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  1. Nice looking board of meaty goodness.
  2. That's a good looking pie.
  3. Nice new ride you picked up for the SWIMBO.
  4. That's a really good looking grill full of food.
  5. Nice, congrats.
  6. Looking good.
  7. Welcome to the Guru, lots of great people and info around here. No and if that lower lip where the ash tray attaches to is rusred/missing chucks I'd leave it where it's at and save my money.
  8. Sounds good.
  9. Thanks MossyMO
  10. Nice looking birds.
  11. Nice looking bird.
  12. It looks really good.
  13. That looks and sounds delicious.
  14. Well I picked up a new toy to try out last weekend. I see its main purpose as a smoker for cheese, bacon and sausages and maybe some jerky. Basically it has the ability to hold stable temps from around 100 to 275, this allows sausages to not fat out, cheese stuffed sausages to not exceed 150 which is the melting point for most cheeses used for stuffing into sausages from my understanding. Also picked this up.