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  1. I have been using the 732 for roughly a year without any problems. The probes appear delicate to me and thus I handle them accordingly, so far I haven't had a problem. It would only make since that if you want military spec robust design you will have to expect to pay a higher premium for it. On the other hand maybe I'm just lucky.
  2. Wow those ribs look great, you hit a home run first time at bat.
  3. Hi , Here is the You Tube link I use to make a pretty good pizza dough.
  4. I am little more than a novice at best, but I agree. I have carefully observed my cook temps with the Mav 732 and the meat is done sooner that predicted but with good results. Not to worried about it maybe a bit confused at fist. P.S.: I love my Akorn!.
  5. I like the red akorn. I have never had much in the way of problem managing temperature. I believe the newer akorn grills may have resolved the air leak issue,or maybe I'm just lucky.
  6. Wow, that looks good. I'm going to give this idea a try myself. So many good ideas to experiment with here. I too am cooking the majority of my meals on the Acorn, and the wife isn't complaining.
  7. It,s a Chargriller kamado Jr., I managed to sweet talk the Menards customer service people to ship it to Florida.
  8. Hello, I have been following the web site for a good while, but I suppose I’ve been a bit timid. I have been enjoying my Acorn quite a bit. Ordered a Kamado Jr. and awaiting it's arrival, it should be great for camping. This site has helped me realize my dream of cooking good bar be que, my wife and kid are even impress with my cooking. Thanks for all your great advice and videos. John Setzler is truly inspiring, I miss his treasure trove of informational videos.
  9. I have been coveting a little red kamado for some time, so I e-mailed customer services at Menards and plead my case. The girl checked around and had one shipped to me at the going rate of $139.00 and $36.50 shipping to central Florida. I'm sure my wife is going ask why I need the Jr. when we already have the the big one, but she does love my low and slow cooking.
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