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  1. Boomer

    The random pictures thread...

    When you are at the grocery store and grab a cart out of the massive cart selection and find this!
  2. Boomer

    The random pictures thread...

    Rare photo of the world’s first Dodge Ram.
  3. Boomer

    Recommendations on gloves?

    I always needs two gloves when I handle my hot meat!
  4. Boomer

    .:: OMG!!! ::.

  5. Boomer

    The random pictures thread...

    Did these too. This was back when they were brand new! Lead pilot said "don't scratch the paint" when he was approaching contact. USAF Thunderbirds.
  6. Boomer

    The random pictures thread...

    NAVY Blue Angels. One of my favorite group to air refuel. Being a KC-135 Boomer for 20 years was a blast!