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  1. Thank you for your response. I can get big-### short ribs "chuck" from the local grocer for $7.99 / lb (but I have to make sure the right person is there to cut me a whole rack of 4), and have made amazing dinosaur ribs from them - but $7.99 is a LOT. I imagine they're "choice" since that's all this store sells. I was hoping to save a few bucks from RD, but it sounds like it's not worth it. I'm really surprised they only sell "standard" beef short ribs.
  2. Was shopping Restaurant Depot, and they had racks of beef short ribs labeled "USDA Standard Or Higher". All of the other meat was clearly labeled "USDA Choice" or "USDA Prime". A quick Google search makes it seem like "Standard" is below even "Select". Why would they sell like this? I can get them cut from my local supermarket, and they're great, but $7.99/lb, so I was hoping to save some money - but not if it's that low of a grade. Am I missing something?
  3. Doing these tomorrow. Several recipes say to dry brine overnight with kosher salt first - have you tried this, and if so, any benefit?
  4. If trying to cook at around 500, are you more concerned with the dome temp, or the stone temp? Specifically, should I be cooking when my Maverick grate-clip probe says 500, or when my infrared says the stone itself is 500? I assume the stone will be at 500 prior to the dome hitting that... but today will be my first time.
  5. Philly / King of Prussia. BJs in South Philly is exactly the same.
  6. ^^ that’s basically what mine look like. I always get from rest depot as it’s half the price of Costco, but I’ve noticed that they do tend to be longer but “thinner” than elsewhere - possibly due to how they’re stacked? i thought about the smoking wood but thought maybe it’s not safe without fouling it. Would it be ok to that or would it need to be wrapped in some kind of foil? As as for the can/mug, I was afraid that would get really hot and cook more in that area or impact the bark some. You’ve never had that happen?
  7. Bringing this back from the grave. I'm getting new steak knives and am either getting the Gladiator (smooth) or Shogun from Dalstrong. In terms of performance, is the Shogun worth the >2x price difference? They certainly look pretty, but while I like Asian-style knives for some tasks, I've always read more positive things about western-style steak knives.
  8. I joined SCA to get a RD card, and it paid for itself with only one brisket purchase. $3.29/lb for "superior" choice vs. $7.99 @ BJs or Costco. FWIW, mine is basically in the parking lot of the Eagles Lincoln Financial Field, across from Citizens Bank Park. It's the only place I get Brisket from, and they have a great selection of Dexter knives and large cutting boards and accessories that you can't get in regular stores. I don't get pork butt there because it's usually 20lbs or more, and I never want anything more than around 10.
  9. I find that I can't get more than around a 10lb brisket inside the akorn without having to bend it over something. I've been using a rib rack and just folding the brisket over top. As it cooks, it usually shrinks enough by the time I wrap that I can get rid of the rack, but it's necessary in the beginning. I'm going to do a 11lb (before trimming) tomorrow, and it's around 20" long, so it'll need to be folded over something too. Anyone come up with anything better than some kind of metal rack to fold over? I also considered separating the point before the cook and cooking it over top of the flat on an expanded-metal "upper deck" I made, but I'm afraid it'll be too high up in the dome.
  10. That's a good suggestion, just not always practical in every situation. I go the other way on the R5 - all the way the f out to Paoli. Esposito is my butcher of choice, but for BBQ I go to Restaurant Depot by the Linc.
  11. My bottom vent is always closed. I use TipTopTemp which controls the air at the top vent, so once I get close to to target temp I shut down the bottom and just roll from the top. Works pretty well for maintaining temps for long cooks. I will try the wood on the bottom. I usually either mix it in with the lump, or (like today) get the lump going, then insert a few chunks into the already hot coals right before I put the deflector and grate on. FWIW, while the nasty smoke certainly didn't smell right to me (and irritated the f out of my eyes) it turns out that it didn't really impact the wings much, if at all.
  12. Cooking on an Akorn but I suppose it's similar for all Kamados. After I get my fire going, I give it quite a while to come to temp and for the smoke to turn "good". This can often take 45-60 mins (for some reason my smoke takes a while to clear up, which I think is another issue.) Occasionally I have to open the dome for more than a minute or two - for example, I'm cooking 7 lbs of wings on two racks and have to 1) arrange them on each rack, and 2) flip each one. Normally when I open the dome to grab a brisket or pork butt for wrapping, it's only open for a few seconds. The nasty smoke returns, but goes away very quickly. If I have it open for around a minute or more, the nasty smelling white/gray smoke returns and stays for a very long time... while my food is in there. I know that the extra air that's getting in while the dome is open is contributing since more combustion is occurring, but is there any way to combat this besides "simply" not opening up the dome? I'm not sure of ways around that for some things.
  13. I find that the factory gasket barely covers the vents, so any shifting - like opening the lid - can move it just enough to create an air leak - even with the plate hangers. Anyone come up with any mods to improve the seal without mounting it permanently? I really like the device, but would like to improve the seal just to remove as many variables as possible.
  14. Man this is weird. I took it off to wrap it. Admittedly, it was off the grill for longer than it usually would have been since I was also monkeying around with the smoker temp to try and bring it back down to 230ish. While i was doing that, I had it resting (wrapped) in the oven at 170. The IT dropped to 147. At first I thought I was sticking the probe into the paper incorrectly, so I unwrapped and used my thermopen, and same reading. So I'm unwrapping, putting back on the smoker (it's at around 270, there doesn't seem to be anything I can do at this point to bring it back down short of starting over, and LOL to that.) I figure it's already "cooked" to 175, and I'm basically reheating it to there before it'll cook more. Going to wrap (foil this time - nuts to butcher paper... too wet and messy) around 170 and let it roll from there. 1) Is it normal for IT to drop that much if it's out of the cooker for a little while? Again, it was in the oven while out of cooker. 2) Is rolling for the first roughly 7 hours at 225, then having a... "delay", then finishing around 270 the worst thing in the world? Second worst? Or no big deal? 3) I still do not understand how I got to the stall so fast - any ideas? 4) I'm now thinking that I overreacted a bit to the IT reading, and that since it was at the stall with roughly 25 degrees to go, it still would have probably taken within a couple of hours of my expected time. 5) Is it highly recommended to wrap employ the "crutch" at the stall? Or is that just to help it along if you can't wait it out, meaning literally a "crutch"? I think that maybe if I didn't worry about wrapping, I could have just rolled with it after re-stabilizing my temps.
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