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  1. Salt pepper and olive oil is all I put on my steaks. I want to taste the beef. Especially with dry aged. Such an amazing flavor.
  2. Thanks for posting those pan pics! I've been wanting some pans like this now I know what to look for. Food looks great as well!
  3. Looks amazing! Will be stealing some ideas! Will have to try that salsa as well.
  4. Picked up a couple of killer strip steaks from the local butcher and reverse seared these bad boys tonight. Came out moist, tender and very juicy. Thought I would share a few pics of the steaks and the plating. Hope you all enjoy!
  5. Looks spectacular! Nothing better than an aged steak!
  6. My first tip I ever cooked I actually cooked to 195. Didn't really know any better and didn't have any experience with that cut of meat and I can say that it wasn't my best work! Although pretty tender, it was very dry and basically flavorless. Will never cook it that way again!
  7. Just wanted to take a moment to post on here to thank all of our service men and women who may or may not be on here! You sacrifice and service has given us the many freedoms that we get to enjoy every day! As a former soldier myself I know how hard it can be for ther service member and family, so again, Thank you from the bottom of my heart and god bless you all!! Sgt McRae 7th Squadron 10th Cavalry Regiment 4th Infantry Division "Steadfast and Loyal"
  8. Thanks for your service! Have friends in Korea right now! I served in the Army as a Cavalry Scout. Enjoy your leave I know how valuable it is! And enjoy the Kamado Joe!
  9. Really good! Did you leave it uncovered for entire cook? Or did you foil at any point?
  10. Alright thanks for the advice. I will try that next time. Was just more concerned that it was just mine. My dad has one and has had it for around 3 years and mentioned something about mine being looser but oh well. Just have to get used to it.
  11. Just purchased my egg this past Saturday and not sure if my cast iron damper is correct or not and was wanting to see if it was the same across the board. The cast iron damper "hinged wheels" are very loose IMO. If I ever open my lid, they slide all the way open/closed which ever way it is faced. Not a huge problem but annoying none-the-less and any advice/help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. I watch the crap out of food network and cooking channel but also make things up as I go. I like a lot of the techniques in those shows and like to implement them in everyday cooking. Not to mention of course all the great content on forums.
  13. Rwalters, Yeah I checked out all of them. I really like Kamado Joe and was initially wanting to go that route but its more difficult to get here in my location. As far as the primo goes, I know they are great kamados, I just don't like the looks that much. I went with the BGE because of they are accessible and have used one before. My pops has had his for almost 3 years now so I followed suit.
  14. Well I bought the bayou less than a month ago and have already returned it to Lowes for complete refund. Had a bunch of problems from the start. Bottom draft door was not sealed at all and the metal that is used is thinner than an actual soda can. Very lose and tried to tighten it up but never really could. The gasket fell off first cook. Replaced the gasket with a better one anyway. Worked fine for about a week and then thermometer broke. Started leaking a lot of smoke around it and never could get it to seal up. Everything started to immediately rust and was never cooked with out in the rain
  15. Hey guys thought I would stop buy for some advice. I have been purchasing all of my meat from my local sams club. While I have never had a problem with any of the meat I have purchased from there, I feel as though I do not get the most for my money. With this issue in hand, I searched around for a local butcher shop and found one that does what they call freezer boxes. I was looking from some advice on the prices to see if its a good deal or not. There are others they have but these are the 2 I am most interested in. All their beef is aged 12 days as well. Thanks all! Box 1 $115.00 2
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