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  1. Nice boat! Your flag in the background is posted wrong. In that display manner the union goes on the other side. How do I know. I'm a 20yr combat vet.
  2. Sorry, I've been dealing with a close family members Stage 3 cancer since last posting. Yes, I'm still on it everyday. I lost 11lbs after the first month. I have NOT had any colon problems since my checkup and doing this since last reported. I have lots of energy and bowel movements each day are much better. Not a joke. I had problems in the past.
  3. Boomer

    RV build

    Didn't build got us one of the last year for Christmas. Driven from Seattle to Arizona and back. 36ft of love!
  4. I love porn. Although I believe it may be censored by the Gestapo if I posted anything.
  5. Okay, it's gotten boring in here since the Hitler censorship!
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