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  1. I have to be honest CA, I find some of your posts to be really strange at best. You really do tend to miss represent issues at times. As far as for your feelings about me, I really couldn't care less.



  2. (1) "Two of which involved injuries to the person(s) involved."....there are a lot of idiots out there using these things. Many accidents are operator error.

    (2) "if one of he counterbalance rings crack or fail on the current hinge design the whole lid can come crashing down. "...If my uncle had tits, he'd be my aunt. We can sit here and play "if" all day long.

    (3) "Secondly KJ Gasket performance has been just awful".... of my 5 KJ's I have replaced the gaskets at total of once, and that was on my original Classic that had over 900 cooks on it. Again, a lot is operator error. I will agree that some had hinge issues that caused it, but that was a small run of Kamados.

    (4) "I believe if you make a promise you should keep it."...show me one post where KJ promised that....you can't, because I know Bobby Brennan well, and he is not foolish enough to promise anything about future development. His original intent was to have them retrofit, but sometimes sh*t happens, and you can't control everything.

    I have come to learn one thing about you CA, you tend to exaggerate profusely. I just hope that sometime you don't go to light your KJ, and have the whole thing explode on you, like that damn handle did.


  3. 14 minutes ago, Charcoal Addict said:

    I've been speaking with support about it.  I suggested Bobby should look at a 2nd revision of the counterbalanced that would improve upon the current design but with have some compromises to allow it to work with the older bases.  

    A lot of would like to see KJ come-up with a 2nd solution for exiting KJ owners.  I had a good chat with support about alternatives. 

    You are seeking a solution to a problem that is not widespread CA. Who did you talk to in support? He or she should have told you that the hinge issue is minimal. Also, who is "a lot" who would like to see KJ come-up with a 2nd solution for exiting KJ owners.? I have seen less than a handful posters posting about the issue on two forums. Who are all these owners you are communicating with about the problem?

  4. 53 minutes ago, John Setzler said:

    Andy, that blog photo you show here is a highly manipulated/photoshopped image as well. It's a mish-mash of multiple images.  I'd be surprised if the blogger you mentioned actually made that photo either.  The photo of the chicken is a studio image.  I can tell by the light reflections on the meat.  It was done in a professional setup/environment.  The spit rod has also been photoshopped out of the back side of the chicken.  The fire in the background comes from an entirely separate image and it has been run through one of those water reflection filters that creates an appearance of the top half of the image reflecting on rippled water.  I call BS on both issues :)

    I agree John, but you do have to admit that bird is one fine look'en chix! :rofl:

  5. It took me less than 30 seconds to find the photo that All-Pro lifted for their website. It was used in a blog in 2014 by Fred Sullivan. I am going to try to contact Fred to see if All-Pro purchased the rights to use it. I have a C-Note that says they didn't!!!

    2016-11-21 (1).png


  6. 5 hours ago, All-Pro said:

    Again, thanks for your interest in our products. Check us out at allprogrills.com for much more info on grills and accessories.

    All-Pro, I am very confused about the "Roasting Ability" you feature on your website in the photo below.

    (1) You describe using heat deflectors, yet the photo shows the use of a rotisserie rod over direct heat.

    (2) The photo was not even taken on a Kamado. (EDIT: See next post below)

    (3) The flames are highly photoshopped. Also, if you had flames like that flaring behind the meat on a Kamado, the gaskets would fry.

    (4) your website has no mention of that spit-rod set-up being available, probably because it is not available.

    Please enlighten me about these facts, inquiring minds want to know!!!


  7. 1 hour ago, Hambone53 said:
    1 hour ago, Hambone53 said:

     seasonalyI saw plenty of Royal Oak Lump at Menards today, I probably should have bought a few bags and stocked up for my winter grilling.

    I saw plenty of Royal Oak Lump at Menards today, I probably should have bought a few bags and stocked up for my winter grilling.

    Are you positive it was Royal Oak Lump and not Royal Oak Briquettes Hambone? The bags look almost identical. The Menard's in Northern Wisconsin and East Central Minnesota all carry the Royal Oak Briquettes, but I have never seen the Royal Oak Lump in any. Our area Wal*Marts carry the lump seasonally.

  8. 1 minute ago, HaagenDazs said:

    What if you go boneless on the rib roast?  You miss out on a little flavor but you certainly have something less bulky.

    This may be blasphemy on a grilling website, but why not just put one in the oven? 

    I have mainly been going boneless since I have been spinning them on the JoeTisserie. They are a lot easier to handle.  I honestly don't think there is any noticeable difference in flavor in a bone-in vs. boneless. I really do like and miss the presentation of serving it with the bone though.  I would never consider doing it in an oven, unless there were no other options. If I did do it in the oven, I would sear it in the stove-top first.

  9. I doubt that a 4 Bone Prime Rib will fit in a JoeJR, at least the bone-in roasts that I buy. You don't want the meat exposed over the sides of the Heat Deflector, or they will over cook. A JoeJR Heat Deflector is only 10 inches, plus you have the height of the Rib Roast to consider. The dome thermometer  limits the height of a large piece of meat in that small of a Kamado.


  10. On ‎11‎/‎8‎/‎2016 at 6:24 PM, yljkt said:

    Where does the "Explosion" figure in? 

    It doesn't! I'm still trying to figure out how the handle splintering became such a traumatic incident. The back of the handle and the metal part of the handle frame were still there!....smh!!! :banghead:

  11. On ‎10‎/‎28‎/‎2016 at 5:00 PM, Charcoal Addict said:

     I will be replacing the hinges and bands with the new counterbalanced hinge system in the spring.  

    I'm 95% sure that won't be happen'en CA. There are some minor changes to the new bases and domes to accomodate the new hinge and band system. This is the first time since the development of the Classic, and later the BigJOE, that Kamado Joe of has done any design revision on the base and dome of their Kamados, at least that I am aware of.


  12. I hear you John, a good go-to butcher is a great asset to have. The problem is they are going the way of the small Ma & Pa businesses. If you are fortunate enough to have any good ones near you, I would encourage you to support them. 

     I never understood the concept of "washing" meat before it is handled or cooked. All the guy in the video managed to do was to totally contaminate his entire sink area. John, do you, or does anyone else out their wash the meat? It's going to be cooked anyway, so what does washing it accomplish? I don't even wash out the inside of a whole bird before I prepare it. Maybe I am being negligent. I would like to hear a good argument for washing meat, and maybe I would change my procedures in handling meat.

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