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  1. I hear ya on the expensive KJ accessories. But.... with the "wire rack" that comes with the heat deflector, it sets you up to grill in many diff positions with the deflector and allows you to raise your cooking grate when you need to cook more delicate foods. I use the wire part to raise my grate up to do wings or chicken parts or baking with 2 stones on top of each other.
  2. Dave, Sounds normal for a ceramic to me, I don't even think about putting my cover on until the next day. Hell, I don't even know why I bought a cover, 'cause I'm usually cooking on it the next day as well. :D
  3. Are you going to place a grill inside of a grill? I would be concerned with the paint on the outside of the smaller grill contaminating your cook. But.... I suppose that would burn off at some point? Neat idea, but why not go with the Heat Deflector offered by Kamado Joe? They work great.
  4. I bought a cheap propane torch and didn't get the results I was hoping for. Now I'm back to cotton face pads with veggie oil.
  5. I've only used my rib rack once and I didn't wrap the ribs in foil or use a pan of water. They turned out great, nice and juicy!! I think the racks are a must have for round grills.
  6. Giants fan here.....ever since they started the Grateful Dead night at AT&T Park!!! :D Yeah, I know I'm from NC, but my job puts me in SF that time of year. :D :D
  7. Thanks RW, been following that thread as well, but doesn't touch on the subject of which to monitor--grate or dome? Just checked both my dome and grate thermos with a pot of boiling water. Here at 1500ft., water boils around 209, looks like they are reading fairly accurate. Which is good. But, big diff in dome temp and grate temp when cooking. I guess I should start going by the dome temp?
  8. I'm noticing a pretty good difference in my dome temp and grate temp readings. I attempted to cook 2 whole chickens the other day and brought the grate temp up to 350 using a Maverick et732, dome temp was reading lower, around 250 or so. Chickens took way too long, almost 2 hours before breast temps reached 165, and the skin was rubbery, not crisp. So my question is......what are you guys using for temp in a "roasting" situation?? Grate or dome? Should i be more concerned with keeping the grill at 350 with the dome thermometer and ignore the higher grate temp? Thanks for the help guys and gals!
  9. Welcome!! Enjoy your new kamado!!!
  10. Welcome!! Yeah....which one did ya get?
  11. Welcome Ken!! Enjoy your new grill!
  12. Sweet!! Glad you figured it out, post away!
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