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  1. I would go with the Louisiana if I were picking from that list. As adm mentioned though... check out the Monolith too.
  2. That looks really good. How long did it finally take in total to get up to 200 ish?
  3. I season it the night before, wrap in in plastic wrap and leave it out overnight. By morning it should be room temperature and that saves me a lot of time on the grill. I just use salt and pepper... sometimes garlic and/or onion powder, but that is it. Not sure how big your brisket is, but I have never finished one in 10 hours. I usually bet on an hour a pound as a finger in the air estimate.
  4. If I could only buy the point I would be overcome with joy. While I realize that different folk like different things... the brisket flat is that chunk of meat I have to buy to get the point.
  5. Yes but here it already comes cured... so be careful not to "double" cure it if it is already done.
  6. Very interesting information... I have used tasso I bought for making gumbo and other cajun dishes... but did not realize it was cured. Now another reason to smoke one of these. Plus that split pea soup post had me salivating a bit too... I love it.
  7. It seems that up here in Canada they sell something called a pork cottage roll. From what I can find this is a cured, boneless pork butt. I want to try smoking one of these rascals, but really have no idea on internal temperature. How would you guys smoke this thing - what wood, what internal temp, etc.? Would you glaze it like a ham? Thanks in advance.
  8. Also my favorite. They are the best thing that has ever come off of my kamado, and those you made look spectacular. Hard to find and super expensive where I live now, so I am super jealous.
  9. I have never bought them cut that way and have always done them whole for super long low and slow cooks. Those pictures will have me keeping my eyes out for the flanken cut next time I see them on sale.
  10. When I lived in Texas, I am pretty sure they were cut up pork butts by the shape of the bones I would see in them. However, this is what the internets say: Country-style ribs are cut from the blade end of the loin close to the pork shoulder. They are meatier than other rib cuts. They contain no rib bones, but instead contain parts of the shoulder blade (scapula).
  11. So just an update (sorry no pics as I am a confessed troglodye). I left the mesh on and put on my usual simple salt/pepper/garlic powder rub. Cooked it for about 8.5 hours anywhere between 225 and 280. Pulled it at around 205 when it probed like butter. It was cold and windy so I did a bunch of adjustments throughout the day. I like doing adjustments as it gives me the excuse to hang out close to the kamado, which as it so happens usually has a cooler of beer nearby. Bark turned out exceptional and I really did not lose any of it when taking off the mesh as I had feared. It was surprisingly one of my best pulled pork outings yet... and there have been many. Almost always do bone-in, but had done several boneless I got at Costco in the past. Bottom line... I would not hesitate to cook these types of butts again. So if you come across them don't worry and just cook them like usual. But just in case... I recommend the nearby cooler strategy.
  12. Much to by surprise, when I went to buy my bone-in pork butts that the guy told me they had before I drove there, what he really had was boneless pork butts wrapped in a string mesh to hold it all together. They are about 8 lbs and they do look pretty nice... just never seen that mesh before. Party is tomorrow and I have never seen a butt packaged this way. My instinct tells me to just leave the mesh on and rub it as usual, then cut it off before pulling. Looking for the usual expert advice this forum provides.!
  13. Umami yum. salt would freak everyone out too if everyone called it sodium chloride all the time. I mean the stuff chlorinates my pool. like everything in life (except beer) it is just fine in moderation.
  14. This happened sometime last year... but sometimes I am slower than a brisket. My top vent broke and I called Vision expecting the normal customer service run-around. I did not register my classic that I got at Costco - see the above brisket comment to understand. With no hassle and no questions they just sent me a new one. Still amazed and would recommend Vision to anyone based solely on that one interaction. Just sayin
  15. Did you brine / cure that yourself? If so do you have a recipe and times etc? Thanks!
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