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  1. I use a similar method to the volcano described in the OP, and light with a cotton ball. I placed 5 or 6 chunks of hickory around the volcano hole, then dropped in the cotton balls and lit. I smoked a small brisket flat for around 6 hours at temp range between 220-245, and when done, barely any lump was burnt and the wood was practically clean. That's my problem with this method - seems like since not much lump needs to burn, the lit part stays right around the volcano hole and doesn't "spread" out to where wood would be. Something to note: I use the Maverick Tip Top Temp to regulate my temp, so my bottom vent is entirely closed the whole time. Does that impact the way the lump will burn? I'm trying to figure out the ideal placement for wood to get a lot of (clean) smoke in the meat. My brisket came out good, but more smoke would have made it great.
  2. I hadn't thought about felt on the back of the slider. In hindsight, maybe that was the original source of my leak down there and I should have attacked that. That's the kind of thing I wouldn't get a second shot at (easily at least) if I RTV the whole thing on - which I don't think I have much of a choice about now since I'm not going to get more nomex. I think I figured out my other leak (by the handles of the ashpan) - with the added felt, the hanger doesn't slide in anymore and is actually pressing up against the holder, which kinda presses the ashpan down, breaking the seal. Did you have to bend the hanger bar to get it to slide in place? I may just remove the whole thing.
  3. I tried felt in that area and it failed (probably because I had to cut four little pieces to go around the opening and I probably didn't make the seams tight enough, even though to the naked eye they appear fine. 1. I'm going to do rip it out and do the RTV on the vent opening, and I guess "permanently" affix it. Is it recommended to apply the RTV to the vent, to the ashpan around the opening, or to both? 2. I don't think I have an issue between lip and bowl of ashpan (though I'm not certain how that would even make itself known.) I'm not interested in drilling out any rivets or anything, but is it worth running a bead in the gap there just for fun?
  4. Just did this same mod using Lava Lock felt. Let everything sit for around 30 hours. So far the main dome seems fine, but there's hella-smoke leaking from the ashpan and vents. The ashpan seems to be leaking right around where the handles are, which baffles me because the combo of stock strip on top and felt on bottom should be compressing super tight. I think the felt around the vent is super tricky due to the number of little strips required, and how they all have to match up to create a seal. I may try RTV. -any ideas about the ashpan leaking?
  5. Thanks. I ordered nomex for the two main gaskets (I def have some leakage) and after more thought I will try that behind the vent. So what you're saying is that with the RTV, you don't necessarily need to "glue" the vent back on, you're simply creating a new gasket that works just like any other one (you can tell I'm not a car guy or have any experience with the RTV.) The reason I'm doing this is because after two years I clearly have leaks in all three places (main two gaskets and bottom vent.) Also have leakage where the Maverick probe comes out. The main two gaskets seem relatively easy to replace with nomex, and I hope that helps with the Maverick probe too. It's the vent that I'm concerned about since that's where it's the worst.
  6. Sorry to bring this back from the dead, but I'm planning to remove the stock bottom vent and then seal with the RTV you used. Would you recommend that I apply it to the vent and then let it cure before re-attaching it (so it's removable) or would I apply to vent and then re-attach right away so it's "permanently" on there?
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