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  1. Welcome fellow Carolinian, I'm just down the road in Conover.
  2. Another vote for carbon steel I recently saw America's Test Kitchen's Wok reviews on youtube and it might be worth a look for you. They didn't cook on a kamado though. Cheers
  3. Love your gear and campsite. I know you'll love that Camp Chef stove just like I do. I've got mine setup on my back porch until we get our coach back to the mountains .... looks like we're at least a month behind schedule on that. Since we keep our coach at the same campsite for the summer, I went a little crazy with gear ... Akorn, Jr and Webber kettle alongside the Camp Chef. This year my new addition is an outdoor sink a buddy of mine made for me. It's a double stainless steel with an electric 2.5 gallon water heater that hooks up to a hose. I don't have a pic of it yet, but he's finished it and we're waiting for the covid situation to calm down before I take possesion. My wife is gonna love it. Stay safe.
  4. Welcome I'm in NC as well ..... foothills, Catawba County
  5. You're gonna be making priceless memories. Congrats.
  6. Nice looking setup. I can smell the bacon frying already .....
  7. I cook outside quite a bit in the summer at our RV, so I bought the Camp Chef Expedition 3x stove, then last year I added the 16" artisan pizza oven. Although it is not wood fired, I love it. The oven cost around $120 on Amazon, and you can get a 2 burner stove for around $160. You may even find them cheaper if you look around. I also set this stove up on my screened in porch in the winter and make pizzas a couple times a month.
  8. One more thing to add ... We like to do stir fry often and have a carbon steel wok we use on that stove as well. It's another perfect accessory, although not from Camp Chef.
  9. I love it all. We love the pizza oven. I can get it to 900F with the controls just a hair under medium. The 30K BTU burners are for real. The bbq box is much better than I thought, but it was on sale and it's nice to have the option of another type of cooker. I also have a classic weber kettle and a Akorn Jr at the campsite, so I can cook for half the campground. Those burners under that bbq box can put a mean sear on a steak in no time. But I probably use the griddle top more than anything.
  10. I have the Camp Chef Expedition 3x. It came with a griddle that covers 2 burners, and I have added two accessories, a 16" Artisan Pizza oven and a grill box. I love it. I know you are asking about a smaller stove, but anything Camp Chef I've tried has been excellent. I have a pic here at work of the stove with the pizza oven on top I'll attach.
  11. I'd say Norm Abrams would be proud. Helluva job!
  12. Congrats guys, I've been loving my 36" for a year and a half.
  13. I bought one last spring to use at our seasonal campsite in the NC mountains. We love it. It really burns everything down to an ash and you can just rinse it out with a garden hose the next morning.
  14. Just saw this: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Kamado-Joe-Classic-18-Kamado-Grill-Red/126810886 includes free shipping Happy Thanksgiving!
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