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    TKOBBQ reacted to Heuer in The random pictures thread...   
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    TKOBBQ got a reaction from retfr8flyr in Please add my Grandson to your prayers!   
    Will keep Eric and your entire family in my thoughts and prayers. 
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    TKOBBQ reacted to JohnnyAppetizer in Road Trip   
    We have been eating seafood for a couple days.Today we took a road trip and checked off another stop on our list. 
    We headed into the country, cotton fields and old tobacco barns. Crossed the Little Pee Dee and arrived at Scott's BBQ. 
    A film crew from Netflix was there .

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    TKOBBQ reacted to JohnnyAppetizer in Road Trip   
    first stop....

    we continued in southwardly  direction...

    as seen in another  thread

    sausage, tom thumbs

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    TKOBBQ got a reaction from ckreef in Primo Oval Jr w/ GO Cradle   
    @TBone Tex @ckreef  And I would make 3, wonder if there'd be any interest on the Primo forum.
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    TKOBBQ reacted to Polar Bear in Gasket coming loose on Big Joe III   
    Good Tip
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    TKOBBQ got a reaction from Polar Bear in Gasket coming loose on Big Joe III   
    Alternatively you can wax paper between the gaskets for 24 hours until it dries.
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    TKOBBQ reacted to Smokingdadbbq in Interesting article   
    Great read 
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    TKOBBQ reacted to T_om in Hi, I'm KJTerp, and I would like to know more about Temp Controllers   
    So after being told I did not see what I in fact saw, I did the tests again.  I would have done this earlier but for the fact we were on vacation and away most of the time.
    Look at the photos.  Turned on the Inkbird app out in the yard, and yep.  There it was.  Just put a steak on in my backyard on the patio behind the house.  Stuck a probe in, then went out, hooked up the app, and stood there as it was fed updated information THROUGH THE HOUSE, ACROSS THE YARD and  ACROSS THE STREET. 
    Just like last time. 
    It is a strange kind of "latency" that hooks up, and continues to update the temperature while "latent".  Notice the little antenna indicator dot in the upper right corner of the app?  When the last photo was taken, it still had one bar because I did not walk quite as far away as I did last time, but it was STILL UPDATING.

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    TKOBBQ got a reaction from adam319 in Gasket coming loose on Big Joe III   
    I'm pretty sure that Permatex copper rtv is recommended.
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    TKOBBQ got a reaction from pesto3 in Moink ball bolognese   
    Tasty looking meal. 
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    TKOBBQ got a reaction from ckreef in Primo Oval Jr w/ GO Cradle   
    @TBone Tex contact them and see, I'm in for one also.  
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    TKOBBQ reacted to pesto3 in Moink ball bolognese   
    Thought I would do something different tonight. Big diet is starting tomorrow so I wanted to have 1 last meal that would make me happy lmao. Home made meat balls, beef mince, egg, parsley, onion, garlic, S&P, HCCR and Parmesan and then wrapped in bacon. Smoked on the Big Joe along with the sauce. I’m content.....for now :-p




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    TKOBBQ reacted to SeaBrisket in Joetisserie Tacos Al Pastor - Time, Temp and Tips?   
    Everything worked out fantastic.

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    TKOBBQ got a reaction from lnarngr in Proportional Integrative Derivitive Controller   
    So basically a home brewed HeaterMeter?
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    TKOBBQ reacted to Tarnation in Boston Butt Sale Winn Dixie   
    99c/pound butts limit 2 per customer @ Winn Dixie weekend only in Jacksonville.  I assume it's a good at all Winn Dixie stores.  Got me 15lbs of butt for $15 sweet deal.
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    TKOBBQ got a reaction from KismetKamado in The Farm Sauce   
    The horseradish base sounds intriguing. 
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    TKOBBQ got a reaction from Owly in Interesting article   
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    TKOBBQ got a reaction from KismetKamado in A swing and a miss....Pulled Pork Leftover Challenge Fail   
    Ain't gotta be pretty but it definitely needs to be tasty and that looks like it fits the bill.
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    TKOBBQ got a reaction from philpom in (Leftover) Pulled Pork Curry Bowl   
    Tasty looking dish.
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    TKOBBQ reacted to Chris Topher in Preserving steak medium rare room temp... 90 day experiment   
    @Owly, you lead a much more interesting life than me. I spend most of it either on the hamster wheel or the rat maze
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    TKOBBQ reacted to Tarnation in Buttsmas Eve   
    Drum roll please...oh right forum.  

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    TKOBBQ reacted to Polar Bear in sloroller   
    Well, cause Kamado Joe own the Patent on it and use it as an exclusive selling point to encourage potential customers to choose thier grill over others, like most innovations
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    TKOBBQ reacted to Kdlb93 in Honey Bastard Pizza   
    I used to work there, but I never signed an NDA! LMAO!!
    The dough is a classic neopolitan style dough made with 00 flour. I can't remember the exact recipe but the Delallo pizza dough mix comes very close to the taste and texture.
    Then you'll need to go to an Italian market or perhaps a specialty grocery store like whole foods to find the Hot Sopressatta. If you plan ahead, you can certainly order it online, and I'm sure if you took it to your local deli in the package, they could probably slice it up for you for a fee.
    Next is the Bacon marmalade.
    Cut up 8 oz of thick cut bacon into small pieces and cook until it is almost crisp but still slightly chewy. Remove the bacon from the pan and pour out fat until around a TB remains, add one whole white onion chopped and cook for about 10 minutes until soft and translucent. Add 1/8 C brown sugar and cook for about 20 min until caramelized. Add TB of coffee, 1/4 C water, and the bacon to the pan. Cook 30 minuted, stirring occasionally until thick. Add 1/2 TB quality balsalmic vinegar. Cool in fridge with lid off, cover and store until ready to use.
    The habenero honey was never an exact science and was done based on how hot our peppers were on a given day. You can make your own with about 1 C of honey heated to 180° and 2-4 habeneros depending on your heat preference. Cook until your eyes start to burn from across the house.
    I've found a great substitute is Kevin's Hot Honey, sold at most grocery stores.
    After I left the restaurant, the one thing I missed was taking home a hot Honey Bastard at the end of the night, so I make it a few times a year if I can get my hands on the Hot Sopressatta which is the hardest to obtain ingredient.
    It might not taste EXACTLY the same as you can't recreate their well seasoned brick oven brought over from Italy. Enjoy your pie! 
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    TKOBBQ reacted to philpom in (Leftover) Pulled Pork Curry Bowl   
    Well, I had every intention of tossing the carbon steel wok on the Primo to cook this but time just didn't allow.  I did want to share.
    Onions, eggplant,  mushrooms,  bamboo, green bell peppers, and cayenne peppers sauteed and combined with yellow curry simmer sauce,  pulled pork and coconut milk.  Topped with cilantro and lime juice served over cauliflower rice.
    It was very good!








    And the final dish.  I would normally use pork loin for a dish like this but leftover pulled pork worked well and the smoky flavor maybe even made it more interesting. 

    Before I added the cilantro and lime juice.

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