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  1. I did my first cook of a slab of ribs today. I trimmed the ribs St. Louis style, then I cut the slab in half because I wanted to use 2 different rubs. I also halved the rib tips for the same reason. I previously sealed up the air vent with hi-temp RTV. That's the only modification I've done. I got the lump charcoal going with 2 cotton balls soaked in veggie oil. This works amazingly well. After it go to going, I set it up to go indirect with a weber grate, a cheap 12" metal pizza pan and 2 rectangular baking pans - all wrapped in foil. I bought the pizza pan and baking pans for $1 each at the local dollar store. I wanted to use the dome temp for my experiment. I know it might not be the most accurate, but I think it's important to try to figure out how to use the dome temp if you don't feel like pulling out the digital. Plus, it's easier and less work. So all the readings below are from the stock dome thermometer. I got the unit steady at 200 deg and put the ribs on, and locked the unit. My target was 225 degrees. Here's the rest of the data: 10:35am - Temp steady at 200. Top Vent (T) - set at 1; Bottom Vent ( - set at 1.25 10:45am - 240 deg - T- 1; B-1 11:06am - 240 deg - T-1 11:18am - 240 deg - T-1; B-1 / Lowered Bottom vent to .75 to try to lower temp 11:25 - I opened the dome, removed meat briefly - Stupid me forgot to add wood chips! I did this as fast as I could. Closed up and locked lid when I was done. 11:29 - 210 deg - T-1; B- .75 11:34 - 230 deg - T-1; B. 75 11:53 - 250 deg - T-1; B - .75 / Lowered both Top and Bottom to .50 12:09 - 240 deg - T - .50; B - .50 12:30 - 230 deg - T - .50; B - .50 / Increased Top to "1". 12:50 - 230 deg - T - 1; B - .50 1:17 - 2:30 deg - T-1 ; B - .50 1:50 - Opened dome to brush on some BBQ sauce 2:30pm - 240 deg - T-1; B - .50 2:45 - Done! Cooked for 4 hours Ribs came out with fabulous color. Nice and tender, but still a little firm. Very nice! I think I might have been able to get the temp to stablilze around 230 deg, but I was satisfied with it being stable between 240-250. I hope you all find this data helpful.
  2. As I've written in a previous post, I have an egg and the Akorn is far superior in cooking chicken than the egg. I haven't had a chance to cook anything else on it yet.
  3. What kind of basket are you using for the firebox? Can you describe? Thanks.
  4. The Akorn just did something my Small Green Egg (and mini Egg) could never do - grill chicken wings that are SO GOOD. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was never happy with the way the green egg cooked chicken. And yes, I know what I'm doing. I've tried different lumps, direct, indirect, drip pan, indirect, all the various possible configurations in the egg and chicken always had a nasty oversmokey flavor. Makes me ill just thinking about it. Anyhow, I put my Akorn together last night. I sealed up the vent with RTV, and seasoned the grates this morning. After the seasoning process, I rubbed up some wings and put them on the grill at about 300 deg. Now with the green egg, I can tell you after a short time, it would be smoking like mad. Here, there was minimal smoke and I never felt the wings were in danger of getting torched beyond recognition. Here's a picture of them halfway through the cook. The Akorn cooked these wings beautifully with no flame ups at all. Here's the finished product: The wings came out very moist, not oily, with just the right amount of crispyness. Most importantly, it didn't have that nasty over-smoked greasy taste you get from the egg. I've had the small egg for about 7 years and I can tell you that it (the small egg) cannot cook chicken like this. The Akorn is infinitely better and easier to cook chicken wings than the green egg. I like my egg, but the Akorn, as far as chicken wings go, is far superior. We'll see how other meats compare.
  5. I took a closer look at the bottom vent and I didn't like the air gaps. I removed the vent and applied some RTV Hi-temp silicone and re-installed the vent. I'm gonna let it cure for a couple hours and then I'll heat it up for the first time to season the cast iron.
  6. I picked up my Akorn today. I got it at Lowes for $299. I also purchased a 22.5" grid as recommended in the video reviews. I found it very easy to put together. I didn't seal it up yet as I'm going to see how it performs first. Before I put the thermometer in, I tested its accuracy by putting it in some boiling water. It was right on at about 212 degrees. I think the discrepancy in the temp from the video review is the shortness of the probe on he the installed thermometer. It's very short. BTW, I've owned a "small" green egg for years. It doesn't have enough cooking area for me - you can barely fit a rack of ribs on it (and to do that it has to be cut in half). I've cooked some good meats on it, but I just couldn't justify spending so much money for a larger one. Additionally, I've NEVER liked how the green egg cooks chicken. I'm probably in the minority on that, but to me, no matter what you do and how long you let the lump burn before cooking, the chicken always has a nasty overly smoky taste. Sometimes, I think those that swear by the green egg are cult-like and closed minded in their thinking. It's a good grill, but by no means the "Answer". I look forward to using the Akorn. I have a feeling it will be just as good as the green egg.
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