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  1. If I ever get the XXL ... I'll be saying: Mine is BIGGER
  2. ACE hardware KJ is $799 including delivery and setup
  3. I think I can resove the confusion: Very nice Phil, I too don't trim my spares. I just strip the membrane, cover them in my rub and let them rip
  4. I don't see it online, but I got such tile from my local HD for 89c.
  5. And you wonder why Apple stock just went down 10% ...
  6. John made a change to make things simple: Instead of "EDIT" see if you can open the ADDITIONS menu and choose "Add Marker - Simple"
  7. I'm using an iPad and don't see anything like an edit button! But, what the heck? I'm in Oklahoma City, OK! BOOMER SOONER! You need to login first (create a Gmail account if you don't already have one).
  8. You can use your fingers to pull, two strong forks or something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Bear-Paw-Meat-Handler-Forks/dp/B003IWI66W/ref=pd_bxgy_k_img_z
  9. If it is my $$ I would rather experiment on a cheap pizza stone from HD or Wally World. Since you plane to have a grate ini place, you are not confined to the KJ stone shape.
  10. Very nice. Looks tasty I do them in a very similar way, but add a little chopped Rosmary to the wet rub.
  11. Welcome. There are several of us from So. Cal here (I am in Carmel Valley). We might be starting to have a critical mass for a get together one of these days ...
  12. I own it and tried it and love it - for the exact reasons you mentioned. And I also have an electric Rotti that works very well and I used it a lot and still use it for indoor cooking. BUT - after starting to cook on a Kamado I soon learned that we couldn't really detect a difference. Cooked properly, chickens and Turkey on the Kamado came out nice and juicy so my leantisserie has not been used much since. I would still use it once in a while, but more for the oohhh effect than for real difference in the results. But this is just our personal opinion. You may find that you like the results using the rotisserie better.
  13. I own two from a good brand (Kyocera), a 7" and a 4" pairing knife. They do retain their edge longer but I pretty much don't use them any more at all. Yes, they are sharp - but not sharper than a good quality Carbon-Steel and they are too fregile for my taste. Wife likes them - but prety much uses them only to cut veggies. I am back to good quality old-school metal
  14. I just saw a 22LR upper assembly for AR15 (not the entire conversion kit, you would still need the magazine conversion) at a local dealer for $350 ... so $219 for complete 10-22 is not bad at all.
  15. For wet rubs / brine I prefer granulated. For dry rubs I prefer powder, I feel that it dissolves better once applied to the meat with one exception: black pepper. I always prefer fresh ground pepper. But I must admit that this is just my "gut feeling" - I don't know if it really makes much difference.
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