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  1. Nice Christmas gift even if it was already broken in.
  2. Those do look mouth-wateringly delicious, looking forward to a video about it if you do one.
  3. The Auto model does, the standard model does not.
  4. One of our favorites around here. Those look good.
  5. Looks like a tasty meal, nice presentation.
  6. ??????? If your asking about an ash pan for the Jr., yes that would be nice.
  7. Nice job it does look like a satisfying meal. It appears that you removed the bone marrow, I'm assuming that you added this to the meat/veggie mix.
  8. Looks like that made a tasty plate of food.
  9. Could you elaborate on this more. I know they are both diets but how are they mixed together?
  10. Sounds pretty good, I'm not into stuffing but know some in my family that enjoy it.
  11. Probably the same as any controller for overnight or long cooks. It gives you a piece of mind.
  12. Delicious looking meal, it would be hard to get that steak more perfectly cooked than it is.
  13. @keeperovdeflamethat looks good. I definitely need to try this dish soon.
  14. TKOBBQ

    New member

    Welcome to the Guru.
  15. That looks like a satisfying sandwich for lunch, dinner or shoot throw an egg on it and make it breakfast.
  16. Looks like an enjoyable plate of food.
  17. Thanks for the review of the new basket. Hard to beat a good plate of wings.
  18. Nice looking meals, Thanks for sharing.
  19. At times it's hard to beat the original. I've used that in the past and enjoyed it.
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