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  1. Nice Christmas gift even if it was already broken in.
  2. Those do look mouth-wateringly delicious, looking forward to a video about it if you do one.
  3. The Auto model does, the standard model does not.
  4. One of our favorites around here. Those look good.
  5. Looks like a tasty meal, nice presentation.
  6. ??????? If your asking about an ash pan for the Jr., yes that would be nice.
  7. Nice job it does look like a satisfying meal. It appears that you removed the bone marrow, I'm assuming that you added this to the meat/veggie mix.
  8. Looks like that made a tasty plate of food.
  9. Could you elaborate on this more. I know they are both diets but how are they mixed together?
  10. Sounds pretty good, I'm not into stuffing but know some in my family that enjoy it.
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