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    TKOBBQ got a reaction from DanSchlim in Water pan or No Water pan   
    No water pan.  Why put a heat sink in your kamado to prolong cooking times?  
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    TKOBBQ reacted to stream26 in How to Cook a Boston Butt   
    Thank you for posting this
    Recently got my KJ Classic II and this is by far the best grill I've ever had. So far, firestone pizza, beer can chicken and smash burgers in just 2 days. Has hardly had time to cool down.
    I plan to do its first low & slow cook this Saturday, cooking two pork  shoulder 
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    TKOBBQ reacted to SmallBBQr in Best pizza stone for a Kamado   
    I have an Ooni Pro for 1000 degree temps but still use the factory stones that came with.  Some Ooni owners are using steel at those temps though.
    I never liked bringing the kamado up over 600-700.  Past that I think is crazy stuff...particularly with a $2000 ceramic.  Out of my comfort zone for sure!
    I wish my body tolerated more carbs....I could eat these 3 times a week.

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    TKOBBQ reacted to Jame21 in The Big Green Egg Ceramic Cooker Review   
    Simply put, the Flame Boss 500 WiFi temperature controller is easy to apply, extremely good reliable, and good price. Being capable of trade your pit temperature and modify settings on line is a lifesaver! Plus, with built in meat temperature alarms, the Flame Boss 200 will ship you a text so that you’ll in no way reduce to rubble some other brisket again.
    Professional BBQ’ers located the blanketed flow fan did an top notch process of holding the favored temperature. Even more, the open lid detection prevents the fan from over stoking the fireplace whilst you simply need to peek at your scrumptious creation. A small percentage of best temperature control for big green egg customers stated they did have some hassle putting in place the WiFi. However, once you get it up and running, you’ll be proper to move for years of use.
    Almost like dishonest, except there’s no cheating in outside smoking, just precise eats!
    A few veteran competition people who smoke additionally pointed out that the Flame Boss three hundred fan became slightly greater efficient than the BBQ Guru – DigiQ DX2. In truth, though, they both use so little energy that a mild difference received’t affect the taste or energy utilization.
    Another commonplace subject matter you’ll locate among all Gig Green Egg temperature controllers are failed temperature probes. When you stick a small piece of metal right into a hot hearth for hours at a time, a few are sure to run into troubles. The suitable news is Flame Boss as awesome technical and customer support and will deliver you a new one very quickly.
    Overall, in case you’ve got a busy existence and can’t dedicate 15 hours to toddler a brisket, the Flame Boss 500 WiFi is for you. It’ll make your life a hell of plenty less complicated, save you wasting money on overcooked meat, and could
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    TKOBBQ reacted to Beermachine in Canadian Bacon   
    I use this one and just omit the maple syrup. I always do a full 10-12lb loin.
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    TKOBBQ got a reaction from Beermachine in Canadian Bacon   
    By the looks of it I can see why.  It looks delicious. 
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    TKOBBQ reacted to Beermachine in Canadian Bacon   
    It was excellent. It's a regular meal on our menu.

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    TKOBBQ got a reaction from Beermachine in Canadian Bacon   
    Looks good from here.  How'd the spaghetti carbonara turn out?
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    TKOBBQ reacted to Beermachine in Canadian Bacon   
    Well worth the efforts. Spahgetti Carbonara tonight!

