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  1. Thanks for the input. I liked my et-732 alot but wasnt sure if there were any new kids ok the block. Does the Maverick have that ability to record/store data? If you don't mind me asking, how much was it when you got yours? I used to keep track of price and would see them on sale for $35-40 sometimes.
  2. Hi everyone. I had a Maverick et-732 for many years as well as another 2 probe setup called igrill. The Maverick et-732 was my go to for many years. I've been on a Kamado hiatus for the last couple years as my original 2013 chargriller akorn started to rust out and eventually made it to the dump. I've been eyeing Kamado Joe for a while but wasn't ready to the pull the trigger in the past as good deals like the $719 Kamado Joe ii Amazon sale of Nov 2019 passed me by. I was hoping for the Atalanta grill June sale to get one at a decent price but I didn't see any sales thear until th
  3. Hi everyone. New Vision C owner. Getting ready to build a table. Does anyone know of plans for the Vision C ? I'm not what diameter to cut my hole. Depends on how high up the table intersects with the grill. Also not sure how to account for the bump out in the front lower portion of the grill where the ash tray pulls out. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  4. Thanks for all the input everyone. I already paid for it , I knew someone else was gna snatch it up. It's just a matter of if I go pick it up this weekend or cancel it. Can people link to the accessories they are using? I read through the must have accessories thread and saw some good stuff there. Do many people bother using an auto temp/PID controller? On my akorn I broke several stones before I got the official akorn version. What are people using in their visions for ceramic stones? Lastly I heard a rumour Vision was going out of business , anyone else here anything like that?
  5. What version do you have? What accessories. How do u setup charcoal for low and slow? Ring of fire or something else?
  6. I was interested in the electric starter. Especially since it was only $12. Currently I use a torch and ring of fire for most cooks on the Akorn.
  7. Hi everyone. I was at home depot and spotted a vision C marked down to $469. It was a floor model and the last they had in stock. The top vent was broke and didn't have the interior 2x grill grate. I asked about lower pricing. The manager came over and said they had ordered all the replacement parts for it and they would be in soon. I asked what the best they could do is and they said $100 off. I asked them to do better and they said $150 off. I agreed. I worked with the manager for a few minutes to check the status of the replacement parts order and they threw is some extra spare parts while
  8. What's the best place to source wood chunks? Do people order/purchase them from stores? Your signature link was very useful. I am much more informed. I'm getting my amazon order ready. Any recommendations on gloves? I was looking at thermometers last night and it looks like that Remington wirless is the better value. I also saw an Oregon Scientific that had descent reviews as well. $60 for the maverick. $40 for the Remington, $30 for the Oregon Scientific. Ill be smoking Sunday hopefully. Just sent CharGriller an email with a list of items I was missing. Biggest problem is th
  9. What was the price you paid for it and where did you get it? Anyone have experience with this http://www.amazon.com/Oregon-Scientific-AW131BLR-Wireless-Thermometer/dp/B000RL2ZGO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1379558304&sr=8-1&keywords=oregon+scientific+bbq+thermometer
  10. I believe mine came with the smoking stone. its a ceramic pizza like stone with keys on it that fit into the catches on the kooker. What are starter cubes? Where do people get good wood for smokes? I will season the grate and check for leaks then. TIA
  11. Hey Everyone! Just got a great deal on a Char-Griller Kamodo Kooker at my local BJs. It was marked at $251 and comes with the Char-Griller Heat Shield and Cover. I got an extra 10% off since it was the floor model. Total came to $241 after tax. It had a broken center piece of the cast iron grate and no grate lifter. It was also missing a couple screws that attach the legs to the bottom plastic tray under the Kooker. I called Char-Griller and they said to just email them a list of the missing and/or broken pieces and they would send me replacements free of charge. No problem at all. Inc
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