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    TKOBBQ reacted to philpom in Pork butt - nice day for one   
    And it's almost down the hatch.  It's delicious.  Pulled at 202 I. T.  Also tossed some chicken breast on for next weeks dinners,  2 cilantro lime and sesame garlic. 

    Pulled them at 155 I.T.  (will be reheated later).

    Served with fresh chopped Tabasco peppers and sweet relish.   Yum!
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    TKOBBQ reacted to philpom in Pork butt - nice day for one   
    Dropped this one on at 12:30.  No binder, just some house pork rub.
    Mesquite wood and rockwood lump.
    Maybe another few hours for this guy, going to be a good dinner.  Tossed in some photos of vent settings for the 250 run.
    What a nice day, probably some pool time later.

    Here is where we started.

    Seasoned the butt well first thing and left it on the counter while the fire came up and stabilized. 

    Here is where we are right now. 4 hours on.  Looks ready to eat now but I know I need to wait a little longer.  :(

    And here are those vent settings. 

    I'll post the finished product when it's ready.  Pic below is the current reading, the one above is where it was when I dropped it on at 12:30.  Amazing how stable these are.
    Kamado on!

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    TKOBBQ reacted to ckreef in Rosemary Peach chicken   
    Rosemary, Peaches, and Chicken thighs with a white wine pan sauce, mozzarella and bacon. Cooked on the Nuke Delta grill. 

    Fire up the Nuke Delta. Wood to the side for extra coals later in the cook. 

    Slide the Grill Grates over and sear some peaches and thighs. 

    Once the peaches and thighs have a good sear put them down in the warming area. 

    Slide the Grill Grates out of the way and add the standard grate. Cook down some bacon. 

    Remove the bacon and set aside. Add the thighs and deglaze the pan with white wine. 

    Add some chicken stock, the peaches and some mozzarella. Close the lid on the Nuke Delta and finish cooking/thickening the sauce. 

    What a fantastic meal. Bright, fresh flavors. This cook will go into our summer rotation. The Nuke Delta grill definitely has a learning curve but I'm a quick study. 

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    TKOBBQ reacted to keeperovdeflame in Cuisinart Taco Rack   
    I was using a old wire mesh taco rack that I picked up at Home Depot. I started using it way back when Jack Jumper used one in a post on smoked stuffed pork chops. Since then I have used the rack to cook vertical chops, steaks, Corn on the cob, whole baked potatoes or twice baked potatoes,  racks of ribs, and probably some other cooks I can't remember. Anyway after my stuffed chop cook for this month's challenge, I decided that my old taco rack had served me well, and needed to be retired. After a search I picked up a new Cuisinart non stick taco rack on Amazon for $10 and change. This new rack is more solid and heavy. I seems like it will out last my old one by quite a bit. I use the taco rack method every time I cook pork chops,  or any thing stuffed because it is not only  excellent at turning out perfectly cooked, moist, and yet well marked and charred chops, but also helps when your cooking anything you want to stand on the bone end and expose the maximum area to smoke and indirect heat. One of my Go to accessories. Ps. I have actually never used it to make tacos. Go figure

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    TKOBBQ reacted to ICDEDTURKES in Blackstone cooking   
    Simple Sunday supper , Ham Club, bacon from Ebels best bacon in state, toast and grilled ham, Colby jack, with a great tomato from a awesome farmers market on Blackstone. Mayo is the ticket toasting bread, read about it forever, it works
      Italian salad as a side.

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    TKOBBQ reacted to Ski-Freak in New Saffire Platinum 19"   
    Your Saffire looks great in blue! 
    I have enjoyed my older Jasper Red model, set in their Teak table for many years. That new Crucible Firebox looks amazing! It has refractory fire bricks held in place by a metal frame, with a really nice lift out charcoal basket, and a lift out ash pan underneath. I just ordered one for my older Saffire as an upgrade, and am looking forward to installing and using it.

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    TKOBBQ reacted to Loremaster72 in Steamer Dome for Blackstone   
    Well, I just got a Blackstone griddle, and realized that a steamer dome was probably a needed accessory.  I looked at the new ones out there and was struck by two things: the price and the fact that all of them were round.  Given the rectangular shape of the griddle, I thought that a rectangular steam dome might be a good design.  Below you can see pics of the design I came up with.  It is based on a 9"x15" steel pan I found at a local thrift store for $1.00.  This one was particularly nice in that it has fully rolled edges instead of large flanges, minimizing the unusable space at the contact area with the griddle.  The handle is made from some pieces of oak dowel rods I had in the shop, and mounted with two stainless steel screws I had in my hardware boxes.  The finish on the handle is Danish Oil (also already in the shop).  The finished steamer dome covers not quite half of my 22" Blackstone griddle, and I can even close the lid on the griddle without it hitting the dome handle.  I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, and I already used it to steam cook a pizza on a pre-made rectangular crust.  If I can find a small 9x9 pan, I'll probably make a similar but smaller cover.  That might just get a round knob handle (I tend to re-purpose old Cholula bottle lids into knobs).

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    TKOBBQ got a reaction from philpom in Birthday   
    Going back on for the sear.

    The cut.

    And dessert, Salted caramel cookie.