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    TKOBBQ reacted to keeperovdeflame in Tri Tip and Cowboy Beans on the Traeger   
    Cardiff Crack Marinade Recipe
    2 cups Red Wine
    1/4 cup good olive oil
    5 cloves for garlic minced
    1 table spoon honey
    1 table spoon black pepper
    I table spoon kosher salt
    I pretty much made up the directions, because they used a power marinade vac machine, and I don't have one. 
    I put a little red wine in a small bowl along with the honey and salt and put in in the microwave, then gave it a stir to dissolve them into the wine. I added the small bowl of wine with the dissolved salt and honey to the rest of the ingredients. Put the tri tip into a gallon zip lock and then pour the marinade in over it. I pressed out the air and then massaged the meat inside the bag to complete coat the meat. I set the bag in a glass baking dish and put it in the fridge. I repeated the massage and turned the bag every so often when I thought about it. I let the Tri Tip sit in the marinade for a little more than 24 hrs. When I pulled it out, I did not wash it off, but coated it with olive oil and then added a nice coating of a kosher salt, cracked pepper, garlic rub. I used Jack Daniels #7 Steak.  
    I ran the grill at 300, and stuck a probe into the thick end of the Tri Tip. I pulled it at an IT of 125, wrapped it in foil, and put it in a cooler which I had prepped with hot water so the cold cooler would not pull temp from the meat. I wrapped the foiled meat in a couple of towels, dried out the cooler and put the wrapped meat inside for probably 20 minutes to rest. The result was steamy warm, and very moist. A little tip, if you have not done a Tri Tip before, make sure you slice it against the grain. The grain in a Tri Tip runs in different directions in the thick end and the thinner end, they look like the point and the flat in a brisket. A true Tri Tip is bent into a dog leg, and you should cut it in half in the middle of the curve and then slice each of the two pieces separately to make your slice cross grain.  if you look at the pic of my Tri Tip on the cutting board,  you can see this is how I sliced mine. I put a board sauce of my rub, olive oil, kosher salt, and cracked pepper, and dredged each slice in the mixture before plating.  . I paired the Tri Tip with cowboy beans, which in our house is  a mixture of white an pinto beans, with green onion, diced tomato, cilantro, and hatch green chilis. Happy Cooking
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    TKOBBQ reacted to dman in Smoked turkey breast   
    It really was juicy and very tasty. Next up is a bacon wrapped boneless breast. 
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    TKOBBQ reacted to maroongoon in Picking Up a Traeger Timberline 1300 Today   
    Got the new hot rod installed and it works like a champ. I had to replace the entire unit from the control panel to the fire pot. Traeger did diagnostics connecting to my Timberline online and said everything was good. It was a $28 fix. 
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    TKOBBQ reacted to keeperovdeflame in Tri Tip and Cowboy Beans on the Traeger   
    Well after my first Tri Tip on the Traeger, I have nothing but good things to say. The cook was just brainless easy. Set the Traeger at 300 degrees. Stuck a probe into the middle of the thick end, put my cowboy bean pot on a rack and used a little 6" smoke canister that uses pellet for a little more smoke.  I set the target temp at 125, and pulled it between 45 min and an hour. I didn't bother with any kind of sear because I just want to see what it tasted and ate like right out of the Traeger. Bottom line, it was perfect, nice and smokey, perfectly medium rare edge to edge. Whats not to like. The Cardiff Crack marinade IMO worked quite well. If you want the recipe I will happy to post it. I used a board sauce of olive oil, cracked pepper, kosher salt, and fresh chopped cilantro.  The cow boy beans were excellent as well. 

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    TKOBBQ reacted to keeperovdeflame in Tri Tip and Cowboy Beans on the Traeger   
    found a four pack of prime untrimmed, trI tips  at CostCo the last week. Using one of those for this cook. Very nice looking piece of meat after I trimmed it up a bit. 

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    TKOBBQ reacted to keeperovdeflame in Tri Tip and Cowboy Beans on the Traeger   
    I have cooked many a Tri Tip on my Egg, but decided to see how it turns out on the Traeger. Last time I was in Ocean Side Calif at my nieces home she had me cook a Tri Tip from the Sea Side Market in Cardiff. The meat is  power marinated in a mixture Burgundy wine, olive oil, minced garlic, and a ton of cracked pepper. The locals swear by this stuff to the point they consider it so good it's addictive and they gave the title of Cardiff Crack. I found a recipe on line and marinated my Tri Tip overnight. I don't have a vacuum marinating machine so will see how it turns out straight up. 
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    TKOBBQ reacted to BURGER MEISTER in Handle Bolts Misaligned - Joe Series II   
    You can either grab each leg and spread them out or put one end in a vise and pull them apart.
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    TKOBBQ reacted to Graham in Thank You John - Double Cut Pork Chops   
    Evening All, 
    Followed John's Double Cut Pork Chops on the tube and made some new friends. 
    The local butcher looked at me funny, cut them anyway and then was amazed when i showed him the pictures. My wife hates pork chops and now sends me back to the butchers every weekend for more. 
    Easy, fun and tastes good enough that they will put you in a pork coma ....
    Cheers JS.

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    TKOBBQ reacted to dman in Smoked turkey breast   
    Tried something different today. Injected a 4lb bone in breast with butter,hot sauce and butt rub after pulling the skin off. On Joe until brown then foiled with more butter. 165 and rest for 10 minutes. Came out really great!

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    TKOBBQ reacted to jtemple in First Times!   
    Everything went well. I ended up turning the heat up to 275 toward the end because the natives were getting restless. Overall cook time was 27 hours, which was way longer than I expected. I also didn't get the rest time I was hoping for, because it was darn near 9pm before we ate.

    The meat was really tender, but I thought the rub was a little on the salty side. I thought I went kind of light on the seasoning and that brisket was something you could really coat in rub, with it being such a big slab of meat. Next time, I'll go lighter.

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    TKOBBQ reacted to len440 in The random pictures thread...   
    I grew up in a more affluent neighborhood we had black rubber hoses for better flavor.
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    TKOBBQ got a reaction from Beermachine in The random pictures thread...   
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