiling hanging wire. I'll put togather some baskets, burn them then hopefully post some pics.
  2. Couldn't find any stainless wire but did (clerk at TSC suggested it) find the wire they hang ceiling grids by. It's pretty thick yet bendable with pliers. So what I'm using is galvanized steel stucco sheet and the ceiling grid wire(both from lowes). I'll see what I can put togather and try to add some pics. One last question is what about copper wire? I have a some #10 house wire I could strip down to use.
  3. Goin there this morning,. This has been more of an adventure than I had planned on
  4. Wow, ya'll are a crazy wealth of infomation. I'll look for all that at lowes in the morning. Appreciate all the help
  5. Sweet looking brisket, it looked really juciy. Being from Florida I've only ran into the dry tasteless kind, never even seen anything that looked like that. Great Job
  6. Just got back from Lowes and Home Depot. The expanded metal they have is all galvanized I had already bought a sheet this morning so guess I'll be taking it back, "look twice and you don't have to return it". Good Idea with the frying basket and the chef's pan( i see these at Marshalls,Ross,ect marked down)
  7. Thanks, I'll check in the hobby store and at lowes in picture section. Knew I'd get some good info here
  8. appreciate all the replies, any ideas other than stainless wire? Hanger wire is too stiff, electric frence wire is galvanized, copper would leach too I'd imagine,??
  9. I couldn't find any stainless wire for making a charcoal basket. How about the wire used on chain link fence, the precut pieces the hook around the poles? It's pretty bendable and most important, I have some. Any concerns on ya'lls part?
  10. Too slow to be tired!

  11. Thanks guys, appriciate the hellos. Sorry, smokin panda, don't really watch baseball at all but I do like to listen to sports radio. Mr Cue, I hear that a lot and it's good for my retirement, been with then 28 years.
  12. Brand new to this forum thing, Please let me know if I step on any toes or break any rules. It's kind a like a first date, nervous, clumsy, and yet still hopeing to get lucky. I'm from Lakeland, fl; right between Mickey Mouse's house and the the strugglin Tampa Bay Rays. I've been reading the Char Griller forum for a while and thanks to one of your members tagged the Akorn on a "tractor" site which let me know Amazon had marked them down to $240. Bought one on Monday, hopefully I'll have it by next Monday. Never cooked on charcoal in my life, wife thinks I'm having a mid-life crisis(she p
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