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    TKOBBQ got a reaction from Jack 101 in Deen Brothers Kamado 22" for $599   
    @Jack 101 I'm going to give you an AMEN.  And to the OP @Family_cook just let it die.  
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    TKOBBQ reacted to Jack 101 in Deen Brothers Kamado 22" for $599   
    It looks like a 22" Auplex kamado to me.  Very much the same as the 22" Pit Boss and others of that size and Auplex origin.
    It's selling for about the same price as the Pit Boss kamados I've seen at Costco and other retailers of that particular type of kamado.  It's not made of playdoh.  The materials are much the same as Vision and others of Auplex origin.
    As to the rest of your post re: "discount based on racist ancestry", I'm sure you could find a forum somewhere where that type of comment would be appreciated and welcome.  But it's neither welcome nor appreciated here at Kamado Guru.
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    TKOBBQ got a reaction from WhistleDixie in WhistleDixie   
    Welcome to the Guru there are a lot of great people and information around here.
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    TKOBBQ got a reaction from JeffieBoy in Dad to the rescue!   
    Awesome and way to be there when called in on a audible to deliver the goods.
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    TKOBBQ reacted to JeffieBoy in Dad to the rescue!   
    The Setup.  Daughter's in-laws experienced a death in the family.  Two Daughter's in law offered to do the hosting of a post service meal at the farm.  This will happen tomorrow noonish.
    At 4:30 this afternoon said Daughter suddenly showed up at our place with about a half dozen smallish Turkey breasts and wants them smoked - tonight.  With nothing prepped, I simply did a quick, heavy sprinkle of Tony Chachere's while the Akorn was coming up to 225 degrees.  I tossed a few small chunks of Hickory and some Fruitwood into the mix for some flavour.  Temps levelled of at about 235 and the Turkey went in.
    Two hours and a few minutes later I measured an internal of 167 degrees and pulled them from the heat.  The breasts sat on the counter for about an hour to cool a bit, then I carefully sliced the meat in a single piece from the bones, foiled, bagged and tossed them in the fridge.  A quick taste tells me that the skin is quite spicy and the meat tender, moist and sweet!
    She will be picking them up in the morning.  Plans are to carefully toss the foil packs into the wood fired pizza oven at the farm for a quick warm up, then slice thinly and serve along with all the other food.
    After sending her the requisite proof photos, I managed to pick enough meat off the bones for a cold Turkey sammy (and a Guinness!) tomorrow.  Time for bed!

    Foiled and ready to reheat.

    After two hours on the Akorn...

    My reward!
    Tomorrow morning?  An 8 pound chunk of smoked Brisket to go along with the Marshmallow Salad, and several other 1960’s inspired dishes to be served while we watch the Apollo 11 documentary out of the back patio with some friends.  I am looking forward to serving “Buzz Aldrin” cocktails (Tang and Vodka) to go along with the party!
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    TKOBBQ reacted to Jack 101 in MEATLOAF   
    In light of the way most meatloaves drip fat, I think cooking indirect with some sort of pan to catch the drippings is best.  Also, although there is no photo and thus no way of telling how wide/closely knit the mesh is, are you concerned about sticking/ease of removal?
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    TKOBBQ reacted to edgarallanpoe in New Blaze in the house   
    Got my new Kamado and aside from a few little niggles this thing is amazing.  Fit and finish are almost perfect.  The is what looks to be a small scratch on the front behind the handle on the hood but I couldn't care less about that.  The grates are *heavy* and amazing looking.  Everything is as advertised.  It's fantastic looking and functions perfectly.  I have used an Infinity Kamado for a decade until it cracked over the winter.  My first cook on this was flawless and all indications are that this actually hold heat a little better.  It took a looooong time to burn off very little fuel at 450.
    My one issue is with the ash pan.  I don't like it.  I live in a windy area and taking the whole pan out to clean the ashes will be a pain in the ####.  I actually preferred the old way of pulling them out with an ash tool into an ash pan.  But that is no big deal...just a minor quibble.

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    TKOBBQ reacted to Sodaking27 in Steak, Baked Potatoes & Fried Corn   
    Add about 2 tablespoons of olive oil to a pan. Chop up a jalapeño and add (if you like a little heat). Let the pepper cook a few minutes. I take the leftover corn on the cob from the night before. Cut it off the cob and add to the pan. Add a few pats of butter, salt and pepper. Let it cook and stir every once in a while. 
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    TKOBBQ got a reaction from Sodaking27 in Steak, Baked Potatoes & Fried Corn   
    Looks like a tasty meal.   What are the details on the fried corn?
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    TKOBBQ reacted to Loremaster72 in Blackstone Propane Griddle and Accessories Question   
    Well, tonight I pulled the trigger on the Blackstone 22" two burner portable rig.  I got the box set at Walmart that has the stand, lid, and bulk tank hose.  While it's getting a bit harder to find them around here, two of the local stores still had them in stock.  The price and portability won me in this case, as I do intend to travel this unit a bit.  Tomorrow I'll order up some extra tools, and I think I remember one of the thrift stores near me having a stack of those small rectangular stainless steel steam table pans (like you see on salad bars and such).  I'll try to snag a couple of them to use for sauces on the corners of the cooking deck.  It's going to be smoking hot this weekend, but I'll try to get out, season the cooker, and try a few items on it.
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    TKOBBQ got a reaction from Smokingdadbbq in Lamp chop cook - grilled to perfection   
    Wow that looks delicious. 
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    TKOBBQ reacted to Panchango in Nothing but the money!   
    Smoked a 2.5 lb rack of pork ribs yesterday while I worked in the yard. Rubbed with Texas Pig Rub and smoked at 250F with some cherry, they were done in just about 3 hours. I had to wrap them for a few hours until it was time to eat.

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    TKOBBQ reacted to PennHead in Nothing but the money!   
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    TKOBBQ reacted to PennHead in Nothing but the money!   
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    TKOBBQ reacted to PennHead in Nothing but the money!   
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    TKOBBQ reacted to gotzero in Nothing but the money!   
    Ribs the other night that rival anything I can purchase at any price.

    And sushi that, well, at least tastes good. We would get mercury poisoning long before we made enough sushi rolls to learn how to make them look good. At least we are having fun...

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    TKOBBQ got a reaction from philpom in Pork belly cook   
    As always it looks outstanding @philpom.
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