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  1. LOL you could've been monitoring ekg's, static pressure, etc., with all those probes. Bird look tasty, Thanks for sharing.
  2. Ambitious cook glad it turned out as planned. It looks good.
  3. Nice job that looks delicious.
  4. Welcome to the Guru, that's a good looking hunk of meat.
  5. Looks like some good meals.
  6. That does look and sound like it would be tasty Jack, Thanks for sharing.
  7. Just the perfect tan on that bird.
  8. Nice wish we had those around here. Is that some dry aging I see going on in that last picture?
  9. Welcome to the Guru from another Primo XL and Jr. owner.
  10. Welcome to the Guru there are a lot of great people and information around here.
  11. Agree that is substantial damage, I would settle for no less than a full replacement.
  12. That looks like my kinda meal, Thanks for sharing.
  13. Nice I could definitely sit down to a plate or two of those.
  14. Tasty looking ribs, been awhile since I've done them that way. Going to have to change that.
  15. Welcome to the Guru.
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