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  1. That's a lot of screwing around IMO. Alcohol and cotton balls work well! I usually use a MAPP torch or firestarters. I do use a chimney or two on occasions.
  2. Yup, Doritos, Tostitos, Cheetos, etc....They all burn. It's an old survival tip. Pretty scarry 'eh!
  3. I guessed that's what they probably were. I've never used Ramen Noodles, but I have use Doritos and Tostitos.....
  4. What's the deal with the Ramen Noodles??? I always get a kick out of when companies label their lump as "ORGANIC".......as opposed to inorganic lump charcoal?!?!?
  5. Without WIFi I really don't see much an advantage of it vs. Maverick's 732's, other than the SV thing which I personally couldn't care less about. It looks more massive and is probably sturdier, but my 732's have been dropped or knocked over several times with no issues. I recently picked up four 732's off of SkyMall (yes, it still exists ) to use as Christmas gifts, for $29.50 each. Three of the 732's cost less than one of these. I like Thermowork products, and have a bunch of them, but IMO this is priced plenty high considering it's features.
  6. By "prime" do you mean Prime Grade? My butcher charged me $10.99/lb. for choice. I just saw they have it advertised on sale for $8.99 for the next two weeks. IMO, with the high fat content of a prime rib, why waste money buying Prime Grade?!? You are already getting a well marbled hunk of beef with Select Grade prime rib.
  7. 120*F Internal Temp....probably rested to ±127*F.
  8. Nice over view John! BB, I've spun a lot of pork shoulders, and there is no need to truss them even using the traditional spitforks. I may give the Octoforks a try on some really large chunks of protein.
  9. Not sure what went wrong, but for one thing don't keep opening the dome to spritz. I never open the dome until at least 4 hours with St. Louie'es.
  10. LOL pesto, I couldn't care less about getting verbally bashed, and I TOTALLY agree; I have said for years that KK's look like something that evolved from Star Wars. I'm sure they are good kamados, but I personally hate the looks of them. It's the feet that I have a problem with. Loose the bottom third, and they look fine.
  11. I'm coming up on the 4 year anniversary of receiving the second ever hand produced KamadoᴥMate from Gary Bertassi, and it has been a great ride. In 25+ years of Kamado cooking, I have seen several Evolutions within the industry, but the KamadoᴥMate was a total Revolution. It has also been fun working with Gary and Bobby Brennan bringing the product to Kamado Joe for mass production and distribution as JOEtisserie. Kamado Kooking Keeps Getting Better!!!
  12. I have 2 Classics and a BigJOE, and sometimes I run all three simultaneously, but I often do entrees, multiple sides and breads and/or desserts for one meal. There are times I have used all three simultaneously along with my JoeJR. When I entertain, sometimes I will even borrow my neighbor's BigJOE and/or Classic too. It all depends on your needs. Ben also makes a good point about the BigJOEtisserie. I have spun over a hundred cooks on my Classic,'s KamadoMate/JOEtisserie with awesome results, but IMO, spinning food on the BigJOE is going to be even better. (1) it will allow for much more food volume (I can't wait to spin a 25 Turkey, and a huge Standing Prime Rib), but the food will also be further away from the direct heat, making it easier to control the cook. Once I obtain the BigJOEtisserie, I doubt that I will seldom use the Classic's Tisserie, even on smaller cooks.
  13. No, the JoeTisserie will work on the original and new hinge of both the Classics and BigJOE's. I know an approximate timeline, but not sure if Bobby Brennan wants it publically released. I would rather that came from him.
  14. The original prototype of the Joe Tisserie was fine until Kamado Joe redesigned the assistant hinges.. The new hinge design is what is causing the redesign of the new Joe Tisserie.
  15. That's a good quality knive for the money. I would pick one up if I didn't have so many knives already. Here's a good deal I received via e-mail the other day. You can get 15% off and free S&H for new customers. That's a hell of a deal! http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/5336131/?catalogId=13&sku=5336131&cm_ven=MSN_PLA&cm_cat=MSN_Shopping&cm_pla=default&cm_ite=default&kwid=bingproductads-adid^11472831070-device^c-plaid^1100309433817-sku^5336131@ADL10BMC-adType^PLA That's a lot of knife for about $46.00. I would probably pop another 8 bucks for the 8" model. I really like an 8" chef's knife.
  16. Great spin Dave! Until a person spins a cook on a Kamado, they have no clue as to the flavor & texture profile they can obtain. There is something about spinning a chunk of meat, fish, seafood, veggies, etc. over a live fire vs. cooking it indirect over a heat deflector that is hard to explain to people, but IMO it is much better. That's probably the same reason why I prefer grilled food, vs. food cooked indirect. Cooking food indirect on a Kamado is basically roasting it. I like my food cook over a live flame....spit fired!
  17. If cooking food in plastic bags trips your trigger, go with the SV. If you really want a great cooking experience over an open flame go with the JT....it's a no brainer IMO!
  18. Any and all ACE stores can sell or order Kamado Joe's through ACE's warehouse. You can order online or at the store, and it will be shipped to the ACE of your choice with no additional S&H costs. Dealers who sell BGE's are independent BGE dealers and they deal direct with BGE, not their ACE warehouse. Some ACE stores sell Primos or other brands of Kamados also. Kamado Joe is the only Kamado company that deals directly with ACE warehouses Nationwide though.
  19. I really don't understand the concept behind choosing a Kamado using $/cooking inch. That makes absolutely no sense IMO, but to each their own. Regardless if I am buying a grill, a refrigerator, a car, a boat, etc., I am most interested in (1) quality, (2) performance and versatility and (3) durability and warranty. Price factors in when I am determining "the best bang for the buck". Rarely is "best bang for the buck" the least expensive option. It is typically a product somewhere in the middle, but not always. You are never going to do a whole hog of any decent size on most Kamados vertically. I have seen them folded and done in Kamado's. You can easily do whole suckling's on larger ceramics.
  20. This is how I boil them also. I find that the older the eggs are, the easier they peel. When I do dozens of deviled eggs for parties, I buy the eggs 1 > 2 weeks ahead of when I am going to boil them.
  21. I've just been taking the breast to 170 > 175 on the JOEtisserie, and don't worry about the dark meat anymore. Nobody has died yet!
  22. I find that the desired IT on the dark meat and breasts tend to follow each other regardless if cooked indirect, rotisseried or spatchcocked. That being said, I do have the best IT results with the spatchcocked birds. When I go indirect or rotisserie I have to take the breast meat a little higher than I like to get the dark meat to temp. I nail both temps simultaneously when the bird is spatched. As for the SV thing, to each their own, but I can't get excited about cooking food in a plastic bag. It's not the flavor profile I am looking for.
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