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  1. +1 on Henckel Four Stars - very reasonably priced 6 years ago. Have never re-sharpened them but I do try to "steel" them before every use - also never put them in dishwasher and only cut on wood or plastic cutting boards.
  2. Just noticed last night that my Kroger marked their's up from $299 to $329 - July 4th sale I guess
  3. +1 - now leaning against the table and toward better shelves.
  4. Interesting. If I didn't already own a Thermapen this is what I'd buy - I'm pretty sure it's a new product from Thermoworks: http://thermoworks.com/products/ir/comb ... meter.html
  5. that sounds like a great idea - since you didn't mention any problems I guess the foil doesn't mess with the accuracy of the thermometer - correct?
  6. cday23 - can you provide link or search criteria - when searching for ET-732 I don't see those
  7. Another vote for the ThermaPen. I've had the "splashproof' model since early 2010. Even though I'm very careful with it and store it in a drawer with the LCD face down, a couple of weeks ago I noticed a crack in the LCD. The crack even extended into the case - sort of looking like it had been dropped or mishandled - which it hasn't. I contacted ThermoWorks via email explaining the situation and requesting instructions on how to get it repaired. They replied with a RMA # and shipping instructions. Even though it's a well over a year out of warranty, I got an email earlier this week saying they were replacing the unit and that I should receive it before the end of the week. Not bad...
  8. This is the response I received from Mavrik: Very helpful thank you very much [NOT]. Crud I've been seeing similar complaints about this unit on this and other forums and on Amazon. I've just resolved to only use it under 400F and hope it holds up. Any hotter than that and I'm cooking steaks, hamburgers or pizza and don't need it.
  9. If that's for a new unit you got a DEAL - there are none priced like that on eBay now.
  10. I think that's true for the most part but in this case the bolts provided with the Akorn have the softest and most easily rounded heads I've ever seen. I'm now wondering if the indicated (in the installation instructions) 7/16" bolts were actually 11mm - didn't think to try an 11mm nutdriver at the time.
  11. Just FYI, instructions say that there are 30 bolts in the pack-o-bolts - there were only 28 and only 28 are needed to assemble the grill.
  12. Totally agree. Being super careful during assembly, I managed to partially round-off a couple of CG's bolts. Even noticed that another couple, one on shelf bracket and one on lid hinge were partially rounded during assembly at the factory. Probably gonna get the stainless versions as replacements for ALL of them.
  13. Accidentally quoted you instead of SeminoleFan - was asking him a simple question.
  14. very nice, did you mount it to the table bolt area and if so does it hold very well thanks Sent from my Galaxy S II using tapatalk looks like it's hanging from the brackets for the shelves - correct ?
  15. Ordered Smokin' Stone and Thermo earlier in the week - total charged including shipping was $90.73 - that's > $20 in shipping charges which seems excessive. Smokin' Stone only available from CG and the Thermo, even with $12 or $13 in shipping still the best deal I've seen on the ET-732.
  16. Love that but I'm really looking for something on rollers.
  17. Could probably jurry rig something to attach where the shelves attach to either side to hang the cooker from a table. Yeah - had similar thought last night - hanging from the 3x3 holes that legs are attached to - only concern is that the structure it hangs from would need to be below the table top. Not sure that the 2x2 holes for the shelves would provide enought support. Haven't figured it out yet and haven't seen any examples. Also, most of the pics I've seen look like the one I orignally posted - with cooker sitting on a stone or other surface. Do the other Kamado's not have removable ash pans?
  18. Anybody considered building or built a table for their CG Akorn (or the like)? First gotcha that comes to mind is how to empty ash pan on bottom. I guess you could shopvac ashes out, lift cooker out of table to access pan or have a trap door in the surface the cooker sits on to drop pan thru. Below is what I'm talking about:
  19. Can you point me to an ad where Kroger is selling them for $199? My Kroger has $299 price tags on the 3 or 4 in front of the store.
  20. So is the remote thermometer Char-Griller is offering on their website a rebranded Maverick ET-732? If so, at $39.95 it seems to be a bargain...
  21. Seems like it was established on another thread that the position of the thermometer in the dome accounted for most of the inaccuracy - IOW, it's hotter at the grate than up high in the dome.
  22. All do respect favog, but the salesman at Lowes is probably not an expert on coatings, metal forming or preventative maintenance. He might know a little something about assembling the various grills they sell or which charcoal is their best seller. My experience with the staff at Lowes (and HD to be fair) is that if they can manage to help me locate what I am looking for it's a special experience for us both. Beyond that, if I have questions about a product I'm better off searching the net for a product-specific forum like this. Sad but true...
  23. Not even a noob yet - 2 more hours to wait before becoming one Picking my Akorn up from Lowes this evening. Have been reading this forum for a couple of weeks now - I'm guessing info I've picked up here will save me hours of experimentation and mistakes. FYI, friend's wife told me last night that she got him BGE for upcoming birthday. Will be interesting comparing our new cookers.
  24. Phipom, great write-up - one question about your method. Several here have suggested that the dome themometer is inaccurate up to 50 degrees either way. When you say you can hold low 200s for several hours are you relying on the build-in thermometer or something more reliable? Also, have you done any of the "air leak-proofing" many others here have advocated?
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