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  1. I also like Sweet Baby Rays. I'm from western NC and normally hand chop my pork butts, then sauce it with two parts SBR and one part apple cider vinegar, one part water, plenty of sea salt, and black pepper. Our church men's group did close to the same thing for years at their annual BBQ dinner, but used Cattleman's instead of SBR. Both are good, but I prefer the SBR. Cheers
  2. FYI, the Food Lion's in my area (Hickory, NC) are advertising Boston butts for $.99/lb this week beginning today, 1/9/2019. Cheers
  3. I've done 4 butts on my akorn a couple of times. I kinda squeezed them in on the lower rack and it ended up working fine. Butts seem to be happy no matter how you get them to 200 degrees. Just temp them all separately before you take them off. It seems I ended up pulling the first one off about an hour or more before the last one. My go to method has always been to use a thin cheap pizza pan as a heat deflector and a water pan with diluted apple juice on top of it ( I have one that is enameled that came with an old Brinkman round electric smoker and is the perfect size). I target my dome temps to be between 225 and 260 and I use a TTT. I allow 12-14 hours total cooking time, but it pays to monitor internal temps well before that.
  4. Amazon has put a lot of Dalstrong Chef knives on sale today. I have read good things on here about them from several members and have been looking for a sale. I ordered my first one a few minutes ago. Cheers
  5. Looking back I guess they never got down to the metal but I feared they were there to stay. After 5 or so cooks they began to fade. I haven't noticed them the last few cooks but really haven't thought to look very close. I know you will enjoy getting to know the "new piece to your arsenal". Another thing to watch is the grease catching system. It works well but there is still the danger of grease going on your concrete. A few times I have had the griddle pretty well full of things and have too hastily directed too much grease to the drip hole, which has caused a mishap. It's probably wise to use something under it. I bought a mat for my Blackstone.
  6. Seasoning was pretty straight-forward. I used canola oil and let thin coats burn off about three times. Tallow should even be better. The only thing I can caution about is make sure the tools you use, especially the scraper, have a clean edge. I used a new scraper on my blackstone without checking the edge and ended up with a few ugly scratches on my nice black finish. They have finally faded out but it has taken 3 or 4 months of cooking an average of 3 times a week on it.
  7. I bought one in the spring to use RV'ing, although we just parked the RV at a seasonal site in Linville until a few weeks ago. I love cooking on it, especially the griddle. So much in fact I bought a Blackstone for my back porch.
  8. If anyone spots an extra one in Western NC please pass along .... my 6 year old akorn is showing signs of retirement. TIA
  9. I am also happy to subscribe to be an annual supporter of this great forum. My thanks to John and all the contributors.
  10. After using the tip top temp for several cooks the paint on the top vent of my akorn bubbled up. I was doing my annual power washing of my cooking area last night and decided to hit the bubbled paint with the pressure washer and all the paint came off. Now I need advice on the best way to repaint. There are several small rust spots, but generally it is in good shape. I'm posting this from work so not able to include a pic. Anyone ever repainted their top vent? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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