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    I enjoy the social arts of food, music and sport. Spending time in the garden, taking pictures and riding my mtnbike. Most of all, love my wife.
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  1. MtbChip

    Coconut Oil, “Pure Poison”. Say What?

    Macadamia Oil..... nothing better. https://oilsofaloha.com/collections/macadamia-cooking-oils Worth every cent, and extremely healthy and tasty!
  2. If you are in Los Angeles area, go to CalChar.com
  3. MtbChip

    memory foam mattress?

    Temperpedic: Bought ONE about 11 years ago. Used there warranty three times, as the sag was creating a lot of discomfort. Easy and efficient, I'm now on the 4th bed, and YES, they have improved and YES I'm happy the current mattress (only paid for the 1st one). Good warranty response!!!
  4. MtbChip

    Thinking about buying a Subaru

    I've been driving a CROSSTREK since 11/15. Love this car... fun to drive and excellent as my ride to the mountain bike trails.
  5. I'm not sure if the new Kamado builder is still making them. I'll check.
  6. MtbChip

    Blue Kamado for sale - SD

    It's a Johnson Kamado. One can tell by the style of the side tables and wooden handle.
  7. MtbChip

    What is your favorite lump coal?

    NatureGlo: Hickory/Oak combo. I buy 40# bags from a supplier in Los Angeles (nothing here in San Diego). Our motto here.... DON'T RUN OUT OF FUEL....!!!
  8. Foiled again.... that technique is for non-k users. 275° @ 3.5 hours on BBack 250° @ 4.5 hours for spares ribs. KISS works, kook indirect! Sometimes at the end of the kooking session, I put the high temps gloves on, reconfigure to DIRECT and get a hot grill. Then sear for maybe 5 minutes a side for a high heat "finish" (no sauce). ALSO: I always place the food in the Kooker BEFORE lighting and then do a slow ramp up for maximum "smoke ring". GO~!
  9. MtbChip

    Greetings from SoCal

    Alas.... another BBQ lover in San Diego County. Enjoy and share your results !!!!
  10. Oh.... I already have a bit for the season. Twenty 40# bags of NatureGlo. Hickory & Oak. Seems to work fine.
  11. Galaxy did not provide ANY warranty on their poorly designed hinge/band system. I would not trust that company. They have lots of other customer issues with their less than stellar customer relations reputation. The "new" company is a collaboration between RJ and the owner of the shipping company out of San Ysidro,CA. The "new" guy had been assisting in the shipping of K's worldwide for over 15 years. He saw HUNDREDS of good cookers leave his shipping dock, with dozens coming back with issues. No reason to discuss that further. Now that they have control, it's their position that precise quality control will help RJ Style K's to rise from the ashes. I'll keep my friends here on KGuru up to date as things develop.
  12. An new builder in San Diego! I'm having a new "K7" being made now and I will update the group upon completion. Using the "RJ" molds, this guy is very focused on closing the quality control gap that the Johnson's let get past them.