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  1. Great find! Welcome to the forum.
  2. That looks like a great brisket to me. Better than my first try with a flat for sure.
  3. Welcome to kamado cooking and to the forum. Do you mean the rest of the family are vegan? You can make some nice vegetables on the kamado - broccoli and asparagus and peppers all come out great just to name a few, but if your family will eat fish you will have them loving the kamado even more!
  4. Hi and welcome. I'm in Pickering. Nearby, but not exactly next door. You have a nice Costco in Barrie - you should pick up a few bags of the sugar maple lump charcoal they sell!
  5. The Keg was always my choice for many of the same reasons others had - mobility better than ceramic, and quality better than the Akorn. I saved Air Miles madly for it all last year, but when I had finally accumulated enough (8000 points) they were out of stock. A Lowes flyer with a fall clearance sale showed up shortly thereafter so I was able to pick one up for $597 instead of $899 Canadian.
  6. I tend to agree. The charcoal basket is not a must-have by any means. I did see them half price at Lowes about a month ago. The trailer hitch attachment was also half price though, so I snatched that up "just in case" a tail gate party breaks out!
  7. It was 2am or 17 hours of cook time when I finally got 195 internal temp readings. I foiled them, stored them in a preheated cooler, and pulled them this morning. These were my first true butts, as my previous pulled pork was from other pork shoulder cuts - I have to go out of my way to find butts. I can see why these are so popular among BBQ folks. They pull so beautifully.
  8. I'm keeping the temp at 250 ish. The butts are toward the larger end of the scale. 8lb each or so. They got to 155 internal in roughly 6 hours, but have moved another 8 degrees only since then - 5 hours later. I'm just going to let them do their thing. I know they will love me in return!
  9. I put two butts on my Broil King Keg this morning at 9. I thought I would have some pulled pork for dinner and refrigerate/freeze the rest. These butts have a mind of their own. They have been stalled now for 4 hours at 160 internal temp. Just now starting to move up. The salmon was nice cooked on a stone in the oven - wasn't planning on it, but oh well!
  10. My boss got back from a hunting trip and asked if I wanted a venison shoulder roast or two to cook on the BKK. My plan will be to brine to get rid of some of the gamey-ness, then cook low and slow to an internal temperature of 190. Will let everyone know how it turns out.
  11. Great looking chucky. Nicely done.
  12. Very nice looking turkey. I guess you passed the test. Now you get to do another one in less than 2 weeks!
  13. I suppose if you are like me and avoid eating the skin anyway, then this would be a pretty successful cook. A whole turkey is next on my list of challenges.
  14. That's what I figured. A bit of a cost for a learning experience. But not worth taking a chance. I'm going to finish the cook just for practice. Until I get myself one of the temperature regulating devices, I think I will only cook by day so that I can keep an eye on things. It's easy enough to reheat something the next day.
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